BEMIDJI, Minn. (WCCO) — Authorities have identified the 16-year-old who was killed after leading police on a chase in Bemidji, Minn. early Saturday morning.

The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office says Morris Isaac Beaulieu Jr. died after losing control, rolling his vehicle and being ejected.

Beaulieu was riding in the vehicle when it was pulled over by a Beltrami County deputy sheriff just before 5 a.m.

The driver, 21-year-old Kevin Lee Green, of Boy River, was being investigated for driving while intoxicated, and was out of the vehicle when Beaulieu got behind the wheel.

Despite warnings from officers, Beaulieu gunned the engine, took a U-turn and sped off in the car.

County deputies and police officers chased Beaulieu along Bemidji Road. Authorities said Beaulieu reached speeds of 100 miles per hour while swerving between lanes.

Beaulieu lost control at a curve near Turtle River. The vehicle rolled into a group of trees and he was ejected. He was airlifted to a hospital in Fargo, where he died of his injuries.

The State Patrol and Beltrami County are investigating the incident.

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  1. Coolbreeze says:

    As sad as this is, people need to look at the basic facts: This kid made a multitude of bad choices that resulted in him killing himself. He CHOSE (most likely) to drink alcohol. (Safe assumption I’m thinking). He CHOSE to jump behind the wheel and run from the police. He CHOSE to drive like a madman. He CHOSE to not wear a seatbelt.
    I don’t want to read any BS about how he is “a victim” or his mommy and daddy were mean, or the schools failed him or he was bullied. The kid took himself out, period.
    Again, those of us who don’t behave this way are lucky no one else was hurt or killed because of this child’s wild behaviour. This is a sad situation, but the blame game is easy.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I agree it is very sad. But he did make those choices himself. And he paid for the consequences with his life.

  2. George says:

    Probably helped that it was before 5 AM, and it was empty country roads without other drivers, that could have been involved because of his recklessness. I bet he didn’t even know that fleeing from the police in Minnesota is now a felony.

  3. Jean says:

    Darwinism ………….

    1. fred says:

      hopefully the kid didn`t have any kids.

  4. Carl says:

    Cue the standard litany of cop haters blaming deputies for doing their jobs.

  5. for real says:

    Coolbreeze, is right on!!! This kid made a ton of decisions that caused his own death. Society is just lucky it was only him that died and not any officers or people. This is a sad story, but I suggest other parents use this as a time to teach. I pretty much guarantee that kid didn’t decide to wake up that morning and get into a police chase and die. Alcohol, may be a safe assumption as a contributing factor, but you can also teach about decision making and consequences and how fast things can go from bad to worse. I feel bad for the boys parents and other family members; either way you slice it they are victims of this kids poor decisions

  6. PE says:

    In the old days, the driver would be prosecuted for DWI, and the passenger would simply be held until somebody picked them up. Police now prosecute under age minors that are passengers of under age DWI drivers. This contributed to the decision to flee. The old system was better. Plus, the cop failed to get control of the keys.

    1. Coolbreeze says:

      How do you know what the police had planned for the passenger? And what is wrong with prosecuting a 16 year-old who’s been drinking? Remember, underage drinking is a crime. “The old system was better….” sure it was, that’s why it’s the “old” system, right? And don’t claim the cop FAILED to do anything…you don’t know how quickly things developed.
      Being stuck in the “old days” has to be tough…

    2. JamieinMN says:

      PE you are QUITE the idiot!

    3. for real says:

      Way to go PE. Way to start blaming others instead of the only person that is responsible for any it, the person that decided to get into the driver seat, possilby start the car, apply brakes, shift gear, turn, apply gas (heavily) and continue to do so for quite some time. Again, lets not learn anything from this, instead lets teach everyone to always try to blame someone else. In my book the possible chance at getting a minor consumption ticket versus a high speed chase, possible injury and death, jeeper guess I would just take the minor. Nothing even said he was going to get a minor. Get a clue PE and if you have kids teach them to take responsiblity for their actions and speak to them about consequences. Well I guess omeone had to start trying to place blame elsewhere.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        I didn’t see PE placing blame anywhere else.

        I think you just decided you were angry and were going to flame someone and he posted something you didn’t quite follow as he intended.

        That’s my take on it.

    4. LearningLessons says:

      Prosecuting someone for underage drinking is actually a good idea. Will it prevent them from making the same decision in the future? One would hope – but being realistic, they probably wouldn’t much care and would continue to make the same decisions until they were of legal age. I say prosecute them until they learn their lesson.

      However, did you know that in Minnesota anyone riding in a vehicle with a drunk driver can themselves be charged with a DWI? Why do I know this? Because I made the mistake once to drive drunk. I am paying the consequences and have certainly learned my lesson. During my DWI education class this little fact was brought to my attention. You better believe I don’t let anyone drive anywhere if they have been drinking. Not only for their safety and the safety of others on the road – but simply because I don’t want the chance of being charged with another DWI because I let someone be stupid. Who knows, maybe this kid knew that could happen to him and that’s why he fled. No one will ever know why he did what he did. I’m feel for his family and friends, but maybe this will be a lesson to others…kids and adults.

  7. kevin says:

    PE you sound like a dumb ass.

  8. red says:

    Cool breeze you aresadly absolutely right in this situation and all of you are feel that PE is a dumb ass, that he is an idiot, etc. I agree 100%

    1. Coolbreeze says:

      No one feels worse about this than the cops. What started out as a possible DWI stop turned into a much worse situation. And it’s not fair to call it a “police chase”, it was really more like a “police follow-that-idiot”. The cops really didn’t know what was going on, but they felt they had to follow the driver.

  9. M4DM1NN3S0T4N says:

    Now first off, I knew this young man; he was a smart, funny, caring, outgoing, that kind of person you just had to go up to and talk to. He always had a smile on his face and jokes that would make you cry you laughed so damn hard. From the first day I met him, I knew he would be a really good friend. I was introduced to him and his family by my sister; what a great family they are. Now, I’ve painted a picture of how I saw this young man. Back to your comments; Coolbreeze you have no right to be calling anyone anything. Who are you to judge? Yes he made a bad decision, but the cops helped it escalate. Living in Bemidji, MN is pretty tough if you have copper colored skin. Not only is it hard for adults, but it’s especially hard for children. I was always raised to treat others the way you want to be treated; but what happens if people who you are suppose to treat with the utmost respect (like police officers, teachers, priests, etc) turn out to be the worst people you could give respect to? Now say these young men were white. This would be a totally different scenario. The police would have probably called their parents and have them come and pick them up at the scene, or would have just waved at them and let them go on their way. But not the natives; oh no, not us. They had to pull them over on possible drunk driving, which is probably true; but when Moe got behind the wheel he made a choice to do so. But the police didn’t have to chase him until he crashed. They should have set up a barricade of police cars for a checkpoint to stop him; as they would do so if it were someone white. But no, they chased him until he crashed. Now, Im not wanting everyone to agree with me; but there is a fine line between doing something for good, and doing something for evil. The police shouldn’t have acted the way they did, and THEY ARE PARTIALLY TO BLAME. SO, if you have the nerve to say the police officers did everything they could to stop him; I wouldnt agree with you on that. I think the police did everything they could to put another native in the ground. And Coolbreeze, if you walk a day in the shoes of any person of color, then you will know what I’m talking about. So don’t try and put judgement on anyone unless you want the judgement to come back on you; and again, I will be finishing this off by saying this- Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Simple as that. Thanks for reading.

    1. MN Mom says:

      Please do not turn this into a race issue, everything is NOT always about race! Do you not read the news?? White people committing crimes such as drunk driving are also chased! There is a recent story out there about a early 20 something who was being chased and crashed into a car with a man, and pregnant woman. THe man and baby died. The guy they were chasing was WHITE! They did not have a chance to call his parents to come get him, he took off in the damn car before they could get him into the station to call his parents! They do not call parents from the scene. I know this because my own 17 year old was picked up drinking (no he was NOT driving).

      Race is NOT the issue and it is so tiring to hear it come up every single time a person of color does something wrong! It is as if society is to turn their backs and ignore the bad behavior if a person is a minority. There are NOT two sets of rules out there people, people of color WILL be chased just as white people, people of color will be held responsible just as a white person will. You think they should have let him drive off?? Now what about the other people on the roads, other people asleep in their beds?? How would you feel if it were a white kid, the police let him go and he crashed the car into YOUR house and killed a family member? Would you still feel he should have been allowed to drive off??

      No where in the story does it say what this boys race is, he is being judged on his actions not his race! Wake up, grow up and quit expecting special treatment for minorities, Equal treatment goes across the board, it isn’t just there when it benefits “you”!!

      1. MN Mom says:

        Do a search on “police chase” or click on the “Police Chase” tag above and you will see plenty of stories where it was a white guy being chased!

        1. Coolbreeze says:

          MN Mom, I wasn’t talking to you dear…I was replying to M4DM1NN3S0T4N. You, MN Mom, are correct in all you wrote.

          1. MN Mom says:

            I too was replying to M4DM1NN3S0T4N… I feel bad she lost her friend, however, this is so not a race issue.

            1. MN Mom says:

              Seriously, you can’t even guess this kid’s race by his name…

    2. Coolbreeze says:

      I don’t need an ignorant racist like you to tell me what shoes I should walk in, I’m native. Your level of intelligence is obviously down be your shoelaces.

  10. Coolbreeze says:

    Down BY your shoelaces…

  11. M4DM1NN3S0T4N says:

    RACE ALWAYS PLAYS A FACTOR and of course I speak about how I feel- I’m not speaking for EVERYONE in this world. everyone has there own personal opinions. And I will stand by my opinion because it’s MY opinion- nobody else’s.
    Like you for instance, you have a negative opinion about this story; I also have a negative opinion about this story. But what doesnt change is the fact that this young man did not have to die. None of us were there; how do we know the cops didnt threaten these young men? How do we know that he WASNT provoked to do what he did to get away from trouble? THERES ALWAYS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING, AND MY POINT is that he was a good person; a positive human being. He didnt have to die because of a bad decision that he made. Yea we all have to pay for our mistakes; but that doesnt mean he had to die for his. Everyone makes mistakes in this world- doesnt mean everyone should die because of them. And for ANYONE to call this young man an idiot is way off subject. Again you have no right to be throwing out judgement to ANYONE. Noone has the right to judge people. And back to the race subject; It has EVERYTHING to do with it. I’ve seen my people get abused left and right for no reason whatsoever. And it’s hard to watch people be in pain, let alone die, from something so small. Something that should never have went down the way it did. And the reason why I said what I said about white people is because they are the ones that do not get into the most trouble; because everyone turns the other cheek when they cause problems. And it’s a sad sad world when that happens. Makes it HARD for people of color to do what they want to do in life; because pitiful accusations and judgements are passed on by the white people- it happens on a daily basis. And for anyone to pass any type of judgement is beyond ridiculous; not EVERYONE is perfect. And in this day and age, racism is still alive and thriving. And to you MNMom; I know that there are white people who do get into trouble; but you dont see that being published on a regular basis. *The last time I read anything bad about a white person causing trouble was on the Daily Dumb on CNN a few weeks back.*
    Now I will end this argument with the people on the internet who pass judgement with a positive line;
    Morris Isaac Beaulieau JR. (LIL MOE), Rest In Paradise Lil man
    And to the family of Moe; It’s hard losing someone, but just remember; you will see them again no matter what. :’)

    1. Coolbreeze says:

      “I know that there are white people who do get into trouble; but you dont see that being published on a regular basis”.
      You have got to be the dumbest person on earth. Do you expect people to believe this? You can’t be serious. You must be high, or drunk. I’m thinking drunk. It makes sense…

  12. Coolbreeze says:

    White people so suck…right? Cry me ANOTHER river.

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