Mille Lacs Angler Challenges Tribal Netting

By Bill Hudson, WCCO-TV

GARRISON, Minn. (WCCO) — The battle over Native American fishing rights across northern Minnesota is about to heat up again.

“Perch are usually the sign of the end,” explained Chippewa netter Mike Herberg.

On the shores of Lake Mille Lacs, Herberg is pulling perch from his gill nets.

Five days ahead of the state’s fishing opener, he and other band members are exercising their court-granted fishing rights. Since 2000, the Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians has been legally harvesting walleyes before the state fishing opener under a case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Herberg is well aware it’s a sensitive spring ritual, so he keeps a low profile.

“I try not to get too involved politically, just try to bring fish home for my family,” said Herberg.

But for as long as the tribal members have been spearing and netting the egg-laying walleyes, hook and line anglers have expressed their dislike of the practice. They believe taking the fish in this method and at this time is harming the lake’s precious resource.

Already, the state has been forced to impose strict fishing and slot limits on Mille Lacs to help balance the harvest by both the Chippewa and sport anglers.

Last May, just a day before the fishing season was set to begin, noted fisherman Steve Fellegy decided he would put these “exclusive rights” to the test.

“I was cited for taking a fish during a closed season,” Fellegy explained.

When prosecutors in Beltrami County refused to charge several Native Americans in Bemidji with illegally harvesting fish outside the treaty area, Fellegy tested the law. He’s now fighting a $160 misdemeanor ticket in District Court.

Fellegy’s case puts the state in a tough position. If charges against him are dropped, it could encourage others to take fish before the state’s fishing opener.

But if Fellegy is convicted, it would surely launch an appeal of the Constitution’s equal protection provisions under the 14th Amendment.

The tournament angler and area guide insists he wasn’t looking for a fight. But rather he hopes to force lawmakers to take a serious look at a constitutional guarantee.

“In the process I’m asking basically how you can be cited for taking a fish during a closed season during the same period of time that there’s 60 some tons of walleye being harvested by U.S. citizens like me?” said Fellegy.

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  • captainobvious

    Poor old engines, 1st we try to get our own casino, now we want you to act like a human being, not a walleye processing plant.

    • Tom Willard

      C’mon! It’s a time honored spiritual ritual. The ‘Fish Fry’!!

      • pss

        yes let the poor indians take ALL the walleyes that the Minnesota DNR stocks the lakes with and leave none for the other Minnesotans Thats not fair to the non-indians so I say f-the treaties they are not fair to us who stock the lakes maybe the indians should pay for stocking ALL the Lakes in MINNESOTA

        • PssBck

          @pss – ALL of tthe walleyes you speak of that you think the MN DNR stocks YOUR lakes with actually come from Tribal Fisheries/Lakes within OUR reservations, so don’t feel so proud about providing the poor indians anything. Fair? you ask . . . learn some of your United Stated history and you would read of the unfairness to Native Americans by the hands of illiegal immigrants such as your ancestors, oh and as for the fish, you are welcome.

          • Gordy

            Very well stated! Agree completely!

          • pss

            Pssbck you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground ! maybe you should check again the Minnesota DNR stocks the lake from the Minnesota DNR Fisheries ex Frenck River

            • PssBck

              @pss – Profanity is another sign of your ignorance. Only a weak and uneducated mind is to blame for not being able to convey your ignorance in a more civil manner. Have a great day!

          • TJ

            really?? they come from Tribal Fisheries?? LOL You should read up on history of how many people in time have been pushed from their lands and scattered abroad. We cant change history. However we can keep moving forward and all BE EQUAL. It happend along time ago and it has no direct impact on anyoen currently living. It was well over 100 years ago. Time to move on. ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, yet we are dvided by some reservation boundry lines.

            • Learn the Truth

              The MN DNR only stocks Muskellunge into Lake Mille Lacs, not walleye. Here’s the link to the report:


              As for being equal, the tribes are granted their hunting, fishing and gathering rights based on them ceding their land for this payment. It’s spelled out in a contract called a treaty. It is very similar to the State of MN retaining the mineral rights to property sold in MN so they can harvest minerals from property even though they are not the owners.

    • northernmnmom

      The native had the right to fish anywhere they needed to . thwe treaties gave them that right when our land was stolen. Many more rights were never returned!1 The native fish for food for their families , elders and other tribe mamber not for sport as the great “white hunters and fishermen” do. It is not wasted and used for fun!!

      • successNOT

        Dear Crack addict this is the fish they use in the casino also, so sad you think netting is better than sport fishing

        • Learn the Truth

          You need to do some more research. The fish served at any casino needs to meet the health and safety standards of the Food and Drug Administration and any fish caught on Lake Mille Lacs would not meet those standards. The fish served at most restaurants in this area, including the casino, comes from food service packaging companies like Upper Lakes Foods. They get their fish from commercial fish hatcheries in Canada.

          And yes, netting is better than sport fishing as the mortality rate from catch and release of sport fishing is higher than the allotted poundage quota all the tribes are even allowed to take from the lake. That to me is a bigger waste.

    • BarryG

      I have NEVER done anything wrong to a native American! Why should he be able to do something I can’t? If we both pay our taxes….it’s not fair! Just sayin!

  • Jon Knudsen

    What about all the nets they lost? They’re still in the water killing fish and creating a hazzard for boaters!

    • Learn the Truth

      @Jon Knudsen
      I will continue to say it until people learn to do it: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH before you speak. There are not any nets lost, so how can they still be in the water killing fish and creating boating hazards? Here’s a link to the local paper to help you read up on the issue:

      • TJ

        Disclaimer: Mille Lacs Messenger is not a good sourc on this subject. They get alot of advertising dollars from the local gambling facilities so they view and reporting is a bit lopsided.

        • Learn the Truth

          And you have proof the Mille Lacs Messenger is biased to show us to validate your disclaimer? No? So why make the accusation if you aren’t going to prove it?

  • lphilipps

    The indians are raping that lake…

  • jim

    Just give them the firewater.

    • clvgb

      Careful, jim, your bigotry/ignorance is showing again.

  • greg

    Give the natives the entire lake. let them have it all. When they net it dry and theyve destroyed the resource we can buy it back, cancel the treaties, restock and build it back up the way it used to be. Then ban all netting. Make the rules the same for everyone then. In the meantime the lake has other fishing oppertunities like small mouth, muskies,pike,crappies, perch.

    • Learn the Truth


      I have to laugh at this mentality as it was the same mentality the state had when the tribes first started negotiating their gaming compacts. “Let them have their casinos. They won’t be able to run them properly and the state will have to step in and fix this problem, We can then cancel the compacts and the state will have their own casinos.”

      Now see where that mentality got you? Everyone is now yelling it’s not fair the tribes have a monopoly on casinos as the tribes have proven how profitable casinos can be. So yes, let the tribes have the entire lake. Close it to public angling. I honestly don’t think they would argue.

  • PMH49

    I have always wondered… Did the ancient ways include outboard motors, incandescent lights, nylon nets? I would object less to ancient tribal rights if they were done without modern equipment. Ancient fishing would not have had the impact on the resource that modern fishing does. I would think that some sort of compromise that involves the Native Americans fishing without metals or plastics could be fair to help them keep their heritage, but not rape the lakes.

    • Jeremy

      Wow, really? But non natives are allowed to advance technologically but no one else is? Typical saying for the ignorant! By the way, non band members are allowed almost three times as many pounds as band members.

  • greg

    I have never taken anything from anybody!!! Rather I give. I purchase my fishing liscense, donate to the MN DNR and that is what keeps the lake stocked with walleye. If the non-native people didnt do this for the lake, the natives would have it cleaned out in no time at all. So really its not a matter of race,but rather a matter of fact.

    • greg.

      @greg – sorry greg, your wrong, as are most people on these posts. The MN DNR is not your savior after all. I would love to spend the next day or two educating all of you on this matter, but your government probably wouldn’t want to pay me for something you should’ve learned in elementary school.

    • TJ

      Lake Mille Lacs is not stocked, it relies soley on natural reproduction which is another reason that netting during the spawning period needs to end.

  • JEFF


  • swerver

    To quote you “you wouldnt be happy if we went around teaching native american indian children white people are crackers or honkys” Don’t be afraid to admit your an engine, so many of you indians comment on here trying to hide your a chief. Have sone pride I know its hard these days to be proud of being Chief dragging knuckles. what does m,ass fishing with netting has to do with surviving in the woods

  • Justine

    I love this…………..To have someone else stand up for Natives other then ourselves just made my day! A little understanding goes along way. I wish more people would stop and view things through the eyes of others once in a while :)

    • greg

      Justine…. my wife is native and she will back what Im saying. Its not about standing up for one race or another. Its about doing what is right for everyone and the resources. The lake would be empty if not for the money and effort the MN DNR put into this lake. With out the white mans money and knowledge the natives would net the lake out in no time at all. Facts and fairness is what this is about and why Fellegy is testing the boundries.

      • tiredandretired

        My wife is also a native and she thinks spearing and netting, especially during spawning, are unwise practices. Her major concern is for the lake’s ecosystems, as these practices disrupt the natural balance.

      • Alejandro

        Hey Greg the white man only has money ’cause he wouldn’t let the native earn or let them educate themselves. they showed up to school & you cut there hair & made fun of them. you try getting an education like that to make your white man $

    • To Justine

      Pay attention hes an indian, acting like he’s a honest working human being instead.

  • Sam I am

    Apparently you haven’t been to a reservation lately. Live off the land my ass – they live off the government.

    • Jeremy

      you are truly an idiot! .

      • Jeremy

        I replied to Justine, this comment was for her, or him.

      • Jeremy

        This comment was to Justine

  • kvig

    So true!!!! This isn’t the native americans fault!!!! I am white and my sons are 1/2 sioux, when they fish they are fishing by the rules of the treaty that was created by our u.s. government.. My Lord, what else do you want from them!!?? Why don’t some of you open a book and read about the history and the treaties of the Native Americans and learn something about what your talking about!!!!

    • Sporty


      So true!!!! This isn’t the native americans fault!!!! I am white and my sons are 1/2 sioux, when they fish they are fishing by the rules of the treaty that was created by our u.s. government.. My Lord, what else do you want from them!!?? Why don’t some of you open a book and read about the history and the treaties of the Native Americans and learn something about what your talking about!!!!

      Kvig… Are you talking about the very same treaty that says that a group of 3 or more Indians found off the Rez. is to be considered a war party and can legally be shot. Maybe you need to read that book you were talking about yourself ?

    • tiredandretired

      I respect that they are fishing by the rules of the treaty, but why is it unacceptable to sit down and re-negotiate those rules, in the best interest of our natural resources? We palefaces abide by many laws that have replaced laws of the same vintage as your treaty. Why? Because change for the common good was necessary. The old laws no longer were appropriate, as situations changed. If you are truly respectful of nature, you should be willing to consider appropriate revisions in light of how our natural resources have changed.

      • Native_Tax_Payer

        I am a native and personally opposed to netting and spearing but I would defend any natives right to do it. The tribe did try to negotiate a settlement but the state of Minnesota rejected it. I think most of the people posting comments need to take a little time and read up on the facts.

        In 1993, this proposed settlement between the Mille Lacs Band and the state was voted down by two votes in the Minnesota House of Representatives, after it had passed the Minnesota Senate.

    • married to the truth

      Or is it the book that says no liquor is allowed on “reservations” Or is it the book that says each reservation will be supplied with a blacksmith, carpenter, and a doctor. Go back to cashing those 30k bi-weekly checks from mystic and stick to it. After all state wide gambling is on your door step so you guys better find a new way to live and be one with the land :) Good day!

      • Alejandro

        you;re probably from one of the scared kaisers that left ’cause the stalins were coming from you. he that runs scared can not scare

  • rich l

    The tribes should be able to take as many fish as they want for their own consumption,not to give away,or sell like they do and not during spawning time(thats just common sense),nor should they net or spear just because they can during this time to prove a point

  • Peterson

    When the practice is depleting resources it should be looked at.

    Also, as a Swedish-American, I am offended by any references to Vikings. I think the Minnesota football team should change their name to something less offensive to me.

    • tiredandretired

      The Vikings were Norwegians, weren’t they? LOL!

      • Victim Du Jour

        The Soviet Union has Viking origins too, Scandinavia and Russia also stole land from Native Indians too, just like Canada, Central and South America.

        And yeah, The Minnesota Vikings sometimes associate the name “Viking” to sucking really bad.

  • Paul L

    In 1854, the Chippewa of Lake Superior entered into a treaty with the United States whereby the Chippewa ceded to the United States ownership of their lands in northeastern Minnesota. These lands are the so-called “1854 ceded territory.” Article 11 of the 1854 Treaty provides:
    “…And such of them as reside in the territory hereby ceded, shall have the right to hunt and fish therein, until otherwise ordered by the President.”

    • dan

      Sounds like its time for the President to speak up!

  • Duane

    The comments directed at a poverty stricken community are shameful. The fact of the matter is that netting takes only 5% of the total harvest-the rest is taken by a bunch of beer swilling tourist that race around on overpowered and overpriced fishing boats that leave invasive plants and other species that cause more damage then the natives ever did.

    • tiredandretired

      Duane, I don’t own a big expensive boat and I don’t race around the lake drinking beer. I always check my rig for weeds and other hitchhikers, too. Stereotyping in any form is offensive.

      • Duane

        By the way-there are some fisheries that ARE being restocked by the tribes, and yeah- I know a lot of respectable fishermen that are responsible and respectful of the lake and of the laws but then take a look around you next time you are on the lake on opener and tell me what you see-believe me, I see it too.

    • married to the truth

      Your comment is a metaphor in relation to the SMSC. They do exactly what we do to “your” lake only they do it on land! So what were saying again?

      And the 5% number is correct but we “the whites” do not harvest egg filled females. YOU DO! So that number is impossible to to just say X percent. Think a little, it goes a long ways.

    • Really?

      Poverty stricken? Come live up here for a while. While income might not be real high for doing nothing, they have no expenses.

      • Really.

        @Really? – No expenses? Please explain how somebody, anybody, could live a decent life in this country and have no expenses? Cars, houses, land, grocery stores, shopping centers . . . you don’t see that “up here” everyday? You probably just now choked on your tongue, most ignorant people do.

        • Really.

          Many of their expenses are paid for by the band. Housing, food, school supplies, etc. No ignorance. Facts.

          • Duane

            Well-hate to break it to you but you are ignorant-I am a half blood native american and I have never been on welfare, I have always had a job, I own my own house and my kids get good grades and are active members of the community. My wife(also native) WORKED her way through college and she had the loan debt to prove it. I am betting you can’t say the same- because all I hear is ignorance.

    • TJ

      Have you been to Mille During the netting Duane Bigsky? Have you seen the rigs being used to net?? Talk about some big fishing noats…..

      Poverty stricken community that the giverment pumps millions into for them to destroy??? You ever been to Detroit?? Talk about poverty stricken….

      Real fishermen arent bear swiggling tourists, you must be referring to the recreational boaters…..

      If you have any valid input, let us know.

      • Duane

        I see, any input that doesn’t line up with your point of view is invalid. More ignorance! The government doesn’t pump millions into these communities-no more so than they pump into your community. Yeah-Detroit is also poverty stricken and I bet if you lived there you would be making some rather ignorant remarks about that community too. Obviously you have no idea about the social and economic effects of poverty or any idea about what you are talking about when it comes to this issue-you have to resort to making more ignorant and insulting comments-

        • TJ

          The federal government pumps money into my community?? LOL Lets see it. There definately is not federally funded housing in my community. County/State Roads I will give ya, but they have those in some of the reservations as well.

          • Duane

            You have no HUD housing in your community? No one is unemployed or on Welfare either? No subsidized programs? No social workers? There are no grant funded law enforcement or educational institutions or public schools in your area- spouting more IGNORANCE.

            • TJ

              Y yes I suppose….The tax payers get back some of what we pay in through taxes. The point is they say they are a sovreign nation, then why are we pumping money into them?

              • Learn the Truth

                Even though the tribes are sovereign nations, they are still part of the US and as such are just as eligible for services through the federal government.

                But what does this have to do with fish harvesting rights?

  • Randy J

    I would have no problem with the Native americans taking the fish by net if they would strip the spawning fish and create a fishery to help the lakes. The way it is now the fish are taken while spawning, reducing the natural ballance of the lake. All people need to take a acctive part in the managing of the lake, Case in point Red Lake.

    • TJ

      Gill netted walleyes are dead, they cannot be stripped.

      • Learn the Truth

        Not all gill netted walleyes are dead when they come from the net, but the tribal conservation code doesn’t allow for the eggs to be put back into the water anyway, so it’s a moot point.

        • tj

          Most are dead, are they not? Of course a few fresh catches are still alive.

          • Learn the Truth

            No, most are not dead and are still trying to get free of the net long after it’s pulled from the lake.

  • Wild Bill

    I’m am NOT a native American, I’m a 17 year old junior in high school in the twin cities. I don’t have enough NATIVE AMERICAN in me to say I am but I have some in me.

    Go ahead and call me an engine, only goes to show how uneducated you are “swerver”…. At this point, I rather be one! I’m disgraced to be “white” by the actions of many toward such a fine culture as the Native Americans have.

    What’s next, your going to call the African American community a racist slur because one robbed a bank?

    Are you going to call the Mexican Americans a slur to because they take all the jobs you think your too good for?

    How about the Asian Americans? Are you going to call them names because they are smarter than you?

    I will be the first on the lake with my father, see you there “greg”… IF you even show up!

    We don’t keep what we catch, it’s all catch and release. Rather than blame a small number of Native Americans, why don’t you blame the THOUSANDS of tourists that fish that lake…..

    Justine, I’m glad I’m not the only one who can look beyond ones own selfish thoughts.

    • Bill

      Does your mommy know you are on the computer so late on a school night?

  • roger loidolt

    it takes 3 wardens 2 find a guy with a fish 1/4 in2 long and fine him thy take tons of fish with eggs running out and no big deal real substainable yah they get federal money a casino 18 in mn.alone tax free good roads and actcess 2 them no land tax no car liscence and more we mention a state casino and every one gets bunchy wow wake up

    • clvgb

      You sound like a pretty smart guy, Roger.

  • White Lady with Big Stick

    Why does it immediately have to become a race issue? Isn’t the real issue the fact that the netting of fish is emptyng the lakes of the numbers of fish?

    Why not charge a licensing fee to those netting fish and use that money to evaluate the damages caused by netting (or lack of damages). Or, at least put a limit on how many they can net in a year. Other hunters/fisherman have limits to what they can take home. If the people netting fish are taking that many fish what are they doing with them? Are they really eating all that fish? If they are limited to only what they can eat in a year why wouldn’t that make everyone happy? By charging a licensing fee, like all other hunters and fisherman have to pay, an income can be made and used to figure out ways to prevent the netting from eliminating the numbers of fish. Or what if they are restricted to when they can or cannot net fish – maybe restrict all netting during the times that the fish are spawning.

    If each side would just work together for a solution, each side could be happy with the results.

  • Learn the Truth

    You all need to learn more information before posting. Did you know the tribes negotiate their quota of harvest with the MN DNR and other agencies? Wait, you didn’t even know the tribes had a quota? Yes, that’s right. The tribes are only allowed to harvest a certain amount of walleye, northern and perch every year, same as regular anglers.

    Did you know the catch and release fatalities from line and hook angling kills more fish per poundage than the total harvest amount allowed by the tribes (all of the tribes)? No? Did you also know the MN DNR has never restocked Mille Lacs Lake with walleye? Also, did you know, the tribes with the fishing treaty rights also pay for the biology research done every year to help determine the safe harvest levels for the lake, including the amount set for regular anglers and the amount set for the tribes?

    Everyone here needs to do some more research before spouting off your ignorant comments as your comments only make you appear to be racist. Yes, there is a group of people in MN who have different rights granted to them by a contract signed by the government. It’s very similar to you having a 4% interest rate on your mortgage, while your neighbor has 5% or 3%. It’s all based on contracts agreed to by all parties. Because you’re not a party to that contract does not make it illegal or incorrect.

    • der

      It says in the article they have a quota, so wow way to enlighten us

      • Learn the Truth

        Please show me where in the article is states the tribes have a quota? Yes, it states the tribes are legally harvesting, but it says nothing about the quota the tribes are held to. It talks of the slot limits hook and line anglers are bound by, but nothing about the poundage amount or safe harvest limit for Lake Mille Lacs. Or am I missing something?

    • TJ

      Your going to compare special rights based on race to your neighbors mortgage and you are telling people they need to research??? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. You are a funny guy. You should tell Martin Luther King JR that one..

      • Learn the Truth

        As I said before, these are rights granted to the tribes as payment for their ceded territory. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the contract signed by sovereign governments. This contract is called a treaty and if you actually did do some research you would understand this concept. Again, it’s similar to any contract signed by two or more consenting parties, including banks and people who borrow for mortgages. The retained rights are the same as the rights retained by the State of MN for mineral harvesting.

        • tj

          Special rights for a specific group of people, yes they are. Which wont stand any longer under todays equal right standards.

          • Learn the Truth

            Not special rights, but a contract. Why is that so hard for you to understand? This was a CONTRACT signed by the tribes and the government saying if the tribes gave up their land, they could keep their hunting, fishing and gathering rights. It’s as simple as that.

            I’ll tell you again, look into the mineral rights retained by the State of MN. The State of MN is allowed to harvest minerals out of your land if they so choose, but no one else is without your permission. Do some research and you might become more enlightened. If you only see this as a race issue, you will always remain upset when the tribes are continuously allowed to harvest as they see fit.

            • TJ

              Are new contracts not negotiated every day??? Where does it say that this contract is valid for 150 years? This contract is clearly outdated….

              • Learn the Truth

                That’s the same argument the State attempted and the Supreme Court said no, the treaty is still valid. So now trying to force the tribes to renegotiate the treaty just because it was written 150 years ago makes absolutely no logical sense. You say it’s outdated, but seeing as you’re not a party to the treaty, I guess you’re allowed your outside opinion, but it’s not grounded in truth.

  • DLQ

    Stop the netting, period. The few always wreck it for the many. Those few natives who commercially fish with the nets make everybody angry. This goes beyond race, there is always a few to spoil it for everybody.

  • BPB

    I rember a story last year about piles of fish being dumped on privite land, were does that fit into the tribel law and treaty’s. To lazy to process what they take.

  • ML

    Why hasn’t anyone commented on the thousands of pounds of fish that are wasted in unchecked nets (which is illegal) or piles dumped in ditches because they went bad. I’ve seen pictures of this happening. And for LEARN THE TRUTH above: What about the quotas of Northern Pike being much lower than the Walleye quota and if the native american netters reach the Northern quota before the Walleye, they are not allowed to net anymore. My Dad knows Steve from the story above and on the lake in Bemidji, he witnessed 30 northerns thrown back after being caught in nets, all of them died and washed up on shore. They had gouges in their heads from the tool used to get them out of the nets. Why does nobody talk about the waste and only that the natives “follow the rules and laws.” of a treaty that is over 100 years old?! How are those injustices okay?!

    • Learn the Truth

      So your response is you heard from your Dad who heard from someone else about something that happened in Bemidji? Really? When you’re done trying to justify your responses by words from friends of friends and you witness something first hand, maybe then we can talk. Until then, you are but trying to spread rumors, and rumor-mongers are not worth the troll bait to feed you with.

      • TJ

        I have seen it first hand. So lets talk. I can show you some video footage of northerns being thrown back and later washing up on shore.. I suppose you would claim its all photoshopped…..

        • Learn the Truth

          I can also show you data from the MN DNR that shows over 45,000 pounds of walleye are killed through catch and release mortality. Would you really like to start comparisons here? Because I believe a few northerns are nowhere near the waste and destruction of 45,000 pounds of walleye. So yes, let’s talk and we’ll see who has what exactly.

          • TJ

            45000 lbs over a whole season including ice fishing maybe, but I think their estimates are a bit high. But this is also after they are done spawning.

            • Learn the Truth

              And yet, that’s 45,000 pounds dead for no apparent reason, yet we should stop the Natives from netting because they released some northerns from their nets that didn’t survive. By your reasoning, anglers should not be allowed to fish Lake Mille Lacs then either because of the wasted walleyes. And until you can show me proof that the Natives wantonly wasted 45,000 pounds of walleye (31.5% of their entire years harvest limit by the way), then I don’t feel you should say anything. Unless of course the whole point of this was to try and justify why the government should once again ignore a contract signed by the tribes?

  • ml

    This is one little piece of why netting should stop.

    • Learn the Truth

      I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t look like the remnants of 145,000 pounds of fileted carcases to me. Look like the remnants from one net, maybe two. So, because one, maybe two natives decided to improperly dispose of carcases after fileting their catch, we should stop all natives from netting?

      Let’s put this into perspective, shall we? Your Dad is caught speeding, so we should prevent around 3,000 other people from driving because of your Dad’s one illegal act. Yeah, that sounds fair and logical to me too. /sarcasm

      Until you can show me proof that 145,000 pounds of fish carcases are wasted (that number is the allotted amount for the tribes every year in case you were wondering), then you are trying to use one persons thoughtless act against all, which is ignorant in and of itself.

      • TJ

        One or two nets??? Those nets would have had to be left out for many days in a row to get that many fish in 1-2 nets.

        • Learn the Truth

          It’s not unheard of for a net to pull in over 150 pounds of walleye (not including northern or perch) in one night. 150 pounds of walleye at roughly 2 pounds per fish, on the upper side of weight, totals about 75 fish. Two nets of that total roughly 150 fish, if not more, as we both know the smaller walleye weigh about a pound a piece. So yes, that looks like roughly the remnants from 150 walleye carcases. And again, this is in comparison to the 142,500 pounds the tribes are allotted this year.

          Do not base your assumption of all off the actions of a few.

          • TJ

            You are right, this i actions of a few and nearly as bad as it was in the past, I will give you that.

            • Learn the Truth

              What exactly is bad? Our fishing harvest rights? Or is it the fact you cannot have those same rights because you’re not a party to the contract that grants those rights? Please clarify what exactly is bad as I see my fish harvesting as a good thing.

              • TJ

                The dumping of walleyes in the past few years arent as bad as it was in the past.. remember truckloads dumped in ditches along 169 years ago?

                • Learn the Truth

                  Actually, I don’t, but if you have something to show me to refresh my recollection, I would be more than happy to look at it.

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