By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV  

NORTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A black bear searching for food found his way to a North St. Paul neighborhood on Friday.

The bear was spotted around 4:30 a.m. Friday near the intersection of Henry Street and Second Avenue.

Some video was taken from inside a North St. Paul police squad. Officers watched the bear run through the neighborhood and followed it across Highway 120 into the city of Oakdale. It was there that Minnesota DNR officers shot and killed the bear.

Many area residents were shocked to hear about the early morning visitor.

“A lot of people are freaked this is the middle of North St. Paul and we don’t have too many woods around here so its kind of like wow a black bear deer that’s one thing but a bear is something else,” said North St. Paul resident Zak Wood.

The DNR said if you encounter a black bear you need to keep your distance. They said they have to put bears down that are found in the city down because it becomes a safety issue.

Comments (29)
  1. cheng says:

    we need to save the black bear. why shot and kill the black bear. save the animal please.

    1. Killer says:

      They shoot it because of stupid people like you who would walk out and try to pet it if it was in your yard at night

      1. opinion says:

        keep your opinion to your self. idiot.

      2. KS says:

        Did cheng say he/she was going to pet it? Stop assuming. Good people, as good hunter,s respect ALL life.

  2. Christine says:

    Live-trap it and move it. It will easily enter the trap for food. There is no need to kill the black bear.

  3. C says:

    Why not tranqualize and move it?. I think they were just a little too anxious to shoot it.

  4. WHAT????? says:

    “wow a black bear deer that’s one thing”
    Am I the only one who has never heard of this animal? WCCO strikes again, who the he!! is the editor and how does he/she still have a job?

  5. just unreal says:

    This is absolutely terrible. Why did they not just dart it or trap it like someone else said. Pretty simple. It was early in the morning and it was not hurting anyone. There was no reason to kill it. What is wrong with these ignorant ass people? The bear simply needed to be relocated, it’s really a crying shame..

  6. Jackie DuCharme says:

    What is the matter with Mn DNR? Are they gun happy or what?
    Was this bear seen tearing into garbage cans? Was it destroying anything?
    If it was not into garbage then there was no reason to shoot it.
    And it could of been tranquilized.
    This DNR needs to learn from other states how they handle scaring bears away from public places.

  7. Mary Rogers says:

    DNR – Disgusting Negative Reactions!

    1. wana says:

      Totally Agree Mary!

  8. Mark says:

    That bear had been in more than that neighborhood. It had been down on 494 and Tamarack that caused a crash one morning by running on the highway, then was spotted in St. Paul near Sonic, McDonalds, and a few other places a couple of days ago. It was near freeways, if it was near morning time alot of people would have been getting up for work at 430 or 5am, you HAVE to protect the people over the animals. As much as I did not want them to shoot it, I know they had a hard choice. And traquilizers take as much as 20 minutes to take effect, you don’t have that kind of time with a bear.

    1. KS says:

      Seriously, bears are more scared of people than we are of them. Tranquilizing and relocating would have been fine.

  9. Jack says:

    All the people who are saying why kill the black bear…let it maul you or one of your children in your own backyard. I bet you wouldn’t be saying that anymore. Bears are habit forming. If they come into the city once they will come back again. Next time they will bring more bears.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:


      How many black bear maulings have occurred in the city in the last 50 years, you toolbox?

      What a stupid comment. Do you ever have anything intelligent to offer? I’m being serious. All your comments are inane and insulting.

    2. KS says:

      Bears are solitary creatures…know the facts before you speak. The thing would not have brought more bears. It is probably so disoriented and confused it would have been relieved to have been tranquilized and woken up in a forest in the north. They are too worried about running away from us to think about preying on us, attacking our kids or hurting out pets.

  10. wanda says:

    DNR of this city sucks plain and simple!! And the police officers of this area are all gun happy, There was no reason to shoot this bear. Ever hear of traquilizers? Last year they shot a black bear also by the park reserve. Im sure they didn’t have to kill it then either.

  11. Michael Berg says:

    Jack ever here of tranquilizing. No need to kill a bear

  12. Michael Berg says:

    Its idiots like HMMMM and Jack as to why we shoot bears

  13. Curt says:

    bears naturally live in the wild and avoid humans. a bear that enters a city has something wrong with it and poses a real danger to everyone. that bear is on the move through several cities and trapping it is not possible. tranquelizing and moving will not work since whatever caused that bear to enter the city will cause it to return. you airmchair idiots should allow the police and dnr who are the experts to do their job.. they are protecting you and your children.

    1. KS says:

      Bears are continually expanding territories and finding knew ones as their families multiply, especially this at this time of the year. And right now food is getting scarce again. There is nothing abnormal about this poor animal. The thing was running for dear life, not attacking. It found its way into the city, is terrified and disoriented. Relocate it and I highly doubt we’d ever see it again.

  14. Michael Berg says:

    Curt you really need to get a clue then post. And since when are the DNR experts must live in a whole different reality than most of us

  15. Jack says:

    That’s right Michael. DNR/Police Officers should kill any bear on sight that comes into the city. Better the bear get killed then some person.

    1. Michael Berg says:

      We moved into there territory not the other way around. And if you knew anything about black bears he could have been removed. Like I said before nothing but an idiot

      1. opinion says:

        I agree with you michael. He’s an idiot.

  16. Zak says:

    I’m the one the interviewed and they did misquote me on the topic I was asked my reaction to having the bear sighted right across the street from my house of course I’ve heard of this animal but a deer is one thing a black bear is something else. I was just shocked hense the “wow”

    1. KS says:

      Can understand the shock. They do not belong in the city, but it is a shame the DNR did not just relocate it.

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