ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — A man accused of fleeing police last month and crashing his vehicle in Waite Park is now charged with two counts of third-degree murder.

Twenty-two-year-old Timothy Gilles also was charged Monday with one count each of fleeing police resulting in death and fleeing police resulting in bodily harm.

Gilles previously had been charged with one count of fleeing police resulting in death. The St. Cloud Times reports he remains jailed with bail set at $1.5 million.

Gilles is accused of speeding away from police and crashing into a vehicle April 15. The crash killed 30-year-old Timothy Casanova of Starbuck. His passenger, 22-year-old Megan Thomsen of Glenwood, was pregnant and gave birth after the crash to a baby that died three days after his emergency delivery. Megan Thomsen is recovering.

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Comments (33)
  1. mother of four says:

    I feel sorry for the loss that two familys had to suffer due to someones stupidity and not wanting to stop for the police.Innocent lives get taken every day and the sad part is this guy will probably get out and drive again.He should never be able to get behind a wheel again ever.

  2. johnny says:

    ‘look outside the box.. Guilty as well are the police department and their cowboy antics.. Innocents have died over a minor theft.. speeding etc .. Chases have been banned in many countries due to these antics.I know the rush you feel when you get the code and slap on the lights boys with guns ready.. It is not worth it period!!!!!!

    1. Jacob Wright says:

      agree with johnny!..

      1. Scotty says:

        If he’s not a murderer /rapist they don’t need to endanger the public at large SAFETY FIRST

    2. thesuperman says:

      How about some inside the box. So once the criminals all learn that all they have to do is do a high speed get away and their free. What the hell do think the public will do then you moron. DAH.

      1. mmm says:

        Bravo! finally, some commen sense. Take these jerks off the streets for a change instead of listening to the bleeding heart liberals who think they can be rehabilitated.

      2. johnny says:

        So lets stoop to verbal abuse. That makes your case stronger.. Re-read the original post and THINK..

    3. J says:

      He should be executed in public.

    4. Nicholas Jackson says:


    5. Blake says:

      I agree with you to a point but.. We all so need drivers when they hear sirens too pull over and stop too. so many people i see when im out biking not do that. they just keep driving till they see the police car then do it. Because you never know that guy who just stole that car. might shoot someone for their car tomorrow.

  3. Craig says:

    I agree with your comments John, I have seen it in my local town of Chaska where 3 officers respond at high rates of speed one behind the other engines gunning to a not big deal accident. It’s BS

    1. tiredofpeopleblamingthepolice says:

      you people are blaming the wrong people, there is only 1 person who is responsible for what happened to this woman, man and her unborn baby and that is the guy who is being charged with a crime. The police were only doing their job and if this guy would have pulled over like every productive member of society should do no one would have lost their lives. I feel awful for the man who died and the baby, the woman will have to live the rest of her life wondering why and if only…. she will have to spend the rest of her life living in hell and she did nothing wrong that is what this piece of crap should have to do as well!. Shame on you and others who blame the police in these situations, maybe if we would hold the criminal more responsible the crashes and lost of innocence wouldn’t happen

  4. Dexter Gordon says:

    ‘I feel sorry for his mother, he looks like he could have been a nuclear scientist.

  5. lefty says:

    by the time he gets out his behind will be to sore to sit on and he will not be driving

    1. SR1981 says:

      Unfortunately, in this state the punishment, usually, does not fit the crime when it comes to killing someone while drunk driving. My friend was killled by a drunk driver and 3 other friends were critically injured. It was the driver’s 3rd DUI offense, had his 2nd DUI offense still pending when he killed my friend and was only 20 years old. This sorry excuse was then arrested while waiting to be tried for drinking at a party…that he drove to. He showed absolutely no remorse, even laughed in court. He did 2 years and 4 months with good behavior. I understand that some cops are rogue and jump the gun when it comes to chases…however, this guy was a threat to the public either way…if the cops would have let him go, he probably would have killed or hurt someone anyhow and they would be facing the heat for letting him go. Let’s be real here.. this guy made the choices that let to these deaths, place the blame where it belongs.

  6. real says:

    what a way to end ur life, spending the rest of ur life in prison. hope u die quick so ppl can forget not forgiven though

  7. William KKK hates these kinds of chaps says:

    got matches.
    what is your please?
    pop goes the criminal ….. poof

  8. wake up says:

    Hey Johnnie there is nothing minor about car theft.. speeding etc .. breaking the law is breaking the law. My kids have had to jump out of the way because of morons who speed down my street and the police are not chasing them. Too many out there think the laws don’t apply to them, and it is ok to break them. They are a hazard to the innocents (children) who just want to cross the street. If it was your car that was stolen, how minor is it now. I suppose you think drinking and driving is a minor offense too. Tell that to all the people who were injured, killed, lives changed because of those morons too. By the way, those who are injured and cannot work due to those people, usually end up being a financial responsibility to the taxpayers. (same goes for the speeders out there who injure someone. )

    1. johnny says:

      Well sir.. My car can be replaced but not a life of an innocent.. It also wont help your kids to be playing in the street while enforcement is in hot pursuit often breaking laws to enforce. And back to my point ,why are your kids playing in the street? And again you suppose i think drink driving is minor .. Really ?? As i have posted earlier it is BANNED in many other countries for its dangers.. These people would be ALIVE today had we not had a chase. and that sir is what is most important..

  9. deerejon says:

    send him back to his country!!!

    1. johnny says:

      OH thats clever..

  10. getridofem says:

    a 357 is too good for this low life scab——————-

  11. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    He has scabs on his face and sunken cheeks. He’s a meth head.

    1. Laura Steven says:

      sure is sad to see what meth can do to a person and the ramiications it has on others

      1. Bout Time says:

        Yes, So let’s find out the supplier of the meth and charge them with being an accomplice to these murders.

  12. Brad Bengtson says:

    pretty much sums it up the cops should of backed off and the victims would still be alive, a bunch of key stone cops thinking they are next to god.

  13. MNBorn says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Rants and typos. All in a day’s work for people who have absolutely nothing better to do than spew their stupid opinions all over the rest of us. Tell me, if you are all so perfect why are you sitting at a keyboard instead of going to the police academy with your profound wisdom, sharing your vast knowledge and “better way” with those who can use it?

    1. johnny says:

      Really.. Thats what i have done ..

  14. Chud says:

    It always gets me how some of you liberal know-it-all jerks like to second guess every move the police make. The police didn’t make the guy take off. Flashing lights mean pull over…so pull the ‘f’ over like you’re supposed to. Some of you say like to assume that the only thing the guy did was speed, or run a stop sign, or something small. The police don’t know this. He’s running, so he most likely has something bigger to hide. Just shot someone, has a brick of coke in his lap, just held up a gas station. These people need to be caught. This type of thing is sad for sure. But unless you have first hand knowledge of what it’s like being in law enforcement, keep your trap shut. If only they had it as easy as you not to have every move second guessed by every idiot who reads the papers…just like you do at your job, if you even have one. Furthermore, it sure does seem like the bigger critics of police tactics are the ones who are usually in handcuffs anyways. So keep livin’ the dream.

    1. johnny says:

      Well Chud.. i do.. any more clueless replies?

  15. Robby says:

    Put him in a full body brace, and then throw him in the river, and hurray to the officers who did what we pay them to do. They did not chase you or me- why? Because most of us are law-abiding decent human beings. Say a prayer for the familes of the victims.

  16. red says:

    anyone need a prom date?

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