MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Metro Transit Police say a teen girl thought to have been abducted from a bus Friday night is now safe and has returned home.

Officials say the man accused of taking the girl is a distant relative who the girl did not recognize. Metro Transit Police interviewed the woman and the man, as well as the family, and say all cooperated willingly and are “no longer of interest to Metro Transit Police.”

Police initially thought the teen was abducted after she was carried off a Route 19 bus by a man around 11 p.m. Friday.

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  1. Jim Saporito says:

    I’d love to want to help, but I stopped taking the public transport 20 years ago. Just too, well, prison yard-esque for my taste. Sorry.

  2. Violet says:

    If people saw he was taking her forcibly, why did the driver allow them off the bus?? He/she could have locked the doors and waited for police to arrive. I have seen this done just because of extremely disruptive riders in the past.

  3. trl the alligator says:

    yo violet….first off “people” are not the bus driver…..if the bus driver saw this and abscent of any vocal objection by the female the bus driver may have noticed but could not conclude for sure what was the situation until it was too late……clearly though a report was taken so there was some proactivism at hand……and i agree, taking the bus, especially in north mpls, is like running a major risk of coming into conflict with one of societies lowest members…..just take a look around on any half packed bus going down Fremont or olson memorial hwy.

  4. Lu says:

    I am very disturbed by this report because of the seeming lack of intervention as they got off the bus. Was the 4th precinct notified immediately? Did the bus just take off for its next stop? Did anyone get off the bus after them to get the girl’s identity? Olson and Penn are in the Harrison neighborhood which is relatively safe and the young people there are good kids working hard. Why do we allow adults to treat young people badly in our presence and not intervene?

  5. Nonsense says:

    Get out of here with that nonsense. Geeze…

  6. Bthere says:

    Caveat Emptor on Bus ticket – “Criminals On Board – Protect yourself because we can’t”

  7. mamatellie says:

    Why do they call her a woman? She’s a teenage GIRL – calling her a woman seems to take away from the urgency to find her. I hope this girl is found safe and sound.

  8. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Major problem with Metro Transit is reluctance on the part of the bus drivers to take any action. All bus drivers have radios that they can use to contact Transit police (or local police for that matter). Most buses also have surveillance cameras. Many problems could be averted on buses if the drivers would just get on their phones for assistance before things escelate. People would stand a better chance if ordinary citizens would just use their private cell phones to call police. I’ve complained to Metro Transit numerous times, but nothing has been done to get rid of trouble makers. My son refuses to ride Metro Transit for that reason.

    1. transit driver says:

      It is against the Law for a transit driver to use a cell phone while operating– he would lose his license to drive commercial vehicles hence his job.

  9. bus ride says:

    has anyone report her missing maybe that man was her boyfriend

  10. Karla Adriana Velez says:

    this is just sad that no one did anything about it… i just hope that she is found or that she was strong enough to have gotten away…

  11. transit driver says:

    Just a bit more information– the bus stopped at the Brooklyn center transit hub and the bus has two doors. The Transit Police were notified and investigated — they also took video from other buses in the Hub at the time. I drive and have had drunks break the door off of my bus trying to get in. Drivers are already assualted with regularity in the Twin Cities so the cameras and radios are to report and record.

  12. Amanda says:

    I just want to say this I hope U watched the news Cause they told the story and then retracted it and the girlmwas just causing trouble So Dont go judging people until u got your facts straight. Yall Talking about my brother Violet Why should my brother be locked up for helping family and they fighting him. Get your facts straight then talk.

  13. The man (Kelly) says:

    I just like to say to all the people that had (and have) a problem with me dealing with my family problems the way that I delt with it, It’s not you problem. She knew who I was, just like Inkew who she was. She is a 13 year old girl, who is part of my family, that had no business being out past 11:00pm, who’s, older brother tried to get her to get off the bus and go home before I did. The only difference is, I made her get off the bus And don’t care who don’t like it. She had to go home. Bottom-line .
    If you love your family and see them messing up, what would you do?
    Ask yourself that question, then tell me about it , And I’ll try to look at it from you angle.
    Till then, quit assuming what you don’t know. Ask a question and you might get the answer you’re looking for.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this andhave a nice day

  14. Tom281 says:

    Nancy, the transit drivers can only put in a request to talk to their control center. They have no direct link to the police, How soon the control center gets back to them is dependant on what else is happening within the system and how many supervisors are on duty They are required to report things, not take any physical action to intervene. Metro Transit needs witnesses, not victims who are employees. As far as doing something about the trouble makers, what would you suggest Metro Transit do that woulld not violate the rights of the trouble makers?

    1. Realist says:

      Very well said and 100% accurate!

  15. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Like someone who has to rely on public transportation to get around, most people who ride the buses are decent people going to work, shopping, doctor appointments, school, etc. It is only the actions of a few foul-mouth troublemakers that make it miserable for the rest of us. Why should the constitutional rights of some “gang trash” outweigh the comfort level for the rest of us? Their rights to ride the bus expire when they become a disturbance for the rest of us. Metro Transit is losing riders because of this and they need to start taking a zero tolerance point in dealing with this behavior. If troublemakers start seeing others being thrown off the buses for being disruptive, than they would be less likely to do the same thing.

    1. Amanda B says:

      Nancy Get your facts Straight before U go judging people and my Bother is My gang trash then again this goes to show u just how grown of a person u really are cause it f u would have read what he wrote u would unerstand what was going on. Like I said Get You fats straight then talk cause other wise U making a Assuming things and maing a but out of your self. thanks have a nice day.

      1. Amandadropout says:

        Um did you make it through 2nd grade even? That was the hardest sentence i’ve ever had to read, my head hurts trying to understand it

        1. now what says:

          Did u make it pass the 2nd grade, why U trying to be a funny but that just goes to show how ignorit u are. U a Drop Out and Have a nice day Heffa.

        2. amanda b says:

          Thank U for thinking about me, and thanks for letting me know i am smart and can make it all the way through high school. Have a nice night.

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