By Stephen Swanson, WCCO

The second to last night of MSPIFF bites … in a post-apocalyptic vampire kinda way.

Stake Land has already won over horror fans and critics by mashing up some Cormac McCarthy-ish end-times doom with the educational practicality of Zombieland (i.e. before catching some shuteye in your car in a vampire-infested zone, wrap it in chicken wire for a lil’ peace o’ mind).

Unlike Zombieland, Stake Land is not fishing for many laughs, especially to break any of the ample tension and suspense.

Instead, you’ll find Gothic horror galore, gore, and plenty of shocks and scares. Oh, and abandon all hope if you are a lover of the romanticized vampires of late. These vamps are less into grooming and brooding, and more into gnawing, oozing and grunting.

It’s destined to be a Midnight Movie classic. Oh, and if features Kelly McGilles (Top Gun, Witness) as a vampire huntress!

Now you simply can’t resist. (Theater 3, 9:45 p.m.)



For the complete festival schedule, click here. An alphabetical listing of all the movies being shown can be found here. Ticket information is here.


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