MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A criminal complaint alleges an associate minister at a north Minneapolis church shot and killed Minneapolis North High School staff member Kristopher Miller because Miller was romantically involved with his estranged wife.

The complaint, filed Monday by the Hennepin County Attorney’s office, charges 40-year-old Derrick Griffin of Minneapolis with intentional second-degree murder.

The shooting allegedly stemmed from Miller’s relationship with a woman, identified in the complaint with the initials K.G., who was married to Griffin. K.G. said the two had been separated. Miller’s cell phone had a number of missed calls and text messages from K.G.

Video surveillance and a number of witness descriptions matched that of Griffin’s vehicle, a white Cadillac. Officers confirmed that Griffin’s cell phone was active in the area of last week’s shooting.

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Comments (9)
  1. tom says:

    How true, how true! ( and for goodness sakes dont squeeze the cloth!!!!

  2. tuna-free dolphin says:

    A preacher from the hood rollin’ phat in a Caddy and packin’ heat? No way. That’s just too many stereotypes for one story. There’ll be plenty of dudes to share his faith with where he’s going. The story didn’t mention if he had a carry permit. I’m dying to know.

  3. Gagged says:

    So I fully expect that all the people that blamed this senseless killing on “North Minneapolis” and the gangs will apologize in this forum……right??

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      The Northside preachers and their “outreach” programs are as bad as the gangs. They incite and entice violence. They’re just gang-bangers in three piece suits scammin’ the community in the name of God.

      1. Thomas Schneider says:

        How very right you are.

    2. eastside_evil says:

      It still can be blamed on “North Minneapolis.” I’m not sure why you think it wouldn’t be.

      That’s where those people live and that’s what those people do.

  4. Cracker Joe says:

    Alternative Schools,Neighborhood Youth Centers,Anything with “Community” in it’s title,Outreach Programs,Empowerment Seminars, are all codewords for gangs,thugs,shady clergy,liberal embracers and the like. I’m too wise to believe in anything positive happening in those neighborhoods. History created that skepticism.

  5. Jason says:

    Does anyone know where you can see a pic of the pastor? No one seems to have it.

  6. ingonance-repellant says:

    …really “those people”??? Yikes, what rampant ignorance displayed on this blog.

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