Author Gaiman Amused By Minn. GOP Leader’s Slam

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A best-selling author is reacting with amusement to a Minnesota GOP leader who called him “a pencil-necked little weasel.”

In comments published Wednesday in the Star Tribune, House Majority Leader Matt Dean also said he hated Neil Gaiman and that he “stole $45,000 from the state of Minnesota.”

Dean tells The Associated Press it was legal for the horror, sci-fi and fantasy writer to take $45,000 in state arts money for speaking at a library last year. But he calls the payment “infuriating” and says Gaiman should give it back.

Gaiman, who lives in Wisconsin, says he gave the money to charity. He says about half his readers are Republicans and that it’s unfortunate they’re represented by someone who resorts to “lunatic schoolyard rhetoric.”

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    Typical angry conservative.

  • Doc

    Must be needed for the GOPers to balance their budget.

  • George

    It just shows that before you attack someone publically, you had better do your homework, and find out what the money was used for. The Majority Leader made himself look pretty foolish by doing this!

  • Hmm

    Though I agree the amount of money is ridiculous the name calling is really childish and sends the wrong message.

  • Jim

    He got paid to give a speech, just like Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton, and Rush Limbaugh do all the time. I find it interesting that you and Matt Dean have a problem with this. Dean wants to give hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to the billionaire owner of the Vikings for his new stadium, but has a problem with a private citizen receiving payment for his work from the same fund. This guy is the House Majority Leader? Yikes.

    • outrageous

      Your democratic governor wants to also build the stadium without balancing the budget first. How do you like them apples??. Read more stories.

    • Peter

      Non of the above get state money for speechs. As far as the stadium, I agree.

  • Fed up

    So let me get this straight. He sunk to the level of most liberals and resorted to the bratty, childish antics of calling people names? Why is this news?

  • tuna-free dolphin

    So he’s not denying it I guess. What a weasel.

  • outrageous

    45,000 to speak at a library. Where do I sign up???

  • Herb

    to outrageous: Your Republican congress wants to give away a large portion of taxpayer money to their rich friends (campaign contributors) while the actual infrastructure (roads, bridges, power grids, social services, education, healthcare) are ignored. This may be what your mother told you was the right thing to do, if so, she lied!! Probably on purpose to prepare you to follow the path of greed and total disregard for social responsibility, morals and ethics.

    She is probably very proud that you chose to comment on the stadium question rather than addressing the real problems created by Pawlenty and Bush over the last 10 years for the 90% of us that are out here actually working for a living!

    • outrageous

      Wow I just wanted to know where I sign up to speak for $45,000 and I get my butt chewed out for something completely different. My republican congress Huh????
      You know not what you speak so SHUT-UP Herb.

    • outrageous

      Also Herb,for your information my mother is dead. How do you feel now dumb a$$

  • Bobbi

    This is the kind of spending that has to stop. The government has no business paying for this. This should be privately funded along with the vikings stadium. No way should a person in Duluth pay for someone speaking in a library in the TC.

  • Murph

    How much does the GOP slob charge for HIS appearances? What talent,besides lying and crying about money does he have to offer anyone.The big butted,overfed swine! Gold digging millionaire butt kissing harlot!

    • Bobbi

      Not as much as your fav Cable Guy

  • Michelle

    How about cover this story:
    House Majority Leader’s GOP Caucus has taken over $90,000 from fraudsters since 2002–and kept the money

    Instead of an author who routinely gives his speech earnings to charities.

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