By Pat Kessler

By Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — A Minnesota Senate committee has passed a bill that would let voters next year decide whether to ban gay marriage in Minnesota’s constitution.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill 8-4 Friday with all Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed. The vote came after two hours of testimony and an hour-long debate between senators.

The hearing drew tight security, long lines and an overflow crowd that booed and cheered.

Supporters say they are framing the issue as not whether to ban gay marriage, but only whether to let Minnesota voters decide.

“Our goal is preventing a small group of politicians or even a smaller group of judges to make that decision,” said the bill’s author, Senator Warren Limmer (R-Maple Grove).

Both sides brought religious leaders quoting the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran for and against gay marriage.

And the father of a gay Minnesota soldier killed in Afghanistan pleading for what he called “dignity” for his son.

“I am at a loss for words how to appeal to your humanity,” said Jeff Wilfarht of Rosemount , whose son, Andrew, was killed in February by an explosive device while on patrol. “I’m at a loss for words as to how to open your hearts to maybe — just maybe — same sex unions will not ruin this country.”

Before the vote, there were unusually somber comments, including some senators who called it discrimination.

“Those of you who claim to be religious and good Christians,” said Sen. Barb Goodwin, (DFL-Columbia Heights), “I think you really need to take a look at what you are doing here.”

However, others said marriage is a privilege of democracy.

“It’s not a right. It’s a privilege,” said Sen. Dave Thompson, (R-Lakeville), “and we should allow the people to decide how that privilege is going to be granted.”

Gay marriage is already illegal in Minnesota law, but the amendment would give voters the choice of locking it into the state constitution. Similar bills died in the state Senate numerous times in past years, but Republicans, newly in charge of the Legislature, are making a new push.

Democrats argued the bill reflects a narrow religious agenda that doesn’t belong in the state Constitution and that a months-long, divisive debate will distract from more important issues.

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Here are some of the testimonials offered during Friday’s hearing:

“Nationally, there are between 8 and 10 million children raised in gay and lesbian partnered households,” said marriage amendment opponent Dr. Paul Malchert, who runs a clinic in Minneapolis.

“The people of Minnesota are entitled to say whether they want marriage to remain as it is or whether they want to take their chances with marriage being redefined by activist judges,” said marriage amendment supporter Dr. Jennifer Roback-Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, which is a project of the National Organization for Marriage.

“He was bagged and carried from the field by his fellow soldiers, and I know for a fact his sexuality did not matter one whip to them,” said marriage amendment opponent Jeff Wilfahrt, whose son Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt was killed by an IED explosion in Afghanistan on Feb. 27. Cpl. Wilfahrt was gay.

“It is very clear from scripture that the clinging of humans is to be male and female and for the purpose of becoming one flesh through their children,” said marriage amendment supporter St. Paul Rabbi Moshe Feller.

Audio From Jeff Wilfahrt Testimony

Audio From Bishop John Quinn Testimony

Comments (127)
  1. smb says:

    For those of us who don’t want our government run by a limited interpretation of a religious book of stories this ban is a tremendous waste of time and money.

    Republicans were supposedly elected to fix our financial troubles not to tell us all how to live.

    1. Alena Neumann says:

      Making government based on religion isn’t democracy, it’s theocracy. That’s worked out well in other places huh?

  2. Big John says:

    Yeah, thought republicans were going to focus on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…

    Republicans are such a bunch of Carnival Barkers and nothing else…

    Leave it to the stand up Democrats to do the job!

    1. Big Mike says:

      Big John, you hit it right on the head. Republicans seem to be able to talk out of both sides their mouth and out their rear end at the same time. “Jobs, jobs and jobs are what’s important. Unless we can lower taxes on the rich, get some casinos to make the lives of Inidians tougher and keep them horrible gay people from getting married.”

      1. successNOT says:

        Wow big mike, to quote you “get casinos to make indians lives tougher and stop horrible gays from getting married” Those are 2 things that bother you. So your a gay indian in other words? I couldnt think of a worse human being on this earth

    2. Tom says:

      Big John

      Maybe the GOP thinking is that if you stop Gay Marriagge that will balance the budget and they can score points with the Religious Right at the same times. I think the GOP has too stop using the word “Freedom” in their speeches and elections banners. Because apparently they have decided that “Freedom” only applies to the people who think and believe in the same things they do.

      1. Paddy says:

        @Tom, you hit the nail on the head. to the religious right, freedom means the freedom to be exactly like them. Alternative views are the work of the devil.

    3. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

      The best part of this stupidity is when we will be able to look back on this 20 years from now and all you narrow minded bigots that say they should ban gay marriage will look just as stupid as the people that said that black people and white people cannot marry each other. Some people do not learn from history at all and unfortunately they are the “special needs” people that will have to have someone hold their hand and explain why they are completely wrong on the issue (but most likely will still not get it).
      Use your bibles and say that God claims this is wrong, maybe want to turn the page and read that you are not the judge. Are you just that afraid that someone is going to ask you to be gay with them? Or is this a fear that you may “catch” being gay (remember this is the republicans that are against and there were a lot of them that thought you could get aids by the tears)? Just let in already and know this, there will be another group of people that you can try and hold down soon, there always is with your kind.

      1. Jean Rahm Morrissette says:

        Well PUT!

    4. Get a clue says:

      Big John and Big Mike probably like to get the BIG one together.

    5. WRONG says:

      I don’t care if you are a left wing liberal loser or a right wing religous freak. It is WRONG!! You can not dispute nature. It will eventually be the demise of the human race. Sure they can raise other peoples kids nows, but what about in ten- twenty years when there is no one left making babies cause everybody taking it up the a**.

      1. Patrick Lilja says:

        TEN FREAKIN’ PERCENT of the human race is gay. That is HARDLY a threat to the human race.

  3. JB says:

    oddly enough, if you said the same this about Mohamed the WCCO building woudl be burned down.

  4. Mike says:

    Republicans, Democrats, BOTH are a joke!

    1. Alena says:

      A joke? And I suppose you have all the answers Mike?

      1. Balance says:

        How about true bipartisanship? Or a Moderate? “Gay marriage for some, tiny American flags for others!” Ok that was a modified Simpsons quote, but it expresses the point.

    2. Tom says:


      Right now the GOP are a joke. The Dems are not the ones who are bringing up voter ID, high school drop outs, gay marriage, and now gun control, it is the the GOP who is bringing up this other non sense.

  5. Valerie says:

    How can the Republicans fix the financial situation when they got us into this. When Clinton left there was a SURPLUS.
    Why can’t there be civil unions between the same sex? They don’t need to be married in a church.

    1. Mark says:

      Churches isn’t what it’s about. Civil unions are not equal legally to a marriage. The US gov should just get out of the marriage business and only issue civil unions to any two consenting adults. Also, if a church wants to marry gays in the eyes of their god, nothing could legally stop them as the government cannot legislate religion. The law isn’t to keep gays out of churches, it’s to keep them from fair and equal treatment under the law.

    2. Norge says:

      Girl doesn’t know squat about spending…ALL SPENDING…again ..ALL SPENDING originates in the House of Representitives….which was controlled by the tax ‘n spend Demon-cratic liberals for 6 years of the Bush administration and the first two years of Obamamas..Eight years of liberal tax ‘n spend policies set by the Demoncrats..and dear ol ignorant Valerie can only parrot the alaphabet networks with the deciet and deception of a Judas, rather then face up to the truth of all the spending mistakes of the last eight years. AGAIN; I CELEBRATE THE COMBINATIONS OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH + LIBERAL IGNORANCE + THE TECHNOLOGY FOR THEM TO DISPLAY THAT IGNORANCE TO THE WORLD ON THE INTERNET!!! It is a great thing that just may save America from the ignorance of liberalism as more and more Americans come to realize that the left has no clue of which they speak.

      1. smb says:

        You are absolutely right Norge. If those dems hadn’t forced Bush to sign an unaffordable tax policy and rushed him into two ill-planned wars we would be much better off.

        I see one flaw in your logic though. While you give Bush a pass for being a powerless figurehead against marauding democrats I’m pretty sure you are blaming Obama for the current fiscal mess. If in 2012 we are still in this mess can I trust you to vote out the GOP House, since as you said the house is the problem.

        I’m sure you’ll have some FOX sponsored parrot response.

      2. MARK says:

        George Bush started two wars and at the same time lowered taxes for the wealthiest Americans. This is the most irresponsible thing a president has done in my lifetime and the main reason why he was the worst president in my memory, maybe in our country’s great history. If the Democratic-controlled House did anything wrong during those years it was not standing up forcefully enough to the nightmare that was the Bush Administration.

      3. Tom says:


        Actually it was Bush and Republicans in charge of everything from 2000-2006 and it was Bush and the Republicans who went on a spending spree. Lets see two wars, two tax cuts, medicare part D, etc, etc, and how much of that was paid for? And Dems didn’t gain control again until 2006. Norge I would suggest instead of listening too FOX NEWS for all your info, I would suggest you google and do some research on your own.

        And in America you have two choices:
        Tax and Spend Liberal ?
        Borrow and Spend Conservative?

        So if you are a conservative you choose too borrow and spend because you don’t like those two words “raising taxes”

        And if you are liberal then you choose raise taxes, raise revenue, and spend that revenue.

        And yes since 2000 there has been alot of borrowing. And it just seems when on party is not in the White House “borrowing” is a bad word. But when you are in the White House” it is not a bad word. And if you want to think that if McCain and Palin were in the White House things would be different and we would be talking “deficit” right now from the conservatives? Think Again!

    3. Jamie says:

      Clinon had a republican house. As you know, the house is the branch that spends the money.

    4. Tom says:


      You bring up an excellent point about Clinton and I have brought that up to many times on here and the conservative keep telling me there was no surplus. And Valerie you make a valid point about the civil unions, but I think they should also be allowed too marry since they pay taxes just like everybody else. But the thing is that not everybody chooses too get married in church these days. And some couples choose not to get married and just live together and that those facts are driving the Religious Right up a wall. Pretty soon they will ask for law too be passed that the only way a couple should be legally married and that it be recognized is if they do it in church. These people just need too go away.

      One more thing about gay marriage. Like I said they pay taxes, go shopping, go to work, pay bills, own a home, they do everything that every day people do. And for “some” of us too say while that may be true but they should not be allowed the marriage part because “they” are not “normal”. What is normal?

    5. Victim Du Jour says:

      The surplus during Clinton was created by allowing automakers to build 300,000 more SUV’s every year, throwing away the whole reason for the sub-compact car.

      Reagan and Bush Sr reduced oil consumption and created an enormous oil reserve. Clinton drained the fuel dumps with SUV’s, and made dumb people think gasoline tax revenue was a budget surplus.

      Dispite population growth, we used less oil than Carter when Bush Sr left office.

      1. MARK says:

        You blame gas-guzzling SUVs on Clinton?! That’s hilarious.

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          Bush Sr signed the “Clean Air Act” and also reduced oil consumption, that is a historical fact.

          Clinton handed out EPA waivers so States like California could sell SUV’s.

          The 1990’s was bailing out the Autoworker Unions with oil and SUV loans, that is why Clinton was the first President in US History to release the strategic oil reserve during peacetime.

  6. Valerie says:

    How can the Republicans fix “financial trouble” if they were the cause of it? When Clinton left there was actually a SURPLUS not the deficit there is now.
    Why can’t there be legal civil unions between people of the same sex. They don’t need to be married in a church.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Marraige amendments don’t stop gays from getting civil unions.

  7. Average Joe says:

    Geez, I don’t even know where to start here……..

    Yelper, do you often make pointless comments just to get attention?

    There are more concerns than jobs and the budget to be considered and resolved at the Capitol.

    Lets take all religion out of this and look at it in a simple, pragmatic way. The union of a man and a woman is special, should be treated so, and should be accorded special status (the Institution of Marriage) for one simple reason. That is a man and a woman together can procreate, they can make a baby, they can continue the human species. A man and man can’t do that, neither can a woman and woman.

    So I say, put it to the people and let them vote on it. After all, we ARE a Democracy. Majority rules (but don’t tell the Democrats that when they are in the Minority, they don’t believe it.)

    1. Big Mike says:

      Then STOP harping about abortion – more than 62% of Americans support it. Opps, that doesn’t count when a Republican ideal is in the minority.

    2. smb says:

      And just which of your rights would you like us to vote on? This is all a distraction by the Republicans because they have nothing for fixing the economy.

      Our population isn’t going to suffer from gay marriage. And while they may not be able to make a child together they can have children and raise them.

    3. mnmaid says:

      Procreate???? Most people can’t afford the children they already have. The Goverment has to step in to help feed and house them. Same sex couples, by the way, have to help foot the bill via taxes.
      Procreation would still be going on if same sex couples were allowed to marry, but hopefully a little less of it so the kids that are born can grow up in families that can afford and take care of them.

    4. Michael Emerson says:

      Maybe we should make it a law that requires that a couple can prove fertility before they get married. That would get all of the older Republicans out to vote.

    5. Alena says:

      So we should make straight people make sure they are fertile before they can get married, and sign an intent to conceive?

    6. Mel says:

      So, if a man and woman do not want to reproduce but want to get married, should we allow them to?

      Also, I do not think carrying on the human species will be a problem if we allow gay marriage. If anything, it will provide more happy homes to children who need to be adopted.

      1. Alena Neumann says:

        How many guys might think twice about marriage if the decision about children had to be made first? It might actually lower the divorce rate, and save the government billions on mental healthcare for the children. I say we put that on the ballot.

    7. Amanda says:

      So, Again people that for some medical issues can not procreate should not be allowed to be married… or if they don’t want to, they want to adopt… sorry you can get a marriage license?

      is that really your argument? what people needs to understand is the following

      Not because they don’t allow us to get married, that doesn’t mean we are not going to share a life together, it is kind of trying to pretend, if I don’t allow it, maybe they will go away and disappear…. you can’t hide that fact!

      Second of all, I am a woman, totally capable of having a baby, my girlfriend too… so what makes you think we can not procreate, we can,. and we have, we have a beautiful baby girl, that will grow up surrounded by love, morals, and all of the good thing that my parents gave me

      what is it really you are trying to protect??? maybe you are fighting the wrong war, they should make divorce illegal, that will be protecting the sanctity of marriage

    8. YoMaMJ says:

      Average Joe

      Wake up. What year do you live in that you don’t know that there are same-sex couple having children? There are also many hetero couples that have children using fertility treatment, surrogate mothers, sperm donors, egg donors, foster care, adoption. Get with the times. Let people, gay – straight – or bi, create their families the way they want, not the way a Republican right wing conservative tells us to.

    9. James says:

      The Courts will always resolve an issue in favor of the minority especially when trampled upon by the majority. In this country, the Supreme Court has already established that you cannot create a separate or second class of people when they ruled on Ballot Measure 2, which passed in Colorado, years ago. So go ahead and vote, waste my time, and yours, and it will be thrown out.

    10. Jim says:

      Who cares if a man and a woman can make a baby and a man and a man can’t? You don’t need to be married to have sex. This isn’t about biology, it’s about equal rights.

    11. Tom says:

      Average joe

      Not every straight couple choose too have kids! Should they then pass a law that says that if you plan too have kids we will let you get married? And if you don’t plan too have kids sorry no marriage license for you? Yes you are right that a man and man can’t procreate. But why can’t a woman and woman? Have you heard of the term “sperm donor”? And you and people like you are having trouble letting the words “traditional marriage ” go. That went out the window years ago.

      And I do have a solution for letting people vote. Lets have special voting days for EVERYTHING instead of just on “SELECTIVE ISSUES”.

    12. Zebula says:

      Actually Average Joe, we are a REPUBLIC. That is, we protect our citizens from being harmed by the majority rule when the majority are bigots and haters. Also, if you kept up with the news, you’d know that the planet is overpopulated. That fact aside, gays are only 10-15 percent of the population, so there’s negligible impact on procreation. If you don’t allow them to marry, do you think they’ll just go straight? Try thinking before you post.

    13. griley says:

      By your logic then Average Joe, all married couples must be required to have children .

    14. Mike says:

      Average Joe-Would you like to have the majority of people in this country vote out the minority when in a few years, white people will be the minority?
      You want a majority rule when you are in control, but that power you seek will not be yours in a matter of a few years.

    15. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

      Average Joe
      So in your argument we need to “continue the human species”? So how many billions of people do we need on the planet before we let a couple of people get together that cannot reproduce? So having these couples adopt the “unwanted” children is soooo much worse than just sticking them in an orphanage huh? Can you even see where you are walking with your nose that far up in the air?

  8. RightUnite says:

    Wonderful showing the world your ignorance. Nice job….

  9. Phil Mcrackin says:

    FRANK, You are a moron! You are a disease! Plus you can’t spell worth a darn. I know a few gay folks and they are not sick, who the hell is do people think they are dictating who people should love or not love, certainly not me or you.

    1. Yelper says:

      So true Phil!

      Usually when you hear someone talk like this they are gayer than gay….
      Think all those republicans getting caught withmen

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        Quite a few Republicans were caught with boys…..remember those Senate pages? This bill against gay marriage is more about denying civil rights to gay couples: the right to visit a partner in a hospital, the right to medical records, the right to make medical decisions, the right to health insurance, etc. Republicans are about taking away peoples’ rights–never giving people more rights and freedom. And certainly never about LESS government which they espouse–they are only about more and ever more restrictions that they approve of and more government intrusion into our lives to regulate our morality because those of us who aren’t GOP or conservative are just such evil, nasty, immoral people.

    2. griley says:

      Phil, I think you find no group more intolerant than the religious right.

  10. Alena Neumann says:

    Science and reason have proven otherwise decades ago. Come on Frank. Try to keep up. 😉

  11. kmah says:

    You have upset the unions, the poor and middle class, and the elderly with your budget proposal that will go no where … so this all this is is typical sleazy corporate loving Republicans trying to out maneuver the governor. The goal of the GOP is to energize their base to increase their voter turn out to get this passed, as well as increase their chances of maintaining a majority in the House and the Senate. With a DFL governor, a bill would be vetoed and the GOP doesn’t have enough votes to overturn.

    You are the bullies in the sandbox …

  12. MJ says:

    The Gov. should promote a “standard” or an “ideal” for our society. That what marriage is between a man and worman. It is good for our society at whole. That’s not ignorance. Society has to think with their heads not their hearts and what they think is “fair and equal”.

    1. Alena Neumann says:

      Really? You need to read The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris and stop listening to inanity spewed from the pulpit or the Vatican.

    2. smb says:

      You’re right. Thinking with my head I see that equality for all citizens is good for society. Writing inequality into the constitution is bad for society.

      If the Republicans are going to force us to vote for someone’s rights then when I step into the voting booth I will be voting for equality.

    3. griley says:

      So MJ what you are saying is your heart says we dshould not do this but your head says we have to because these people are not like me?

    4. stace34 says:

      Look at that reasoning tobecome a bigot. I don’t need or want government to decide what the ideal is. History has shown us what happens when a governmemt pushes their idea of a perfect society. It is never good. I am an intelligent person cabable of figure out what is right and what is wrong. I don’t need a government to tell me. I am also perfectly capable of teaching my children right and wrong I don’t need government to dictae morals to me.

  13. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    I am VERY tired of the GOP’s program of legislating morality. I want the GOP to stay out of my bedroom, out of my voting booth, out of my religion, out of my marriage. The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom FROM religion as well as freedom of religion. If this is the GOP idea of less government, and people out there believe the GOP, then we are truly all doomed! What a bunch of liars!

  14. lib says:

    Put it on the ballot for a vote, let the people of MN decide.

    1. James says:

      Yes lib, exercise your hetero-privilege of making my life decisions for me. You are a great pseudo-parent. Maybe you’d also like to prescribe electro-shock therapy to “straighten” me out. HA! Obviously I’m not “one of the people” or I wouldn’t be voting on myself, which you don’t have to face.

      1. dan says:

        James, we still live in a democracy and majority still rules. If the majority of people in MN believe in alternative relationships then the law will be changed for your side of the fence.

        1. James says:

          Again, very smug of you Dan. I am not property, and the only reason you are voting is due to privilege. However, you would never stand for it yourself. And no the majority does not rule, but hey do get their way for a while.

    2. Alena Neumann says:

      How about we put every “Christian value” on the ballot. How well do you think that would go? We ban divorce, fornication, adultery, etc. The Republicans would be run out of the country so fast. Now that would be awesome. There’s a reason that studies show people with a higher IQ and academics tend to be socially liberal. It’s the ability to reason.

  15. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    And, as I said, Ted, the U.S. Constitution guarantees me FREEDOM FROM your religion as well as your freedom to practice the religion you want to. Quit shoving your beliefs down other peoples’ throats! You believe in your God and should be able let others believe in their God or science or whatever they choose. Why do YOU feel a need to shove your beliefs in others’ faces and down others’ throats? Are you that insecure in your beliefs?

    1. ted says:

      Mr./Mrs. citizen of MN,
      Do I sound like an insecure person to you? I pretty much said my view as direct as you could say it!!! My GOD is the one and only FATHER of all creation, whos son JESUS died on the cross for our sins!!! So don’t you dare question my GOD!!

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        Ted, you are entitled to your religious beliefs. AS I AM ENTITLED TO MINE! You are the one shoving them in everyone’s face here. Not me. You are being arrogant and stating that your God is the only God. Thank the good Lord you were not a member of the founding fathers of this great country who guaranteed religious freedom for all. Are you still holding witch trials where you live? Are your women wearing a red letter “A?” Geez….get a grip…

        1. ted says:

          Mr/Mrs citizen of MN,
          I hope u wake up some day and see the light!!! People like you are the reason that our gov. feels ithat they need to step in on this subject!!! If you and the rest of the gays would have been living by our constitution and obide, our gov. could work on important issues and not have to worry about stupid things like gays.

          1. Tom says:


            Your NUTS!

            And by the way “Morality” went out the window to years ago. And the church jumped off the “morality wagon” years ago, as we are finding out in the past several years with priests and their appetite for young boys. It’s people like you who choose too live in a “fantasy land” so that you don’t have to deal the “real world”. You know someone on here said that gay people live in “sin”. That is not true. It is not a “sin” if you love the life your are leading, it makes you happy, you have been able to accept who you are, and you don’t have to pretend to be something you are not just too make others happy. It is ‘sin” that you need too have someone tell you that you are happy just you believe everything that someone tells you. My point being would you think “gay people” are “sin” if someone hadn’t told you they were.

          2. Citizen of Minnesota says:

            Well, Ted, I would appreciate your not using your wing-nut assumptions about me. I daresay that if you and I were compared side by side as to who is the better Christian, I would win! LOL. The reason the government is weighing in on this subject is because the Republicans/GOP/tea partiers (other wing-nuts!) want to limit personal freedoms and enable ever-more government intrusion into our private lives and religion. Ignorant bible thumpers like you applaud them and egg them on. Be careful, Ted, because Christianity has been outlawed by many governments around the world. For example, your beliefs in the Middle East would land you in prison.

      2. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        Actually, Ted you sound like a right-wing, religious fanatic to me who has no tolerance for anyone else’s beliefs–religious or otherwise. And everyone has to meet your narrow-minded litmus tests of morality. You are pathetic!

      3. Alena Neumann says:

        I question people that have invisible friends. It’s called reason as opposed to schizophrenia or psychotic. The schizophrenics are usually the ones carrying a Bible around the psych ward.

      4. MARK says:

        Boo. I question your “god” all the time, but he never answers because he doesn’t exist.

      5. Superchik1017 says:

        Ted, I don’t thinkg Citizen is guestioning God – he’s questioning you. Your beliefs are not infallible.

      6. Alena Neumann says:

        Ted, what’s your mental health history?

      7. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

        YOUR God is a God of hate, pain, death, destruction, sickness, all things evil. Please shove your God up your assist……

      8. manny says:

        Ted, I question your “god.”

  16. Reasonable says:

    Hello everyone, as a representative of right wing politics I’d like to clear the air of a few things. First off, it is all about jobs and business success. That’s why we don’t want Gay Marriage because it won’t employ more people as wedding consultants or sell more flowers for the happy (but still icky) couples. Because really, if we don’t define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, what comes next? People could marry their pets or their toasters! Think of the world gone wrong that we would live in at that point!
    Remember when we had to keep a tight lid on interracial marriage? We wanted to make sure that they couldn’t marry us, we wanted them to marry each other. Now with the gays, we want them to marry us, not each other. This is how conservative values work. We’re progressive you see! We’re open minded and willing to change our outlook!

    1. Mel says:

      I think “Reasonable” is the wrong name for you.

      How can it all be about jobs and businesses? FYI, if gays are allowed to legally marry, they can still choose to have wedding consultants and buy flowers. What a stupid argument for anti-gay marriage.

      And how can you compare a a marriage between a man and a man to a man and his toaster. Last time I checked, gay people are still HUMAN.

    2. Don_J says:

      OK…”Reasonable”… answer this simple question for me… if this is so wrong, and “God” does not like it… why doesn’t he tell us, instead he uses idiots like YOU and TED to speak through? And IF God does not like for people to go against his will… why hasn’t he punished all of those Catholic Priests for what they’ve done to little boys over the years?

    3. smb says:

      Guys, I think Reasonable was trying to be sarcastic. That’s how I read his comment considering how completely absurd it was.

  17. Burke says:

    Its a fable and not real so you have no point at all!

  18. Christina Nerlien says:

    515 should be in place, all people deserve civil rights.

    This is a WASTE of tax payer money. I am an evangelical Christian, the hallmark of Christ’s message is love others as he love us and not to judge. We all know what the bible says.. the bible also speaks againts alcohol consumption, smoking, overeating, and anything else that keeps your body in an unhealthy state.

    I am a smoker, have struggled with it for years. in the eyes of God I am more of a sinner than those who are GLBT. In fact, I am worse because as a Christian I attempt to judge others. What is most important and SHOULD be most important is to spread the love of Christ.

    He’s Jesus, HE is the only one to sit in judgement of anyone. GIVE these people their rights, continue to improve minority advocacy, and lets continue the business of repairing the state of MN and making it a GREAT state to live in!

    1. Christina Nerlien says:

      (Christian) Marriage takes place in a Christian church.. the world is SECULAR. read the Bible, it’s clearly laid out. Now, all people have the right to have their voices heard, it’s called voting.

      80% of the MN population agrees with 515 legislation.. the people have spoken. induvidual churches/places of worship have the right to do what they wish. 1/2 my family is Jewish, in attending their synagauge(sp) I observe out of respect for their faith. they do the same in my Christian church.

      Fighting, name calling, slurs, threats and intimidation doesn’t solve anything. People who do these thing are apart of the PROBLEM. you are not followers of Christ, you are not moral and you are not do anything productive.

      this world has free will. free will to do, act and say as it wishes.. Preaching and acting hate doesn’t solve anything. I teach my children my faith and instruct them to love others as god love us.. I also pray for wisdom, torlerance for God to make my the person he wants me to be AND in times of weakness I pray for god to remove negative from my life so he can fill those spots with HIS grace, love, and hope.

      It’s not difficult people.

      1. griley says:

        Chritina– your forgot the clinching end to your arguement_________ as long as they are just like me

        1. Christina Nerlien says:

          No, griley christianity is pretty striaghforward.. my post was to christians in particular. If you a christian, correct me.. i welcome education in my faith. If you are not a christian, my post doesn’t apply to you.

          have a good day=-)

  19. Alena Neumann says:

    If it does go to a vote, and it’s defeated then the law banning same-sex marriage should be repealed too.

    1. smb says:

      Yeah, I’m sure the Republicans would jump right on that repeal.

      1. Alena Neumann says:

        They should if they want to keep their jobs b/c that would be a good indication of which way the wind is shifting.

    2. Don_J says:

      If that happens all they’ll do then is find another way to make it so… they’ll never let this go.

      1. Alena Neumann says:

        They will lose the majority of the time in the future. We are a young country, but look at Europe.They have evolved to be more secular, and trends show that’s the way we are heading.

        In the short term this is issue really going to be decided by the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA and maybe Prop 8.

  20. Silly People says:

    Hello everyone, as a representative of right wing politics I’d like to clear the air of a few things. First off, it is all about jobs and business success. That’s why we don’t want Gay Marriage because it won’t employ more people as wedding consultants or sell more flowers for the happy (but still icky) couples. Because really, if we don’t define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, what comes next? People could marry their pets or their toasters! Think of the world gone wrong that we would live in at that point!
    Remember when we had to keep a tight lid on interracial marriage? We wanted to make sure that they couldn’t marry us, we wanted them to marry each other. Now with the gays, we want them to marry us, not each other. This is how conservative values work. We’re progressive you see! We’re open minded and willing to change our outlook

  21. Don_J says:

    So much for separating church and state…

  22. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    The main reason the GOP is trying to get a law banning gay marriage through now is because the young people of this country are not interested in this issue. Young people mostly support diversity and gay rights. So, the GOP needs to get a gay marriage ban passed NOW while the conservatives can muster some support for this law, so later on it will be difficult to get rid of it. Especially, if it is a constitutional amendment, then it will be darn near impossible to get rid of it!

  23. Don_J says:

    Spoken like a true bigot.

  24. Zebula says:

    Wow, and to think there is no god. Try catching up to the 21st century, ted.

  25. smb says:

    The 2012 ballot could pose a dilemma for MN Republicans. While they are being asked to vote to protect the ‘sanctity’ of marriage they may also be asked to vote for a serial adulterer, should Gingrich or Trump get the nomination.

    Do you think they’ll see the hypocrisy?

  26. griley says:

    Ted, just what are you so scared of?

  27. Yelper says:

    Hello VETO !!!

    Republicans love wasting time….

    1. smb says:

      No VETO this time. Dayton can’t stop them from putting this on the ballot.

      It will be up to the voters to show where MN stands on equality.

  28. Mumstheword says:

    Give the gays the exact rights married couples get and call it a “civil union”. The church can define “marriage” however they want and choose if they want to “recognize” a civil union. However, the civil union is legally “married” and qualifies for any and all tax benefits and penelties and is recognized by the state in any situation. That way the church is happy and the state is happy and they are separated.

    If the gays are upset that the church doesn’t “recognize” them, they can find a new church that does. There shouldn’t be any lawsuits filed against a church since usually everyone is screaming “separation of church and state” we don’t want the church in state affiars so keep the state out of church affairs as well.

    1. stace34 says:

      Civil unions are not the same. They do not entitle you to the same rights. Why should there have to be 2 separate rules based on who you marriy. Or are you saing all people herto or not will be allowed Civil Unions and we do away with all state marriages ?

      Plus there are churchs including Christian churchs that do perform marriage cerimonies for gay and lesbian couples. There is no ban on churchs marriying them, there is only a ban on the state recogizing that marriage.

    2. Mike says:

      Mumstheword-You can’t have your cake and eat it too……If your going to have marriage sanctified by the state, then you are going to have the same access for all citizens, regardless of gender. It’s as simple as that. ……..

      1. Mumstheword says:

        I was saying to make civil unions just as “sanctified” by the state just as marriage is. In other words, the state would recognize that the same way they would recognized a “marriage”. I’m not sure what you’re calling as “wanting your cake and eating it too”. /boggle

        My whole point is use the terminology as “Civil Union” and give them the same rights as a man/woman union.

        1. Mike says:

          Mumstheword- That distinction is not allowed under the provisions of equal representation. You have in force a situation that allows the church and state to discriminate against individuals. The problem with your argument is that while the church can discriminate against groups or individuals, the state cannot. Technically then, all marriages should be equivalent and recognized equally as “Civil Unions” and the churches can have discriminate weddings that are not sanctioned by the state. Whether you want to believe it or not, when this challenge is presented before the Federal Supreme Court, it will be the law of the land.

          1. Mumstheword says:

            The church doesn’t decide how a person can file their taxes, the state does (government). The church doesn’t dictate if a person can insure their partner or not. Who cares if a church doesn’t “sanction” that union or agree with it. Why would a gay person even care about getting a church’s blessing to begin with? As long as it’s recognized by the state thats all that should matter.

            I seriously hope the gay community isn’t bickering about it being called a civil union or a marriage. That’s just a waste of the courts time. Call it a civil union and give them the same status as a “marriage” and be done with it. There are far bigger problems facing our state and nation that’s for sure!

  29. STAN says:


    1. Mike says:

      Stan-Right to work states like Florida are more successful at making sure employers have complete control over employees and they provide very little help when your unemployed. They also have substandard wages, benefits and safety regulations.
      Minnesota has more fortune 500 companies than our surrounding states and offered a good standard of living until now, when Republicans want to dissemble our state traditions, and safety net. Do you really want to live in amongst a majority of people who have nothing worth living for? Think about it before its too late……

    2. Tom says:


      What party was in charge from 2000 – 2006? The Republicans! Think before speak!

  30. pat says:

    It is no fun commenting when you babies whine you don’t like a comment and cco takes it out. Not profane just a reasoned argument you don’t want to address.

  31. Bitte says:

    I cannot believe how stupid this is….. Concentrate on getting the job market back, and how about getting the medical insurance and medication to the level that people can actually afford it…….

  32. EJ AUdette says:

    Marriage IS a right, a natural right. People have been doing it for severall hundred thousand years. It’s only recently that the “new” institution called the state has insinuated intself into this natural process, experience and lifestyle called marriage.. The Republican lawmaker who boldly called it a privilege should review his anthropology course notes from college. Did he go to college?

  33. God Is Sickend By Us says:

    A nation with no morales……laws…..or border is no longer a nation. This nation is a porta pottie of liberal bs………Federal Hate Crime is just another name for forced diversity and acceptence…….Vote no to gay marriage…..and vote yes for the lord…..

    1. Mike says:

      God is SIickend By US- Only in you imagination. Your a bigot and the devil has taken your senses and replaced them with hatred for people who are your neighbors and co-workers. Please seek mental health treatment before you hurt yourself…..

    2. Amanda says:

      Go vote YES to your lord at your church… not in politics! vote yes on equal rights to everyone!

      See everyone that hate us (republicans) they still take out tax money and spend it

  34. Mary says:

    If we are indeed made in God’s image, how can we make that image so narrow as not to include the diverse gifts each of us is born with and hopefully able to express in our lifetime. We need to get back to the real issues our statesmen/women gather for – jobs, health care, the economy, public education – stop the side shows that only distract and divide. Broaden your actions to be inclusive and diverse – an honest and just reflection of our state and nation!

  35. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    If we are made in gods image and we are stupid, then God must be stupid too. And maybe a little ugly on the side! Credit FZ.

  36. Tony says:

    From the article: “It’s not a right. It’s a privilege,” said Sen. Dave Thompson, (R-Lakeville), “and we should allow the people to decide how that privilege is going to be granted.”

    It’s very telling when a state senator wholly ignores SCOTUS rulings regarding the Constitutional basis of marriage, and their declaring that, in fact, marriage IS a basic human right.

    Not that it matters, this will get to SCOTUS within a few years and the case will be settled once and for all, and in favor of gay marriage.

  37. James says:

    “All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words.” Harvey Milk. And this one, “With liberty and justice for ALL” “What part of All don’t you understand?” Pat Schroeder, a Congresswoman from CO

  38. James says:

    “All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words.” Harvey Milk, and this one, “With liberty and justice for ALL, what part of ALL don’t you understand?” Pat Schroeder, Congress woman from CO

  39. James says:

    “All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words.” Harvey Milk, and this one from Pat Schroeder, Congresswoman from CO, “With liberty and justice for ALL. What part of ALL don’t you understand?”

  40. Jeff says:

    I’m straight, I support the GLBT community and have for years. I was brought up that everyone has a chance and everyone is equal. I say we should get rid of churches non-profit status all together. I wonder how much money that would bring into the coffers. I am so upset to be from MN right now. The extremists in this country need to go away. I don’t feel any safer with these, left and right, single minded extreme representatives. So much for less regulation GOP. This state and country are going in the wrong direction. Make the rich pay their fair percentage in taxes, they drive on the same roads I do. I can’t wait for my property tax to go up as my home value falls. Thanks to the state letting the rich float on minimal taxation, I can look for another increase in my property tax. My house is down 40% (lucky, I know) but my taxes have gone up 22% in real costs. How much is that as a real percentage based on if my home stayed the same??? Now they want to fight about a social bill that hurts people. This is bull, the left, green, independent and right know it too.

  41. Tom says:

    Let the people decide!

  42. Kevin says:

    Gay in Gay out….Gay in Gay out….Gay in Gay out…..

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