Police: 1 Dead In Belle Plaine Motorcycle Accident

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A motorcyclist is dead after a crash in Belle Plaine.

It happened around 8 p.m. Saturday night at the intersection of Meridian and Church streets.

The motorcycle was driving through the intersection when a Dodge Stratus pulled out in front of him.

The State Patrol said the Stratus had a stop sign, but pulled out into the intersection.

The motorcycle hit the car broadside and the motorcycle driver was killed.

The driver of the car suffered no apparent injury.

The name of the motorcyclist has not been released.


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  1. Phil Mcrackin says:

    Not sure of the details here but people please start seeing motorcycles.

  2. Sam I am says:

    Cars just do not watch for motorcycles.

  3. Eric says:

    I live in Belle Plaine and that is a terrible intersection where you have to pull out halfway into the intersection before you can see if any cars are coming. Plus that is right downtown where all the bars are so I would not be surprised to find out that alcohal is involved in this.

  4. Jen says:

    We all need to remember with the signs of summer – that there will be children playing near our streets and motorcycles on the roads! We all need to be more aware of our surroundings and other drivers on the road! My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the mototcycle driver!

  5. Jake says:

    Cell phone involved?? If so, prosecute this case.

  6. King says:

    Those skid marks are from a 18teen wheeler, not a car.

  7. Heather says:

    I think people first get the facts before throwing out a phone comment. Not all of it is dealing with cell phones now a days. I have grown up in this town and that intersection is awful!! I am surprised there has not been how many more accidents. Like Eric said, you have to creep up to the middle of the street before you can see both ways…. My prayers go out to BOTH families!!!

    1. Heather says:

      Yes, that maybe true about the intersection but I completely understand where Jake is coming from with his phone comment. If you look at the stats accidents are on the rise due to cell phones. People need to be held accountable for this as well.

  8. babybluebiker says:

    You are so right. Because of the gas prices so high, there will be more motorcycles on the road. They have just as much right to be on the road. People, don’t let the jerks in the crotch rockets spoil it for the motorcycles that obey the driving laws. START SEEING MOTORCYCLES!!!

  9. sucks says:

    Maybe motor cycle drivers should watch out for cars….So many of them that pull out in front of me like they are hot shots….

    1. Hot shot crotch rocket says:

      People in cars do the same thing. Hot shots, seriously? Any other groups of people you want to put a stereotype on?

      1. sucks says:

        Sick of hearing “start seeing motorcycles.” Pull out in front of me and get ran over…your own damn fault!

      2. Chell says:

        I knew this man he was our friend and my husband and I rode our motorcycle with him and the other guy that was behind him on a motorcycle several times. Both are safe drivers and don’t act like “hot shots” as you put it. He was 52 yrs old and drove safe! Not all people that ride motorcycles act like “hot shots” most of us do watch for cars as we are the ones that will usually suffer the most if involved in an accident. You didn’t know him and you don’t know what actually all happened so don’t post nasty comments! Very cruel and uncalled for!! And by the way motorcycle is 1 word not 2

        1. k says:

          Chell can you tell me which one Tom was I seen them both earlier that day.

          1. Chell says:

            Where did you see them?

  10. been there says:

    Prayers to both families and friends of these people. Save the nasty remarks and have some compassion. These people need compassion not judgement.

    Family member of a victim of a motorcycle accident.

  11. C says:

    I am a motorcyclist and unfortunately I am also a witness to this terrible tragedy. Seconds people. That is how long it took this man to lose his life. Seconds. Is how long it took to change the lives of his family and friends that knew him. Seconds. Is how long it took to change the lives of the young woman driving the car. Seconds. Is how long it took to change the lives of those that were standing on the street and witnessed the accident. Literally seconds from the time he started his motorcycle to the second he hit the car. I feel for the young woman driving the vehicle, who now has to live with second guessing and reliving her place in his death. I feel for his family and friends that have to deal with the hole that will be left in their lives by his death and the anger that comes with that. The wanting to blame someone else for it. SECONDS people is how long it takes for your whole world to change. Tell the people you love you love them while you can. You may not get the next second to do it. My prayers are with the families of both the victim and the driver of the car.


      Thank you! ! ! !

  12. holly says:

    no she was not on drugs and maybe you should get all th information about this before u say anything

    1. Kat says:

      I agree 100% with you Holly!! It is rather disturbing that a person such as Jay is expressing his hatred for this young woman. I can not imagine what she is going through and what she is feeling at this very moment. I feel for both of the families and this tragedy is horrible for everyone involved.

    2. get a clue says:

      Really we have all the info we need…just look at her record it says it all!!! HE HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY! Qustion answered!!!

  13. holly says:

    i k now this woman and she is going though one of the hardest thing someone she have to go through and the family of the victim and this woman. It just makes me mad when people amuse that she was on drugs when this happened cause i know she wasnt and she has to live with the fact that a man died.

  14. Monique says:

    Tom was the kindest of men, a father & loving Husband, true to his friends, non judgmental & guarantied to make your day better in his presence. I’m so glad I met him & his beautiful Wife. We road together & he was always a safe driver! He had the Right of Way! He made the world a better place & he is dearly missed!

  15. Kat says:

    I know this young woman well. She is a kind and loving person. I know that accidents do happen and it only a second for your whole life to change. I don’t feel that people should judge a person on their past. I know that she is going through an extremely horrible time in her life. This is a horrible tragedy and instead of pointing fingers this is the time to show some compassion and support for those who are all involved.

  16. LITTLE ONE says:

    REALLY…There is so much BS on this thing its sad. I bet if I had all of the names of people actually writing on here, you would all have a criminal records. ( I know Jay DOES! And why bring other peoples names into this? Kinda childish.) We all make mistakes were only human. Accidents happen and no one can change anything that has been done. Like others have said it only takes seconds for something to happen. Cars need to watch for bikes and bikes need to watch out for cars. Growing up around bikes ive learned that not all bike drivers are innocent but neither are people that drive cars. I do know that Dawn is going through a hard time with this. I know that both families are. None of us will ever know what Dawn or the family is going through. Its just hard! My heart goes out to the family and friends of Tom and Dawn. And to everyone else if you werent there and your not expressing your condolences shut up about it.

  17. JAY says:

    LITTLE ONE you dont have a clue you dont know her… ive known her for 15 years shes a fake its all a show to try to get out of trouble figure it out……FACT…… and you know about me know ok whats my criminal record then?

  18. Motorcycle Rider says:

    Who cares what you think of your friend!! We don’t!!! For the record…..and NOT BS, I do not have even a speeding ticket, clean spotless record both driving and other!! Not all bikers are criminals, but Dawn is!!

    Tom tested NEGATIVE for both drugs & booze!!!! His Insurance company is going to sue her’s, which will then cancel her’s. Of course she is upset….she will never get insurance again!!! If she cared, she would not have pulled out in front of 2 motorcycles!!!!

    She has been reckless since 2001, so now her actions and disrepect for others & the law killed an innocent man!!! That is a fact!!!!

    I hope she gets a felony charge and get’s locked away!! Just deserving!!!
    Many people have hard times, but they do not go out and kill people!! She just got her license back after a warrant, boy did not take her long to go back to her old ways of driving!! This is all public record, she can block her facebook and try to hide behind her friends all she wants, but her actions will bring punishment!!! Another conviction will go real nice with her Misdomeaners!!!!

    1. Chell says:


  19. Angel says:


    People chosse the paths they take in thier lives…you make your own destiny!! She made her bed….now lie in it!!! I will never feel sorry for her, nor will many others!!!

  20. Disgusted says:

    All I have to say after reading these comments is you all should grow up and stop the “middle school drama” on this story. It was an accident. How would you all feel if you were in this position? We all do things in our lives that we regret. Some are more severe than others. This is a horrible tragedy and because of that one second it took for everything to go south, there are tears being shed on both sides of the fence.

  21. B.W. McEvers says:

    This woman is no stranger to the courts – speeding, reckless, etc. Reality speaks for itself.

  22. I Was There says:

    I was there….she actually kept driving too, but then must had a partial brain cell and came back!! She just missed the first bike, the 2nd was the one she killed.

    Justice & Karma will catch up with her. She is a menace on the roads, it was only time before she killed someone. Her record does not lie.

  23. :( says:

    That just blows my mind away!! She really kept driving? That is just crazy! She was probably panicked but then realized what had happened and stopped. I really don’t want to be in her shoes. There is a lot she is facing right now. I feel for her.

    1. I was There says:

      I just cannot feel sorry for her. She is a repeat reckless driver, and people like that do not think about what their recklessness can do….until it is too late.

      Now we have a dead man that was following the law and unfortunately on the same road as her.

      People, think how you would feel……a loved one killed by a person that has a history of not caring about traffic laws.

  24. Cherub says:

    I don’t know the victim of this accident but no doubt he was taken to soon. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
    I am sure they want justice. Who wouldn’t?
    They are grieving their loss and are looking for someone to blame. Who better than the person who took his life?
    I know the driver of the car very well. She doesn’t disagree. She realizes that she took a life. She will live with that fact for the rest of her life…EVERYDAY. There is nothing she can say or do now that will bring the victim back nor make any of you that are so quick to condemn her feel any better.
    Her record is there for public viewing. You can drag it out, analyze it, and throw the book at her if that makes you feel better. Personally speaking, it doesn’t make me feel any better. I lost someone very close to me in a very similar accident. They threw the book at the other driver who took my aunt away me. It didn’t make me feel any better. My aunt was still gone.
    Looking at the car driver’s record might make you more angry because she has made mistakes in the past. Well…..I don’t have a record and yet I have made MANY mistakes in the past. I have ran stop signs, speed, swerved into another lane, didn’t signal when making a turn, drank to much at a party and in general have done many things I shouldn’t have…. The list of mistakes that I have made are endless. Yet anyone who has ever known me would agree that I am by no means a menace to society and fortunately I didn’t end up taking a life……………but it very easily could have……..I got lucky.
    I hope that the victim’s family can one day find peace, they are going through an excruciatingly difficult time right now. I hope that one day they will find the strength to forgive the driver, not so that she can fell better but so THEY can move on from this tragedy.
    I hope the driver of the car will learn to forgive herself but never forget this accident but use this mistake as a learning tool to better her life.
    I hope that all who are bitter and angry toward her find peace and forgiveness not for her sake but for their own. Anger and bitterness is toxic and hurts only those who hold the anger and bitterness.
    And most importantly I hope that all who read this story realize that sinner or saint we are all only split seconds away from being either “victim” or “criminal” EVERY day. Be careful who and how you judge others because tomorrow is another day and you just might find yourself in a situation of being the “judged” rather than the “judge”

    1. M says:

      Maybe you are not hearing people…. She has had no respect for any consequences of being reckless in the past, but now she suddenly feels bad??? Ya, I am sure she does, NOW, because it all came to a head…kind of like liying or cheating is fun until you get caught. Then your sorry.

      Did you know that over 90% of motorcycle deaths are due to unatentive or distracted drivers?? Same song & dance….they are all sorry AFTER!!

      Too little too late!!!

      1. Chell says:

        Perfectly said. THANK U M

    2. Response to "cherub" says:

      Really We will NEVER EVER EVER forgive the driver and let me tell you something if you have driven and made that many mistakes or “Gotten Lucky” as you call it then I guess you shouldn’t have a drivers license either!! It’s just a matter of time before you kill someone to. I hope she is going through hell and continues to as we will EVERYDAY for a VERY LONG TIME! Our love one is gone, yet she still lives!! TRADE YA!!! I think you would feel different if the arrow was through your heart huh…CHERUB!

      1. cherub says:

        In response to “Response to ‘cherub'”

        You obviously loved Tom very much. My heart really does break for you. He did not deserve to die that day. His family and his friends did not deserve to have him ripped so suddenly from their lives. There is absolutely no disputing that. You are entitled to your anger. Who am I to tell you any different? Maybe you won’t ever forgive her. That is your right. As far as “I think you would feel different if the arrow was through your heart”….it was. I lost an aunt who was like a mother to me in an car accident as well. I was angry for a very long time. I still miss her. I did not intend to disrespect you, his family or his memory. My intent was only to try and keep things into perspective. The facts are…

        She didn’t see the motorcycles coming.
        She proceeded through the intersection.
        The motorcycle (who had the right of way) hit her.
        The driver of the motorcycle was killed.
        AT THE TIME OF THE ACCIDENT – neither drugs nor alcohol were a factor for either party
        A life was tragically lost.

        EVERYTHING else is irrelevant. NOTHING else matters.

        The driver of the motorcycle should not in ANY way be blamed for this accident. He DID have the right of way. Dragging out what he was doing in the minutes, hours or years prior to the accident is irrelevant.

        The driver of the car failed to yield. Dragging out what she was doing in the minutes and hours prior to the accident ONLY applies IF she was impaired AT THE TIME of the accident. Which she WASN’T. What happened days and years before the accident are irrelevant. What she chose to do AFTER the accident is also…. irrelevant.

        If you want to hate her. Fine. But don’t make this worse than it already is. A man died. Isn’t that tragic enough? Aren’t the family and friends in enough pain? Dragging out her “record” serves no one. It has no bearing on what happened on that day at that time.

        Accidents happen every day. People make mistakes every day. Those words mean NOTHING to those who loved Tom. I understand that. What matters to THEM is that THIS accident took someone they love. Nothing else is matters. So instead of dragging out all this trash let’s focus on what is important……those who are grieving this loss.

        To the friends and family of Tom – There is nothing that I as a stranger to you could possibly say to ease your pain. It is clear by the support that you have been given by your community that Tom was loved by many and will be deeply missed. May your good memories of this man be ever present in your mind the rest of your days and may you find peace someday in your each and individual private way in his memory.

  25. Jessica says:

    Jay, where do you get off throwing Travis Legg under the bus like that? He has nothing to do with this situation. Oh and FYI he isn’t married and hasn’t been for a long time. So before you go opening your mouth have your f****** facts straight! I am sure you are just an angel sent from above huh?

  26. L says:

    I hope that she is charged for this! You can’t just drive around strung out, kill someone and try to drive away! They need to prosecute her to the fullest!

  27. M says:

    We hear you, and her criminal history of drugs backs that up. She will go clean in prison, since she has a bad history. Charges will be filed soon

    1. Ice says:

      I knew Tom, and he was a wonderful man. His family is wonderful too. I don’t know Dawn. I can tell all of you that Tom was at a bar drinking that day just prior to the accident. I know this because a friend of mine was with him drinking at a bar (not in Belle Plaine either). So, I have a feeling there is some fault on both sides.

      1. NO fault of his says:

        HE TESTED NEGATIVE GET A CLUE!!!! LIAR stop spreading lies!

  28. LITTLE ONE says:

    Everyone just stop and realize what both sides are going through. Yea Tom is gone but the driver has to live with this for the rest of her life. I know that she is sorry for what happened and she will think about it every day for the rest of her life. Put yourself into her shoes and think how you would feel?
    They are both going through a lot. Think about the families. If they were to punish her what happens to her son? He’s only 5 and shes his only parent. Something to think about. Yes I know the bikers family wants justice but does anyone really know the whole story from both sides of this? No one does.
    You may have seen it happen, but did you see it from where she was stopped at the stop sign to where the bike ran into the back end of the car? Im sorry and I do feel for both but by looking at where the front end of the car was when the bike hit it Im not sure why this accident ever happened. The front end of the car was in the cross walk on the other side which would have ment that the back of her car was in the part of the street where cars park. Why did the bike end up hitting the car? The bike had left the bars so Im not sure if alcohol was involved. Im not going to assume because that only will make an ass out of me…
    Going through town im not sure how anyone can get going so fast as to not be able to stop their vehical in a timely matter? Just by looking at the bikes skid markes he had to have been going “kinda fast”.
    I believe that this ACCIDENT was just a case of two people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes I know she has a record going all the way back to 2001 but really…we all speed and do things wrong its just a matter if we get caught or not. She’s had her run of bad luck.

    I have known her longer than this “Jay ” guy has. And come to think about it, all Jay can write about is this assumed drug use and dragging other peoples names into this. Maybe he has some issues. Remember assuming makes an ass out of you!

    Motorcycle rider- Im sorry if I came accross wrong but I never ment that all bikers are bad criminals. A lot of my family and friends are bikers. So for that I am sorry. I hope you accept my apology.But for what you all said look at it from another point of view. We all want justice but really who is to blame for this?

    1. A says:

      Whatever LITTLEONE!! If she cared about her son, she would not be such a criminal…..what a loving mom..drug charges reckless driving..open bottle. Ya loving mom..too funny!! The child will be better off without her!
      Tom did not have 1 spec of booze or drugs in his system, that came right from the coronor report!! be careful what you accuse there missy!!!! Wonder what she would have tested????

      She stopped, then chose to go…they did not have a stop sign..SHE DID!!! One biker swerved and just missed her by inches….she chose to attempt to leave!!!

      Again…..she will be getting charged..say bye..bye!!!!! I say good riddens, the roads will be safrer with her gone! One less menace off the road!!!

    2. Personal Accountability for your Actions! says:

      To your comment – “why did the bike end up hitting the car/”
      The answer is because Dawn Hunter pulled out in front of the driver. Don’t you dare blame thins on the driver, as he had the right away. Shame on you!!!

      To your comment “we all speed and do things wrong it’s just a matter of if we get caught or not.” Umm…NO!!!! You are so wrong!!!! The majority of responsible Americans have NOT driven with an open bottle, been charged with reckless driving, or in possession of drugs. These are NOT “mistakes” but a serious lack of character and judgement on her part.

      God bless her child. He is going to need it.

    3. Fact is says:

      Who is really to blame? SHE IS and yes you are making an ass out of yourself by sticking up for her!! I feel for her son really I do but if that’s the kind of mother he has…..I would not put my child in a car with her record! Tom was not driving on the shoulder where the cars are parked! He hit the rear passenger side door, hardley the back of the car. Get your facts straight. You are not an accident reconstrution specialist are you, so don’t even try to analize it.WERE NOT THERE so you cannot say can you! I really don’t care who has known who longer and what she is going through blah blah blah. FACT IS: She went into the intersection without looking and the bikes had the right of way. She almost hit the 1st bike but he was able to avoid being hit, 2nd bike not so lucky. She is still alive and her family, friends and child can still see her. Tom is dead and his family, friends, wife and children can never EVER EVER see him again!!

  29. busted says:

    Just scroll down it’s all there!

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