Charges: Man Robbed Bank To Make Rent

HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A 37-year-old West St. Paul man is accused of robbing a West St. Paul bank so he could pay his rent, according to charges filed Thursday in Dakota County District Court.

Lewis Ross was charged with second-degree aggravated robbery in connection with the incident, which happened on Tuesday.

According to a criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to a TCF Bank located off Robert Street in West St. Paul on a report of a holdup alarm. When they arrived, a bank teller told police that a man entered the bank that morning and told the teller he had a gun and demanded money.

The teller gave the man $200. The man was seen running through nearby property after the robbery and eventually into a store bathroom. Police traced Ross to an apartment building, and authorities showed the building owner his picture.

The building owner gave police Ross’s apartment number. Police knocked on his door, he answered it and they arrested him without incident. When asked about the robbery, Ross told police that his landlord said he needed to come up with rent money that day or he would be evicted.

If convicted, Ross faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and/or $30,000.

  • herman

    Sounds like his rent could be paid for awhile with 3 square meals included

    • whatever

      and we get to pay for it all because he need a job to pay his rent. so get ready for more desparate people after all the cuts they are doing

  • allen

    Another example of the 90% of crimes committed by blacks. Why is this? Wonder if he ever considered getting a job so he could pay rent? Now he’ll get about ten years in the can and we have to pay for it. Great.

    • Someone who finds good in all people

      This sounded a little raciest, did you ever consider that there are no jobs out there and especially for the minorties to find work is even harder. when our unemployment is high!

      • Bozo

        fast food restaurants are always hiring. There are plenty of businesses on Robert St to find a job.

      • factdealer

        Only a bag of s.hit says there’s no work out there, in trying times you work for less money, have some pride in yourself.

    • Ven

      You’re crazy, aren’t good at math, and an evil racist.

    • workedhard

      really stupid comment i worked at the same job for 10 years and the place got shut down I have been on unemployment for six months and cant find a job they all tell me I am over qualified … And guess what I am a FREAKING WHITE WOMAN.. so keep your racist remarks to yourself you freaking basket case

      • stumpdealer

        No way you’re overqualified for anything, white woman. Way to get free $$ for 6 months u trying for whole 81weeks?

        • your a fool

          Get a clue moron……….

      • tuna-free dolphin

        Can’t find a job, or won’t take a job? There’s a pretty big difference. You may have to take a lesser job for a while to get by, or even two jobs. But please stop whining. There are too many people (like me) who have done it without complaining or sucking on the taxpayer teat, or stealing from others. No one wants to hire a whiner. Or a free-loader. Or perhaps it’s your spelling they don’t like. Poor grammar makes one look lazy. Maybe have someone proof read your resume. People also don’t like hiring thieves, like the dirt-bag who robbed a bank. Nice excuse though. Personally I don’t care if he was trying to pay for his grandma’s kidney transplant. A thief is a thief is a thief is a thief.

        • theyareallfullofit

          I have been working also for 10 years and still am. I have tried to apply within the company I work for and I was told that I was over qualified for one of those jobs. It is unforunate that the lesser jobs are those that are telling people they are overqualified. I did eventually find a different position at my workplace that I am very happy with so it worked out for me.

        • jeff

          let me ask you something tuna…… there a job out there for every single person? is that what you’re saying? are you saying that nobody has an excuse not to have a job? and btw… would let your grandma die if all you needed was some money and you were broke and destitue wouldn’t you? i think i’d be okay sacrificing my freedom to keep granny alive but that just makes you a selfish pig and me a thief. ;)

  • Wot Woo

    Times are tough, give the poor dude a break.

  • Dave

    “He was seen running…” He could run?

    • Just happened to listen to the scanner that day

      He ran through the napa store and ditch the money behind the napa store the dye exploded and he probably panic and rasn home

  • Reallity

    The state keep lots of criminal recored including minor once in their background and Nobody wants to hire them. They should go to Africa and work.

  • dude

    What a bunch of raciest people in this thread. These are americans that were born here just lie us maybe some of you folks should go back to your country of origins. in about 50 years whites will be the minorities then what you folks going to do

    • getridofthemall

      We will make a colation and scream foul and sue everyone because they discriminate against us like you all do now.

  • factdealer

    Most of us 50 years from now will be dead or near death so i think we’ll be ok, permanent stain on earth dude…

  • yeah...ok...

    wow almost a bunch of semi smart people commenting on here now..LOL
    get a life people……………….

    • theyareallfullofit

      You took time out of your busy life to tell us that wow that is amazing. At least someone thinks I am some what smart.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Unless you are lynching black people like Democrats did in Duluth during the 1920s.

    Making fun of someones race is not worse than someone threatening a bank teller for rent money.

    • jeff

      you shouldn’t call them democrats……….they are today’s repubes that were responsible for that…..don’t get it twisted scrotum du jour just to make the pubes look good cuz we ain’t buying….

  • well well

    Another pathetic dirtball.

    Good – have fun in jail moron.

    Serves you right!

  • We

    Sure is tough being a business man !

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