WASHBURN, Wis. (AP) — The Bayfield County sheriff’s office says no alcohol or drugs were found in the blood of a 16-year-old boy who says he fatally struck a cross-country skier on Lake Superior in February.

The boy went to police several hours after the skier’s body was found. He identified himself as the driver who struck 23-year-old Bjorn Erik Norgaard of Dundas, Minn.

A snowmobiler found Norgaard’s body on Feb. 20. Norgaard, a 2010 graduate of Northland College, was skiing to the home of college friends when he was struck.

The driver did not stop or immediately report the accident.

The Duluth News Tribune reports authorities have not released the boy’s name. Because he is a juvenile, the case has been referred to the Bayfield County Department of Human Services.

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  1. Elissa wright says:

    Human Services yeah right he should be in jail a 12 year old black boys pushes a kids and that kids dies he goes to jail for 30 years but a 16 year old white boy that hits a man and leaves him for dead and he get a social worker

  2. confused says:

    My son who is Caucasian and 13 y/o wrote something bad on a wall and got jail time, house arrest probation and boot camp and restitution. I have always tried to do my best as a single mother to teach my son between right and wrong.This was his first time ever getting in trouble with the police. How is it my son wrote something on a wall and got all that but this boy took another life and he gets handed over to social services? What a justice system we have!!!!

  3. AnotherMom says:

    Ellisa and Confused, dont get so upset just yet. This case has NOT gone to court yet. Social Services will perform its own investigation , any information compiled can be used in determining the sentencing. I would assume a great many factors are considered in sentencing.

  4. Washburn native says:

    It was a hit and run, the kid did not turn himself in until the next day of course there was no trace of alcohol in his body! This is Washburn, WI where Warren Nelson of the Big Top got off with a slap on the wrist for sexually assaulting a woman. I am sure this kid belongs to the group of people who are above the law. There must be money involved somewhere. How innocent can you be when you are out on the ice, driving around, late at night, you hit a person, and leave them to die. The kid needs to pay there are no reason why he should be allowed to go free.

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