Police: Junior High Worker Arrested For Selling Cocaine

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police arrested a man who works for Osseo Junior High School for allegedly possessing and selling cocaine.

John Joseph Daugherty, 59, of Elk River, was charged Friday with possessing and attempting to sell a controlled substance, police said.

Daugherty did not hold a teaching position at the school, but police did not give his specific job title.

Police said an investigation determined that no one else at the school was involved in the case.

Daugherty is currently in custody at the Hennepin County Jail.

Police ask that anyone with information on the case call 1-888-988-8477.

  • Mr. Mark

    that’s quite the leap you’re making there, “if u will do drugs u will do anything”, now I think doing drugs is bad but just because one uses drugs doesn’t mean they will become a terrorist or a rapist, poorly worded was your comment

  • Taylor

    I went to Osseo jr high and had a few run ins with that worthless prick!!!! i tell you one thing it explains a lot about the way he was back in 96-98.

    • Jenny

      I remember this guy from my days at Osseo in the early 90s. Not surprised. And the kicker? He’s the guy who runs detention.

  • Pete Woodley

    Response to HooDatlS?
    Based upon your comment above it looks like you should return to School and complete your education. You say-drug test the teachers but the article CLEARLY states he was NOT a teacher. You say-he was snorting it to (too?) but you have no evidence of that based upon the article. Unless you were with him when he was doing it……

  • Riley

    Wake up idiot and learn how to read and to use reliable facts before your fingers start making you look like the idiot you seem to be. In one case the word is you not u. How stupid you look.

  • ashley

    Thank God

  • Clarence

    Quit over-reacting you liberal fool!

    • again with stupidity?

      So calling someone a liberal without any info on them is not over-reacting? Sounds like the pot and the kettle are in the same room, who is calling who what?
      I wish they would have added info in the story if he was selling in the school or not as the way they word it kind of keeps that up in the air. Not too many details in your online stories anymore, please pick up the slack WCOO and give the whole story. (Almost becoming a big joke like the St. Cloud Times.)

  • pete

    What a complete loser!!!!!!!!

  • Tea thinking left

    (I figured I would beat you leftys to the punch on this…..cuz I KNOW one of you would bring it up sooner than later!!!)

  • McKenna

    OK IDIOT!!!!!!!! i go to that school now and they should drug test all the EMPLOYEES!!!!
    same thing! and clearly either you do drugs or someone you love or respect does drugs because thats the only (stupid) reason you would be defending a drug dealer!!!Who was dealing with young children! knowing that there was a drug dealer working right beside me at lunch and in my learning environment doesnt make me feel very safer!!!! And nobody likes an idiot!

    • McKenna

      to: pete woodley from: McKenna

  • Madison

    i go to osseo jr and this guy always scared me to be aroundd. im glad he’s gone from the school. i dont wanna be around thatt

    • girlwhogoestoosseojr

      madi maddie which one are you

  • girlwhogoestoosseojr

    i rememeber the guy from uhh lets see wednesday. he does his job and he does it well i will miss him.

  • courtney

    HE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY everyone needs to stop its not like he sold it to students or teachers, hello.. he could have been framed. i will miss him. he did his job well from my perspective

    • 09-10 OJHstudent

      ha ok.. you obviously werent one of the victims of his pervertedness.. he was a creep. plain and simple. sorry but just sayin..

    • Republican

      No one likes him. I was scared everytime I saw him. if you talk to anyone at our school, they will most likely say they hate him. It is time to stop being a liberal and see what Daugherty really is, a messed up prick.

  • Knute

    This was all sooooo funny!

  • osseo student

    i currently go to this school and 3 of my siblings went there too. all of the students thought he was creepy, too bad he was suppose to retire this year…looks like his retirement home is in the slammer, he always did look good in orange OSSEO PRIDE wearing the Hennipen county orange jump suits. he can be on project felon runway in his new orange jumpsuit.

  • teehee

    since i’ve never been harassed by daugherty, i can’t really say anything bad about him. in fact, i’ve had a couple of nice conversations with him.. How ever I did watch the way he treated the kids.. he did NOT do a good job. He’s not fair and he’s to hard on us.. It’s too bad he wound up in this mess, but to be honest I’m glad he’s not in our school anymore. you would think that after he was suspended 3 times for sexual harassment they’d get rid of him, but I guess not.

  • exojhstudent

    I went there from fall of 07-spring of 10. also my 3 older siblings went there. we all talked about that he was kinda a complete perv….he scared a lot of people…. no one thought he’d go to jail for drugs though…

  • Jeremy Smallbeck

    What a shocker!I remember Mr.D quite well from my days at Osseo Junior in the early 90’s.He was a tyrant.He ruled that school with an iron fist and would intimidate students with his use of power.I ran into him a few years ago at the local grocery store and said hello.I was surprised that he rememberd me and he was quite pleasent.Someone posted that he has been suspended three times for sexual harassment,I have heard rumors over the years that he is a ”dirty old man”.and that is from more then one person.If these rumors and charges are true,let’s get rid of this creep.Junior high is a tough time in life and kids don’t need someone like that as a role model.

  • Mom

    OMG if your kids go there, like mine..and the guy already has been caught and charged..you would want his rear end away from your kids. I

  • Parent

    This guy has bee a creep ad a jerk to studets for years..even employees will tell you. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM OUR KIDS OSSEO SUPERINTENDENT!!!!!!

    All my kids go, or have gone there and everytone in that buiding knew he didn’ have it all together. Only tenure kept him there.

  • Republican

    He should be thrown in a hole and starve. I know im wrong because those liberals say everyone should be given a second chance. Those dang leftys. Our county is full of them so always keep an eye out.

  • Tate'

    LMAO! ive always hated this teacher, he was just a flat out creep! always lookin down girls shirts.. well thats what happens when you get careless, you end up gettin caught

  • Honestly

    I’All Im saying is that I’ve worked close with him when I was in Jr. High. I was on student council && he was extremely cool. Students ALWAYS tried to test him which is why he was always harsh. Once he got to know you (as he got to know me) you were on his good side && he knew you were a good kid. So if u messed up he had your back. Thats mine and alot of other students perspective of the sitation. Yes what he did was wrong and frankly stupid, but it is not necessary to judge his character because he made a mistake. SHould he have lost his job? YES. Is he a bad person? NO. Nuff said.

  • Jason Timothy Lindberg

    Mr. D is a fair man, from my experience with him. He is charged with a crime that is man-made (artifical law) and further, he has not even seen TRIAL yet! It is truly sad how juvenile, ignorant and sheepish MANY of the adolescents AND “adults” are. FYI – Cocaine is FREQUENTLY utilized in emergency medicine, dental procedures, etc. If I were already an Attorney, it would be my pleasure to represent Mr. D and hear the jury return to the clerk for reading as “NOT GUILTY”! P.S., have the courage to use your NAME when making comments so we know who “you” (the ignorant “sheep”) are when you slander and defame fellow humans and spread man-made fear about a chemical substance that has been disgraced by so-called “righteous, God-fearing American church-goers”!! Bill Maher is right, American’s GENERALLY are DUMB and getting DUMBER.

  • thats wat he gets

    i used to go to that school i hated him he was always looking down girls shirts and stuff i’m not even surprised!!!!!!

    • Jane Doe

      have u seen the what girls are wearing they need to find clothes that fit….i am a female and i cant help but to look….its disguisting….there need to be stricter dress code policy from the school and parents

  • lpreston214


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