Experts: ‘Superfoods’ Not As Super As They Sound

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There is a new trend hitting the shelves of grocery stores, and it’s called Superfoods. However, some experts are saying don’t believe the hype.

The list includes fruits like Acai, Lichi and Goji berries. Each promises to either burn fat, give you energy or even keep diseases, like cancer, away.

However, some doctors say be careful of what you read because the studies are mostly independent and not peer-reviewed.

Dietitians also warn of the sugar found in many of these foods, especially the fruits. They say those foods won’t help you lose weight and can be dangerous to diabetics.

  • Mark from

    Simply a one sided story, one of the worst I have seen here. The pharmaceutical companies can’t make money on these natural products because they can’t patent them. So what do they do, they debunk them. Whoever wrote this story should research this stuff.

    • Rob Bixby

      Aren’t the people promoting these things also making a lot of money off of them? Its hard to tell who to believe when everyone wants to make a buck.

  • Foolishness

    Ok, so what is it, are fruits good for you or not? You can not have it both ways. Food guidelines recommend daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and while all fruits that I know of contain sugar, are they good for you as they are, or do I need to remove the sugar first?
    I am tired of the contradictions and as always, moderation is the key. Doctors only want to give you a prescription and most know less than I do about nutrition, so I am going to take my own advice and listen to doctors with moderation and reluctance.

    • j

      Ok, Dr Foolishness. Glad you have it all figured out.

  • Hmm

    I buy into the superfoods hype more than the organic crap. Even if so called superfoods don’t do much they are miles better than eating potato chips or some other unhealthy food. I would buy them just to try out different fruits or vegetables that have previously been unavailable to me.

  • Hmm

    I buy into this more than the organic scam. Even if the so called superfoods do not do much for you it is better than eating junk food. Mostly I think it is cool to try out new foods that have previously been unavailable. An unfortunate side effect of them being labeled superfoods is that some of the less common foods will be way overpriced.

    • Rob Bixby

      Its not that organic foods are better for you, its that they’re raised sustainably. If not spraying the ground with lots of chemicals is a scam to you, then I guess its a scam, eh?

  • katie

    This is a one-sided, shallowarticle for sure. Who are the experts making these claims cited? Who are the doctors supporting the statements in the article? Who are the dieticians making the “warnings” noted in the article. Who wrote this anonymous article and why is it news?

    It is is interesting that here is a recent CBS article that is just the opposite of this position, that has quotes and reall people in it: “SUPERFOODS TO THE RESCUE”

    So what is up with the CBS flip-flop?

    • Michael


  • michael

    Just confirmed from wcco staff that this is NOT a local story at all. It was lifted from their sister station in Dallas and they changed the headline to something more catchy. That is NOT OK.

    The Dallas story is posed as a question that shows there is no firm conclusions:
    Does ‘Super Fruit’ Live Up To The Super Claims?

    Yours is stated as a condemning fact:
    Experts: ‘Superfoods’ Not As Super As They Sound

    It is not “local” MN news, and it is based on a Dallas story that was one-sided and weak journalism to begin with. Now other news outlets have picked up this supposed MN story and the new bogus headline…

    WCCO should move this story out of the local section and clarify that this is not their story but rather one from Dallas that they borrowed to fill content for the day…

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