By Mike Max, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The NBA is looking for talent and an Orono High School basketball star is hoping to prove that he can play at a professional level.

John Leuer was a basketball powerhouse at both Orono High School and the University of Wisconsin: Madison. He was in Minneapolis this week, trying to impress possible employers at an NBA workout.

“I want to show them that I am a hard worker, a tough kid,” Leuer said.

At the workout, the audience appeared more impressive than the players, considering it featured an array of NBA coaches and included one Larry Bird.

“Those guys are legends,” Leuer said. “You have to block all that stuff out and focus on your game.”

Leuer came into the workout with a history as a player who continually got better as he played. Toward the end of his time with Wisconsin, Leuer was a mainstay at the Big 10.

The players he competes against say he is a force to reckon with.

“Oh, he’s good,” said Jetwan Moore, who played against Leuer when he was at Wisconsin. “He’s definitely got some game.”

Leuer says that much of his success with basketball can be attributed to his coaches, especially Wisconsin coach Bill Ryan.

“He really developed my game a lot for me,” Leuer said. “I couldn’t have played for a better coach.”

There is a chance that Leuer might play for the Timberwolves, but he says he is looking for the team that fits him best.

“That’s all speculation at this point,” he said. “Obviously being from Minnesota, I grew up watching the Wovles … so it could be cool to play for the Wolves.”

According the Timberwolves’ assistant general manager Tony Ronzone, Leuer did “real well” at the workout.


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