ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota House committee has eliminated funding to rebuild a dam that officials say is the best option for stopping the spread of invasive Asian carp into many of the state’s northern lakes.

The House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday removed $16 million in improvements to the Coon Rapids Dam from the state bonding bill.

Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr says that if funding isn’t restored, the state could lose its best window of opportunity for stopping the spread of Asian carp up the Mississippi River.

Without the upgrades to the dam, DNR officials say there will be no physical barrier to Asian carp migrating up the Mississippi into some of Minnesota’s most popular lakes, upsetting the food chain and harming native fish and mussel populations.

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Comments (16)
  1. Jim says:

    I guess WCCO didn’t get the memo, the baggers are happier with a nickel in their pocket than preventing destruction to our natural resources.

  2. In Hiding says:

    Just what MN needs…..another Asian invasion…..

  3. hockey puck chuck says:

    Lets be honest here. The title is wrong. It should read, “Dam Funding Cut Will Allow Spread Of Asian Carp” SMH!

  4. paul says:

    since the asian carp invasion is a direct result of down south states import with federal govt. approval I smell a lawsuit with the coon rapids dam as beneficiary.attn all attorneys and state and county officials GET ER DONE

  5. gtV says:

    Why to go MN Legislature! Your slice-&-dice budget hacking is going to cost this state millions in irreparable damage to our natural resources and millions more in fishing tourism revenues. You have a chance to prevent an ecological disaster from happening to MN’s most precious fishing resources but it’s only $16 million dollars that that you folks feel we don’t need!!!

    Yes, times are tough. So what’s a mere $16 million saved now in budgets cuts when millions are going to be spent or lost later on the Carp infestations??? “Stupid is as stupid does.” seems to be your title song this year. Thanks for ruining our days with political stupidity!!!

    You can’t balanced a state budget in a helter-skelter manner by slashing everything in sight without reason prevailing. Neither can you balance a cut-up budget without positive income flow. Reforming &/or raising taxes in an equitable manner across the board would help but that’s too simple a concept for you mad-as-hell GOP T-Baggers.

    So, just wantonly cutting a $16 million dollar Coon Rapids Dam improvement plan may seem insignificant to you today; but, don’t come crying to us Minnesotans later when the state’ fisheries and aquatic eco-systems are ruined by this invasive species infestation to come.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.” I sincerely hope come election time your stupidity is rewarded by your election ousting!!!

  6. Pavel says:

    Short-sighted vision on the part of Republicans again. Same old!

  7. Chawbones says:

    Can’t imagine how a Carp can climb the Coon Rapids Dam. It is at least a 20 foot drop. If it is a problem, just redesignate the carp as a domestic pet and all will love them.

    1. Murph says:

      Chawbones,these fish are well known for their leaping abilty and big enough to knock someone out of a boat.They are like Michael Jordan on steriods! Speeding your boat over a school of them can beat a person up pretty bad.However you don’t need any bait to catch a bunch of them if you got good hands.Best advice for boaters tho is………… DUCK!!!!! Evidently GOP’ers get THEIR fish in a fancy restruant.So they don’t care one bit!

  8. David G says:

    If we must blame someone, let us blame, at least in part, the legilsators who, for the past several decades, have frittered away our state’s resources. So that now, when something important and worthwhile comes along, we have to say that we cannot afford it.

  9. Reality Speaking says:

    You folks are wacko. Asian carp… they’re here! And 16 million won’t prevent them from future infestations any more than a sign on the side of the lake that says “No Asian Carp allowed”. Maybe you folks are just racist? I happen to think the Asian Carp are cute looking. Would like to snuggle up to them at night, cute little faces. And their little eyes, how precious.

    How bout those zebra muscles folks? We really stopped those from going lake to lake, and it didn’t take a $16 million dollar dam to stop them did it? So don’t cry to me that your precious stream of never ending entitlement funding for natural resources are depleted when there’s SOOOO much DNR wasteful spending out there. Seems to me the battles need to be chosen more carefully next time.

  10. James says:

    I know, let’s double down and fund a $32 million dollar research grant to genetically alter the food supply that the carp breed on to poison the Asian Carp out of existence! Maybe they’ll eat all the zebra muscles that are so terrible or the algae bogs that bind up the boat props.

    How many times have you had this conversation… “You know, what the DNR needs is more power, more influence, and more funding”. BLAH. The DNR needs to take a hike folks. Have you ever owned lake shore or river shore property? Have you ever planted a corn field?

    Seems the simplest solution to me is to have the local Indian tribes go fishing with their big nets and drag the rivers. They’ll have all the Asian Carp killed off in 2 weeks for less money than I donate at the casino on a typical tuesday night.

  11. Ron says:

    Republicans SUCK,and they always will!

    1. Bobby says:

      wow…great insight, Ron

      1. Louis Freehdomfries says:

        Agreed. Simple and to the point.

  12. GOPSUX says:

    I also agree. The GOP would fill all the rivers and lakes with oil and trash if they could. They would cut down every tree, kill every plant and pave every square inch of the earth. GOPSUX HUGE.

    1. James says:

      GOPSUX, is that what you really think would happen? Well, not to worry. I hear your truckload of pillows are well on their way to your home in east coo-coo-town. You shall be biting your way through life on your new succulent pillows in no time.

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