Mother Of Hit-And-Run Driver Charged With Being An Accomplice

By Bill Hudson, WCCO-TV and By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The mother of the man accused of intentionally running over four people in Dinkytown has been charged for helping to cover up the crime.

On a rainy day in a middle-class Roseville neighborhood the shock and sadness is still very raw. Residents have been following the news stories of Timothy and Diane Bakdash, but find it difficult to comprehend.

“It’s a sad situation for everybody, I’m sure. It’s too bad people were hurt and families torn apart,” said a woman who asked for anonymity.

An argument at the Library Bar is what police say motivated Timothy Bakdash, 29, to allegedly run down the group of University of Minnesota students on April 15.

Bakdash’s mother, Diane Bakdash, 66, was arrested Monday night when she attempted to visit her son in the Hennepin County Jail.

Court papers say witnesses heard Diane Bakdash tell Timothy to get rid of the car that struck a total of four people, including Ben Van Handel, who died of his injuries. Timothy is charged with second-degree murder for the incident.

Investigators say witnesses told them she also signed over the car’s title and sold it for $1,500 to another party.

“We wouldn’t have had anything on this unless citizens came forward and told us what they saw and heard,” said Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan.

Diane Bakdash is charged with being an accomplice after the fact of the crime.

The Bakdash family was well-known and well-respected, as both parents are medical professionals. Suddenly, a family already torn apart by a divorce is now dealing with both mother and son in jail.

“The case is just beginning,” said defense attorney Joe Tamburino. “Whenever there’s such heated attention in the media about a serious crime, like this, you really have to wait and see and have patience. Obviously, it’s a very serious case and very tragic case.”

But the case became even stranger when it was confirmed by the university that the defendant’s father, Bashar Bakdash, is a professor and director of the Division of Periodontology in the School of Dentistry.

Unlike his former wife, the elder Bakdash is not implicated in his son’s case.

Diane Bakdash works part-time as a registered nurse at the Stone Creek Psychiatric Clinic in Chanhassen.

Her first court appearance will be Wednesday afternoon. Timothy Bakdash appeared in court Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

WCCO’s Dave Lee Interviews Chief Tim Dolan

  • Clint Make My Day banters

    I argued with my neighbor on Saturday…got heated too.
    My son and I had a spate about his drinking and borrowing my car. Again it got pretty heated.
    Do they need to fear my running them down????
    My mother is no longer around to assist me like I know every mother would do if/after I killed someone in cold blood. Who should I turn to for help?

    Serious- she needs to be charges as an accessory to murder if they can make it stick. This is one whacked out mother – not as bad as that sob son but not that much better

  • Hmm

    Book ’em, Danno

  • Sandy Berger

    The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

  • Minny

    How old is the guy who hit them.?..we know his mother is 66 how old is he? Guess I’ll have to go to another news web page to get all the facts!

    • NON

      Wonder if she is the Doctor in the Metro area with the same (whole)name….Don’t know …just sayin
      Not wanting to make a call here, but the name is not that popular.

      • android

        you are an idiot, do yourself a favor and just stop commenting on news stories

    • Renee

      It says right in the 4th paragraph that the son is 29.

    • Lewis Medlock

      paragraph 3? maybe they can help you rad at the other page you find.

    • Bill


  • l

    old enough to drink and drive and kill em! the mother should be booked for something, thats terrible. she should have known better but what is worse? the mother or his friends. it appears reported he bragged to friends that he didnt care at all that he hit them.

  • Dave Campbell

    I believe he is 29 Minny. I’m pretty sure that is what yesterdays article about his arrest stated!

    • Minny

      Thanks ya I looked it up on KARE11 and they said 29 your right old enough to know better…. wonder where dad is?? Mom seems a little to involved with her baby boy.

  • red

    Yes the loser is 29 and he has a few priors too

  • Jeezzzzzzzzz

    Mom’s help their kids and it’s nice she tried. However, this is NOT the time nor the way to help!

  • Greg Laden

    “The Hennepin County Jail said there is an indefinite hold on Bakdash’s mug shot, and they will not be releasing it.”


    • Dev

      The name is Indian you racist.

      • My Bad Self

        Whatever she is…throw a burka on her!

    • @ Greg

      I agree, i wonder why they are withholding the mug shot? I haven’t heard other cases where they’ve done that? I would think there would be a prior mug shot from his previous offenses; or do they not take them for DUI’s?

      • NV

        Bakdash is needs to be lined up for other witnesses to identify him. Showing his picture at this point will be bias to those witnesses. At least from what I read in another article.

  • SG

    Had this been one of my kids. I would have made it clear I would stand by them but they need to face the consequences of their actions, not tried to help them cover it up.

    Sadly this reminds ma too much of the relationship my X had with his mother.

    Yes we all want to protect our ‘babies’ but part of our job is also trying to raise them to be decent human beings. I’d say this was a catasrophic FAIL!!!!!

  • pitter

    As a mother, if one of my children would have committed this terrible act, I would help them, but by having them turn themselves in and face the consequences of the actions. Never, ever by allowing them to dodge the ramifications of their actions.

  • Tkay

    They’re still questioning witnesses and need to do photo line-ups. That’s why there is a hold on his mug shot. That was reported yesterday.

    • @ TKay

      Ahh, thanks for the clarification

    • ohoh

      how about mama, where is her pic? something doesn’t add up any other time there is a photo, they are afraid the photo’s will tell us something they don’t want us to know.

      • SG

        Mama’s photo was on the 10:00 news last night.

  • Sheila

    I read on another site that the crazy law skirting mother is some form of doctor. I believe it mentioned that the medical field she is in deals with people with mental illness or depression. I cannot fathom a person with her poor decision making skills has the ability to work with anyone in need of medical help

    • MOM

      If what you say is true, it just goes to show that there are some professionals that cant manage their own lives, how do we trust them to give counsel in ours!

  • MOM

    GOOD! Im a Mom to a couple of grown men that were a handful when they were young, and I DID turn them in when I knew they had done something against the law. Hard as hell, but how else do they learn there are things in life that are totally unacceptable.Sometimes, talk doesnt work,it takes action. In the end, I got my Thank you and they didnt get themselves in trouble again. It is OUR responsibility to provide life lessons to live by. This Mother didnt do her son a bit of good. She desserves whatever the courts deal out for punishment. Hopefully, she gets more than a slap on the wrist!!

    • SG

      Must have been the toughest thing you ever did MOM, but you definitely did the right thing.

    • Judy

      Congratulations MOM for doing the right thing! As a Mom myself, Ive turned my son in . He passed a farm tractor hauling a corn box, and didnt see the teen jump off the back of the tractor, hit him and left the scene! Afraid, he came home with his tail between his legs, told me what happened, and I called the police to let them know hed be turning himself in. It burns my A$$ to hear parents say theyd protect their kids, even adult children! You ARENT being a responsible parent, and definitely arent teaching them one good thing! There are consequnces to irresponsible behaviors, they need to learn from them.

  • nate

    1) Her picture is the still image of the video at the top of the page.
    2) The title of the article and further in the middle says she’s being charged as an accomplice after the fact.
    3) At the bottom of the article it states she is a Registered Nurse at the Stone Creek Psychiatric Clinic.
    4) The name is definately Indian, Pakistani, or of some other country in that region so to all the people trying to yell terrorist or other hateful racial comments try and think for a minute. Just because it’s not American doesn’t mean it’s a terrorist.
    5) People really need to learn to read the article before spewing comments asking questions answered at the top of the page.

  • jodi

    why dont you show tkmothy makdash’s picture instead of only his parents? He’s the prime r suspect, not his dad!!!


  • Nicole

    Actually, if you did a little investigation on the father’s credentials, Dr. Bakdash is from Syria.
    As most of us figured, this is the reason his mug shot is not being released.

  • nicole

    Actually, I take that back about the mug shot. I didn’t read the above comments about his picture being on hold due to still being used in line-ups for witnesses.

  • we


  • Limbo

    The mom looks a wee bit unhinged…

  • Debbie

    I worked for Dr. Bashar Bakdash at the University of Minnesota for five years while I was a student. You could not find a kinder man who has dedicated his life to students and his family. Please do not drag his name thru the mud behind these anynmous comments. He may have immigrated from Syria 40 years ago but I he conducts himself as a responsible upstanding citizen and American. It pains me to read disparaging comments about him. Can we concentrate on the low life sun and degenerate mother?? Dr. Bakdash had no role in this tragedy. Divorce is very sad and tears apart families. This one wasbroken years ago.

  • Pile of Poops

    Anybody that runs down/murders innocent human beings has some kind of mental illness – maybe they eat poop for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Tasty!

  • Lindsay

    Sounds like the mom should be a patient at that psych clinic rather than working as an RN their!!! That is scary!!!

  • Lindsay

    And why is she smiling in the picture? What could she possible have to smile about? She is CRAZY!!!!

  • Nikki

    Wow! I just had the news on in the background and thought I recognized the name…and sure enough, I saw her once for depression in February! Needless to say, I won’t be going back to her anymore, and it’s appalling that somebody with her low judgement prescribes medication to mentally ill people!

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