ST. PAUL (WCCO) — St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman says a statewide booze tax could fund a Vikings stadium and solve future stadium issues. Coleman is proposing a 2-cent per drink tax that could raise $48 million a year.

“It not only finances the public’s investment in a Vikings stadium and treats the Vikings as a statewide asset, but it also provides a lot of opportunities for amateur sports facilities across the state of Minnesota,” Coleman said.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Mayor Chris Coleman, Part 1

Those opposed to the idea didn’t like funding a stadium on the amount of alcohol consumed by Minnesotans.

“We’re not encouraging anyone to drink or discouraging anyone to drink,” Coleman said. “Obviously, we want people to drink responsibly and behave. But the fact of the matter is the liquor industry, the bars and restaurants across Minnesota all benefit from having professional sports teams.”

Coleman is suggesting moving the Timberwolves out of the Target Center and into Xcel Energy Center. His proposal will also build a new Vikings stadium in Minneapolis.

“We got such a competitive situation between Target Center and the Xcel, we’ve got to have a better strategy in place,” said Coleman.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Mayor Chris Coleman, Part 2

Coleman said funding a new stadium shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of St. Paul residents alone, he says it’s a statewide issue.

“I think what I’m trying to suggest is that a half-cent sales tax fund a stadium at Arden Hills is not a good deal for the city or the residents of St. Paul,” said Coleman. “This is a statewide asset and it should be treated as such. It distributes the burden but it also distributes some of the benefits.”

Comments (17)
  1. taxed says:

    Isn’t there enough booze tax. Just tax those concerts.

  2. Oh, Normie, Normie says:

    Of course Normie isn’t trying to encourage drinking. He’s trying to show us he’s a nut!

    1. mpls sux says:

      Dumb ass. Its Chris Coleman.

    2. Say whaaaa? says:

      His close personal friends call him Normie.

  3. Victim Du Jour says:

    Next he’ll want to legalize Marijuana for taxes.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Why shouldn’t he? And prostitution too. Make them both legal, taxable, and regulated.

      Stop legislating personal decisions on how OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE.

  4. st paul says:

    From the size of his nose, you’d think he’d be all for it!

  5. Kully says:

    um…its not Norm…its Chris

  6. mpls sux says:

    How is there competition between the Xcel and Target Center – other than concerts?

    I mean really, the Timberwolves have always been horrible. They couldn’t sell 18000 tickets to a baskeball game. Their crowd attracts dirtball ghetto people.

    And frankly, I think concerts sound a lot better at the Xcel.

    Imposing tax increases, is like the increase and destruction of smokers.
    All those taxes on cigarettes, increase the cost of smoking, forcing people to quit, and leaving less tax money for the states… eventually it’s like a trend. You wanna tax liquor, the bars will increase their cost (and they are already ridiculous), and people will rather learn to go and buy their own cases/bottles for MUCH less.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      “Their crowd attracts dirtball ghetto people.”

      So, can I assume you haven’t been to a game?

      The crowd is not “dirtball ghetto people.”
      It’s about 95% white people, and many are the rich ones in suites and court-side seats.

  7. Anita Stadium says:

    Mark Dayton is not gonna like this..

    He loves the taxes, just not on his juice

    1. Anita Drink says:

      I’ll drink to that!!

  8. idiocracy says:

    I’m not saying I support ANY stadium proposal… I think I like the idea of drink taxing the most so far. It absolutely makes sense that bars profit from sports (the most?).

    But, St Paul? No. At least not unless it’s close to the Minneapolis border.

  9. Jasper says:

    Enough is enough! We have stadiums and concert venues…we do not need to waste any more money. The Vikings only play about 8 games a year at home. Why are we even considering spending hundreds of millions of $$. They pro-ball blackmail is nothing more than substitutes for billionaires

    1. StraycatStrut says:

      Jasper in need of education….. cuz the stadium raises hundreds and millions in tax revenue for the STATE of MN….. add it up over 30 some years…. thats why…. wake up from liberal slumber!!

      1. M B says:

        Apparently you can’t do math, yet LOVE to slam the liberals. Typical.
        The state of Minnesota made $428.6 Million in tax revenues on ALL sports from 1961 to 2009, according to the metro sports commission. So, that’s 48 years.

        428.6Million/48 years= $8.93 million a year for ALL pro sports in MN. Let’s be generous and give the vikes credit for 33 percent of that= 2.98 Million in taxes.

        Now, they want to build a 1 BILLION dollar stadium when they only bring the state 2.98 million a year? If all that revenue went into the 300 million Dayton pledged, it would take ONE HUNDRED YEARS to pay off. If the state has to pay an additional 100 million in infrastructure upgrades then it will take 134 years to pay off just using the revenue that the vikes bring in. The stadium will last 30 at best.

        Based on this, I have to ask, did we collectively get dropped on our heads at some point? There is NO way this comes out as a financial win for Minnesotans. Of course, despite being sticklers for slashing budgets, those that blame liberals for all their woes seldom look at themselves when they want to subsidize big business to their own personal benefit.

  10. thumbody says:

    48 million 2 cents at a time? How does that work that means all 5 million residents of Minnesota men, women and children would have to consume 4 alcoholic drinks per day! Whats this guy smoking?

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