Radio Listeners Chime In On Obama Birth Certificate Issue

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Did Barack Obama change any minds with the release of his long-form birth certificate?

It remains to be seen whether the president erased doubts about his status as a natural-born citizen. But a number of callers to “The John Williams Show” on WCCO Radio said it should have happened sooner.

“Well the point is, the truth needs to be told: this stuff should have been done up front,” said one caller.

“I think the president was absolutely correct in releasing his long-form birth certificate,” said another.

“He should have gotten rid of it [the issue] a long time ago,” said yet another listener.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Listeners Chime In

Several listeners criticized Donald Trump, saying they felt he exploited the issue.

  • Wilbur

    The guy is a fraud, just like his birth certificate. Impeach him NOW!!!!!

    • Marc

      Wilbur…..which cartoon were you born in?

    • S&MAN

      Impeach him for what, exactly?? He just proved all these “birthers” wrong. Of course, they will never be satisfied as long as there is a conspiracy theory to go around. I’m no Obama fan, but what is your reasoning for impeaching him??
      He certainly didn’t get us into a senseless war with no exit strategy, needlessly killing thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens (who had NOTHING..NOTHING to do with 9/11 in the first place) and over 4,000 American soldiers. His approval ratings, while low, have not yet reached the pathetic 18% that Bush’s did, while starting our country on the economic downfall that we are now in.

    • Mike

      Wilbur is a lunatic, have him institutionalized………..

  • MJ

    This issue will not go away. Birthers will never admit they were wrong.

    • S&MAN

      Not as long as there is a pathetic conspiracy theory to uphold.

  • John

    I would like to see Wilbur’s birth certificate……..AKC maybe?

    • Me

      When will ‘CCO institute a “like” button?

  • Bob

    What’s Trump going to blather on about now? He’s “honored”? For what, being an idiot?

    • Marc

      I agree Bob

    • johndoee

      Trump may not be brilliant, but the idea that B.O. is doing a good job has been flushed down the toilet long ago. As goofy as it may sound, a billionaire businessman may be what this country needs to help pull us out of debt. Face it – printing more money isn’t going to get it done.

      • Need to support our President

        Goerge W Bush didn’t exactly do a very good job! War is expensive. You go back to every major war we hve fought in and you will find a rising deficit. We need to stop our corrupted businessmen from shipping manufacturing jobs overseas and instead come up with some way to put people back to work. Instead of criticizing Obama why not pray for his leadership. Isn’t he worthy of your prayers???

        • eastside_evil

          LOL! Pray for his leadership? What?? Pray?? Now I’ve heard everything. We shouuld pray for Obama to lead us to salvation.

      • Jon

        The country needs a middle class person who makes around $45k per year to become president.


        Trump may be a “a billionaire businessman” but as far as being “what this country needs to help pull us out of debt” maybe we should look at how many times he has filed for bankruptcy before we talk about him being “good” with money.

        • Trump is a Nut Job

          Trump said Gary Busey is a genius. Need I say more?

      • Marc


      • S&MAN

        Didn’t we go through this shenanigan before with one Mr. Ross Perot?? Yeah, that worked out REAL well. We NEED to do away with the 2 party system and find more VIABLE candidates in other parties, be it Independent, Libertarian or otherwise. Until we do that, NOTHING…NOTHING is going to change. Washington LOVES the way things are. Both parties get what they want and none of the officials are ever held accountable. All the while things get worse and worse for the so called “average” American. Electing a “businessman” under the Republican label isn’t going to change anything.

      • S&MAN

        What is wonderful is that in England, to “trump,” means to pass gas. Talk about hitting the nail on the head!!!

      • Mike

        Right, because Obama isn’t currently trying to fix the disaster CAUSED by billionaire businessmen.

  • betty

    OBAMA 2012!!!!! SECURED and ASSURED!!!!!!

    • Jon

      I agree with you simply because I cannot see Bachman, Palin, Trump or any of the other no names making a good run for it.

    • John

      In your dreams. One and out!!!

    • h

      He is not a God!!!

      • Marc

        The only ones who continuously bring up Obama being some kind of god are the republicans……it really shows that all republicans want is power, nothing else….they do not have the american citizens best interests at heart. Obama and the Democrats care about average citizen.

  • Strange

    I don’t remember any other President or Presidential candidate ever showing their birth certificate or being asked to. Why now?

    • Stupid is as stupid does

      Maybe because he’s a muslim.

      • Wesly

        your name says it all

      • q

        I think he is a muslim dbag

  • Sam I am!

    I cant understand why people worship this man like he is a God all politions are crooks and liers!

    • Marc

      who is “worshipping” Obama..?? the only ones who bring this up are right-wingers who fear that they don’t have much power anymore…poor babies….

  • Fake

    Probably a fake certificate…just like him!

    • Marc

      Fake is a fake

  • Strange

    wow, how incredibly stupid

  • Demoncrats will believe

    Well, this would be the second birth certificate, maybe in a month we will get a third one. Wonder if they have photo editing software on their computers at the white house?

    • JD Reed

      Are you really that uninformed? The Dept. of Health director in Hawaii has vouched for the certiificate released Wednesday, so in effect you’re accusing her of fraud/ Didn’t you get the part about the letters from the Hawaii official verifying the certificate. To suggest that the White House created the document is disengenuous, to use the kindest term I can find.

    • idiocracy

      This is the first birth certificate. The birther’s claim was not debunked because the “proof” was really a ‘certificate of live birth’. I don’t know the legalities or differences, but they are not the same. The birthers were not satisfied because they were asking for the “birth certificate” and getting something else.

      • Sunny Dayze

        The irony here is that the magical document the President realesed isn’t even legal in Hawaii anymore. It’s the original, yes, but Hawaii stopped using it yearsa ago and the correct legal document is the one the Pres has been showing for the past two years.

  • Fear Infused

    Mcarthyism all over again.

    • S&MAN

      Fear, you are 100% correct. Unfortunately, some peoples lives are so miserable that they have to resort to such idiocy to have any hope of happiness. The same ones who claimed that black helicopters would come in the night to take away the unsuspecting during Clinton’s Presidency, that the symbol on Procter and Gambles products were linked to satanism, and that if you play certain records backwards, they will cause one to commit murder or suicide.
      It is sad..very, very sad.

  • He is not a God!

    4 trillion in two years, gas prices $4 and climbing,another War, prices are sky rocketing, I dont care where he was born he has got to go, we cant afford any more obama

    • Marc

      nor can we afford you!

    • eastside_evil

      The President doesn’t fix gas prices. What additional war? Obama fixes your prices too?

      It sounds like the problem is you don’t even know what the President does and does not have responsibility for…

  • Pat

    If he were white, and his name were John Smith, this would never have been an issue. I don’t care whether you agree with his policies or not. the only reason this birth certificate has ever came up is because bigoted individuals in this country can’t stand the fact that a black man is in the White House

    • support our President

      I agree with you Pat! Obama is the first black president to lead our country and we should support him and show the world that we will not be divided. the Tea party is nothing more than a White power movement!

    • Put down the Kool-Aid

      @pat the race card will not work, I know alot of blacks that cant stand obama,

      • Linda

        Don’t tell me that race doesn’t enter into it. Look at the signs at any Tea Party or extreme right wing rally. Take a look at the email the woman in California sent out last week. Race is a BIG part of this whole birther issue.

        • Pork Chop Guy

          Linda, without you knowing the individual people who are against Obama at Tea Party rallies, for all you know they could be planted there by Democrats.

          • Marc

            tea partiers and republicans, in general, are liars and paranoids….we could care less if you are against Obama….he’s president, and you are not….

      • Mike


        The race card works when it clearly is racism.

        Your logic is also extremely flawed here. You’re saying that it’s okay to be racist towards someone, as long as some black people don’t like that person too.


    For all U dumbSes that thinks he wasn’t born here…now y’all can STFU…cos y’all just got owned!!!!!!!

  • Sammy

    Can people for one minute think of how to move this greate contry forward and out of debth instead of talking about a birth certificate issued more than fourty years ago.

  • Nancy Aleshire

    Barack Obama’s birth certificate is as legitimate as my sons’ and they were both born in Minnesota. Give it a break–Hawaii is as much a U. S. state as Minneosota, or Iowa, or Wisconsin, or Virginia.



    • Step away from the bong!

      Q.Are all libs that stupid?
      A. Yes!

      • Marc

        I agree with river….completely. Whereas these uneducated republicans can all drift down their respective toilets for all I care…..

      • Me

        Funny, you bring up bong in conjunction with Dems but W. Bush was not to be quite the toker.

        • Mike

          Actually, he was a booze hound and a coke fiend.

  • Look at all the stupidity!!!

    The way I see it, if this is what you have against this man (and it has been proven wrong) then maybe you should look at yourself and ask why you are being such an idiot. I can understand not liking him for other reasons but stop fishing for something that is not there.

  • Joni

    You are so right on River. Bush and his gang are the ones that got us into this mess. I can’t believe how ignorant people are. No memory whatsoever!

    • Melanie

      You can’t ignore the incredible increase in our deficit in 2 short years, the failure of the stimulation, and the increase of cluelessness of foreign affairs. You can’t keep blaming Bush for the current administrations failures. I don’t remember the last time Republicans blamed Clinton for the anything. Own your own junk and quit blaming others for your failures. Oh wait, that’s actually the rally cry for the left. “It’s everyone else’s fault except mine, so now you owe me!”

      • Sunny Dayze

        But a big part of our deficit is from the Iraqi and Afghani wars. Bush was intentionally not including them in the deficit numbers.

        • Melanie

          It’s our current President who campaigned on “End the war,” yet he sent more troops into Afghanistan. Stop blaming Bush for Obama’s policy failures!

          • Marc

            poor Melanie can’t get her facts straight, nor can she admit that the republicans are out to destroy our country….for their nasty power-trip dreams….

            • Melanie

              Could you please enlighten me on which facts you are referring to? I’d be happy to recant if you can prove me wrong.

              • S&MAN

                How about the FACT that Bush PROMISED the American public, just after 9/11, that he would capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. Well, it’s been nearly 10 years, over 100,000 INNOCENT Iraqi’s and 4,000 American soldiers have lost their lives, and Bin Laden still has NOT been found!! He also lied to the American public just to get us into a war for his personal gain, with NO exit strategy what so ever. If Bush went after the people who actually were responsible for 9/11 and/or actually had some kind of exit strategy for his Iraq blunder, Obama wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!” I’m no Obama fan, but Bush was, without a doubt, the worst President we have EVER had!!!

      • Ignorance must be bliss

        I would have to assume you mean stimulus and not stimulation, and if you look at the facts W had this in place before Obama took office. If you want to look at foreign affairs, tell us 1 that W did not make worse or even give up on all together other than Tony Blair.
        Never seems to amaze that there is sooooo much stupidity and blind followers of the GOP. Maybe that is why the majority of the GOPers claim (and claim is the key word as they do not seem to live by the “code” of the bible and you can sure tell that by reading posts about Obama and any of the DFL stories) to be Christians. They will blindly follow a lot as long as they are motivated by flashy lights and loud noises. Please know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.

    • @ joni

      @ Joni

      Your freeloading lifestyle is coming to an end. Be prepared you might have to get a job

      • Ignorance must be bliss

        @ @ Joni
        That’s telling yourself, way to go and motivate yourself to get a job. Is that what they mean by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps?

      • @joni@joni

        @joni @joni

        Says the one most likely to be typing this in their parent’s basement.

  • Demo

    While big name companies took advantage of consumers President Obama stepped in and people complained. Obama tried offshore drilling to lower cost of oil prices people questioned that after the Gulf Coast incident. Now with overseas oil at a high on prices it’s not the president who can just say “Stop it” Y’all need to understand that the stock markets and oil executives control the prices not the president. Stop complaining, stop driving those damn Hummers, and quit wasting precious oil on sports such as drag racing and NASCAR til there’s a solution!

    • J C

      God damn idiots. Oil prices are driven by supply and demand. All obama has to do is say drill baby drill in Alaska. The prices would fall over night. btw oil is a renewable resource, the earth is making some as we speak.

      • eastside_evil

        False. Your statements are now to be discredited and ignored.

  • Little Richard

    Missing items

    (1) the original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate.
    2) Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) — not found, not released
    3) Obama’s baptism records — sealed
    4) Obama’s adoption records — sealed
    5) Records of Obama’s and his mother’s repatriation as US citizens on return from Indonesia — not found, not released
    6) Name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama) records — not found, not released
    7) Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) — not released
    8) Punahou School financial aid or school records — not released
    9) Occidental College financial aid records — not released. (These records were, however, subpoenaed but Obama lawyers succeeded in quashing the subpoena in court. No other Occi records have been released.)
    10) Columbia College records — not released
    11) Columbia senior thesis — not released
    12) Harvard Law School records — not released
    13) Obama’s law client list — sealed
    14) Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator — sealed
    15) Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association — sealed
    16) Obama’s medical records — not released
    17) Obama’s passport records — not released

    Why does Obama feel the need to hide everything about his life?
    Because he’s a fraud.

    • Jon

      Have you released all that information to anyone? People don’t walk around posting private information all over the place.


      Little Richard
      You are an idiot. Why would ANYONE give YOU that info? What do you need Obama’s baptism records, adoption records, Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham), or any of the sh!t you have there? Why would his father and mother have to have their marriage license out there?
      Are you wanting a reality TV show for him too?

    • Lola

      No it’s because most of that stuff is not any business of ignorant morons like yourself. Has any other president ever been asked for any of this? No because it’s none of your business. His parent’s marriage license? Are you serious? He should not be president if his parents weren’t married? Get your head out of your a$$ and get a life!

    • Sunny Dayze

      The President doesn’t have to release these things and not every President before him did, either so don’t bark up that tree. Why would even need to see the marriage license of his parents? They’d still be his parents, whether or not they were married.

      If you don’t like his administration, just say you don’t like his policies. Don’t try to marginalize him.

    • Help

      You must be a racist little richard….

      • Roxanne

        Help why do you say that? There is not one racial comment in that statement. They were just stating facts.

      • little richard

        (Help) Leave it to a lib to bring in the race card. What’s racist about questioning a president’s qualifications? You’re pathetic

    • S&MAN

      Really?? How many other Presidents have been asked to provide the same type of records?? Well?? How on earth did George W. Bush get into Yale, given his grades weren’t great, and nobody can seem to locate his GMAT scores. Talk about a fraud.

    • Marc

      hello fraud (Little Richard)….why don’t you publicly reveal ALL of your personal info so we can judge you…..??

    • Lisa Gonyea

      you are OK….other presidents do it with out it being requested…but he has more important things to do appear on Oprah and campaigh with 40 K a plate dinners.

  • Demo

    Little Richard = Stalker

  • Jon

    I agree the issue will not go away. Birthers will say it is forged.

  • Michelle

    It’s infuriating that this has been such a big issue. Obama never would have been able to obtain a copy of the short form of his birth certificate if the long version wasn’t on file in Hawaii. Of course, now that he’s shown the long form, those idiots will say it’s fake. People are getting dumber by the minute.

  • John Q Public

    Little Richard:

    Get some counseling. Your obsession with discrediting the man is very nearly psychotic. I did get a laugh out of one of your items – client list. If you ever move out of your parent’s basement, go to the library and look up “attorney-client privilege.”

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