Minn. GOP Still Owes Counties For 2010 Recount

WINONA, Minn. (AP) — At least three Minnesota counties say they’re still waiting for the state Republican party to reimburse them for recount-related costs from about six months ago. Party officials are asking for patience.

Fillmore, Houston and Winona counties have sent multiple inquiries to GOP headquarters in St. Paul. They’re seeking a combined $3,000 for staff time and copy costs related to election documents from last year’s governor’s race.

Sue Rivers is Winona County’s auditor and treasurer. She tells the Winona Daily News the county did the work and expects to be paid.

State Republican party chair Tony Sutton says everyone will get paid. He says the state party has been hampered by about $500,000 in debt related to the election, and party officials are slowly settling debts with about two dozen counties.

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  • Sue

    No wonder they can’t balance the budget they can’t even balance their own budget.

  • Jack Hoff

    GOP = dirty filth.

  • Kyle

    And yet they can somehow afford to fly about the state in a chartered private plane to talk about fiscal responsibility. Class acts, the lot of ’em.

  • Vern

    This is the party of no freeloaders and personal responsibility. I guess that would be do as I say not as I do.

  • Wow

    Wow, and they are supposed to be more fiscally responsible than democrats. No thanks. I hope this gets plastered all over the news.

  • Johnson

    Pay your freekin bills you lazy good for nothing republicans!


  • richard

    I was going to offer my two cents but feel it’s unnecessary. The comments above say what needed to be sais.

    • Broken Train

      Your two cents is more than the repubs have given to these counties who tried to do the right thing by making sure every person’s vote was counted.

  • Reasonable

    They can’t pay it off because they’ve already given the money to “Marriage Minnesota” so they can make sure that the gays can’t share health insurance. Because that’s good for the economy, which creates jobs which creates more taxes which means we can tax less but get more. Or something. I don’t know. It’s really hard to follow failed logic to a conclusion.

  • v

    What? Republican hypocrites? Knock me over with a feather.

  • Tom

    I agree with all of the above!

  • wowreally

    are they waiting for it to be forgiven?!

  • Swamp Rat

    As stated previously: “No wonder they can’t balance the [state’s] budget. They can’t balance their own.”! Enough said!!!

  • Up the volume

    I am very unimpressed with both parties in Minnesota right now. I am sure I will be attacked for this comment too.

    • I agree

      Both parties need to take the blame

      • WHAT?????

        I agree
        Just asking here but why would the Dems be to blame that the GOP has not paid the bills they owe? This makes no sense to me and I would really like to know what you are talking about and how you came to that conclusion. It states nothing about the Dems being in debt or that they had anything to do with this so what is your comment based on? Up the Vol was just stating that they do not like either party, not that they both owe money so I fail to see your logic.

  • Carl

    Maybe the GOP should drop the extreme social agenda and do their jobs.

  • Curt

    So Tony Sutton, not paying your bills is OK if it suits you huh? Mr. Sutton is the puppet master behind all the ideas of the state republican party. Pulling the strings to take food stamps and health care away from middle class, poor and elderly Minnesotans. Refusing to allow the republican party to compromise with the Governor on the budget. And continuing to support tax breaks for the richest 1% of Minnesotans. It puzzles me how this man, who holds no state office, and was not elected by the general population of Minnesota, can have so much power and influence over the lives of everyone in the state. Come on Tony…..pay your bills. So….after your rants about voter fraud, none was actually found, and now you refuse to pay for disproving your false claims. You sir, should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Repo Man

    Add to this the millions of dollars (57? 71?) that Republican Deadbeat of a Governor in Wisconsin still owes Minnesota and you get even a better picture of the hypocrisy.

  • TJ

    $3,000.00 and all you socialists are up in arms…. They have $500,000.00 in debt AND THEY’RE PAYING IT BACK! Just not fast enough for the liberal SPIN MACHINE that’s all.

    • Swamp Rat

      Kool off friend! The MN Republicans don’t practice what they preach about fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets. They should cut-slash-&-burn the “frivolous” pork out of their budget like they are trying to do with the state’s budget. Let’s see if their budget philosophies work then. And, by the way TJ, what I just commented is no spin not plain common sense fact of doing politics!!!

    • v

      Socialists?…. Liberal Spin Machine?
      Hilarious. TJ, put down the Kool-Aid.

    • DJ

      TJ – I bet you would have a different perspective if it were the dems not paying these bills. It’s about practicing what you preach

  • Jason

    So they are paying just not fast enough?

    • Jason

      Better than not paying at all.

      • Vern

        Sadly no matter how many posts there are there will be people who will still not see that when you preach fiscal responsibility you need to practice what you preach. The dollar amount does not matter, is the action. It is the public that they took from, not supporters.

      • WHAT?????

        Jason and TJ
        You can say “they are paying” as much as you want. It has been how long from the last election and it is not paid? Talk all you want about how it is only $3,000 as well. If it was ONLY $3,000 why is it not PAID? Blind leading the blind and they still will buy the books and pretend they can read.

  • The Advocate's Devil

    So the GOP has more of an issue with gays marrying, than politicians paying their bills? Interesting.

  • Guy

    Simple – those counties that are owed money don’t allow anyone to be on the ballot as “GOP” until the bill is paid. If it isn’t paid by ballot printing date; too bad so sad.

  • wondering

    Living within your means??????

  • Very nice.

    I’m betting the GOP wouldn’t have paid even if their recount had proven them to be right because I’m pretty sure at that point the bill would have been forwarded on to whomever the GOP decided was to blame for the error.

    Wow, that was a mouthful.

  • Citizen

    Send the GOP party and Tony Sutton to collections and court. Any business owed this money for this long would have already sent the GOP to collections. Next election, make the GOP pay in advance! Problem solved. No money, no recount. Sad and pathetic political party.

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