OSAKIS, Minn. (WCCO) — Police made an arrest in the case of a 51-year-old murdered after discovering intruders inside her home.

Police arrested 52-year-old Jeffery Allen Brooks, of Alexandria, Minn., at noon Friday in connection with the murder of Diane Fortenberry.

Brooks is being held at the Todd County Detention Center and will be arraigned next week on charges of second degree murder.

Police are not saying how they found Brooks, but it is known that he was arrested near the Alexandria library.

“We’ve really exhausted a lot of time and a lot of energy into this, so we are very relieved, very relieved for the family,” said Todd County Sheriff Pete Mikkelson.

Fortenberry was killed a week ago when she came home during lunch to let the dog outside.

She discovered a burglary in progress at her home on County Road 10 and East Whitetail Drive near Lake Osakis.

Sheriff Peter Mikkelson said Fortenberry’s son came home later that afternoon and found his mother and called 911. She was pronounced dead at the Long Prairie Hospital.

The medical examiner said Fortenberry died of blunt force trauma. It was Todd County’s first homicide in five years.

Police said a 32-inch flat-screen TV, a jewelry box containing a large amount of black hills gold jewelry, a lap top computer, collector bill and coins, and other electronic were stolen from the house.

The week-long investigation has 15 to 20 people working on it 24 hours a day.

Comments (48)
  1. Dave says:

    if guilty, hang the sob!!

  2. NO says:

    sorry dave we cant do that life is the only way. some lesson are only learn when its made, i hope you understand that killing him only help him let him live with it

    1. madashell says:

      yes we can and we should! Save another family from this tragedy – get rid of these vermin one by one!

      1. Donna Reiser says:

        Torture and dismember them in the public square and send the message that others doing the same will be next.

        1. terry says:

          There’s the proper christian charm in action right there!
          How are you better than the PLO exactly?

  3. DEW Lars says:

    Still believe the death sentence would be the BEST deterrant—-SORRY “NO”

  4. SAD says:

    must need money to get high no person in the right mind would do this stop the drugs coming into the state to end all this nonsense


    Your all idiots, I think he should die, I think life in prison is better for him. Cmon why are you even wasting your time writting about him or anything. Get a life and get off your damn computer

    1. :) says:

      *You’re all idiots. Just saying.

  6. Nothing says:

    way its not going to help killing him so he can get off easy u must be crazy its stupid to kill him that what he want now he don’t want to do life i know i would rather die then live the rest of my life as nothing.

  7. i know every thing says:

    funny for someone that smart look were you are at no life write on this page you make me L.O.L. hehehe

  8. ROB says:


  9. Doug says:

    Give him a bunk with the guy who murdered the woman and her kids in Long Prairie several years ago……let them rot together

  10. Kevin says:

    Hello Alexandria…….how is that whole “diversity” thing going for you?????

  11. Richard Head says:

    Diversity has many benefits to reap. So many good things come out of it….as long as you’re not caucasian!

  12. whitey says:

    Now if we could only get the police to work this hard on solving the murders of african/americans.

    1. ?? says:

      Has there been a lot of murders of african/americans in Alexandria or Osakis?

    2. Ven says:

      I feel so sorry for you when you are standing before our Lord who will replay this for you over and over and over and over

    3. Donna Reiser says:

      When a murderer kills another murderer, it is a good thing. This was a defenseless woman who was targeted solely for her race.

      1. Jason Stilwell says:

        I don’t think that race or color has a damn thing to do with it. What the hell is wrong with people the color of someones skin means nothing. I moved up North about four years ago now and I really just don’t get it. (RACISM) Really!! Have you ever sat down with a Black family and laughed so hard that you almost pee your pants, or learned some traditions from a Native American it’s beautiful, worked next to a Mexican or an Amish man now that’s work, felt the energy at a busy Oriental market wow that’s real, I mean really people Blacks aren’t all gangsters, Natives aren’t all drunks, Mexicans aren’t all illegals, Amish aren’t all inbred freaks, Oriental people aren’t all dirty diseased carriers, and Muslims do you really think all of them hate Americans. NO they don’t tear down the walls in your head snap out of it and wake up. Remember this (We All Bleed Red) if your so concerned with color.

        1. Jason Stilwell says:

          oh I’m White and I’m not to sure if I’m proud of that at times

          1. @jason says:

            I hate that you’re white

        2. Jason says:

          Good for you. Im so proud…..

        3. Donna Reiser says:

          Yes, she was targeted for being white and the reverse racist notion that all whites are rich. If it wasn’t racially motivated, he would have robbed and murdered a black woman. But his anti-white hate stopped him from doing that. If they can’t use and abuse a white woman as a partner, they would rather sexually-assault, rob, and kill them rather than let them exist in peace in their own culture. And I can’t believe you as a white person would betray your own culture and take up for your born enemies at the expense of your own. Whites are supposed to take up for whites first, just like Blacks are supposed to take up for blacks first. So please work on your self-hate.

    4. Katie Burgess Danielson says:

      Why is this instantly a race issue? This is about the police working hard to solve a crime about an innocent person entering her home to be murdered. This wasn’t a race issue. The brutality of it was a catalyst. To make this a race issue is ignorant. Would you want the police to work hard on a case if your mother/spouse was murdered?

  13. Jrff says:

    Work camp with no pay, long hours in the field, limited food and water, and a daily beatin or two

  14. Sandra says:

    Don’t forget the chains

  15. Jeff says:

    I guess the Todd County police must be racist and only arrested him because of the color of his skin. Remember, here in Minnesota, only white people commit crimes and abuse the Welfare system!!!!

  16. Ronald McDonald says:


  17. Jeff says:

    err…..I meant Douglas County

  18. whitey says:

    @ factdealer out think is two words not one. lets hope that you are not home schooling oops i mean trailer schooling your six year old

    1. @whitey says:

      I can live with 1 error typing fast, at least my sentence is readable, isn’t filled with words out of order that don’t come close to forming a sentence. I live in suburbia my life is white and happy, until section 8 slithers its way to my town someday.

  19. waste management says:

    we should give him a job as a garbage man for the local trailer park. seems like hes good at taking out trash

  20. Ven says:

    like your mother isn’t?

    1. Ven says:

      LOL – so ‘yo mama’ jokes get to you – you have much to learn. I tell you what, when i find that bus I’ll let you know

  21. ak chapter40 verse7 says:

    Jihad on the whiteman. 40 virgins and a 40oz in paradise

  22. thug4life says:

    Factdealer out spell is not a word. its two thats another mistake. in fact your are a mistake

    1. ?? says:

      i believe outspell is a word Thug? it says it is when i look it up

      1. @?? says:

        No it’s not, but thug really isn’t a real word either so go figure

  23. Jeff says:

    Well, if you think about it……they caught him in Alexandria……there were no witnesses to whether he did it or not….but they caught him and arrested him anyway. What this means to me is that the police found his DNA in the residence, and then traced it back to him. What this means is that he has prior criminal convictions…..if you have never been arrested before, the police have no record of your DNA. So this is basically a “thug” was has committed crimes against society before.

    So I say this:

    Lynch him.

  24. fred says:

    if convicted, he`ll probably serve maybe ten years. ten years of eating, sleeping, lifting weights, and watching television. then, it`s back to the streets, to pick up were he left off.

  25. steve says:

    dealth penalty is not a detternt,but should be used anyway

    1. jeff says:

      welfare doesn’t create jobs, but we should pay for it anyway.

  26. Donna Reiser says:

    One fine outstanding example of a white man!

  27. jeff says:

    i truly believe that criminals like this should not be put to death…..when it comes to them i am all for the “mengele” way of doing things. if you do something like murder (a inhumane act) you give up any and all rights afforded to human beings in general. it is nothing but a complete waste to just outright kill them. if we are going to kill them why not force them to give back to our society through means of medical experiments. would that torturous way of evening the scales be more of a deterrent than just death? or life?……..”okay sir reach into the bag and pull out a ticket………(pause)…….ohhhhh wow, looks like you get to be infected with h.i.v…………ooooooooohhh that’s a good one…..the tests are just excruciating………ENJOY!!!”

  28. We says:

    Light him up and watch him burn like a human candle!

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