Man Gets Prison For Sex Texts With Minn. Teen

CROFTON, Neb. (AP) — A 50-year-old Crofton man has been given 12 years in federal prison for receiving and transporting child pornography.

A news release from the office of U.S. Attorney Deborah Gilg says Michael Tramp was sentenced on Monday. His sentence includes five years of supervised release after he leaves prison.

Tramp was arrested last May after an investigation by the Minnesota, Nebraska and federal authorities.

The release says that over 18 months that ended with his arrest, Tramp had been exchanging text messages with a 13-year-old Minnesota girl. At his request, she also sent photos of herself in sexually explicit poses.

In April 2010, her mother reported the texts and messages to her local sheriff’s office.

The town where the girl and her mother live was not disclosed.

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  • Hmm

    In some societies a 13 year old marries and has children. Just saying…

  • Hmm

    Sotty I was wrong. Earliest I can find is 14 in places like Mexico, the country of Geargia, the state of New Hampshire…etc. But, I agree this case is different.

  • hmmmmm

    Let’s see the timeline here. 6 months after it starts, her mother reports it. It continues FOR ANOTHER YEAR before he is arrested and it stops.

    I’m sure the “irreperable harm to an innocent child” only happened during those first 6 months, and during the following YEAR that law enforcement and her mother allowed it to continue, it didn’t do any more damage.

    • Sue

      Read the article again. The mother reported it in April 2010, and he was arrested in May 2010.

  • Porked by it all

    That said – it’s always interesting to watch the range of sentences that are given to people for various types of crimes. So many more crimes are of a far more violent and/or hurtful like killing someone, and the time is often less. I guess what I am questioning and just don’t get is the hows and whys of the ways they do things

    • markH

      I have to agree with you on this matter. I’ve seen sentences of a year or two for drunk drivers who kill innocent people, yet the harsh sentences handed for (I’m sorry to say) a victimless crime, are just amazing. Peace.

  • Bob

    There was a case recenlty in California where a teacher was sending sex etexts and nude photos of yourself to an underage studet. She got 5 years probabtion only. why is it that if that if a woman is the agressor in cases like this, they are given a ‘slap on the wrist’. don’t believe me. Google the case.

    • Ted

      I would have to see a picture of the naughty teacher to determine her guilt.

  • Tom

    I say cut off his nads…

    • just sayin

      yet there is a article in the press about a man who flashes 12 little girls on different occasions and gets treatment and community service

  • James

    Could be that the punishment is different being that this is a federal offense because it crossed state lines.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Deb LeFave got 7 years house arrest, And they also let her work at McDonalds.

  • hot diggity

    What sentence did the 13 yr old girl get? Anyone curious why she was sending porno over the internet? Isn’t that a crime as well? The guy is definitely sick, but where are the morals (because that’s really what we’re talking about here) of the girl?

  • Keeping it real in Minnesota

    Well, here is the argument, she is only 13, and cannot possibly know the consequences of her own behavior, and the old man IS the adult in this situation……and then we have folks that want to be able to charge 13 year olds as adults in violent cases??……..where is the logic??…..I believe this girl is a victim, the guy is 50!…(grandpa) good god…….and be sure this girl wasn’t the only girl he was trying to get off over….I do think that 12 years is ALOT of time, especially in a federal case, he will serve most of the 12 years….unlike state inmates who do 2/3’s of their sentences…….and this guy IS a sex offender…..would you want him sharing and talking sexually to your 13 year old child?…..

  • we

    FRY THIS GUY!!!!!!!

  • ladyjasmin50

    Only justice here is to cut it off and feed him to the ants before he repeats his crime. Sex offenders are scum bags and should be treated as such. NO second chances.

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