By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Twin Cities branch of the Salvation Army has set a goal of $1 million to help victims of the north Minneapolis tornado.

“Well, we’re hoping we get some help from corporations because, you know what, people have already really stepped up to the plate. We have raised and given away $121,000,” said Annette Bauer, Salvation Army spokeswoman.

Bauer said it’s one of the biggest challenges they’ve faced in recent times. There’s been a significant distribution of help in the past few days.

“We’ve given away $47,000 worth of gift cards to our stores, $20,000 worth of department stores gift cards and 45,000 pounds of food,” said Bauer.

A group called “Kids To The Rescue” set up red Salvation Army kettles at the Friday night Minnesota Twins game and collected $3,000.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

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  1. Crystal Charley says:

    $,3000.00 collected to help people hammered in a major disaster. There were what, 30,000 people at the game? Let me think this through. That is 10 cents per person from people who can afford the cost of a major league game.

    Minnesota Nice? Is it because the money is going to North Minneapolis? They spent all their money on beer and brats? The crowd could not dig a little deep to help the unfortunate?

    Not something to be proud of, Minnesota

    1. dfcash55 says:

      Really…you’re chastizing people for not giving more when they can afford a small luxury? Seems to me that you must be paying around double what a baseball game costs each month for internet and I’m guessing more for cable TV. How much have you given? Bet it could be more.

      The problem with asking anyone who has money to spend on a luxury to give it to someone in more need is that there is always some need that is more urgent or dire than ours. With your philosophy we would all be living in shacks eating rice and giving every cent we have to someone with less. In this economy you can be that there were a lot of people at that game who scrimped and saved to be there. You should get off you high horse and stop condemning people for enjoying themselves.

  2. Deckhand says:

    After working the post storm damage on my company equipment Starting about 30 minutes after the storm hit and, seeing how the people in north acted then and in the following days I don’t have any plans to donate to them. Can someone answer why people needed food supplies in the hours after the storm? ( besides entitled greed?) I bet that case of macaroni and cheese you “needed: will do you well when, the gas and power are out.

    1. dfcash55 says:

      I agree…I volunteered after the storm and was apalled to see how not self-sufficient so many able bodied people are. So many of those people seem to be entirely content to sit there until the gov’t or someone else comes to take care of every need. For crying out loud there are grocery stores a short bus ride or drive away from every area of north mpls. Selfish, lazy, pathetic.

      So few houses were damaged to the point that food and clothes would have been blown out, there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for the level of need we are seeing. Anything for a handout I guess.

  3. hndymn39 says:

    You have to understand. Society has created this problem. After years and generations of having everything done for you and most everything provided, it is diffficult to understand the concept of self-sufficientcy. People in that never ending cycle of welfare thinking feel that help from others is their right.

  4. Crystal Charley says:

    I volunteer with more than one organization, including The Salvation Army. Most of these organizations are very careful with donated money. The point about the Twins game is that the fans are screaming for society to give their team a new stadium (corporate welfare) housing a billionare owner and millionare employees but they can not give a dollar or two for the less fortunate. Please remember too that people are in shock after the tornado and if they had a lot of money they would probably not be living in north Mpls. Many are living paycheck to paycheck with no money saved so what do they do?

    The above comments sound like good conservatives that have a pretty good life so they can not relate to the less fortunate. I hope they do not claim to be good Christians (I do not claim to be one myself) as they have forgotten what it is to be a good Christian.

    Incidentally, how do they get out of the “welfare: state of mind” if they do not know how to do it and have no way of learning? If you were raised in an atmosphere of self sufficientcy, you know what to do and had role models.. Many would like to get a different way of life but it is hard to do, particularly if you do not have a good job/education and the programs to help them are being cut back. Perhaps just eliminate all programs and let them die on the street?

    1. SorryCharley says:

      Life is what you make it, there are countless stories of people rising from the ghetto and becoming a huge success. Why when i go to 1 of my 20 games this season should i donate another dime, i made good decisions in life most of these people havn’t, My taxes do a great deal to support these people 365 days a year, To bad there paycheck to paycheck living is mostly gov. assistance paycheck living. Your foolish outlook Charley makes me positive i’ will not give.

    2. AlsoCharley says:

      Oh and by the way my parents had 5 children and stuggled everyday to make the bills, but that didn’t mean i had to lay around and make excuses for my low income family. Its called motivation i’d gladly donate some motivation to these people.

  5. Jason says:

    You dont role models to live a self sufficient life. You need to be told no once in awhile. I live n side so I see first hand the welfare state of mind. Two words sum it up/ entitled greed. People on ebt eat better than my family. Yes, eliminate most programs. Tough love.

  6. Jay says:

    As a volunteer at another cities crisis, I saw some people that didnt want help trying to salvage any of their household goods. They said dont worry about it, it will all be replaced. I was stunned, these people standing there wilth only the clothes on their backs, and not worrying about salvaging even a few items of clothing! They were right! Semi loads of clothing, diapers, toiletries, you name it, began to arrive the same day. One organization went house to house, (at least what once resembled a home)asked for clothing and shoe sizes of each family member. Believe it or not, they returned with Brand New, name brand complete sets of clothing to fit each family member in need. Others, handed out $500 gift cards to do their own shopping for the family besides! Other organizations/businesses sent in semi loads of building materials, everything needed to construct a home or replace a garage. We saw abuse all along the way with MANY people not affected by the storm coming in, filling up trucks and trailers with supplies, then many having the guts to return trip after trip for more. It wasnt just those that were low income that were waiting for help, there were a good many with good paying jobs waiting, helping themselves to whatever was available for free,whether they experienced a loss or not!! Be a volunteer once, it will shock the socks off you!

  7. Angus says:

    There are always greedy people who are thieves and will take advantage of people. Part of this problem is the donors who do not check the victim’s storys. I happen to know The Salvation Army has professional social workers who are not naive and are careful about handing out money. Also, there are many victims who accept the minimum if any goods.
    Do not paint everyone with the same brush. Ask yourself, is there some racism in your statements? There are many minorities in north Mpls and I have heard too many comments about blacks, Somalias, Asian, etc. We all have prejudice in us, just accept it and work through it.

    There are many people who take clothing which are rags which should be in the dump, donate the rags, then take a healthy write off on their tax return. Also, junk such as paint, chemical items such as cleaners, and other items which can not be used. However, the value is high when they are filing their 1040. So who is the bigger crook?

    Note: I have been a volunter at many different disasters and have seen/heard many stories. These people have gone through a very grim ordeal and it will haunt them for many a year. Do not be too quick to condemn.

    1. Jason says:

      @ angus no one broght up race. YOU brought race into this. Why do YOUfeel the need to do this. YOU are the problem. Can YOU stay on topic.

    2. factdealer says:

      difference is they work

  8. Angus says:

    My point was that there is much racial profiling in this community, as in all communities and I just asked if that was what you were doing. Why do we hear of someone getting out of the getto? Because it is rare but it makes a good alibi for everyone not getting out. “Joe got out, you can too.” Just like man bites dog. Your parents struggled to raise 5 children – they are good role models and taught you what you should do. Many of these people in poor areas do not have that benefit. Single parents, working one or two jobs, frequently part time, no benefits. Tough to raise children, and many times when they had children their situation was much better. It is also tough to be 10 years old and no one to guide you and tell you what to do and to set limits. Go see how many of these young people are living, probably would scare you.

    Do you think the schools in north Mpls are equal to Edina’s or North Oaks? Without a good education it is very hard to be sucessful. However, if society makes broad generalizations, i.e. they are lazy, dumb, don’t care, what do you expect from a (whatever generalization you want), society has no responsibility for their own citizens and they can go back to whatever they are doing. It is called closing your eyes to the problem.

  9. @angus says:

    ok Angus i will donate 50% of every chk to them, you bring up Edina and N oaks, as i said my parents were poor where does n.o. and edina matter

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