ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Some state rules remain lifted to help north Minneapolis disaster relief after a state panel extended an emergency for a deadly tornado touchdown.

The Executive Council headed by Gov. Mark Dayton voted Friday to extend the emergency for 30 days. Dayton declared the emergency earlier this week.

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Kris Eide says the damage to public infrastructure including a water plant will total at least $16 million.

Dayton says he expects damage to private property to be many times that number.

The governor is preparing to ask President Barack Obama for federal disaster aid when officials finish assessing the damage.

The tornado ripped through north Minneapolis last Sunday, killing two and injuring dozens. The funnel followed a path from Golden Valley to Blaine.

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Comments (29)
  1. Hard Working Homeowner says:

    For your information, there are hard working families in that area, and my family is one of them! People own homes, and are greatly affected by the tornado. If it was not for my neighbors, the tree would still be on my house! Your ignorance just shows how uninformed you are, and before posting comments like this, you should get in your car, and go see the devastation people are experiencing!

    1. st paul says:

      I did.
      I’m not referring to all of the people!

      But a lot!

      BTW, the benefit concert by Soul Asylum – LMAO They haven’t had a hit since 94. And Pirner is washed up man. He couldn’t carry a note if his life depended on it!
      Oh I am sure they’ll draw, what, 2000 people.

      1. Petra says:

        Lazy wellfare people huh? The northside was hit by devastation. If you dont care and just have negative comments to say maybe you should just stay in St. Paul. You have posted some very immature comments. Didnt your miother teach you if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all?

      2. Real says:

        To: st paul
        I’m glad that you really care about all of the Pop Culture trends. Maybe you would approve of a benefit if all of the “American Idol” contestants performed. My guess is that you watched most of the tornado coverage on “FOX News” and were able to discern the demographics as the “Others” (NOT Republican voters, Lazys, i.e. anything different than your “superior” group).

        1. st paul says:

          Uh. No I lived there. I know what the area is. Apparently you don’t.

          American Idol is a joke btw.

          1. Real says:

            Oh, I know; I used to work in that area and my parents lived there for many years (where we still have family and friends). However, there are lazy people and those on welfare everywhere. I have friends whom have desk jobs that are lazy, NOT on welfare, and very conservative. Then there is the other spectrum: a family member is relying on welfare between his two replacement jobs for the “big one” he lost.

            1. me again says:

              Liberals flipping political cards…

              Yeah, well donate your money if you are gonna complain to me. I’ll enjoy my money the way I work and earn it, and SELFISHLY spoil myself because I deserve it. If it makes you feel good to help out – then do it.

              I wouldn’t expect anybody else to help me if it was my problem. I was raised to learn to take care of myself, and not expect anything from anyone. PERIOD.

              1. Real says:

                Thank God that you might some day “eat” those words! But the irony is that some of us posting here today (despite your “brass”) will probably come to your rescue!

            2. Real says:

              When it comes to these types of disasters, it seems that the true conservatives (NMP’s: “Not my problem”) come out of the woodwork. Please do not reference from the Old Testament condemnation to relate to your selfish uninvolved desires. To be a Christian is to be “Christ-like” and follow his ever-giving, fellowship-orientating, and forgiving footsteps which brought us into the now “New Testament”!

              1. non sense says:

                I don’t believe in that nonsense either. Cram your religious garbage somewhere else.

                1. Real says:

                  I have the freedom to cram anything here just as much as you have the freedom to cram your selfishness here!

      3. Me says:

        Hey “One-upper”! Where are you?

  2. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Excuse me, but tornadoes and severe thunderstorms do not discriminate. Our family was made homeless in Tulsa, OK when a severe windstorm hit our mobile home. We discovered it had no tie-downs and was condemned. We were church-going, Bible school educated working families of toddlers and we were in the Tulsa County shelter with other people. Doctors and nurses who worked in that hospital in Joplin, MO have lost their homes, too. People in North Mpls. have worked for years to buy their homes which are now un-inhabitable and others are renters who have to find new places to live. You ignorant people who put down the people in North Mpls, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and sent money to the Red Cross or Salvation Army.

    1. common sense says:

      If I lived on a flat plain, and I was buying a mobile home, I would have defininately made sure it was secure. Thats just plain stupid!

      It’s so common for 50-70 mph winds…. windstorms would only be worse.

      If it was my neighborhood that was hit, do you think some of those people in North would give money? No.

      1. Me says:

        Hey “One-upper”! Where are you?

  3. Minnesotan says:

    Dayton: We must tax the riches and they position manufacturing facilities offshore so the jobs. Humm…that’s Bush’s fault and Obama will lead the blame game…SIC!

    Obama: I and Democrats are drug the American people to the max so they’ll depend on government as much as possible. Seem to work verywell. Job well done.

    American people: Unemployment rate is still high after 21/2 years. Foreclosure is still in a dangerous zone. Gas is lower when less money to spend and higher when job is picked up. Companies hardly hire fulltime but lot offshores but…We will vote Obama and Democrats anyway. That’s the change we need

    for me? I call it stupid and braindead

    1. Jim says:

      “I call it stupid and braindead”

      I agree. From what little sense I could make of your poorly written and spelled post, I would also call it “stupid and braindead.”

      1. Chinses says:

        ‘I agree’. said it all! that’s gud yeah? 12+ millions illegal alien poorly written make big news too. what left for you Jim?

        1. Jim says:

          Chinses, can you try that again in English? I have no idea what you wrote there.

    2. Say What says:

      WTH!! I think my brain just died trying to figure out WTH you are trying to say…

  4. mpls sux says:

    Label the town GARY, minnesota.

    1. Me says:

      Brooklyn Center is Gary!

  5. Joplin is better says:

    I’ll donate to Joplin. I wouldn’t help Minneapolis.

    1. Me says:

      Joplin has just as many or more people on welfare; did you see most of the victims?

  6. Hard Working Homeowner says:

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  7. R.C CASS says:


    1. Guy says:

      If you filled out the aid request like you did this post; they probably couldn’t understand what you said. LEARN how to use grammer and punctuation. (Oh and btw. – learn how to disengage the caps-lock key, too).

  8. Human Bean says:

    I don’t care what the perceived deal is! These PEOPLE had a very traumatic experience they are not soon to forget. My prayers are for No. Mpls and Joplin and everywhere else people are experiencing loss, devastation and pain.
    Our fellow humans deserve that at least. If I had money I’d give it. If I was anywhere near I would help however I could. All I can do is pray and say something not mean in the post…….

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