New Wis. Dog Sellers Law Takes Effect Wednesday

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A new law for dog sellers, rescuers and shelters takes effect Wednesday.

The law will require breeders who sell 25 or more dogs a year from more than three litters to apply for a license.

It also requires licenses for animal-control facilities that contract with municipalities or counties, and for non-profit groups that shelter at least 25 dogs a year. Those include humane societies, rescue groups and other animal shelter and welfare groups.

Legislators who supported the law say it was important because hundreds of responsible breeders in Wisconsin were losing business to breeders who didn’t care for their animals and just wanted to turn a quick profit.

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  • Reasonable

    While this is a good thing on one hand that will hopefully decrease the unwanted pet population, it also shows you what “no new taxes” means. Sure, no new taxes, but “fees and licenses” are something else entirely…

  • Good Ol Boy

    I don’t think this was designed to collect fees. Not many breeders of any integrity will be affected by this. It’s designed to stop animal cruelty, not fund some multi million dollar project or decrease unwanted pet population, although the latter will be a positive side-effect.

  • Mike

    Just outlaw all breeders. There is way to much animal over population as it is. If you need a pet goto one of the shelters and give one a good home. Do not support the breeders.

  • Good Ol Boy

    Mike, I don’t think you thought that through very far. That is not a feasible solution to the problem. To be honest, I can’t believe you even posted that.

  • against breeding

    I agree with Mike, way too many Dogs/Cats are put down each day, and if someone looking for a pet would adopt and we could stop breeding, we could decrease the number of animals put to death each day

  • Good Ol Boy

    So you actually think a law banning you from breeding your dog would actually stop people from doing it.

    I find that an amazingly naive viewpoint with no roots in reality whatsoever.

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