ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A federal judge will consider unsealing records in the two-year legal standoff between the American Civil Liberties Union and a Minnesota charter school accused of promoting religion.

No one is saying publicly what’s in the 29-page document, but the ACLU tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press it’s the long-awaited chance to make public the findings of its investigation into the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy.

On the other side, lawyers for TiZA oppose the release, calling the documents propaganda that could taint the jury pool for a future trial.

The ACLU’s remaining case against TiZA is likely to go to trial in June.

The school has denied the ACLU’s charges of promoting religion, saying it only accommodates Muslim students in keeping with federal law.

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  1. WPWW says:

    This place needs to go away! A huge portion of MN needs to go away!!!!

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