House Committee Sets Up Floor Vote On Gay Marriage

By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV and Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — The Rules Committee of the Minnesota House has narrowly approved a floor vote on the constitutional gay marriage amendment.

The committee voted 13-12 Wednesday to put the issue before the full House. The committee’s republican majority voted in favor, with one defection from Rep. Tim Kelly of Red Wing. All 11 committee democrats opposed the measure to put the definition of marriage in Minnesota’s Constitution to a statewide vote in 2012.

“You’re saying that we should enshrine different treatment for different people in our constitution. To me that’s the definition of discrimination,” said Rep. Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis.

DFL lawmakers called the gay marriage amendment divisive and destructive. Republicans decided not to comment during the committee except the bill’s author.

“I’m a little puzzled why we’re afraid to let Minnesotans decide this,” said Rep. Steve Gottwalt, R-St. Cloud.

Lawmakers didn’t take public comments on the gay marriage amendment but that didn’t stop opponents from speaking out.

“My children deserve better than this. Minnesota deserves better than this,” yelled one woman who refused to stop shouting so she was dragged out by security.

The procedural committee vote could put the marriage amendment in front of the full House as early as Thursday. The state Senate has already passed the amendment, and gay marriage supporter Gov. Mark Dayton has no authority to block it from the ballot.

The governor said he opposes outlawing gay marriage in the Minnesota Constitution “with every fiber of my being” and believes an amendment to do so will be defeated if it ends up on the statewide ballot.

Dayton said he thinks Minnesotans have more “compassion and understanding” than supporters of the ban realize.

“It hurtful to me to see families have to look their kids in the eye and say there are people out there who hate us because of who we are and that’s not fair,” said Amanda Yanchury, an opponent of the amendment.

“Marriage has been between one man and one woman and has worked only for the betterment of society, not for the disintegration of society,” said Wanda Baklov, supporter of the amendment.

Kelly is the second House Republican to publicly signal opposition to the gay marriage amendment. The other is freshman Rep. John Kriesel of Cottage Grove.

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  • Jim

    How is this going to help Minnesota’s economy again? Because that’s the most important issue, right Republicans? Jobs, jobs, jobs. And gay marriage? What a joke. All these bigots should be tossed out of government.

    • Tom


      Well now the GOP can make sure that the Social Conservatives can start sleeping again night that now this done and that Social Conservatives now know their marriage is saved! What a bunch of NUT JOBS!

    • Other Jim

      Building a new stadium and bringing in out of state workers for 6 months to a year is going to create jobs right? You are for gay marriage, for abortions, and don’t want to pay for anything personally but think others should cough up more. Sounds like you aren’t a virus at all they don’t kill their own, more like cultural cannibal.

      • Jim

        Building a new stadium is a bipartisan effort and will bring in temporary jobs. Bringing in out of state workers creates jobs? Yeah, for people in other states.

        I’m for abortions? I don’t want to pay for anything but think others should pay more? Is this how you debate, putting words in other people’s mouths? Nice. I have very little interest in the abortion debate, and I’ve posted on this site many times that I think taxes should be raised for ALL and ALL services cut to fix our budget shortfall. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your assumptions.

      • Angel Andrews

        the stadium, NO MATTER WHERE IT IS BUILT, will create thousands of jobs as, first the people constructing the stadium, get paid and spend their New paychecks on items in the community surrounding the stadium, which will require those businesses to HIRE people AND EXPAND their business, which will require building materials AND… what is that? more construction… AND SO ON… I can not believe how NARROW MINDED some people are that if we stop wasting time on OPPRESSING GAY AMERICAN CITIZENS and religious B.S.( which I thought wasn’t even SUPPOSED to be a part of a CIVIC GOVERNMENT…
        Is this Iran… where men twist the word of Allah to control and kill ANYONE that doesn’t agree with them…
        Grow up people… there are 350 Million of us Americans, why do we have to claw each others eyes out to be on top… How about HELPING ONE ANOTHER…

        • eastside_evil

          Angel, you were my 7th grade science partner at O-L JH.

        • Jim

          I agree with you Angel. I don’t understand why Republicans are focusing on a bill to discriminate against Minnesotans instead of important issues like the stadium and the economy. Is this what people want? Religion has no part in our government and I’m disgusted that Republicans continue to try to shove their religious beliefs down our throats. Keep it in church and out of government.

          • Tom


            The GOP aren’t doing what the people want, they are doing what the social conservatives want. I think when the GOP took control of the house and senate the social conservatives went into high gear. The social conservatives don’t grasp reality and they don’t understand why the rest of us don’t want too think like they do. They think that everybody would be much happier if they came around to their way of thinking. Well not everybody wants to be that “mentally ill”. But the question should be asked if the voters vote this down, and yes there will some nuts who will vote yes, but if the those who vote no wins what will these social conservatives do then. Will they insist of the GOP ( if they win again) pass the law anyway?

    • Gen

      Ok Republicans you say that marriage is between and a man and a woman but you keep proving that it is between (A MAN, A WOMAN AND HIS MISTRESS) just ask Arnold and the rest of the cheaters. You say same sex marriages will distroy the sanctity of marriage, well you are doing a pretty good job all by yourselves.

    • momof four

      I dont believe that marriage shoudl be up the government..I think they should stick to solving crimes and keeping our state safe.And I say this cause I used to think that the USA was a great place to live and we had freedom of speech and were free to express ourselves.But I guess we dont really have any rights or view points.Soon they will be telling us what time to be in our homes and what we are suppose to buy at the grocery store.They will be telling us who we can talk to on the telephone or screening our calls,and tell us who we can have at our house.Are we really going to care if our neighbor is gay?or a Lesbian? Trust me I would rather live next to a gay or lesbian then a child molestor or serial killer. But I guess our lovely Mr Dayton doesnt see things that way cause he gets paid regardless of the decison he makes.Yeah and he wont have my vote again..It is not even worht typing what I feel about him and his logics.

    • momof four

      I seriously cant believe that we have to get permission to get married. I thought we lived in USA .I thought we were a better country. I guess Dayton gets paid regardless what hsi decsion is but I think it would be hilarious if one of kids turned up gay or lesbian.I would much rather live next to a lesbian or a gay then a child molester, rapist or serial killer.Shame on you Dayton.. you wont be getting my vote ever and that is a promise.

      • eastside_evil

        momof four,

        Dayton is against the amendment. Please read more carefully. You’re blaming the wrong people and now you’re saying how you’re going to vote, and it’s on the wrong data. Come on.

    • Dave

      Lets think about this a little. You allow gay marriage. Now gay couples have the same beneifits as any other marriage couple (health benefits). Your opening Pandoras box. Are you ok of one man marrying 10 wifes and fathering 3 kids each. Put them under one family insurance plan. The same plan as everyone else at the same price. People need to look at the big picture.

      • eastside_evil

        Dave, when you got married, did you instantly think you were going to marry 10 women or having an intimate relationship with your dog?

        Then why would gays, especially when they’re not suggesting that. YOU ARE.

        Come ON!!!

      • Amanda

        We are not asking to marry 3 or more people… we are asking for same rights that straight people have… no more, no less… EQUAL.. this is not a special right

  • Nikky Cole

    Less Government! Don’t let gvernment rule your life! But by golly if you love someone of the same sex, the government should get all up in your face and block you from legal (not religious) marriage rights. Hypocrites!

  • smb

    I just hope that, if this does end up on the ballot then, Minnesotans will not only show the country that we stand for equality but also remember the politicians who don’t.

    Republicans were swept in, they can be swept right back out again.

    • Sasha

      If any state has a chance at changing the way this and stopping this bill from passing, its Minnesota. If we block this (ban on gay marriage) in 2012 it will be the happiest i have ever been with this state.

      • eastside_evil

        The problem is gay marriage is on the books as being illegal in MN right now. The amendment is for…….. ?

        • smb

          Courts tend to find such laws unconstitutional so the Republicans want to make it constitutional.

  • smb

    Judge not lest ye be judged.

    I think I read that somewhere…..

    • GSheep

      I think it should be legal. The government will get more money from marriage fees, lawyers more money for divorce fees, and same sex couples will get less benefits unless they do marry. Right now most companies allow same sex couples the same benefits as married couples. It will just make everything more fair.

      • Jimmy

        I agree but a same sex couple has to pay taxes on that insurance, not so a married couple.

    • Jjudge. Don't refrain from judging!

      If there were no judgment…

      All the prisons would be empty and thieves, serial killers, drug dealers, rapists, and murderers would be loose in your neighborhood.

      You could not discipline your children and teach them not to steal, lie, do drugs, or give in to peer pressure.

      School could not be mandated (by parents or govt) but if children did attend, they could not be evaluated as to their progress. Everyone should graduate regardless of their advance. Students could not be graded or disciplined.

      You could not judge any false doctrine and would have to allow it to be taught from your church’s pulpit (“discerning” is the same thing as “judging”).

      You should leave your children with anyone who said was qualified to be a baby-sitter. You should not bother to check his/her background. Later, you should not be upset if this baby-sitter turned out to be a child-molester, because “thou shalt not judge.”

      You should marry anyone that asked. You shouldn’t worry about his/her character or beliefs. What if he beats you up? What if she runs around on you? You shouldn’t get so mad because “thou shalt not judge.”

      • Amanda

        I say that IF, and I say IF cause it is debatable that will pass… I will stop paying taxes to the state of MN… if they don’t want to acknowledge my rights, then they will not miss my money!

  • Citizen

    Bravo, Tim. Stand your ground against discrimination and social engineering. And to the GOP…..where are the jobs? Remember the economy, the budget? Hello? Any Repuglicans listening? Guess not….

    • dan


      So Osama has had 2 1/2 years to make change and get people back to work. Nothing happen. We actually went into debt by Trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it. Shovel ready projects, yeah right. Dayton promises to Veto any Republican bill that comes thru the politcal channels. What would you do? Same thing the DFL did in Washington…..Work to get your pet projects approved and worry about the economy if we have time or it gets close to election and they are forced to talk about it.
      You sit back and know full well the Republicans have a veto gun held to there head but yet spew about job creation. I am sure you are from a Govt job and have no idea what it takes for private industry to grow and prosper.

      • Cody


        From the fact alone that you referred to the President of the United States as Osama, instead of his actual name Obama leads on to believe you are nothing more than an ignorant piece of garbage. Pathetic!

        • dan the pathetic one

          So thats it, Im a piece of garbage. Do you not at least have anything intelligent to add to the conversation?

          • Amanda

            I agree that you are an ignorant that can’t even spell the name of the President of United States of America… at least show respect, weather you like it or not he is Mr. President and will continue to be

          • Cody the intelligent one

            I have tried to part my intelligence on people like you and have found it to be an extreme waste of time. Done. Thank you!

        • o

          Osama is destroying this country.

          • Amanda

            Osama???? he is dead, live it alone

      • Ben


        The debt that we accumulated during OBAMA’s tenure as president actually was carried over from the previous administration. Let me give you this example. If a freight train is going 60 miles an hour out of control and you jump in to stop it; the train isn’t going to stop right away. It takes time. The debt was spiraling out of control 3 and 4 years ago and the economy was tanking, its not going to turn around overnight. You have to be patient and understand that our leaders do have our best interests (for the most part; the gay marriage ban being an exception) in mind but can’t fix everything with the snap of their fingers.

  • tom hasbrouck

    What about jobs? Another Republican bait and switch.

    • MJ

      You know, when a party has majority, it works on many of its agenda items. This is not new. Look at the democrats in Washington. Look at Obama. He pushed health care but the people wanted him to concentrate on the economy and jobs. Did you complain about him not doing that? This gay marriage amendment issue is not a surprise. If it is, you were not paying attention. Some of us who voted the repubs in wanted this.

      • Amanda

        sure… some of you! tell me, what is the benefit? and please don’t play the religious card…

  • wondering

    It is going to be on the ballot for voters if it gets the majority of the state to vote for it…what is the problem…this is a Liberal slanting state

    • smb

      It’s a problem because amendments to the constitution are supposed to correct wrongs, not institutionalize them.

    • Jim

      People shouldn’t be allowed to vote on bigotry and discrimination, that’s the problem. I don’t want my civil rights beholden to 51% of the population.

      • eastside_evil

        Amen, Jim.

        Especially when THIS is their great reasoning behind wanting to ban gay marriage. I mean damn.


        Why do you care if he marries his boyfriend or doesn’t?

        What will happen to your life and relationships if he does?

        May 18, 2011 at 9:22 am | Reply | Report comment


        What will happen is next he will want to “marry” a child or an animal or who knows what, I don’t care to find out.

        May 18, 2011 at 9:33 am | Reply | Report comment

  • melinda

    “wondering” – when my husband and I decided to marry, my neighbor did not have the opportunity to vote stating it would be unconstitutional. Why should I have the opportunity to vote this of my neighbor?

    And really, could this have any less of an effect on our day to day lives?

    • K.D.P.

      I totally agree with you Melinda. Why should anyone have a say on who gets married to who. Also who other people marry and share a life with has nothing to do with me so why should I get a say. It doesn’t effect us in any way, so why do people get so crazy about it??

    • wondering

      because it is redefining marriage…personally I don’t care, my nephew and his partner of 10 years married a couple of years ago in Canada. If it is approved by the voters is constitutional

      • stace34

        I t may be redefining your idea of what a marriage is, but that is not the case for everyone. I think that if two consenting adults are in love and want to commit to each other they should have that right. Anyone else’s marriage will not affect mine. By the way the argument to deny gay couples the right to marry because it would redefine marriage was used to justify bans on interracial marriages. You should be so proud that you are able to recycle that hateful argument.

      • eastside_evil

        It’s not redefining anything. Mind your own business.

      • eastside_evil

        “because it is redefining marriage…personally I don’t care”

        So if you don’t care, why would you care if it redefines marriage as a loving bond between two consentual unrelated adults?

    • MJ

      It’s really not about our day to day lives. This is bigger than that. Think big picture for society. This IS a big deal. This needs to be debated and if needed, voted on, which hopefully will happen.

      • eastside_evil

        “Think big picture for society.”

        Please tell. What is the big picture if gays can marry? Cats and dogs living together, the seas boiling, 40 days of darkness? lol

  • 2smb

    SMB: You failed to read the whole thing.

  • yep

    Hopefully the recent poll was an accurate indicator of how people feel and this issue will end after the next election.

  • Amanda

    And how is this creating jobs… and fixing the budget… the only good thing about this matter, is that people are realizing that REPUBLICANS are doing in their typical witch hunt and not really doing their jobs! or at least what their campaigns promise…

  • Just My 2 Cents

    This is not an issue of homosexuality, it is simply a definition of marriage. Where would you suggest we stop? Should we begin to consider polygamy marriages? Our government is a big enough mess without the impossible burden that same sex marriages and polygamy would add. We live in a society where we have become dependent on our government to solve our problems. The law would not state that homosexual relations are wrong, it would simply state that our society is not going to take responsibility for these unions. Forget terrorism, our country will collapse itself from a drained economy if we continue to allow every person who thinks they have a “right” to guide our legislation.

    • stace34

      Another great example of hateful arguments being recycled. This same argument of where does it stop was used to justify bans on interracial marriages. So way to keep the bigotry and hatred alive. This is a civil right issue. Why should a gay couple in a loving committed relationship not have the same rights as a straight couple? What make straight couples relationships and their love and commitment for each other so much more special or valid than that of a gay couple?

    • Amanda

      exactly my point… Marriage should be defined as the union of 2 consenting adults, not blood related… period, nothing more, nothing less… no more of the one man, one woman… why?

      • age

        Why not blood related? Why not brother and brother? Why not sister and sister? Why not son and mom? Why not dad and son? Why not daughter and mom? Why not man and goat? Why not man and rat?

        • eastside_evil

          Because there is no call for it. Or do you know of the MAN LOVE 4 RATS SOCIETY and I don’t…

          Is that what you think gays will want next? Or is that really what YOU want…

        • Amanda

          @ age, see if you want it that way, then fight your own battle… and if you wanna marry your dog or a rat, then I say, go for it! you know why? cause it does not affect me at all…. it is your life, your decisions and make no impact in my life or who I am…. but you need to fight your own battle

  • David

    I am not from this country and I am surprised that this is such an issue in a country that is supposedly so great and forward in their thinking, and yet so many other countries allow same sex marriage. Statistics have shown that gays who enter marriage are apt to keep their vows and to stay married vs. heterosexuals where divorce is more common and more likely to happen. Besides aren’t gays people to? God made us just as he made all people and so shouldn’t gays have the exact same rights as any other individual. We live and breathe the same air as others, we shop in grocery stores etc and pay taxes just like others so why should gays therefore should have all the same rights entitled to any other person.

    • David

      St. Paul,

      We are not just talking about you as a person but others as well, if you don’t wish to marry so be it just as some heterosexuals don’t want to marry and some have open relationships, What I am saying is that we should have the same rights as anyone else. Don’t you agree that we should have the choice and the “right” to chose just as heterosexuals do whether we get married or not?

    • st paul

      David, I am gay. And please provide those statistics please… because I have worked in the bars buddy. Relationships come and go WAY more than you could possibly think… and OH MY do people swing… Open relationships – you name it.
      You wouldn’t believe the things I have seen.

      I personally could care less about marriage, as it doesn’t change anything I am already doing.

      My partner and I have been together for over 8 years. Both republicans, and could give a rats behind about “marriage”. Just a piece of paper to us.

      • eastside_evil

        “because I have worked in the bars buddy. Relationships come and go WAY more than you could possibly think… and OH MY do people swing… Open relationships – you name it.
        You wouldn’t believe the things I have seen.”

        I bartended at Dick’s in Hudson, and at Dibbo’s in Hudson, and I could use these exact words to describe the shameless debauchery going on between patrons and staff, staff and staff, patrons and patrons.

        Being gay does not make you promiscuous. You either are inclined to whore around or you are not.

        • Factpointer

          Yet u have a over 100k job, u stated yesterday. Pal get a job your bit is gettin old around here.

          • eastside_evil

            Correct. Your point is?

            You don’t like my comments, so you post comments stating you don’t like my comments, and then you insult me?

            For what? Do you think you can online bully me? I assure you… You don’t have it in you.

      • Jim

        Just because you don’t care if you can get married or not does not mean that our elected officials should be allowed to make it illegal for you to do so.

        “I personally could care less about marriage, as it doesn’t change anything I am already doing.”

        And allowing gay people to get married wouldn’t change your life either, nor would it change the lives of the couples already married in this state.

      • Amanda

        And please don’t tell me that straight people don’t do those things… come on! what about the one of “sorry we are not exclusive” or the cheating husband, cheating wife and of course there are swingers as well… so please don’t try to make this as only GAY people do those things

  • disgusted voter

    The next election I am going to write in the names Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and every other figment of my imagination on the Ballot for office!

    • Amanda


    • Angel Andrews

      no, that is just a wasted vote… we can not give up, we just need to educate EVERYONE to the facts, and STOP backing down to the Republican MONEY TRAIN… they flood the market with crap… and sadly, too many people buy into it, and don’t look at all the facts…
      I so wanna run for state office soon…. tired of all this sanctimonious garbage from those in congress that feel the need to dictate to a fellow citizen how to live their lives.

  • eastside_evil

    “Marriage has been between one man and one woman and has worked only for the betterment of society, not for the disintegration of society,” said Wanda Baklov, supporter of the amendment.

    What exactly is this woman basing her statement on? There are no facts to back this up.

    • smb

      Facts? Now you’re just getting picky.

      • eastside_evil

        I forget that factual analysis is not a strong point of the religious right.

        One might argue that marriage, in the 20th/21st century, has been the epitome of the disintegration of our society.

        Does anybody know someone who HASN’T been cheated on by an opposite sex partner?

        Has anybody AT ALL not been cheated on?

        How many of you have DONE the cheating yourself??

        Yet people cling to heterosexual marriage as the bastion of all that is righteous and approved by the holy creator they envision in their egocentric minds even as they disrespect their family name, their wife or husband and the institution of marriage by cheating.

        What a disingenuous stance to take.

  • Angel Andrews

    –>disgusted: don’t waste your vote, talk to the people you are voting for yourself… or at least read all you can about the candidates and vote for the best person running… we can’t just give up because of a whole lot of idiots…

  • Angel Andrews

    and remember, only around 60-70% of the whole state votes on any given election, so that 51% is really only around 36% of the total populace… need to talk to neighbors and make sure we all vote, and vote for the well being and success for All Americans, not just the capitalist oligarchy that exists today…

  • Patti

    The fact that a gay couple want to marry has zero effect on my marriage with my husband. Why shouldn’t gay couples be allowed to make a legal, loving committment to each other in marriage? Who on earth does this hurt? It certainly does not diminish the sanctity of a marriage between a man and a woman. I say live and let live. Aren’t we opposed to inequality and discrimination?

  • kman

    Typical Republicans trying to Limit Equal Rights with there Bible

  • Alison

    Just make it legal. It doesn’t effect anyone other then the people getting married. Seriously, why is this such a big friggin’ deal when there is so much other nonsense to worry about these days?! I am not gay and I am actually pretty right wing but I just can’t wrap my head around why it is such a big deal. No argument I have heard makes any sense. Actually, the arguments I have heard (ex. the last woman in the video above) make absolutely no sense. People need to start worrying about their own lives and a gay person getting married has nothing to do with the sanctity of someone else’s marriage. You are in control of your own lives, stop trying to control others.

    In my opinion, this is something in the future they will probably liken to segregation, sexism …

    • Alison


  • Elle

    Why not lhe people of Minnesota vote?

    Because when the people get to vote, as in the last 31 states that brought it for a vote.. the so called ‘Gay Marraige’ was defeated.. that’s why!!

    • eastside_evil

      Why would we vote on restricting the rights of our citizens? Shouldn’t we put something to a vote to GRANT rights??

      It was defeated because of bigotry, hatred, and lack of education.

      Your bible verses mean nothing to this argument and are not even valid here.

  • Elle

    The fundamental issue is whether we were designed by God, or whether we are the product of billions of years of mindless evolution with no design at all. The predominant secular culture propagates the latter and since it says there is no design that is God’s ultimate design, it seeks to reorder the understanding of marriage and family to suit each person’s own pleasure. Not to belabor the point, but if there is no God then there is no designer. If there is no designer, anything about human physiology, psychology and sociology that appears to have been designed, is purely fortuitous – amazing accidental design!!

    The Judeo Christian understanding of whom we are as human beings comes from God’s revelation in the Bible. The Bible teaches that in the beginning God was present first of all and he created everything. The pinnacle of his creation was man and woman. Genesis 1:27 says that “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

    The creation of man and woman in God’s image makes us the crowning glory of his creation. Nothing else was created in His image. While we see the glory of God in his creation (Romans 1:20) human beings were created bearing the actual image of God. (Imagio Deo)

    God’s intention was that we in marriage bear offspring and join Him in the procreation of other human beings. In God’s scheme of things, the gift and heritage of children is a blessing from God. “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” (Job 1:21) “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3)

    Three of the Ten Commandments reflect directly upon God’s understanding of family. Commandment 5 says, “Children are to honor their father and mother.” Commandment 7 says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Commandment #10 says amongst other things that, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” How amazing it would be if husband and wife were faithful to each other in marriage and children honored their parents.

    • eastside_evil

      No, that is not the issue.

      Your bible is not a legal document and we do not allow you to create laws restricting the rights of a group of people because of what arabs thought 2,000 years ago.

      Can you please try to comprehend that we refuse to allow you to set up laws against people based on your religious beliefs?

      • No way, Jose

        Sorry, but no.

    • James

      Thanks for the sermon. I can appreciate it. Any Muslims want to chime in, or Humanists, or Pagans? All of these faiths are supported by the Constitution like it or not. Take a breather. It’s all good.

    • Amanda

      When I want to hear a preach, then I will go to church… when I want to hear about my rights, like any other paying taxes citizen, then i go to the city hall… Simple as that!

    • stace34

      Wow. You have a direct line to God. That is so cool. So how does that work that God tells you her plan? Do you dream it? Does she call you? Leave you a note? Because unless God has come down and told you the plan then you are basing this off of your interpretation of her plan. Which, by the way, is interpreted differently depending on the church you go to. I attend a Christian church that embraces gays and that conduct same sex marriages, though the state does not recognize what God does. So apparently you have the wrong Gods plan. Maybe you have an old one, I am not sure where you missed out on the all loving all welcoming part of Gods love. And even if that wasn’t the case what we are talking about here is a legal document, not a church one. I know a great number of people who have also been married at a court house or by a Justice of the Peace and have never had anything to do with a church wedding. Their marriages are just as valid in this state as those done in a house of worship. So apparently God/church are not a required part of marriage in this state and should have no bearing on whether we are truly a nation that believes that all men are created equal.

    • Just stop!

      Laws shouldn’t be for Christian, Muslims, etc., laws should be for the people. All people. Stop making this issue about GOD. My GOD would never allow this kind of hatred.

      • d

        It’s not about hatred.

      • d

        Your god is a figment of your imagination.

    • Nancy

      I fully respect your views. And there are people out there who would appreciate that same respect back from you.

  • NIK

    I always have to laugh when I read the statement “Religion should not be included in government.” Please review a bit of history and what our Founding Fathers based our government around.
    Also it’s not about being “Religious” it’s about doing and supporting what we believe. So those of you that state/reply with hateful remarks against our beliefs are guilty of your own condemning. We are not against opinions or what are the wants and needs of others. However, we are going to stand up for what we believe is God’s truth.
    I’m not here to judge, but I do believe that God created marriage. With that comes: No matter what our governments decision is you will all stand before God one day to answer the almighty question of “Why”

    • Amanda

      Right… I will stand before God one day… and that is between me and God… again separate the state from the church

    • eastside_evil

      Doing and supporting what YOU believe?

      You wish to legislate ALL OF US based on what YOU believe?

      And you lied in your comment. You are here to judge. Whether anybody stands before your god or another god is not your business. While on earth, you don’t get to say what I get to do and justify it by preaching at me.

      Do you get this yet??

    • stace34

      Actually if you know anything about our founding fathers they are turning over in their graves with the inclusion of religion in these arguements. I always laugh when people talk about the founding fathers basing our government on Christianity when most were agnostic. They were adimate that religion should not influence the law.

    • Nancy

      ok, so take the work “Religioius” out of it. why do I have to believe what you do?
      that is what you are telling me. If you get a say in whether or not I can marry my partner of 10 years or not, then you are telling me how I can or can not live my life.

      Fair? I distincly remember NOT having a say in whether or not you got to marry/not marry.

      It’s kind of crazy when you look at it like that hu NIK?

      • markH

        Outstanding point Nancy! Too bad it will fall on those who cannot reason through their bigotry and homophobia to understand its simplicity and logic.

  • Deborah

    I believe gay marriage would be positive for society. I also believe it would open the door for more areas of work. Too bad people don’t look at positives. Liberal minded workers.

    I like the woman who uses her children as an excuse for the betterment of society. I wonder how many times you will always hear they are doing it for the children. Ask children, they aren’t conscenting adults. Don’t ask adults either, some lack boundaries. What sector of marriage is that or in society as a whole? I doubt if gay marriage will change that.

    • Jake

      Except…. there are too many (adult) CHILDREN attempting to raise children. Dumb raising dumber. I could give you two very good examples, if you like. NO dads, NO post secondary education, NO financial security, NO discipline, and if you even try to criticize them, you are labelled as a facist or the equivalent. SWELL.

  • James

    Romer vs Evans
    116 S Ct 1620 1996

    On May 20th the US Supreme Court decided 6-3 the following – Concerning the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause, that there was no “ratiional basis” for “fencing out” those laws and policies that protected gay citizens from discrimination. Justice Kennedy wrote:
    …the Constitution neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens…that Amendment 2 classifies homosexuals not to further a proper legislative end but to make them unequal to everyone else. This Colorado cannot do. A state cannot so deem a class of persons a stranger to its laws. Amendment 2 violates the equal protection clause. …
    The precedent was already set, and this amendment is one more attempt to keep a class of citizens at second class level. It is unconstitutional.

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