City Of Mpls. Gives Homes A Facelift

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There usually isn’t much of an upside when it comes to foreclosure.

But there is some good news coming out of Minneapolis. The city has taken more than $30 million in federal money to rehab houses that were once foreclosed properties.

Now, those homes are affordable and up for sale. Minneapolis City Council Member Barb Johnson took WCCO-TV a tour of one of the homes on Wednesday in the 3800 block of Fremont Avenue.

There are also incentives for first time homebuyers to purchase the homes. The city of Minneapolis is offering $1,500 in addition to the $10,000 to $20,000 they already offer to help offset the cost of the homes.

  • foge1

    Way to go for all levels of government to keep spending money we don’t have.

    • Jo

      Money that I think is well spent. Better this than that stupid Vikings stadium.

  • paul

    Way to go to any government official who is forward-thinking enough to understand that saving the housing stock in all of our neighborhoods will keep the city from falling into the abyss. Let’s learn from cities like Detroit and Cleveland. They allowed the houses in their neighborhoods to fall into disrepair, and now look where they are.

  • captainobvious

    so they’ll willl pay you 10k to 20k to buy a home in 1 of the worst areas in the state? If the house was 30k i wouldnt buy it. its a dead property. Only people that would rent it is section 8, and use it for breeding grounds, id rather burn it down

  • Its ok just relax and take it!

    Let the banks do it what a waste of tax payer money!

  • Stone them!

    I hope they are reading these comments the city council is STUPID!!!

  • Ines Beag

    Next time add NORTH to the address.

  • weee

    You have to be kidding! ISH

  • Apes

    If I could live long enough to use the property, I may consider buying their house!

  • Ben

    Glad to see the counsel president trying to advertise the house, granted there isn’t much to see…. I like how she stretches the highlights of the house and all it translates into is “poorly constructed house”. You get what you paid for!

    “Shake-out” porch…lol. O that brought tears to my eyes.

  • Mark from

    Thanks for wasting more tax payers money!

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