Bachmann Uses Holocaust To Illustrate Tax Point

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on Saturday described the loss of “economic liberty” that young Americans face today as a “flash point of history” in which the younger generation will ask what their elders did to stop it.

In a speech to New Hampshire Republicans, Bachmann recounted learning about a horrific time in history as a child — the Holocaust — and wondering if her mother did anything to stop it. She said she was shocked to hear that many Americans weren’t aware that millions of Jews had died until after World War II ended.

Bachmann said the next generation will ask similar questions about what their elders did to prevent them from facing a huge tax burden.

“I tell you this story because I think in our day and time, there is no analogy to that horrific action,” she said, referring to the Holocaust. “But only to say, we are seeing eclipsed in front of our eyes a similar death and a similar taking away. It is this disenfranchisement that I think we have to answer to.”

The generation of Americans just entering the work force now could eventually see 75 percent of their earnings sucked up by income taxes, Social Security and Medicare, Bachmann said. Those young workers are going to wonder what people were doing while “watching quite literally our economic liberty pulled out from under us.”

“The question comes down to this: what will you say to that next generation about what you did to make sure that wouldn’t be their fate?” she said.

Bachmann, along with fellow potential presidential hopefuls Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty, spoke at a forum organized by “We the People,” a conservative organization created by former congressional candidate Jennifer Horn.

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  • Mike

    Michele Bachmann is analogous to stupidity and I am not denying that!

    • sarah

      And she represents folks like Mike in the US House of Representatives.

      • k

        We love you, Michele. Keep up the great work in Congress.

        • yelper

          Yeah Michelle keep blabbering so all of the US can think Minnesota is filled with morons such as k above…

  • lib

    Yes let’s attack the speaker and ignore everything she has to say. We are in debt and perhaps that doesn’t mean anything to people who have declared bankrupcy, but for the rest of the state and nation who has to pick up this horrendous burden it is a virtual disaster. We can not hand down this devestating, back breaking bill to our children and grandchildren, we need to be adult and solve the problem.

    • Todd

      Maybe you shouildnt have voted for Bush then? He started 2 wars and cut taxes. Wake up, that is why we are in debt. You can’t fund two wars then cut taxes and expect the budget to be balanced. Each war is costing about a trillion dollars each, how do we pay for it? Cut taxes to the rich. Then let all our jobs leave for China with a healthy tax break for doing it. We need tarrifs and we need them now or the USA is doomed. Michelle is not going to tax the rich with what she calls “job killers”. The rich have had these breaks for 10+ years, where are the jobs?

      • Julie

        Todd, Todd, Todd,….
        Looks like your not up on your history…
        The US was able to get out of the Great Depression because of WW2. The factories that built all the ships, tanks, boats, ammo placed a lot of people back to work. After WW2, the US was one of the wealthiest nations on the planet.
        Alos, Bush starting two wars? How about your current president, Oboma? We’re still fighting in Afghanistan, we still have noncombat troops in in Iraq….

        Do you know why corporations left for China? Q. Todd… is it cheaper to produce a product here or over in China (Hint…. which country has the highest standard of living)? Q2. Todd… Which country has the toughest environmental regualtions? (Hint: Think Liberal). Q3. Todd… The corporate tax rate (that’s what a company pays in taxes) is higer in China or the US? (Hint… Liberals love taxing corporations!).

        Yep, the companies left for a reason…. Thanks to your liberal buddies!

        • HD

          This sentimental 1940’s mentallity doesn’t apply to today. WW2 was about Hitler, not oil. This has always been about greedy Americans making a money grab. President Obama inherited the mess of all messes, and we should all be patient as he tries to clean it up. NOT block him at every turn and refuse to compromise. Yes, we love taxing corporations, maybe if they weren’t so greedy, they would keep these jobs in the US and pay US workers a decent wage, thus helping the economy with jobs. Quit blaming the left, we all own a piece of this mess.

    • Patrick Lilja

      That’s not the point. The fact is that she makes moronic comments like this, using human tragedies to illustrate examples for arguments involving things as silly as money.

      • Jen

        I agree Patrick, she does use moronic examples and comments. Her and Palin… Hard to tell who is a bigger moron… The holocaust and taxes???

    • Robert Radke

      And her solution is……………….?? Also your suggestion that the rest of us have declared bankruptcy to escape “this horrendous burden” is ludicrous beyond rational belief!!

      • tuna-free dolphin

        I think her solution is… “WE’RE ALL IN A BIG HOLE (america) HEY MORON (Obama) STOP DIGGING! Pretty simple really. Even a child, or a liberal could figure it out.

        • Walker

          She is trying to be leader. You are as blowhard as she is. What has she done to balance the books. Voted for tax cuts to the wealthy. She also voted for a war with no funding for it. Even a child, or a dolphin could figure out that does not balance the books. She has a shovel in this, too.

          • Mr. Paymoreatthepump

            Obama started another conflict in Libya (which has brought us higher gas prices, one less place to get oil). Thanks Obama…

            • sickofthebs

              Are you kidding me. Some people will re-babble whatever they’ve been told without thinking for themselves!! Gas prices have been rising since the November elections when Republican’s took over Congress. We don’t get any oil from Libya!!!! During the BP oil spill and a Democratic Congress, did oil prices rise??? Independent thought please AKA Think for yourself.

        • grizzley man

          I don’t know, a liberal will tend to whine and name call and try to make an issue out of a non-issue.

          • Take the keys away each time.

            grizzley man
            How did the comment you just made not contradict the comment you just made? Throwing what in a glass house?

          • Walker

            @grizzley man A person with no real capability for an argument or thought comes back with “you are name calling”. At least you admit you do not know. The politicians all run around hollering that Washington has to balance the budget, they spend too much. Yet they all cast votes for stuff that costs money without paying for it. They take the government farm subsidies to make even more money. But as you say, You don’t know. You can’t see double talk in front of your face.

        • tom

          liberals will never be able to figure it out, the are non thinking blind following sheep

          • Walker

            Once again someone with not much to say just blindly ripping.

            • Walker

              @tom. What did Bush do over his eight years to either lower the debt, or lower the spending? Nothing. He had veto power. Dis he end earmarks. No. You say a liberal is a non thinking blind sheep? Bachmann runs around shooting her mouth off and has done nothing but take government money. Senator Rand at least proposed something. You notice how far that has gone. When you rip on people for something look in the mirror first.

      • StraycatStrut

        The solution moron Radke is to get new people in office, dump the BO administration and tax cheats he has as council and get moving on lowering taxes and let the private sector time enough to regain trade and the economy. Not surprised Radke does not know this. Hopefully his head is outta the can

        • Frank

          Pull your head out of your body part. Look around and see the record profits big business is making. It is not starting the economy any.

          • StraycatStrut

            Frank…. where are the jobs oh wise one?……… still at 20% promised under 8%…. that must be a growing economy. BO is BO… the economy stinks. Now $4 a gallon at the pumps… must be the change were all looked for. Is that part of you profit picture? Wake up. Democrats cannot effectively solve anything by printing money and tossing our hard earned bucks arournd. CA is bankrupt- excuse me…. another Demorcatic authority headed under. Tossers……

    • Citizen

      lib. Time to quit beating a dead horse! The tax burden is the result of FAILED Republican fiscal policies starting with the GOP God Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, he had some help from the Democrats. But, no matter, “W” left Obama with this mess. Obama is trying to fix things in a bipartisan manner with little to no support from the GOP. How about Obama just cut all spending to eliminate the debt? Would that make you happy, lib? It can’t be done. Frankly, a lot of the debt could be addressed if the wealthy and corporations gave up their tax cuts and started paying their share of the taxes they owe to this great country that made them wealthy and successful. There are millionaires and billionaires out there who have formed a lobbying group to have their taxes raised! You need to read a book and quit listening to the right wingnuts and the Koch Brothers’ propaganda.

      • Todd

        Citizen you are correct. Last year NO oil company paid taxes but they got huge tax refunds for “exploring” for more oil, which they will sell for $120 a barrel. GE has sent 20% of the their US jobs over seas and they paid a whopping 1.1% in federal taxes while pulling in $26 billion. I paid 8 times that in federal taxes. The rich do not pay their fare share of taxes. Yes, they pay more but as a percentage it is a fraction of what the middle class (whats left of us) pay.

        • Jeff

          Wyoming is a state in which there is no sales tax and no imcome tax, and the State of Wyoming’s economy is much better than the State of Minnesota’s economy. Thanks to the oil and gas companies. Enjoy your Minnesota debt and taxes!! :) Oh yea, the petroleum companies pay a tax to the state. The hotels in Wyoming, booked with subcontractors, its actually cheaper to stay the weekend at a hotel than during a weekday.

      • lib

        Citizen, If you look at the spending charts, president Obama has way outspent any president by percentages ever in office and he shows no signs of wanting to stop. This is the first time since the great depression that govt. handouts have surpassed revenue taken in. Almost 60 percent of the people in this country pay no tax, it may be taken out of their paychecks, but their refund is larger than they pay in. If you want to tax the corporations who create jobs, go ahead, as we have seen they take their ball and go to another country to play. we need to create jobs so that people that are on the social programs can have work.

        • Citizen

          lib. I don’t know what books you are reading–none, I guess. And the reason government handouts have been so vast since the Great Depression? Hello? We ARE IN a world-wide recession that doesn’t just affect the U.S. But, if you read anything besides right wingnut propaganda, you would know that. It is imperative to keep the U.S. economy afloat even as corporations flee the country and take our jobs with them. Oh, I forgot. All those GOP policies and trickle down theory and tax cuts of the last 30 years prevented that! Didn’t they? Um, guess not. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting DIFFERENT results. Sounds like Republican tax policies to me. The wealthy and corporations have had their taxes cut over and over and over again, and it has made no difference. The jobs continue to leave. Lies and more lies, and people like you continue to be buffaloed and believe the lies.

          • Bejoth

            Additionally, Obama had to spend to keep the nation from falling into an even deeper recession or depression. Most respected economists, not those posing as economists on the faux news network, Fox News, agree that was the proper and really the only available response. LIB should remember it was her President Bush that threw this economy into the brink with the empirically failed policies which the current Republican party wants to expand.

            • Mike T

              I’m with lib on this one. The GOP of the 2000’s were spending like they were democrats and they do deserve a part of the blame. However, The Messiah was suppose to fix all of this and instead of turning the car around (when you are heading the wrong way), he has stood on the gas! How in the hell is anyone going to tell me that by putting ourselves in more debt, that we will miraculously rise out of our financial whoas? The Republican’s budget proposals are the only real true attempt to reign in government spending. Even Sweden and Canada realized this years ago and have their countries back to sustainable spending levels. By the way Obama signed up for this; enough with the inhereted BS.

              • Derrick

                It is not BS the line that he inherited it. Obama hasn’t solved, nor has the GOP proposed anything that would either

              • Citizen

                @Mike T. Gee, I thought the wealthy Republicans and their humongous corporations would have created lots of jobs like promised and all the tax revenue from those jobs would help eliminate the debt. Oh, guess what! 30 years of the God Reagan’s trickle down money theory that provided huge tax cuts for the wealthy hasn’t worked. Amazing! Imagine that. The wealthy and corporations hanging on to their money and not helping their fellow citizens or the government that made them wealthy and successful. And yet, people liike you, Mike T, continue to support this failed philosophy and these disgusting lies. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now that we’ve had 30 years of Republican lies, are you going to keep believing those same old lies? The Republican’s budget is nothing but those lies again–more tax breaks to the rich! More tax breaks to the corporations! They’ll create jobs. Sure, right, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This is about the 10th go round for the Republican’s budget proposals. Shame on all of us for believing their drivel. They have us all racing to the bottom.

                • Dear Jimmie Carter Lover


                  You must have missed the Jimmy Carter year (he was “president” before Ronald Reagan). In case you missed it, we had long lines at the gas pumps (gas shortage), automobile prices were out of control, let’s not forget the hostage situation in Iran (and Carter’s failed attempt to rescue the hostages), Three Mile Island was under Carter’s belt, and how did Carter leave office? Oh yea, it’s in our history books, he lost by a “landslide”. Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Regan in a landslide.

                  Now your picking on Ronald Regan, huh, it was such a blessing when when the economy turned around in the 80’s. Another fun fact, because I know Citizen your love your facts, the US emabassy hostages were released immediately after Regan took office. Nice job Jimmie (Mr. Peanut).

            • tom

              actually it was clinton, telling the banks to give everyone not qualified for a home that they have to give them to them and the banks came out with ARM that started the economy into a downfall when everyone started to default.

              • HD

                And then Bush and his cronies increased the amount of FHA loans to be given out from approximately 16% to between 25-30% these really got the ball rolling with the economic downfall and bad loans being given out. The banks became un-regulated at the Republicans’ orders. I wonder if they benefited from all this HMMMM? Indeed the rich got richer, again.

          • Deb

            It’s obvious you did not grow up in the “Cater Years”. How did Carter leave office, oh yeah, he lost in a landslide election. Those were the days, long lines at the pump, high gas prices, economy out of control, Iran hostage issue (Carter’s failed attempt to rescue them), Three Mile Island…. wow…

            What a Democratic Leader he was…

            Funny thing was, as soon as Reagan finished the Oath of Office, the hostages were released immediately!

            • HD

              Which had been in the works for months before the oath. Another republican puppet that benefited form work he did not do himself.

            • Citizen

              @Deb. And as soon as Reagan got his hands on the economy, the deficits started until we had a Democratic president again named William Jefferson Clinton. And,yes, I grew up in the “Cater(sic) years.” I actually grew up in the Eisenhower years. The last great Republican president. Got any apologies for Nixon?

              • Jeff

                I’ll give you kudos for Eisenhower, however,…

                However, your critizing the deficit being out of control, when we have a president who is spending more then ever, our grandchildren won’t even be able to pay off the national debt. BTW… William Jefferson Clinton was a “Bush” in disguise. Can you tell the folk out there how Hillary made all that money in the Whitewater Scandal? She came out smelling like a rose on that one…

            • Tom

              I know it is a shame, I was in Marine Corps at the time and that is when we should of went in and taken Iran over, would not be having most of these problems now over there.,

        • HD

          Wow are you ever drinking the kool-aid. Whos’s not paying any taxes and getting big refunds? Try the 3% of the people who control 50-60% of the wealth in this country. Educate yourself and stop listeneing to Glenn Beck.

          • Tom

            thats funny, I know a family that has 4 kids, pays no taxes and gets 5000 or better every year back from the government., How can you get money back when you put none in.

            • HD

              Really? generally you don’t get a refund without paying in. Are you sure they aren’t receiving Gov’t assistance? I think there’s a lot of misinformation going around. Read Griftopia, very enlightenening. Again, stop listening to Glenn Beck.

        • Mike

          60 Minutes reported the US Government has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Other countries, especially in Europe, are lowering their corporate tax rate so the can lurer in American companies. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll wake up and find out your company has moved their headquarters out of the country, and your out of a job. Liberal say what?

    • Linda

      I don’t see anyone ignoring what Bachmann has to say. I see them remarking that what she has to say makes no sense. I especially object to her comparing taxes and the Holocaust. The woman has no sense of proportion (or even logic) when making comparisons. And, bankruptcy? You think that our problems are the result of people declaring bankruptcy? Step back and take a look at Republican financial policies and actually think about what you just said.

    • Paul

      Indeed, we must not hand down this major debt to our children, because their republican legislators will then have to kick it on down the road to THEIR children, etc etc etc until the planet melts. We simply must demand, right NOW, that the über-wealthy persons and person-corporations pay their fair share of the burden. That, plus eliminate a major portion of the worthless, hate-inspiring, killing- and abuse-happy military (can’t call it “defense”) budget, and we’ll be just fine.

      • Todd

        Fact: the top 400 richest people in the US have more wealth than the bottom 150,000,000 people in the US. Is this fair? I don’t think so. Who runs the Tea Party: the Koch brothers, who are in the top richest people in America. Wake up Tea Party idiots, you are being used by huge corporations to make them wealthier. They could care less about you and yours, all they want is to control more wealth and destroy the middle class.

        • Mike

          Hey Todd,

          Have your ever had to pay almost 50% of your gross in taxes? BTW, I’m being told by a liberal middle man (Al Franken), that we should pay more in taxes, this turd enjoys free health care at your expense. He and the rest of Congress can walk right by the TSA and not get felt up. Ms. Nancy Pelosi has been flying around on a corporate jet at the US expense, if she’s into jobs, why isn’t she flying commercial just like everyone else….

          • HD

            I would pay higher taxes if it meant EVERYONE benefted. Not just the upper class and the uber-wealthy. By the way, I just flew, and did not get “felt up”, and I’m a regular citizen. I don’t agree that senate and congress should get a free ride, as far as health care, pensions, etc. goes, but let’s add an amendment to the constitution to change that then. Instead of blaming the president. The middle class is vanishing and people like, Boehner and the GOP are using the middle class to do it. WAKE UP, the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are losing out.

    • Gregg A. Iverson

      oh right !!!!!

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    Being adult and Michelle Bachmann are mutually exclusive concepts.

  • Robert Radke

    Bat s**t crazy is still bat s**t crazy!!

  • Serfdom

    Another question is why people like Bachmann exist in the political forum. Who fortifies politicians like her? Find those corporations, expose their agenda. It won’t be easy.

    • Citizen

      Yes, MB is bought and paid for. There is a term for that… The Koch brothers are one such financier–they financed Walker in Wisconsin. He owes them his job and now the rest of his working career, I bet. The agenda is very simple. He who has the gold, makes the rules. The extremely wealthy can buy their politicians and the political agenda they want. And that is the reason they espouse a weak central (federal) government. Once all that is in place, the rest of us will truly be serfs begging for corporate handouts and jobs–way more than we are now. And there will be no social service safety nets, either. No social security, no Medicare, no health care (unless the corporation owns you). Benefits only for the GOOD little slaves. And these corporations and the wealthy will be bloated with money–BLOATED!

      • Julie

        @ Citizen
        60 minutes did a segment on how major corporations sponsor both political parties. The under cover cameras at a Democratic fundraiser, at a fancy hotel located in Washington, D.C. Showed us a party that looked no different then a Republican fundraiser. Fancy hotels, and luxury cars parked outside. Why would a major corporation bet on one political party, when you can bet on two, and win!

  • walleye

    If you dont tax the rich, then the others have to make up for it, gop hypocracy at its finest, i was there for 1 of her 2010 commercials, a spoiled ditz with an inch of makeup, she couldnt remember her lines, just a fake hiding corrupt policies

  • Pavel

    I loved the comment! They even make as much sense as she does!

  • Jon

    Everyone agrees that debt is a problem but you don’t do it the backs of the less fortunate,tax cuts for the top 2percent does nothing for our economy,trickle down does not work! cut the Bush tax cuts for all may be part of the solution

    • Tom

      how about less government and quit spending more than they take in

      • Harvey

        Let’s cut veteran’s benefits.
        If you are irate at that statement you might understand the crux of the problem. People are happy to cut what does not benefit them. Neither party has decisive enough leadership to push through any real change.

  • lowell


    • Independant

      I live in her district, so I completely understand how you feel!

  • pat

    I say tax every corporation and rich person, yes even Oprah until they all leave the country, then we can go back to living off the land. The way we were supposed to. No pollution, no cars, no noise, growing our own food and canning it, we would have to cut some trees for heating iin the winter, or not, we could all huddle together and if anybody put an extra room on his cabin we would drive the rich bum out. Sounds great doesn’t it.

    • Citizen

      pat. Have you read any of the other posts here? Hello? Anybody home, pat? Guess not….

  • Citizen

    All of us progressives and liberals probably should thank MB because she does more for our cause than all the statistics and facts with which we try to educate people. She actually represents the GOP and Tea Party folks pretty well!!!! Is it time for a recall election in her district?

    • Ann Rand is not Christ-like


      Then again, thank goodness someone is fighting for “victims” like Donald Trump who may have to give up one less fur coat per year, were it not for the Nazi like tax burden. tsk tsk

      • Citizen

        LOL, Ann! Which number wife is Trump on now?

    • lib

      Citizen you have failed to give any facts or statistics, all you do is rant and rave. How about a constructive idea or two, besides taking what others have earned to give to those who don’t earn. Talk about slavery and tyranny, why would someone continue to stay productive when others just take everything they produce?

      • Frank

        And giving faux statistics like you do is better?

      • Citizen

        @lib. I’ve given you plenty of statistics, and I can give you plenty of books to read, but there’s the problem. You have to read, not listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and faux news. Read David Cay Johnston’s book “Perfectly Legal.” His statistics are more thorough than any I can quote here. Read Barlett and James’ book, “America, What went Wrong” or “America: Who really pays the Taxes?” Then get back to me…..

  • Ann Rand is not Christ-like

    Did Bachmann liken her families $250K in farm subsidies to profiting from the Holocaust? How about the stipends she received for providing foster care?

    • shirley

      The radical republican’s talk about the senior’s , middle class and poor taking advantage of the system ,when her family got government subsidies and foster parent’s get paid quite well,,,,she’ll tell you she did it out of love. (love of money that is)She’s been living off of tax payer’s out here long enough.

      • Joy

        Shirley, how many children, other than your own, have you taken into your home? And how do you know she took the money from the state to provide for them? I don’t agree with what she said, but lets try to focus on that, and not her personal life. If you remember, the first “black” president had a personal life of his own that the liberals claimed he was entitled to. Your comment is just another example of liberal hypocrisy and double-standard. And, just in case some of you suffer from short-term memory, Bill Clinton is the first “black” president of which I am referring. I didn’t give him that name, his supporters did.

        • Citizen

          @Joy. The problem is that Obama did not campaign against the way he led his life. If Bachmann and her family received government subsidies which provided income to them, then she should not be hypocritical and criticize others who do so. That is the point. Bachmann is the hypocrite as are others of her ilk like the Republicans who campaign on morals yet have been married more times than we can count and committed adultery to boot. But, Republicans don’t have the good sense NOT to criticize others when they are guilty themselves of the same sins. HYPOCRISY!

  • Jon

    Wow, she is really dumb.

  • shirley

    The more bachman opens her mouth the more stupid she sounds. she has no political intelect at all. The wealthy and their tax breaks is all she’s concerned about. You know the wealthy who sent those jobs overseas already! And why would she wonder if and what her mother did, I could see her not getting a long with her mother,she was probably daddy’s girl, spoiled rotten, and daddy think’s she’s cute, but poor Mom was the one who probably tried to discipline .She and her radical republican’s & t party friends know about the huge tax burden ‘s they’re the biggest part of it.

  • Victim Du Jour

    I already see the government rounding up people into prison for stupid stuff.

    Soon we will need bigger prisons and labor camps.

    It’s cheaper for the government to put everyone in prison, and take their social security and Medicare.

  • Subrina Montgomery

    OMG, this woman has compared taxes to the Holocaust. After saying that Slavery wasn’t all that bad and that John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father she’s now saying that the loss of economic liberty, whatever that means, is the same as 6,000,000 Jewish people being murdered by the Nazis.

    • Joy

      Subrina, I blasted someone a while ago for comparing Michelle Bachman to Hitler. Although I can see what she was trying to communicate, I don’t think anyone should bring up Hitler or the Holocaust into any comparisons of current political affairs, including Michelle Bachman; unless there is an avtual genocide taking place somewhere in the world. Can’t we just let this horribly horrific event stand alone?

      • tom

        forget the past and you will repeat it

  • Citizen

    Subrina. You have to understand that MB is bought and paid for. Money is her God. I’m sure she considers 6,000,000 lives equal to money. She isn’t just a political disgrace anymore, she’s a disgrace to humanity! I can’t believe the constituents in her district allow her to continue in office. Guess there’s no shame anymore…..

    • Independant

      As one of her constituents, I did my part in voting against her. I’m willing to bet the only reason she keeps getting elected is because people in this district vote along party lines. They feel that a stupid republican is better than any democrat. What bothers me the most is she isn’t even representing this district anymore… she’s too busy working on polishing her national image and stumping for the wingnut tea party movement.

  • American Patriot

    I’m hoping for a Palin/Bachmann ticket. Of course, I’m a Democrat. But I find it frightening and depressing that a sizable segment of our country seriously considers either one of these two as a possible leader of the most powerful country on earth! I don’t agree with most Republican policies, but our country thrives on the intelligent debate of solutions to the challenges we face. As much as it pains me to say it, our country would be well served if Republicans can find a heavyweight to champion their cause.

  • Shirley Moll

    I have to admit and confess, that Michelle Bachmann is a TOTAL INSULT TO ALL WOMEN.

    • Jeff

      Insult? She,s hot!

    • tom

      your just jealous cause your an ugly flat slob

      • Dave

        ha ha….
        she a MILF

      • Betty

        If the saying “Ignorance is bliss”, tom must be the happiest man on earth.

  • Citizen

    @American Patriot. What cause, pray tell, is the GOP’s cause? Because everything they say they are against–they are FOR. They talk out of both sides of their mouth. As far as I can tell, their agenda is to make the rich still richer, give corporations more offshore tax breaks and laws encouraging them to outsource U.S. jobs, and basically have the wealthy and corporations pay no taxes whatsoever, and take away all social safety nets. I guess taxes are the responsibility of the “little people.” Because if you can’t stand on the backs of the elderly, the poor, the disabled, the almost-broken middle class, and children, whose backs can you stand on?

    • American Patriot

      Yes, quite right. That’s why I’m a Democrat and progressive. However, everything needs a counterbalance. Republicans used to talk of fiscal responsibility and low tax rates, although mainly for big business and the rich. Now, this really isn’t in the interests of most of us, so how do you convince people to vote against their own self interests? The social agenda…family values et al. Then Reagan comes up with breaking unions and proclaiming government the problem. Now this has all morphed into anti-government, anti-social movements that permiate the GOP. It could be they will reap what they’ve sown, as people finally recoil from their extremist positions. But it would be nice to have people on the other side of the aisle with different viewpoints that you could debate and compromise with.

  • Rob

    What am I going to do to save the future? Vote DEMOCRAT.

  • RW

    What an idiot. Her picture looks like she is enjoying s4X.

  • lowell

    Wher were all you people when we tried to vote her out office????

    • Sarah

      Stuck on the stool…

    • tom

      voting for her

      • Julie

        Tom, nice job on turning the stool upright….

  • Samsara

    @Shirley Moll
    Yes, thank you! I feel exactly the same way!

  • lipstickface

    she is a embarasment to all minnesotans please world we are not like her at all
    do not vote for this wack job ,

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