By Mark Rosen, WCCO-TV

LAKE MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCCO) — It’s not the typical high school sport but on the waters of Lake Minnetonka, Minnetonka High School sailing team was getting ready to compete in this weekend’s Mallory National High School sailing championships in Texas.

“It’s just fun to be out on the lake because not a lot of sports get to be outside and sometimes it’s not very nice but most of the time it’s nice to be out on the lake after school, just hang out with your friends out on the lake. It’s a really good deal,” said Minnetonka Sophomore Madde Loosbrock.

The “deal” for these high school athletes is practicing four days a week on Lake Minnetonka, once the ice is out.

“Each day we get to the island we got to rig our boats so we go get our sails out of the boat house … you gotta know a lot of knots, what each line does on the boat,” said Minnetonka Junior Connor Corgard. “There’s probably up to 30 or 40 lines that are a piece of rope that do something different each time.”

They are 65 sailors competing in the co-ed sport with the majority coming from Minnetonka High School but Blake, Breck and International School are also represented.

To create “smooth sailing,” the skipper and crew need to be on the same page and work together as a team.

Minnetonka qualified for the high school national championships in Austin, Texas this weekend. The Skippers are happy to be making the trip south despite not having the best weather to train in this spring.

“It’s great just to be able to qualify and it’s really nice that we didn’t have a lot of practice time. So they really had one week of practice on the water and most of the lake was still frozen,” said Minnetonka Co-Sailing Coach Mark Dunsworth.

Like any sport, there is a bit of rivalry involved but it’s more on the regional level with sailing.

“The California kids that really like to brag about that because they get to sail six days a week the entire year so they’re known for being a little full of themselves for that. For us it’s just doing the best we can with what we have. If we beat them, he it’s the Midwest kids who beat the Cali kids and they never like that,” said Minnetonka Senior Johnathan Ricks.

Comments (8)
  1. Norge says:

    It just figures…. the metro uber-liberals sit and whine about ‘mo money’ for education and they have sail boats in the metro. But heaven forbid some out-state high school wants to field a small-bore (.22 cal) rifle team or a trap and skeet team with the students own personal money and firearms. Then the metro uber-liberal goes into hysterics about the ‘waste’ of education dollars, and the usual whining about ‘teaching kids to kill’, (ironically this ussually happens right after they pass out fliers with directions to the local abortion clinics.) What a bunch of metro dip-sticks…..but I suppose “it’s for the kids”.

    1. Good one says:

      Wow. So many things wrong with this statement I don’t even know where to begin.

    2. "metro dip-stick"?? says:

      Think of your audience before posting; many watching this video are from the Minnetonka Sailing Team and their parents. For the record, we pay our own way. The school does not fund us to go to Texas, that is out of our own pockets. Each sailor pays the Lake Minnetonka Sailing School to use their facilities.

    3. Phil says:

      I sailed on the team for 4 years and was captain of the sailing team for two of them. We payed for everything ourselves and did a lot of volunteer work at the sailing school to be able to use their facilities. Just because we actually got our sport to happen doesn’t mean that you should be throwing completely uneducated comments around about something you clearly have no idea about.

  2. sailmom says:

    Hmmmm, what makes you think that the school is finding any part of this? Kids and families pay 100%. So go for your rifle/trap team! 100% support for kids doing what they love.

  3. Emily says:

    Wow, you are so misinformed it’s not even funny. Find out what this program is all about before making uneducated comments. These kids and their parents pay the Minnetonka sailing school to use the boats that the sailing school owns, which is a self-sustaining non profit organization run by a ton of volunteers. Start your .22 cal rifle team and do with your own time and money and who gives a rip. We always need more rednecks to balance out the Uber Liberal metros……

  4. DPH0007 says:

    I was on this team for 2 years. We pay all our dues to the yacht club with no help from the high school. We pay for our travel, food, and everything. The high school provides a weight room for spring training, that is it. So quit talking about “metro-dipsticks”. Make sure you know what you are talking about first.

  5. Bongo Balls - Bubble Shooter - Play Bubble Shooter Games says:

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