MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Twins have postponed their game with the Tampa Bay Rays because of heavy rain in the Twin Cities.

The Twins made the announcement on Tuesday afternoon, about six hours before first pitch was scheduled. The game is scheduled to be made up Thursday night as part of a day-night doubleheader. The first game of the twin bill will be played at 12:10 p.m. Central time.

It’s the second time the Twins have postponed a home game because of weather this season. They only had to do it once last year in the first season of outdoor baseball at Target Field.

Francisco Liriano was scheduled to pitch for the Twins on Tuesday night against Wade Davis. The teams did not immediately announce how they will handle the pitching matchups.

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Comments (25)
  1. Paula says:

    So much for the great drainage system at Target Field. All weather reports sounds like things will let up for awhile and start again around 10:00 PM. Play the game!

  2. v says:

    100% Chance of precipitation through 10:00p.m. reported right here.
    Paula…. you may need to change your definition of “ALL”.
    Let me guess…. You have tickets.

  3. Duh! says:

    and MN thought and Open stadium was the way to go… guess again huh

    1. v says:

      Three rain-outs, same as Yankee Stadium and 7 others.
      Last year, 1 rainout. Period.

      We need to change the state motto to: Minnesota, The Land of 10,000,000 Whining Brats.

  4. doublewide says:

    They need to build the Vikings stadium ASAP!

    1. Maddog says:

      Why the Vikings are an embarsement to this state. Plus as Peterson said the NFL is modern day slavery. What do you believe in slavery?

      1. Melvin says:

        maddog I don’t think its slavey if there paying the last guy on the bench over 400k a year

  5. Al says:

    Everyone who thought a retractable roof was unnecessary is stupid.

      1. v says:

        You two probably whined about the tax dollars three years ago.
        Now you want to add the extra $200 Million.
        Three rainouts in the rainiest part of the year. Poor babies.
        Now you have to watch reruns of Two and a Half Men. Damn!

  6. Twinsfan says:

    triple header scheduled for Thur when Wed game is postponed lol

  7. Shaun says:

    REALLY?! All this complaining that the Twins need a new Open-air stadium; that the Metrodome is inadequate for the needs of the team. Sprinkles, a few rain showers, heaven forbid they get wet. In High school Baseball we play rain or shine.. It isn’t until lighting is spotted that a game was ended. Simply put PLAY BASEBALL!!!

    1. Al says:

      Professional athletes are babies. That includes Mauer.

      1. v says:

        If you think it’s the athletes that make these decisions, you’re incredibly misinformed and naive. The athletes are worth millions to those who write their checks, and if you think the Polhads, Steinbrenners, etc. are going to write checks to a player who pulls a groin on a wet field, you’re a mental midget on the subject.. Stick to punching a clock.

    2. v says:

      Hey Johnny High School. If you twist an ankle on your wet field, nobody gives a crap. If Morneau, Mauer, Thome or Valencia do it… the price tag adds up. Now wipe your nose and get back to your Basic Economics homework.

  8. Some1whoactuallypays2watch says:

    I’ve came acrosss some serious fools on these boards, but wow you people take the cake. Who cares if the game is re-scheduled, oh no what a tragedy, as a 20 game season ticket holder, id rather they postpone it then sit in 30-40 degree weather in the rain. Lets not act like this is such a big deal, your the same mutts who who’d have cried at the cost of the retract. roof, so quit acting like your opinion matters because it dont. Shaun these players are highly paid and highly insured, if they break their leg its matters, if you break yours playing H.S.baseball who gives a &^%t

    1. v says:

      FINALLY! Someone with a brain on this post.

      1. Melvin says:

        finally two people with a brain

        1. Foul Ball says:

          No roof, no World Series, not in Minnesota.

  9. Baseball Fan says:

    It’s professional Baseball not High School. I’m sure there is safety concerns for all involved on the field regardless if it’s lighting or not and yes there should have been a retractable roof put on!

  10. purchasealife.. says:

    I hope these postponements don’t wreck the U.S., postponed baseball games can literaly ruin a country. WHO CARES IF ITS MADE UP LATER………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………BIG FOKKIN DEAL……..You idiots arent even saying you had tickets to the game, so sorry you have to watch re-runs of the bev. hillbillies because the game was moved to thursday, what an epic tragedy

  11. Shane G says:

    I love these WCCO boards!!!! I’ve seen the meanest & stupidest comments I have ever seen and I been to a lot of forums! I didn’t realize the cities had so many freaks! Every news article that gets posted on WCCO ends up in a big flame war!!! It’s a battle ground in Minnesota!!

  12. Joe says:

    All u guys are idiots who are against an outdoor stadium. There are prob goin to b 90% of games sunny and 80 degrees. I would rather have that than a stinky and dirty metrodome. And fyi, many if not all high school games were cancelled tonite u idiot whoever made the post. There is even an article on the website on how many high schools will have to make up so many games

  13. Darren says:

    Who pays for the tickets for these games that pay the players salary? Play the game rain or shine. Or Snow and shine as the case may be. Its now 10pm and I haven’t seen any rain in Maple Grove since 7pm. Guess they could have played the game tonight.

    1. captainobvious says:

      I pay for these tickets id rather wait 4 better weather so ty for proving my point

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