Minn. Officials Warn Of Cold Water Shock Danger

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — As Minnesota emerges from a hard winter, Gov. Mark Dayton has proclaimed Saturday Minnesota Cold Water Awareness Day.

Safety officials are warning about sudden cold water immersion and the deadly effects of cold water shock, which can occur within seconds.

The ice is out across southern Minnesota, and warm temperatures are not uncommon this time of year. But don’t be fooled. Officials say the water is still dangerously cold and could quickly cause drowning. People need to heed the warning and stay out of the water, and wear a life jacket if they go boating.

Ron Jacobson is a founder of coldwaterwarning.com. He says his 9-year-old grandson drowned in April of 2004. He says his grandson was a good swimmer, but cold water can stop the best of swimmers.

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  • Chris

    Lol and I have been out wakeskating 2 weeks ago

    • JamieinMN

      “cold water can stop the best of swimmers.” Don’t be ignorant and heed this tidbit of information.

      • chris

        or just wear a dry or wet suit

  • tom

    A life jacket won’t save you dying in cold water if you can’t get back into the boat, just make it easier for them to find the body.

  • Mr. Mark

    isn’t this common sense, does the Governor need to make an awareness day to tell people to keep your dumb butts out of the lake or river water in April?

    • JamieinMN

      But quite a few people, more than most, lack common sense.

  • Peggy Brennan

    Why don’t people die in those mid-winter fundraisers/events where they jump into freezing cold water via a hole cut in the ice? I realize they aren’t in the watre long, but the shock effect is still the same.

    • Tom

      I think their seconds is really 120-180 seconds. 2 or 3 minutes can put you into shock. Of course, it matters how cold the water is. Lake Superior can kill you in minutes all summer long out away from shore if you don’t have a scuba wetsuit on.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Like taking a dip in Lake Superior on the 4th of July.

    Men can call it a sex change, it hurts down there so much, your voice changes to a higher pitch.

  • Shirley B

    What about out door swimming pool’s our Complex advisees’ the pool here as being the biggest in the metro area, Well it’s not heated and I watched kids this weekend try to swim, but the water was just to cold, I would think that would be a shock on there little bodies

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