By Adam Thomas, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s time to start cleaning out your medicine cabinet. Events this weekend will allow Minnesotans to drop off old prescription and even over-the-counter drugs.

“It’s important to clean up your medicine cabinet and only have the medications you’re currently taking in there,” said Hennepin County Medical Center Dr. David Hilden.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Adam Thomas Reports

The dangers of abusing or accidentally taking prescription painkillers are well known but even common prescriptions for everyday ailments can also be dangerous.

“All they lead to is confusion and the potential for accidental misuse,” said Hilden.

Along with painkillers, old antibiotics, blood pressure medications and even muscle relaxers for old injuries could pose problems.

“But if you have a bunch of old pill bottles in your medicine cabinet, maybe you’ll get confused about which ones you’re supposed to be taking,” warned Hilden.

In 2010, in Minnesota, 2,613 overdoses or exposures were reported.

On Saturday, April 30, dozens of locations around Minnesota will collect old prescription and OTC drugs. It’s part of a national effort that has more than 4,700 locations organized by the DEA.

More “take back” locations will be set up on June 2. 

No questions will be asked. Drugs should be in original packaging and in clear plastic bags. Click on the link below for locations.
National Take Back Initiative Collection Site Search

Comments (3)

    What happens to these drugs once they are collected? Hope they are not disposed of somewere where they can end back in the drinking water supply or too close to farm fields where they show up in the food we are eating or are ingested by the beef, pork, chicken, lamb or fish we eat.

  2. brent says:

    The drugs are ground up and shot into space with a class 2 via missle.

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