ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Twenty Minnesota companies made it into the newest edition of Fortune 500, illustrating the state’s corporate strength.

UnitedHealth Group was the top Minnesota company on the list, landing at number 22. Other top homegrown companies included Target, which ranked 33, Best Buy at 47, Supervalu at 61 and 3M at 97.

The number of Fortune 500 companies in Minnesota is one fewer than last year. The Pioneer Press reports that’s due to the purchase of Minneapolis-based PepsiAmericas by New York-based PepsiCo. The rest of the top corporations rank similarly to last year’s results.

Only seven states surpassed Minnesota’s 20 Fortune 500 companies. New Jersey and Virginia also have 20 on the list.

Other Minnesota companies that made the list include CHS Inc., U.S. Bancorp, Medtronic and General Mills.

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  1. Anne LaTourelle says:

    Good to know

  2. albert says:

    So the biggest Minnesota company makes BILLIONS in profits by getting between you and your healthcare?


    1. dan says:

      Maybe the Govt can take them over and instead of running a profitable business they can run it into the ground like the Post office and lose taxpayer money every year.
      We are in America, and its OK to make a profit. Here’s an idea if you want some of the profits of United health Care — — Wait a minute, here it comes…… Buy some stock!

      1. Jim says:

        Some things are more important than corporate profit, like health care.

        1. dan says:

          I dont have any problems with health care at United. I think they run a fine facility. The nice thing about private companies is that if you dont like it, you can choose another company. Competition is the only thing that will save our medical system. Is there and example of Govt run anything that works, is efficient or cost effective?

          1. Jim says:

            How about US military? It works and is efficient, but I don’t know about cost effectiveness. Why not disband the military and hire private companies to provide security? (This is a rhetorical point, I do not support disbanding the military. Just want to point out that the government is effective at SOME things.)

            1. dan says:

              You are right about efficient, but we would all question the cost effectiveness that you bring up.

              good Point!

      2. M B says:

        I usually don’t have a problem with companies making a profit. The problem comes in that as a public for-profit company, the company MUST and WILL put those profits above all else, or else their stock drops and they lose their seats on the board. This is not the mentality to have when you’re dealing with someone’s health, or their very lives.
        The enormous costs of healthcare are making it so that people actually have to choose between eating and healthcare. That’s right, what a family spends on healthcare in a year has now officially overtaken what they spend on food. Seriously. That’s just messed up. The executives and the rich don’t care because they can afford the best. The rest have to mortgage our houses or starve to pay them off. Or, people have a choice to be poor and leech off the system, which only increases costs more. It unfortunate that this is happening more and more. So, what do we do to fix the problem, hmmm? Shall we let them die and decrease the surplus population? Or, find a way to have it so we can all have health care?
        I realize that us Americans are too arrogant to actually emulate the successes of other countries, but the UK and Canada have efficient health care systems. Before you spout off the “Takes forever to get seen” FUD, consider this: It took a MONTH to see my gastroenterologist here in the US. What’s that about no wait times here? I thought so. Maybe, just maybe if we sat down and learned about what works and what doesn’t in other countries, we could come up with something without bankrupting us. So far, what we have isn’t working.

    2. Ken Alverson says:

      I agree.

  3. GOPSUX says:

    Don’t lose sight of what is truly important here. Millionaires need more money.

    1. dan says:

      In your eyes what’s impoortant is that we all have a share in everyones finances. No matter how hard you work you get paid the same. Now matter how much you save, you will share it with everyone.
      Go back you your union job and wait for someone to tell you what to do.

  4. Victim Du Jour says:

    Corporate Greed never rounded millions of people up in concentration camps or committed acts of mass murder by the hundreds of millions.

    Socialism is the root of the biggest human rights violations in world history.

    Only place where corporations are as evil as socialism is in fake perfectly scripted Hollywood movies.

    1. MarkJamesK says:

      You confusing socialism with facism (a movement on the political right). Facism is the root of the biggest human rights violations in human history. Communism (a left movement) has also done some of the biggest human rights violations as well in Russia and China. Socialism has done nothing. Read a history book.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        Benito Mussolini was leader of the Italian Fascist Party, Adolph Hitler was leader of the “National SOCIALIST German Worker Party”

        And Christian some Jewish Soldiers with products made by Corporations like Boeing, Northrup, Lockeed Martin, General Motors, GE, Remington and Sons, and Ford Motor company went to Europe and kicked their butts.

        The biggest Mass Murderers in Human History is Moa Zedong, and Joseph Stalin and they are so far left wing, they were able to call everyone “Right Wingers”

        If Moa Zedong is on the Far Left and Ronald Reagan is on the Far Right.

        Adolph Hitler and his labor thugs are in the middle next to President Harry S Truman (Ku Klux Klan Member) on the Mass Murder scale.

        The KKK hated Jews and Catholics before the Nazis even existed.

  5. albert says:

    Except for one or two delusional loon-bags, this has been an excellent exchange of viewpoints. Well done!

  6. alan says:

    I am a Federal Employee. I’ll pause for those who want to to hiss or spit. Our insurance, with over 3M participants, has the following:

    1. Relatively low costs
    2. NO preexisting conditions restrictions
    3. NO lifetime maximum
    4. Coverage anywhere in the world
    5. Fully covered preventive care and childbirth care, plus kids checkups, etc.
    6. Terrible dental and optical, but you can’t win them all.

    Add to that from the VA and the military:

    7. Drugs at least 80% below list price due to bulk buying.

    Plus from Medicare:

    8. 95%+ satisfaction by seniors

    Yeah, Feds suck at healthcare. Totally blows. Already cover about 1/3rd of the country, but we couldn’t POSSIBLY expand that by a whole factor of 3 and do it all.

    Admit it. Rich people and people with Cadillac insurance don’t want to lose one tiny bit of what they have, even if it is to keep poor people alive for 5 minutes. Sheer greed and meanness.

  7. Victim Du Jour says:

    Many American Corporation are Heros for Manufacturing products for Christian and Jewish US Troops to rid Europe from the evils of socialism.

    1. alan says:

      Wow, you’ve got this whole loony little party going on in your head, haven’t you?

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        Nazis used to castrate people they deemed crazy.

        That’s probable another scientific fact you won’t agree with.

        1. alan says:

          Yes, I know they did. They shot them in the head too. But they were FACISTS (ie to the right of conservatives), not SOCIALSTS ( to the left of liberals). Your problem, aside from being obviously dropped on your head multiple times as a child, is that you don’t know the definitions of the terms to are spraying around. Go back to bed and take your meds more regularly.

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            Nazi means “National Socialist” idiot!

            1. alan says:

              And the North Koreans call themselves the DPRK – DEMOCRATIC people’s republic of korea. Self labeled, but like the Nazis, WRONG. Trying to deceive people, and it worked on you.


              1. Victim Du Jour says:

                If you want to see Nazis talking up union workers and farmers like the Democratic Party look up the film “Triumph of the Will”

                Nazism is an offshoot of communism, it was spawned by communism.

                1. albert says:

                  This proves the depth of your ignorance. Nazis and Communists were mortal enemies! They were competing potential dictatorships of the same country.

                  No matter how much you shout democrats = socialists = nazis, it will never be true. Sorry. Fail.

  8. Victim Du Jour says:

    Democrats Ku Klux Klan history is the only thing that even remotely resembles Nazism.

    The Democrats deny their Klan History like the Nazis deny the holocaust.

    And the Democrats Ku Klux Klan movement publicly hated Jews before the Nazis even existed.

    The 1924 Democratic National Convention is the largest recorded KKK rally in US History.

  9. alan says:

    Keep tooting if it relieves the pressure in your brain . . . nobody’s listening.

    What a pathetic existence. ‘Ta!

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