MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Twin Cities chapter of the Red Cross is joining the tornado relief effort in the south. The local office already has a representative on the way.

Spokeswoman Carrie Carlson said they had dozens of teams in Minnesota on standby ready go at moment’s notice.

“Our emergency response vehicle was put on alert yesterday and we have volunteers on standby ready to leave today,” explained Carlson.

Carlson said once their representatives get down there, she will make an assessment on what is needed and then contact teams back here.

She says they have dozens of people with the training and capability to help in the devastated states. One of them who is headed down south is Lynette Nyman.

“I’ve been deployed from Minneapolis to head down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama,” said Nyman from MSP Airport Thursday morning.

Nyman says she’ll find out how Red Cross volunteers from this area can help.

“We know that people have died in this storm, and families are affected, displaced. So I’ll be connecting with them and seeing what their needs are.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

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  1. SR says:

    I did hear from a friend of mine that people in Tuscaloosa are asking for bottled water and candy bars. The water in parts of that are is undrinkable.

    1. SR says:

      and that friend lives in that area hit.

  2. DLM says:

    I live in Hoover, AL (used to live in Maple Grove). We are very thankful that we were spared but so many were not. Please pray for those families whose lives will never be the same because of loss of loved ones. The death toll was just updated to 158.

  3. Al Dungan says:

    My wife was deployed to Raleigh/Durham, H.C. by the Red Cross as a member of a Disaster Relief team. She was the only one from the Mpls./St. Paul chapter at the time. This is for a 3 week deployment so she should be back on May 10–unless she gets transferred to Alabama.

    1. SR says:

      From what I’ve been seeing in text messages from my friend that lives in the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area is that it’s bad. In Birmingham, authorities are advising residents to boil their water before drinking it. She also said earlier that authorities in Tuscaloosa were asking for bottled water and candy bars. Her latest text message (I received it about 20 minutes ago) stated that there are about 200 dead in Alabama alone and quite a few people still missing.

  4. Judith Simon says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of the deceased or injured? I’m looking for my friend that lives there and works at the University of Alabama. Thanks.

    1. DLM says:

      There is still limited or no phone service in Tuscaloosa – cell phones too. I was listening to the news and they said if you survived the tornado (living in a damaged area) that you should call the Red Cross and get your name on a list so loved ones and friends can find out if you are okay. You could check with the Red Cross in Tuscaloosa – the phone number is (205) 758-3608 or call the Univ. of Alabama – the phone number is (205) 348-6010. Also the Univ. of AL website has a faculty directory and maybe you could get in touch with your friend that way. The death toll now is 210. Hope this will help you Judith.

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