3 Rescued From Sinking Boat On Big Marine Lake

STILLWATER, Minn. (WCCO) — Three people were rescued late Saturday night after the boat they were traveling in started sinking.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call shortly after midnight, stating they could hear people yelling for help on Big Marine Lake.

Deputies responded to the North DNR access and to the Washington County Patrol boat on the south end of the lake. Additional units were dispatched after reports surfaced that three people were in a sinking boat and no one was accounted for.

A Scandia Rescue member, who lives on the lake, responded with his wife in their personal boat and were able to successfully rescue the owner of the boat and two passengers, who swam to the west side of the bay.

Washington County deputies located the partially submerged boat. The driver of the boat was arrested for suspicion of operating while intoxicated. The two passengers were treated and released at the scene.

The cause of why the boat started sinking is under investigation.

  • justaxnspend

    Probably so drunk he forgot to put the plug in.
    Darwin had this theroy………….

  • joe joe

    yep that is what that area is best known for!

    • HUH!?!

      what are you talking about???

  • Greg Laden

    Of course, we don’t really know what actually happened and must await a full investigation etc. etc.

    But this is the time of year when many boats sink or nearly sink because someone forgot to put the plug in. Usually goes unreported but often makes a fine story to tell while cooking the brats on the weber.

  • http://vugvee.wordpress.com vugvee

    Wow thats pretty crazy when you think about it.


  • patty

    Drinking and operating a boat leaves the passengers at risk.

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  • Barney

    “…reports surfaced that three people were in a sinking boat and no one was accounted for.” – Does that mean that they have never been found? All three are missing, drowned or raptured?

  • trl the alligator

    the neighbor kid drilled 3 one inch holes in the bottom of the boat right about in the middle where one couldn’t see unless they looked for it.

  • Jake

    I think that they either hit a mine or got torpedoed…

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  • hotguy4

    you all are so stupid

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