Minn. Voters Will Decide On Gay Marriage Ban

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — It’s now up to voters to decide whether to ban gay marriage in Minnesota.

After nearly six hours of emotional debate, a proposed constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman was approved in the Minnesota House late Saturday night. It was the last legislative step needed to put the question on the statewide ballot in November 2012.

State law already prohibits gay marriage, but supporters of the proposed amendment said it’s necessary to prevent judges or lawmakers from legalizing it in the future. Opponents said the constitution should be used to expand rights, not limit them, and predicted a long, divisive debate over the next 18 months.

The House voted 70-62 mostly along party lines in the GOP-controlled chamber, though four Republicans crossed over to vote ‘no’ while two Democrats voted in favor of the ban.

During Saturday’s debate, which drew hundreds of people to the Capitol, Rep. Karen Clark described her 22-year committed relationship with her female partner. The Minneapolis Democrat said they considered getting married in Iowa, where gay marriage is legal, so her ailing father could see her marry.

“Please don’t make me go off to Iowa,” she told her colleagues. “I was raised in Minnesota. I’m a child of Minnesota.”

After the vote, Clark said it was “a sad day for Minnesota.”

But Jason Adkins, executive director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference, said it was an important step and that “Minnesotans have been given the opportunity to have an important conversation about the future of marriage.”

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton has no power to block the question from the ballot, but said before the vote that he would fight it. Dayton called the amendment, which the Senate approved last week, “un-Minnesotan.”

A rare quiet prevailed in the House chamber as members made emotional and often personal speeches in opposition to the amendment. The issue drew an unusually large crowd to the Capitol, where supporters and opponents traded loud chants earlier in the day but quieted considerably when the debate started around dinnertime.

Rep. Steve Gottwalt, the bill’s sponsor, said voters should have the final word on the issue.

“This is not about hatred. It is not about discrimination or intolerance,” said Gottwalt, R-St. Cloud.

But fellow Republican Rep. John Kriesel described how losing his legs while serving in Iraq began a personal transformation of his views on the issue. He said he would have supported the amendment five years ago, but has since realized that the country for which he fought should not deny two people who love each other the right to marry.

“I’m pleading with you to vote no,” said Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove. “I’m begging you.”

Ban opponents made up the majority of observers who stayed late to watch the debate from the second floor of the Capitol, where televisions broadcasted a live feed. They could be heard from inside the House chamber singing hymns and occasionally cheering during pivotal moments of lawmakers’ speeches.

The debate had been postponed Friday after a pastor known for anti-gay comments delivered a controversial prayer on the House floor that prompted Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers to apologize.

During Saturday’s floor debate, many lawmakers spoke of their own marriages and families, gay relatives and friends, religions and military service, or facing discrimination and bullying as children.

Several said they worried that debate on the issue between now and November 2012 would leave gay youth feeling marginalized and vulnerable.

Among the few Republicans who spoke during the debate was Rep. Tim Kelly of Red Wing, who called the proposed amendment “an assault on personal freedom and choice” and a “giant step backward.”

Besides Gottwalt, the only other Republican to speak in favor of the amendment was Rep. Rod Hamilton of Mountain Lake. He described being torn, and said his teenage daughter recently pointed out that she would be 18 by November 2012 — and she plans to vote against the ban.

“She said, ‘Dad, I think a person should be able to marry whomever they love whether it’s the opposite sex or not,”‘ Hamilton said.

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  • approve gay marriage

    We need to make it legal for us gays to marry. Its not a man and a woman its who you fall in love with. We should be allowed to make our choice of who we want to marry. We are not hurting anyone by being allowed to marry

    • Paul

      Well I was undecided untill I read your hate filled message. I will not be swayed by bigots like you who use religion as a mantra. And by the way, I am straight and have 9 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. I will vote to allow them to marry

      • Big Gay Sal

        Dave you know you want to give Big Sal a kiss, I can convert you.

        • Little Larry

          Kisses and pink ribbons to DAVE

      • Carol

        Sound like you have a sheep fetish Dave. Have you talked to anyone about it

        • Dave

          Why would that bother you Carol? Whats the differnce if I am not hurting anybody? SHAME on YOU for such a biggoted racist comment. You liberals are so predjudiced to only YOUR way of thinking.

          • Carol

            Dave you came to this site to profess your hatred and then have the gall to say your not hurting anyone. Think about it. Your very sick

          • Sean

            The only real issue is; the Uited States participated in a war against fascism between 1941-1945. Many people have died so that we the people could make up our own minds rather than have the government tell who can and cannot get married, who can and cannot have children, hold jobs, where to live, etc… It’s a slippery slope indeed when one tries to mske those decisions based on fear and ignorance.

        • Corky

          Whats the difference…….one mans passion is another mans poison. If sexual deviancy is legitimized then anything goes. Why can’t a person marry a sibling or a parent, or someone marry the family pet. Or are just a closet bigot that wants what you have & the hell with anyone else.

      • Shane G

        @Dave Yeah and like a sheep can sign a marriage contract and say “I do.” Let me know also when you see a sheep that can make medical decisions for you and take care of the kids while you are gone and cook them dinner.

      • Sean

        Slippery slope much, Dave?

      • PJ

        Really? You are comparing this to marrying animals??!! Jesus is disappointed. He loves you and respects you, just as he does ALL people, but he is definitely disappointed. I know this for sure, Dave.

      • Emily

        Ad hominem argument, Dave.

      • gc

        Dave you are an idiot sir

    • Fabulous Freddy

      Likely this poor soul is not secure in his or her marriage, or relationships and life in general…shame, shame, shame says Fabulous Fred

    • Hezus

      More like romlllmao.

      mll = my lezzielover

    • Johnny

      I guess we will have to make maps of the areas of the state that are represented by the bigots. We need to know where to not spend any of our money until the bigots are voted out.

      • Johnson

        Where does Bachmann live? That the largest concentration of morons in the state…

      • Johnson

        Where does Bachman live? That’s the largest concentration if idiots in the state…

        • Robert

          Unfortunately she is from my home town – Stillwater. I am embarrased. The chaplain she suggested to open the legislative session thinks gays should be locked up. Amazing.

    • Ivan

      Opposite sex couples usually do a great job of raising kids, so do single parents, and so do gay couples. Can there be problems? Of course, but that is true for ALL THE ABOVE! Family doesn’t have to mean opposite sex couples, which can be just as distructive as any other couples, it depends on the individuals involved, not their gender.

      • TC

        Oh yeah, all the single mothers living off the govt. are doing a great job, and are such a productive benefit to society.

        • Jenny

          I am a single mother, I have a good job in marketing and am going to law school part time . . . With all due respect TC my son and I are productive to society and I support equal marriage for all!

    • mamatellie

      I am a straight, married woman with children. I ask you Lnpiller – what about men and women that marry and never have children? Are they a family, and if so, why? They don’t fit your definition either. Grow up.

    • Shane G

      @Lnpiller. Look at California? What..you mean the Straight ole’ Arnold Schwarzenegger cheating on his wife during office with other women and having a love child?? I guess that explains why there are so many neutral names. Ask yourself, what is it to you if a gay couple or a straight couple decide to get married? Don’t like gay marriage, don’t have one. Artificial? Apparently that is your own definition in the fake dictionary that’s inside your head.

    • Laurie

      Dear Lnpiller, my same-sex partner and I have raised two adopted daughters who were in an orphanage for 4 years. They were the product of a heterosexual union. Luck yfor them they got a great home. We are not an artificial family. Look, I will help you out. It’s like this. If you are left handed, you are left handed. Is that something you choose? No. Is it a lifestyle? No. Are you still entitled to love and marrying the person of your choice. And so it is with us, we are who we are because we are born who we are. We live our lives; our lives are not lifestyles. 0ur families are just as real as yours. We deserve the same protections which ONLY marriage provides. Period. Canada, Spain, South Africa, The Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico City and Iowa are a few of the places with marriage equality.. Times are changing, Love will prevail whether or not you like it. It may not happen right now but is WILL happen, Our young people are much more open, and tolerant and embrace equality. They are my hope. for the future.

      • pucka

        I think that one day, within my lifetime, we will look back on this debate with embarrassment. It will be as archaic as slavery and allowing women to vote. Since when has our nation been about denying rights to its citizens? We are supposed to be about freedom and tolerance. It’s inevitable and poll numbers are proving it. As the younger, more enlightened generations become the majority we will win this fight.

    • g55122

      I am pleased that it will be left to the majority to decide.

      • drcootieface

        My sentiments exactly! I am sure that the good citizens of the great state of Minnesota will vote against the amendment. I hope they will also vote out of office the mean-spirited, behind-the-times Republicans who made the poor decision to propose this in the first place.

        • Just Sayin'

          He was referring to the MAJORITY

    • TheBunnyMan

      I know, they are totally changing the definition of marriage. Not hurting anyone indeed. Lets look at California, no more white males marrying white females. No more fathers or mothers just African names and tribal rituals. Yeah your not hurting anyone, just the whole damn civilization. Ask yourself. What is the point for a black man to marry a white woman as opposed to having two people of the same race come together and create a family? Is it some sort of artificial family you crave. Why not do the real thing and take the plunge and have a real relationship with the same race.

      The weird thing is the person who wrote the original probably agrees with the modified version above too. It’s hard to fix stupid but it’s easy to fix gay marriage – take the government out of the marriage business and grant equal rights to partners of any faith, race, or sexual orientation / configuration. Constitutional amendments like this don’t make discrimination right they just point out the states that managed so get things painfully wrong for a while.

    • Samsara

      How would they be harming society? What are you imagining? You are simply caught up in your own irrationality. Whatever you happen to be uncomfortable with = harming society, huh? That’s a big statement from such a little mind. Check your reasoning. Check your importance and position on the planet Earth. Society is NOT about what you, personally, are uncomfortable with. How do you even make it through your day knowing that the world does not revolve around your comforts and preferences?

      It’s none of your business if two people who are NOT YOU want to marry each other. The POINT is NOT YOURS; the POINT it is only relevant to THEM. Why should they explain themselves to you? Why don’t YOU explain to the rest of us why you’re so interested in other couples’ marriages? Go get your own…

    • Samsara


    • Tom

      Very well said. Family. Procreation. Leave it to the husband and wife.

    • Tom

      Pigs aren’t gay.

      • Frank

        luckily pigs don’t have this problem…. good old natural order haha

      • Corum

        Actually the animal kingdom has gays too. Also, insane etc. But the herd type animals dont usually allow that much deviation from normal behavior because they see it as endangering the herd, so they force it out, and if it wont go, they kill it.

        I see a lot of hatred here from both sides of the issue, sorry but the “tolerant” left is showing its hypocrisy and it is just as hateful as the far right they are condemning.

        Apparently a person cant be opposed to this without being a bigot, hater, religious zealot, or republican. Nice marginalizing to validate your own position.

        Personally i dont care if someone marries the same sex, though i am not thrilled with the moniker marriage being applied to it. I dont have a problem with them having the same legal validity as a married couple. Though i think there will be a time when it wont matter because there will be no legal acknowledgement of marriage or partnerships, and it will simply be something done through church or proclamation.

        But this kind of b.s. is nicely keeping people from worrying about things that might be slightly more important to citizens of the this country, such as the fact that the us dollar is losing its reserve status and we will probably be looking at thousands if not tens of thousands percent inflation and basically we will be gone within about 8 years. but enjoy this marriage gay marriage thing. very exciting.

      • Hillbilly

        Prove it !

    • jw

      And this trash is what you use to justify your stance? Religion is evil.

    • PoliticalStudent

      Except in our Constitution we have a legal separation of Church and State. Thus, your argument is void.

    • Kate

      What does the bible have to do with how others live their lives? The US was founded on keeping religion out of government. As long as they are good people and good citizens who are you to tell them who they can and cannot marry?

      • Where in the world do you find that?

        “The US was founded on keeping religion out of government.”

    • Proverbs 18

      22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

      • stan

        “he who cites bible verses in political arguments may be seen as a knob in the eyes of stan”
        book of stan 3:23
        ever heard of separation of church and state? and whats all that love thy neighbor stuff if it only applies to certain people (not directly calling you out, just the tone of a few individuals arguments on here)? religion continues to baffle me and seems to hinder emotional maturity. its ludicrous for anyone to tell anyone who they can’t love/marry.

        • Annie

          One who tries to remove 6000 years of history to become acceptable to society, is foolish. An apple is an apple no matter how loudly you proclaim it’s an orange,

          • Pat

            What business does Christian right wingers have inserting their beliefs into my Constitution? This is a stupid proposition that will not effect current law but will bring out the bible bangers to vote!

            What a blatant political act by the Republican Party of Minnesota!

            How’s that balanced budget working for you, Legislature? How about all those “jobs” bills you passed like the one that lays of 15% of the curent state work force! Wow, what cajones you have!

            Did you spend a lot of time looking at solutions to the deficit this weekend. or spend all your time considering what Jesus would do?

            • Kurt

              What Jesus would do is hate the sin but love the sinner. When using the Bible as your weapon of choice in any battle, everyone should study the word and know what It says. Bending, twisting, or leaving out what does not fit into your lifestyle is not they way to achieve eternal life and that is not a narrow statement that is pointed directly at the issue of gay marriage. The lifestyles differ between many people that call themselves Christians. Some issues are small, but none the less argued among different denominations of the Christian church (This is a huge failure of the Christian church as a whole but only because MAN has injected it’s own opinion and interpretation’s of God’s Word into the church). Some issues are larger and truly do affect God’s intent for man. I do not like the fact that man feels the need to legislate everything. I also do not like the ACLU and other special interest groups doing their best to take away my rights to surround myself with the Word of God in public places. This discussion could go on and on but I will leave it with, If you are an United States citizen the Constitution is not yours! It’s OUR’S.

          • Lisa Braun Dubbels

            Then can we ban football? Because touching the skin of a pig is forbidden in Leviticus.

            • AJ

              And so is piercing, hair cutting, and somewhere it says we should stone children who disobey their elders/parents should be stoned to death [or something like that not quite sure], and other things that people have done.

              • aj

                i was repetetive in the statement about stoning children who disobey their parents… my bad

          • Snoopy

            Hey Annie and all the other hate mongers:
            I can see the likes of you as similar to the german voters that voted Hitler into power in Nazi Germany in 1933. You think it’s not like that, but yes, indeed, it starts exactly like that. Because if the humanity of just one group of people gets destroyed, then you guys just proceed to the next and the next, until no humanity is left for anyone. And then, if you have any conscience left, which I doubt, you might ask yourself how this horrible thing could have happened.

            And no, you don’t have to call yourself a nazi to be one or to act like one.

            Here these United States fought World War 2 to end this insanity, and now the
            same cancer is festering here.

      • Kathleen Berg

        You can always find what you want in the Bible to support any view. Why don’t we look at the human view – I don’t believe Jesus would deny anyone love or medical care.

    • Annie

      I love my Mom. Could I marry her?

      • Mike

        That’s a different kind of love. Learn the difference. Are you sexually attracted to your mother?

      • Kathleen Berg

        Well that is a bit sick isn’t it??

      • DENNIS

        Annie is a dummy !

    • Mr. M

      I hope this helps to clear things up a bit.

      It’s all explained on YouTube.

  • Nancy W.

    What an amazing way to distract from MN GOP’s incompetence in rebalancing the budget and fixing real issues like unemployment and worsening business climate. The elected officials are failing us miserably.

    • Deb

      Bravo, your exactly right!! Republicans don’t care about the american people at all…. unless you have something to give them!! This was just a ploy to flex the muscles they think they have!! I DO hope Minnesotans wake up and remember that God put everyone on earth!! He did not make everyone the same!!!

    • MCullen Ne

      Yes Nancy where is our budget.? What a waste of time and money. I hope these idiots get voted out. At least I can say I didn’t vote any of them in. Republicans need to quite shoving their beliefs down my throat.

    • pat

      I agree, vote President Obama out.

  • Cheryl from Rochester

    I hope the GOP is proud of themselves. Shame on all of them. They and their false mantra of creating jobs and keeping government out of our lives. They only want the government out of business regulation. Otherwise, they are all too eager to tell us who we can’t marry and that we shouldn’t have reproductive health rights. And they’ll give us all guns to make us feel better.

    What a waste the lot of them are.

    • Fabulous Freddy

      No way no how, gays should not be legally allowed to married. I am as gay as can be and I oppose gay rights.

  • Patrick PatPat Lilja

    For those of us who reject this hateful amendment, we have to be careful when we vote on this. They will probably word it in a way such that filling the “no” option is actually in support of a constitutional ban, and “yes” is actually a vote against, so that people who only fill out for candidates and ignore the rest will inadvertently vote in favor of hatred and discrimination.

    • Deb

      good point!!

  • Mary Jean in St Paul

    Shame on those who voted for this. The power of those singing “We Shall Overcome” outside the chamber was very appreciated by those in the chamber gallery who witnessed the sane, supportive remarks of legislators. Please send thank yous to legislators who stand lovingly with GLBT persons in Minnesota. We know the truth of our lived lives. We are not alone. We are loved. May we grow stronger together in the coming months. God is still speaking.

  • Deadserious

    What we need is separation of church and state. What we need to ban is any public display of religion. Religion is the root of most evil and strife in the world. And please note that all of our nation’s problems, aside from natural disasters, have been caused by politicians. And it’s time to diminish the budget crisis by taxing nonprofits.

    • Lnpiller

      Religion the root of most evil and strife in the world. Tell that to Martin Luther King Jr.
      You just don’t like the Christian religion because it does not endorse your behavior. Be thankful you don’t live in a country where their religion would have you killed in the street like a mad dog if your behavior became public. Wake up and appreciate the tolerance that has been shown to you. Changing a society to fit your desires will come with a lot of bumps and bruises and if you are a small minority requiring a majority to change may just be impossible.

      • Samsara

        I think you should move to such a country. You would be happier there, yes? I only want what’s best for you, after all.

      • Tatersalad

        Religion – What do you mean by Religion ?
        A “Religion” that is pure and idealistic and peaceful. Nut of course.
        Or, the “Religion” that strives to do good and be good.
        Or, here we have the “Religion” that tries to act as a “Lawmaker” for all.
        Then we got the “Religion” that talks about a “personal relationship with God”.
        And next we got a “Religion” that is based on hate on anger. And another based on race. But wait, there is more: A “Religion” that makes you blind to suffering of your fellowman. Sure, coming right up. Another “Religion” that takes some beliefs and then absurdly tries to apply scientific standards to those beliefs.
        Absoultely. Anything seems to be possible with “Religion”. Need more ideas?
        Sure “Meanspirited killers wrap themselves in the mantle of God” and by golly, they have got themselves a “government protected religion”. True? Yes, true.
        Truth is stranger than fiction. What else comes to mind? Yes, “Small minded tribal violence justified by a thin veneer of religion”. Sure. No problem.
        For the most part, the ideal religion does not exist. What does exist is a heavily abused and tortured set of ideas and standards. So, again, which “Religion” are you talking about ?

    • TheTruth

      You may want to be careful what you hope for… You could be on the streets tomorrow hoping one of them will help you. Non-profit means they do “not profit!

      If you do the research our country, the one you live in was based on Christianity. This has provided your freedom. I also do not think that our government banning gay marriage is going to stop people from being gay and it is not going to keep it from our children being exposed to it, so I say let them be, stop wasting time and money on it. Everyone will answer in the end…

      No one is required to live in the US. There are other countries…

      • MCullen NE

        Non profit it not a true term. They make money and churches suck money out of people and intimidate with their lies.

        • M

          Why can’t it be called something else than Marriage? So if I decide a frog is a snake we should change the definition of a snake to include a frog. Leave definitions alone. Why not call it a joining so than that will be universal. Why would you want it to be the same??
          If it was meant to be the same two men or two women could procreate. Lets look at the facts. Called Comman Sense not a lot of people around with it anymore.

          • Mike

            Not all men and women can procreate. Guess they shouldn’t be allowed to get married either.

          • Ivan

            Why does it have to be “something else than marriage”? Isn’t that the mess that is called Civil Unions, which don’t work either…”He is my Civil Partner” Has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it?

            • Mike

              They should just take away the term marriage and give everyone the title of “Civil Unions.”

    • Oh, that's brilliant

      “Religion is the root of most evil and strife in the world.”

    • Mr. M

      I hope this helps to clear the air on this topic. It’s important to know.

  • TheTruth

    Gay marriage is between the gay people and God. Let them decide for themselves. They, like the rest of us will have to answer in the end. Stop wasting time and money on this and let them do what they want.

    As long as everyone is talking about government spending and the economy:

    As far as the government creating jobs they do not do this. They do however affect our economy which dictates if a company can hire or not.

    During “good times” we still did not get many roads or bridges fixed. There was no raise in welfare. In fact I am pretty sure some of the programs were cut??? The non-profits have been helping people for years with behind home payments, rent, food, medical and utilities, not our government. Tuition help hasn’t had a raise. I could go on and on. Where did this money go? Now all of these programs are going to be cut. Government workers, teachers, welfare (for the middle class that has worked for years and are now struggling, not those that “continue to live off of it”), tuition, and again I could go on and on. In addition our taxes will go up again. Money goes to the top and stays there. It does not go to the struggling middle class that pays taxes and keeps businesses open by spending.

    I am tired of hearing about having mdical insurance is a Priveledge. Our government needs to get a handle on these insurance companies. If they would actually do that instead making more and more menial laws for the citizens our economy would be better off. It sure would be nice for all of us to get a bonus if we went bankrupt like those CEO’s did…

    Maybe the government should make a law that says anyone buying a home cannot exceed 30% of their income on this since people do not know how to regulate their own finances and our banks were too foolish to not say no to a loan that someone could not afford. Taking away first time homebuyer money and Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac is not going to stop the banks from doing something that foolish again. (Two months ago the Star Tribune reported that 41% of Minnesota homeowners were behind on their house payment.)

    Maybe our government needs someone that has had to be accountable for their money and pinch pennies to get the job done right. And it is not just one party, it is both. Do the research.

  • CJC

    And yes… I do expect to be called every name in the book for voicing my opinion in front of this group that inevitably spews hatred to anyone who has a different view than theirs.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Gay Marraige has been used by gay activists to bully religious institutions with gay lawsuit abuse and gay junk lawsuits.

    1st Amendment says religious freedom too, people have the right to live free from Judicial Activism too.

    Marraige Amendments don’t stop Civil Unions, so the media is inciting civil unrest by leaving that part out of their reporting.

    • Ivan

      ActuallyI believe you’re wrong, this would stop civil unions between same sex couples.

      • TheTruth

        It has not stopped our children or nation from being exposed to it yet… Isn’t that the whole point of it??? Or is it a control issue? Again, everyone answers in the end and if you are a true Christian the bible says not to judge. The bible also says we are all sinners.

        I say let it be and let God. We have much bigger issues that God has given us the freedom of choice to make.

      • chuck in st paul

        You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. This is about further mainstreaming a group of sad people with sexual/mental issues. We have modified the law and can do it some more to accomodate “gay” couples.

        This is about pushing in our faces.

      • M B

        Except that this is what the law is saying: That gays have no right to marry, even in a civil sense. There are two definitions of marriage, on religious and one legal. The state should not try to regulate religious marriage, yet religious interests are trying to regulate civil marriages.

        How exactly is that fair?

        • Annie

          Instead of working so hard to make marriage fit your needs, why don’t you work hard to create something that will give you what you want or need (legally, etc) without changing the definition of marriage? Why insist that marriage changes to fit you?

    • Laurie

      Victim Du Jour, what do you know about alternatives to marriage like civil unions or domestic partnerships? Ever have one? I doubt it. Otherwise you would know they offer our families, are generally not portable from one jurisdiction to the next, include none very few protections, and none of the
      1, 100+ Federal benefits and protections to families like mine, and generally are not recognized out side the U.S. Not cool. I know. My partner and I have such a limited alternative. If you’re so keen on sitting in the back of the bus, why don’t you downgrade your marriage to a civil union. They see how great it is.

      • Victim Du Jour

        Civil Unions fall under the same exact family codes and domestic partnership laws as Marraige in the State of California and in many States.

        As for “Sitting on the back of the Bus”, gays can’t put themselves in the same category as black people who experienced slavery and segregation, it’s not even close.

        • Mark

          Yeah, no. Civil unions are in no way equal. Ever try moving to another state with a civil union, go luck. Marriages are equally recognized throughout the country. No one ever questions whether you get to stay married when you move to another state.

          Marriage is the word we currently use for the most legally solid and recognized partnership you can get. Any civil union is a poor substitute and that is the idea, make sure that you keep gays from having the same rights. It needn’t be as bad as “as black people who experienced slavery and segregation” to be incredibly wrong. Or maybe it is your opinion that there is no such thing as abusing minority groups until you enslave them?

          • Victim Du Jour

            Heterosexual Couples can produce Organic Children so the word “Marraige” is a good way to distinguish that part. It’s a Natural fact displayed among many species of living creatures inhabiting the planet Earth.

            You are just trying to sell twinkles at a whole food store.

            • Ivan

              Odd…I thought all children are “organic”! Parenting isn’t about the gender of the parents, its about the individuals, and what kind of people they are. Opposite sex couples can raise great kids, so can single parents, and same sex couples!

      • Victim Du Jour

        My Parents got a Civil Union in Nevada during the 60’s and jumped through the same exact hoops as married Couples to get a divorce during the 70’s.

        It appears it might be easier to make a uniform Civil Union law for gay couples in all 50 States.

        Religious freedom and Liberty means gays are free to start their own places of worship and scouting clubs. Gay activists spend more time money and energy suing everyone, and the Marraige amendment is a response to junk lawsuit bullying.

  • Deadserious

    @Lnpiller — I happen to be married and straight. What’s clear to me is that the biggest threat to freedom and democracy is religion and religious fanatics like you who think they have the right to dictate what everyone else should and shouldn’t do. Maybe you should take the time to reflect on why you’re so threatened by gay marriage. I say live and let live. Do you think jesus would have a problem with that?

    • Michele

      Sara, references, please?

      • michele here is your ref.

        Romans chapter one
        doubt it not.

    • Carol

      Your the one that is disturbed

  • Bob L

    Minnesotans are not so narrow as to deny rights to a specific group of persons. I predict the gay marriage amendment gets voted down overwhelmingly. Those who sponsored this bill will look ridiculous!

    • Sara

      I highly doubt it. Why are all the queens afraid of letting the people decide?

      Don’t you accept majority rule?

      Why can’t I marry 10 wives?

      Why can’t my neighbor marry his dog? A dog is man’s best friend, after all.

      I laugh out loud when liberals use words such as “shame on you republicans”

      • Ivan

        Sara, none of those things are at issue here, stay on point…try to keep up

      • Alex V

        No, I don’t accept majority rule when it comes to the rights of a minority. If majority rule determined all of our rights, blacks still wouldn’t be able to use white bathrooms or drinking fountains in the South.

        • kim

          Alex is right, in a democracy the rights of the minorities are protected from the oppression of the majority.

      • Mark

        Majority rule on civil rights? On the rights of a specific minority group? Yeah, that’s a recipe for disaster.

        That is precisely the reason we have a supreme court, because you do not just get to hold a majority vote and grant or strip rights from anyone you choose. Our country is not one that embrace the idea of “a simple majority vote always wins”. This is why we require super majority votes, checks by the courts and veto’s by the executive branch. Otherwise you can get some rather insane stuff through the system.

        Indeed shame on you republicans, so being closed minded, backwards and hateful. Yes, it is hateful to oppose gay marriage. It is the act of hearing a group cry out for equal rights and saying to them, no, you do not deserve them. That is hate at it’s core, denying your fellow man the same rights you enjoy. There is no excuse, none. You cannot say it is out of love, because no one would force a person they loved to believe what they believed. Encourage, preach, sure, but to meld a religion into the law of the land… that is hate.

    • narrow Minnesotans Bob L

      most states, decent states support the male/female marriage def.
      Expect some loony judge/court to write law for the legislative branch
      and the people.
      God will repay.

  • JC

    You would never tell your friends/family who the can’t marry, so why would you tell complete strangers they can’t marry someone they love? Marriage can’t be defined into one simple definiton because, it is dfferent for everyone who enters into it.

    • Paul in Selby

      You are twisted!

      • Kate

        Twisted because thye are ok with letting 2 adults decide who they want to marry? How is it your business who 2 strangers want to marry. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person.

  • Michele

    Why on earth would you want government to dictate to churches on who they could marry, or anything else, for that matter? THINK, people!

    • Ivan

      Government isn’t dictating to churches, a church isn’t required for a marriage to be legal. Before shouting to people to THINK…try doing some of it yourself!

      • can't please some people

        I am sick and tired of people on here telling me that we are a democratic nation. ( We are a representative republic ). ANYWAY so the republicans want to put it to a vote ( VERY DEMOCRATIC ) and they get riped. what the hell do some of you people out there want !!!! ITS THE DEMOCRATIC WAY to put it to a vote

        • smb

          Yes, let the people vote. I would like to vote on the abortion bill the Republicans tried to force through. And the new gun laws they tried to push. Why don’t they let us vote on those? Maybe because they know they’d lose.

          I for one look forward to voting against this amendment and any republican who put it there.

    • smb

      Sorry Michelle but this has nothing to do with forcing churches to perform same sex marriages.
      No one forces catholic churches to marry non-catholic couples.

      And what about the churches that do want to allow gay marriages? Aren’t you taking away their religious freedoms?

  • will

    So many voted to “let the people vote” so little spoke about why it was so important!!! They sat there quietly as if no one would notice!!! Cowardly!! Its obvious they know they are in the wrong and history too will show where they stood like others before them who voted to take the rights away from minorities. . Shame on all of you who voted to spread this discrimination and violation of others civil liberties.

  • Carol

    And why does it bother you. Might be down deep you have a hidden secret

  • Ivan

    Same can be said for straight wackos like the Mormon Church which dumped a lot of money into Prop 8 in California. How much do you want to bet they won’t do that again here in MN?

  • Janet L.

    Why are so many afraid to let the public decide this once and for all. Isn’t that the way our government is set up? Majority rule? Why all the name calling? Funny how the Liberals always blame the GOP for everything and are constantly hollaring about job creation. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS UNLESS THEY ARE MORE GOVERNMENT JOBS PAID FOR BY THE ALREADY BROKE TAX PAYERS!

    All the hippie liberals should be required to go back to school and learn something about civics and economics.

    • Alex V

      Majority rule does not and should not apply when it comes to minority rights. If majority rule determined all of our rights, blacks still wouldn’t be able to use white bathrooms or drinking fountains in the South.

    • Bb

      Why do you feel that anyone should determine a fellow Americans rights based on their religious views and belief system. Keep religion out of government, keep it in the home and church where it belongs. Hippie liberals, that is laughable, are we back in the 60’s now, really grow up. We are not discussing job creation, this is about gay marriage. It is a sad day when in the USA we are voting on whether one group in our society will be denied their rights based on the prejudices and religious views of another. Sad day for this country in my opinion.

    • USS Atlantis

      If it was up to the majority there’s a lot of what we now call “civil rights” that would have been voted down

      Just because the majority votes for it, doesn’t make it right – and this will be the same thing – the people who vote “yes” for this are nothing more than religious bigots who would like nothing more than to create a Christian Theocracy here

      So much for “religion neutral” laws

    • Kim

      You should learn about a democratic government. A democracy protects the rights of the minorities. Hollering at others and insulting them is something you’re also doing.

  • thenn

    who cares let the gay go to hell

    • gc

      you will be judged

  • Bb

    I will vote “NO” on the gay marriage ban, religion has no place in government or politics. I will not deny a fellow American their rights based on one group in society that feels they have the right to dictate who has rights based on their own narrow minded, ignorant, arrogant religious views, that by the way not every American agree with. Keep religion in the home and church where it belongs.

  • Mike

    It is really unfair that a bunch of bigots are going to get to vote on the rights of others. There’s no doubt that it will pass here. Hatred will officially be written into the constitution. This really hurts and saddens me.

  • Laurie

    CJC, having a traditional view of marriage doesn’t make a person hateful, evil, or wrong but imposing this view in a manner which prohibits others with different views on this subject from marrying does make that person hateful, evil, and wrong.Keep your traditional marriage in your traditional church or house of worship but don’t limit civil marriage as it IS a civil right, albeit one that many people are denied.

  • Samsara

    What do you have against wackos?
    They call attention to relevant social issues; and then [eventually] society addresses them. Wackos are often the “leading edge” and have been around for a VERY long time. Have you been complaining about them your whole life? Aren’t you tired of complaining?

  • Sean

    I don’t know, Minnesota
    We’ve voted in pro wrestlers and comedians.
    Our track record as voters is pretty lousy. Maybe the only way to win is not to play.

    That said, I’m fortunate that my soul-mate has genitalia different from mine, because, based on the sample of MN voters in this forum, we’re impossibly stupid as a group.

  • Pert

    I do not think it inconceivable that any culture examine that large group of inconcevables, obviously the men before granting enmasse the same rights to all. In short, gays are exploding in numbers and I’d like an explanation of that aberration before opening the door to them to ever more rights..

    • Kate

      What makes you think they are exploding in numbers? Perhaps it is just they aren’t so quiet about it. They aren’t so afraid to admit it now that it isn’t so likely they’d be beaten and harassed.

      Lableing it an aberration shows how you feel about it. No wonder people would want to hide from you. They get tired of being judged for how they were born.

      • Mike

        Exactly. There have always been gay people, just as many as there is now, but they had to hide. We’re done hiding now.

  • Dave Campbell

    Makes me very sad to be a Minnesotan! We were the first to send troops to fight in the Civil War to abolish slavery. We are better than this! We can not let this amendment pass! Everyone is equal under my Gods eyes and it is not up to me to judge. I’ll leave that up to GOD!

    • Richard in Minneapolis

      Actually abolishing slavery was not the cause of the civil war. Lincoln specifically promised not to abolish slavery in an attempt to keep the ‘border’ states, who were wavering at the time on whether to secede or not, in the Union. (4 stayed)

      The Emancipation Declaration (1863) freed only those slaves living in areas not controlled by the Union. Slaves in Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, for example, which stayed with the Union, were still slaves.

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