By Peter J. Nelson, WCCO  

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There’s a good reason why Harmon Killebrew’s statue is located where it’s at on the Target Field Plaza. 

It’s so all the granddads and dads can say to their kids, “This is ‘Killer,’ and if he hit a ball at Target Field it would land right here.”

Many fans stopped by the Legend Plaza this week to pay their respects to Mr. Killebrew at Target Field. If they looked towards the park, just over Killer’s shoulder, they’d see Kirby cheering. This week he was cheering for Killer.

Honoring Harmon Killebrew

Like many Twins fans my age, Kirby Puckett was my Twins baseball idol growing up. He was our Harmon Killebrew. 

Together they were The Twins. 

It makes sense. Kirby made his Twins debut in 1984, Harmon was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1984 and I was born in 1984. 

If you believe in the numbers, then Mr. Killebrew is still doing his part.  Like Bert Blyleven pointed out in his eulogy, the Twins have won three straight games since Tuesday.  On Tuesday’s game, three runs were scored. The Twins had three hits. The Mariners had three hits.

“What a tribute,” Blyleven said. 

Maybe the Twins are on their way to their third World Series win.

  1. Luci Wurster says:

    As I listened and watched the funeral of one of our heroes here in Minnesota, I think of my father, who died of esophageal cancer at the age of 64, and hope these two wonderful men will meet in another world of no more pain, and talk Twins baseball.

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