ST. PAUL (WCCO) — As Minnesota edges closer to a government shutdown, there’s still no progress at the Capitol to fixing the budget. In fact, judging from the rhetoric on Wednesday, it might have gone backwards.

A visibly fired-up Gov. Mark Dayton called the meeting a “political stunt” by Republican lawmakers and said flat out that his commissioners should not attend the meeting.

“(The) commission was setup a few days ago with 13 Republican members and five DFL members,” said Dayton. “I don’t understand why this kind of political stunt was attempted at this stage of the process.”

The meeting was scheduled for 2 p.m., but Dayton never received notification and now won’t allow his budget and tax advisers — including Jim Schowalter and Myron Frans — to go in front of a Republican-led panel and get grilled.

“We’re not going to resolve any of these differences that still exists in a public hearing that has 13 Republicans and five DFLers,” Dayton said. “They’re just going to berate a couple of my commissioners because they won’t do what I said I won’t do for the several weeks.”

The no-show angered GOP leaders who say they passed a balanced budget, without raising taxes.

“Our budget priorities were passed. Whether or not the governor liked them does not mean that we did not do our job,” said House Speaker Kurt Zellers. “We fulfilled our obligation. Our obligation was to pass a balanced budget and present it to the governor.”

Now, Dayton’s proposing they bring in a federal mediator to help the two sides negotiate, even suggesting the two sides bring in two mediators.

“I don’t see anything new. I just see a repetition of the political grandstanding and the continued political theater,” Dayton said.

Dayton says as long as Republicans remain unwilling to budge on tax increases, he doesn’t see how they’ll make any progress.

“I won’t negotiate with myself against my own budget. I won’t negotiate on spending reductions until they’re willing to negotiate on revenue increases. I’ve made that perfectly clear over a month now,” said Dayton. “They may not like the answers but that’s my answer. I don’t know what it is about plain English that they have such a hard time understanding.”

Frustrated Republicans say they can’t negotiate with Dayton because they don’t know what he wants. But if what he wants includes tax hikes in a fragile economy, even a neutral mediator won’t help.

“State government is spending too much and is forecast to spend even more,” said Sen. Amy Koch. “And Minnesota families and Minnesota employers don’t have the money to give.”

In the meantime, Dayton’s been preparing for a government shutdown, which he says he’ll do whatever he can to keep from happening.

Republican lawmakers say they are very disappointed that the commissioners did not show up for the 2 p.m. meeting Thursday. They scheduled another meeting for next week, giving them another opportunity to testify. They also brought up the idea of a possible subpoena.

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  1. Zed says:

    Of course it’s a grandstanding stunt…The GOP on every level from local to the federal is so totally bereft of ideas and morally bankrupt that they can do nothing but posture and bluster…Their only agenda is to destroy the working and middle classes, and eliminate the poor, elderly and sick by letting them die, while enriching themselves and their corporate masters. Shame on anybody that buys into the lies of these snake oil peddlers. Go To Your Room!!!

    1. tom says:

      drink more kool aid, that is what the demorats have been doing, spending us into bankruptcy, sounds more like the governor is on the sauce again, he vetos everything the GOP comes up with. he is the one not working with the GOP, it is either his way or the highway, I had an exwife like that, and I showed her the highway.

      1. v says:

        You’re the one with Kool Aid stained lips.
        Dayton hasn’t come CLOSE to the veto record (set by your golden boy, Pawlenty).
        As far as ‘spending us into bankruptcy… do some fact checking.
        Your ex-wife was the smart one.

      2. smart says:

        Tom = smart like highway

    2. Reality says:

      I really think that we need to tax everyone more. This budget is really all about our morals and takling care of the needy. I for one would rather pay more to have the governments help people than, heaven forbid, I have to help someone myself. What kind of nation would that be?

    3. DonVan says:

      Zed is drinking the Kool Aid for sure. Increasing taxes and spending is the problem NOT the solution. If Minnesota buckles under to the govenor, Wisconsin and other neighbring states wll eat Minnesota’s economic lunch.

      Who is John Gault?

  2. GOP 4 Life says:

    Cut spending!!! Tax increases are not the answer!!! Man I can’t stand Liberals and their bleeding heart philosophy!

    Trust me Dayton, you will have to give in before the mighty GOP!!

    1. Tom says:

      @GOP 4 LIfe

      What would u cut? It’s easy to say it, so be more specific. And look at when we had your T-Paw as Gov did our deficits get bigger or smaller under his “cut cut cut” agenda?

      1. tom says:

        all entitlements to the illegals and everyone that is able to work. if you can work go get a job.

      2. just an Average Joe says:

        It’s real simple. Just roll back the most recent spending increases to where they were before they were increased. Example- Any program that received a spending increase in 2010 that was greater than the rate of inflation should be cut to the level of inflation. Now, what is so difficult about that?

        All more spending does is make more people rely on the government for a handout. A little bit of self-reliability and self-responsibility goes a LONG way.

        Yeh sure, I know there are people out there that need some of these government programs. But you know as well as I do that there are also people on some of these government programs that shouldn’t be on them. Why not put a little more responsibility on the shoulders of the program providers to make sure the money goes ONLY to those that truly NEED it.

        1. distracted says:

          It’s a crying shame to see how the extreme right has turned the middle-class on itself. Now what are they doing while they’ve distracted the electorate? Well of course, they’re stealing all of our money. That’s how corporations have become more powerful than our govt and that’s how the rich got rich. Too many people think they have a path to wealth from the sweat off their brow. If you think you can become a multi-millionaire from hard work then you are seriously delusional.

        2. AverageJim says:

          That’s fine. But let’s treat taxes the same way. Put them back to the way they were for the wealthy in the 1980s and adjust them for inflation. Taxes have done nothing but go down since then for the wealthy. That’s why their % of U.S. wealth has almost doubled since then, vs. everyone else’s that has decreased.

    2. David J. Conklin says:

      How unAmerican and unChristian of you.

      I also note that you have to hide your identity.

    3. Bruce says:

      The last time we had a major economic crisis was in the Great Depression of the ’30s, and we got the “New Deal” (heard of it?) This time the Republicans want to give us the “Raw Deal.” If they get their way, the Raw Dealers will go down in history as having made one of the greatest strategic economic blunders in US history, leading to years of economic recession.

      1. IwonderIf says:

        Bruce – Bravo
        You have proven to me that there is hope out there. These neoclassical fools didn’t learn then and it seems like they are never going to learn.. Here is the raw deal boys and girls.. Your microeconomic mind set is not the answer. they need to cut back on spending yes but also raise revenue to counter the revenue cuts that were made with out having a plan in place to cover the shortfall of less monies. The time to cut back on spending was then. Now we are in a pit.. Cutting spending is only one part of the solution
        Stay angry friends

    4. v says:

      GOP for Life?
      Another FOX-er who conveniently thinks tax cuts for criminals and starting idiotic wars gets a free pass. Ordered your Palin swimsuit calendar yet?

      1. Dillon says:

        Didn’t Obama get us into the current idiotic war in Libya?

        1. smart says:

          Dillon – try learning to read before forming any thoughts about a subject

      2. Good Ol Boy says:


        There’s a Palin swimsuit calendar??????

        Oh I gotta have it! Got a link???

  3. Wow says:

    What prevents having a petition go out to get a tax increase on the wealthy put on the ballot next year?

  4. shirley says:

    Thank God for Governor Dayton who is not allowing the republican’s to play us tax payer’s. They want to give the wealthy their tax breaks in this time of financial crisis, is like telling one of your kids ,,here’s $20.00 go out to a movie & lunch,, and telling the other 2, sorry ,,,need to start cutting back. Republican’s your dealing with tax payers out here who are well educated. Time to catch up with us. Get your heels out of the sand and start listening to what your elected to do negotiate a respectable budget that most of us tax payers can agree with.

    1. Brett says:

      Most of them were elected to not raise taxes. I agree it’s a messy situation but Democrats (myself included) need to stop being so hypocritical about this budget. I voted for Dayton because I am not a Pawlenty fan and though Emmer would be worse. I realize now I should not have been so quick to jump to conclusions.

      1. WHAT????? says:

        Gov Dayton was elected running on a platform of raising taxes on the top 2%. He did not hide this when he was running and said it many times. So you have to believe that is what he wanted and the people of MN did too.

        1. Brett says:

          @ What

          So if Republicans were voted for as denying increases, and Dayton was elected on raising taxes we have a real problem. There has to be some compromise, in the end I think taxes will be increased.

          What do you think?

          1. WHAT????? says:

            I agree with you 100%. I also agree with Dayton on this as he did try to meet the GOP half way with a cut to his tax increase. I just love how everyone is talking about how the GOP was elected and that how Dayton is a fool for wanting to raise taxes. What short memories people have. This is not a secret and just like in WI, people have to remember that when someone campaigns on a point that they will do what they said. This is not as drastic as WI change was and still you have people fighting tooth and nail for something that will never affect them. I do not understand why people have such a big problem with the idea of 2% of people would pay more in taxes when they can afford this and in all stats are not paying the same % as the middle class is. Anyone who argues against the idea that they do pay less right now is either just spewing out lies or is too lazy to look anything up on their own. I say meet half way for bot. Half the tax increase and half the cuts that they want, but look hard into where those cuts are and what they will be taking out.

            1. Brett says:

              I think people forget why they voted for someone. I know I am personally getting tired of the 1. Tax 2. Spend. 3. Deficit? Tax the rich! idea. If we keep looking to that then in the long run there is not a lot of incentive to become successful and rich in MN.

              Very messy situation. As of now, I see the only option is to compromise.

        2. tom says:

          thats because most of the people that voted for him are on the government teet

          1. v says:

            cute little rhetorical statement, tom.
            i pay more in taxes than you make in a year and i voted for him.
            now get the FOX/Beck teet out of your mouth and wake up.

            1. Dillon says:

              I do hope you are voluntarily paying in much more in taxes, you nice rich liberal, but I doubt you are.

          2. WHAT????? says:

            Want to back your statement up with some facts? I forget, people like you would rather just yell random ideas and then call them facts. Although I should not be so quick to judge as you may be one of the people that when asked to give facts or source’s get angry and go on a “liberal” spree that once again accomplishes nothing and makes no sense. Like having an argument with a child, just making up stories as you go to suit your made up, delusional world view.
            Republicans eat babies on the 15th of each July. This started back in 1903 and continues to this day in a secret location code named “the meadows”. See I can make things up too, and they carry just as much weight as your made up stories. Having an opinion is fine, spewing lies and hate is just pathetic and sad.

      2. shirley says:

        Wake up minnesotans ,,all the radical republican’s are concerned about is the wealthy and taking away the middle class’s right’s to negotiate a respectable wage, decent benefits, safety regulations and decent work ethics. also your soc sec,& medicare.What part of this do you not understand? Republicans have dug their heels in long enough , it’s time to step up to the plate .Start earning your salary!

        1. Brett says:


          Can you be more specific on the Republicans taking away those various things. You mentioned saying “What part of this do you not understand”…Can you enlighten me please?

        2. Good Ol Boy says:

          Shirley, you’re burning my eyes by trying to make a word plural by adding an apostrophe and an s to the end.

          Come on!

      3. CHris says:

        Nobody is getting a tax break. The republicans budget is actually an increase in spending from our last budget, just not at the level Dayton wants it to be. The proper analogy is telling your one child who earned $20 that he has to give $5 to your other child who only earned $7. Dayton wants to raise that figure next year from $5 to $7. The republicans are proposing to raise it to $5.50. Either way Dayton wants to redistirbute the wealth.

    2. , says:

      I’m not sure you understand the uses for a comma.

      1. mark says:

        shirley-the Democrats have run this state for 40 plus years- they were also in charge under Pawlenty- keep trying to blamme the Republicans-LOL

        1. v says:

          Mark is a glaring example of why we need to increase educational spending.

        2. Adam says:

          I’m confused how anyone can be in charge while they’re under someone. Isn’t the one at the top in charge, as a general rule? But way to use the LOL and spell blame with two m’s. Great way to prove you’re an intelligent political mind.

          1. adam is confused. says:

            nope. The legislature creates the laws. The govenor just signs, or not sign/vetoes them, and enforces the laws. the democrats spent too much, Pawlenty vetoed what he thought would reduce spending he thought was not good and called a tax increase a fee. If it were truely a good spend, the democrat legislature would have been able to override any of Pawlenty’s vetoes.

        3. Paul says:


    3. Republicans will lose next year says:

      Or if you do not listen then you will find yourselves losing your legislative seat next year. The voters are smarter than you give them credit. they will remember those republcian legislators and their refusal to work withthe Gov.

      1. tom says:

        you mean the lush dayton not working with the GOP

        1. Mike says:

          tom, you come across as a person who enjoys throwing cats off bridges when you can’t find a blind person to trip.
          The GOP have not offered one compromise to Gov. Dayton and have pushed an extreme social agenda on top of it. Raise taxes on the upper 2% and the Gov. will be compelled to make cuts.

    4. mike says:


      For being a well educated taxpayer you may want to braush up on your grammar. Your plurals, possessives and contractions make reading your comments very distractive.

  5. Roxie says:

    Oh my Gosh you Liberals just don’t get it. You don’t tax to get more money. That is like saying I am short on money this month so I am going to rob the rich banks. (Who by the way WE bailed out.) You have to cut your spending not steal from other people to make ends meet.

    1. Jim says:

      The answer is obviously to raise taxes AND lower spending. But politicians and partisans such as yourself will never admit that, which is what got us into this mess to begin with. Thanks.

      1. Give me liberty says:

        No the answer is to lower taxes AND lower spending. Lower taxes will generate more economic activity and thus more revenue based on more taxes collected at lower rates. Econ 101. Liberals are morons.

        1. Jim says:

          No. George Bush lowered taxes and he drove the economy into the ditch we’re in now. Where was all that “economic activity” driven by lower taxes when Bush was president? More recently, Obama extended those cuts, so where are the jobs and activity? Lowering taxes when the state is $5 billion in the hole is just about the dumbest idea I’ve heard. Econ 101 says that when you have a money shortfall, the answer is to take in less money? That’s completely absurd.

          Partisans like you are the problem. You’re so ideologically stuck on your side that the other side “are morons.” That’s really helpful. Just stay out of the debate if you can’t behave like an adult.

        2. Tom says:

          @Give me liberty

          Post on here any type of proof that lower taxes raises economic activity. Lets see we raised taxes in the 90’s and created 22 million jobs, we cut taxes from 2000 -2008 and created 8 million jobs and the bottom collapsed between 2006 – 2008.

          And what I mean by proof is try to not to mention FOX NEWS as your source.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Tom. The tax rate on the wealthy in the U.S. was at 91% during the Eisenhower administration, and there was a lot of prosperity and expansion of the middle class, the likes of which we have not have since. With each lowering of the tax rate on the wealthy, jobs and prosperity HAVE NOT been created and we have had rolling recessions. Read economic history and do a timeline. It will speak for itself.

            1. Jake says:

              @Citizen. Read Tom’s post one more time. Yep, you are both arguing the same point…details.

              1. Citizen says:

                I KNOW Tom and I are arguing the same point; I supplied the details of the 91% tax on the wealthy during the Eisenhower years. I was around then and there was prosperity and an expanding middle class. The government provides these statistics. How many more details do you want? Are you unable to look up statistics on the IRS website? I can’t provide a doctoral dissertation on U.S. tax policy in this little box.

                1. Jake says:

                  @Citizen. Yes, I don’t you could provide a doctoral dissertation on U.S. tax policy. Neither Tom, nor I requested further information supporting higher taxes for the wealthy as you did illustrate in Eisenhower example. Thus, my point was your comment was helpful, yet essentially superfluous. Also, yes, I am able to look up stats. Though, I do suggest that both Tom and I are concerned that there are indeed others that have little concept about how little taxes the wealthiest citizens in this nation actually pay. The greater or perhaps even equitable taxation of the extremely wealthy (top 2%) has not been shown to eliminate jobs or slow down the economy.

    2. Anita Newgov says:

      More revenue is not their real intention its just a cover.

      Liberals simply desire to punish those that are successful. Liberals have this belief that it is impossible for most in society to succeed on their own so to make things seem equal, they must punish those that are better off.

      Its really quite sad

      1. Jim says:

        What a stupid comment, Anita. I’m a liberal and I love rich people. Why on earth would I want to punish successful people? For what? Giving me a job? How ridiculous. Stop with the lame stereotypes, it doesn’t help your argument.

        1. Nothing wrong with a tax increase says:

          With greater wealth comes the responisbility to help the less fortunate.

        2. tom says:

          no, actually Anita is right

      2. Realist says:

        Wrong. The “Liberal” expect those that are successful to pay their fair share of taxes. By not requiring them to pay their fair share, it’s the poor and middle-class that get punished.

        1. Brett says:

          I’ve heard this argument before and it’s a good one. However, how do you define “fair share” Flat tax? because there are arguments on how those favor the rich as well.

          What do you think?

      3. me says:

        Again, wrong. We want everyone to pay their fair share. Ten percent of an annual income of $30k is huge compared to ten percent of $300k, just figures, not an actual example. And many corporations don’t pay any tax. None. GE paid nothing last year.

      4. Tom says:


        Who made those people successful especially if they rely on consumers like us for profits? And if they rely on the consumers for their wealth then we either make them profitable or go out of business.

      5. Ronald Yunis says:

        Zero-Sum game. Exactly right, Anita.

      6. Carl says:

        In 1964 the top US marginal tax rate was 90%. And yet our GDP was booming and the wealthiest Americans maintained their wealth.

        Defending the wealthiest 2% from a very modest marginal tax increase is petty to say the least but doing so by stereotyping “liberals” smells of indoctrination. Many of us are successful, by any measure including wealth, but resent the selfish defense of a few who wouldn’t lift a finger to help their hapless defenders.

        That is sad.

    3. Tom says:


      What do you want cut? Schools? Healthcare? Transporation? Seniors? It is easy to say that you want cuts, but why don’t u and others like you be more specific.

      1. Give me liberty says:

        If everything is critical, then straight 5% cut across the board. Everybody can share the pain. Isn’t that the liberal mantra anyway? Or is that just cheap talk to justify the steal and redistribute left agenda?

      2. John says:

        Cut he waste in the spending thats what. If they take a close look at the things we spend money on I’m pretty sure you would find pleny there.

        Nett, our state Gov’t has gotten to big so getting rid of some jobs would save some more money.

        Also, as far as I’m concerned they should ALL be fired. They are paid to do a job and they clearly have not done it. That is what happens in the real world. And when they go back to St Paul to figure it out do not pay them one more penny. They have already been paid to do a job then have not done.

        1. Gordon says:

          Why didn’t Pawlenty do that? His people ran the show for 8 years.

      3. Roxie says:

        3 of them cuts would be nice. Guess which ones. Schools already receive a large amount of my tax money and it seems that they can get a raise every year and it is still not enough. Healthcare could take care of itself if we would be able to shop around for it but guess what the liberals don’t want us doing that. I wonder how come???? Transportation same thing as schools the more you give the more they want. Seniors on the other hand is just liberals talking points. Show me where there is going to be cuts to seniors.

        1. Schools districts should be merged says:

          Roxie, we need to merge school districts. Why do we have to have folks making 6 digit incomes at each school. Merge administrative offices since every thing can be done on a computer. Merge Hopkins and Wazata. Merge Eden Prairie and Edina. You can elimiate plenty of 6 digit incomes that way which will preserve the cash flow for direct educational expenses. How hard would it be to put several districts on the same server and have smaller group of administrators run these districts. I would eliminate the assistant principle position and creat a newer position that would start off at a much lower pay rate. I would also freeze wage increases in all public schools for 5 years .

          1. Fired up says:

            I work in a school district and believe me that the pay raises are not there for the normal person. The only pay raises that were given out the last two years were to the superintendent and administrators, everyone else’s has been frozen. With the cost of everything going up (groceries, gas, school fees for everything the kids pariticipate in) there is no more disposable income in our house. Our politicians need to cut spending, I mean spend the tax payer money like it was coming out of their wallet. The bottom of the tax payers wallets is getting closer. Did you know that even though state workers pay was froze this year our politicians voted themselves a pay raise? Yes they slid that under the radar, they get paid per diem even though they don’t show up for session.

    4. me says:

      You’re assessment is incredibly wrong. If you have a deficit, you cut spending and -and- raise revenue. Under Pawlenty, the revenue was raised via fees and property taxes while nothing was asked of the income of the uber rich. So what if they have to downsize from a new 50 feet boat to a 30 footer. The poor and middle class need relief.

    5. Realist says:

      So it’s OK for the wealthy to not pay their fair share of taxes?

      1. get a clue says:

        The wealthy already pay for more than 50% of the states taxes.

        Realist get your head out of the sand. How much in taxes do you pay a year?

        1. richard says:

          get a clue and others….what percentage do the wealthy actuallpay of their AGI in Mn. taxes???? I read recently that they pay on the order od 10%. I also read that the middle earners pay about 12%. I may be crazy, but I think it would be fair if the top earners paid at least as much as the middle income people. Don’t that seem reasonable? The Gov. is correct about this….time for the wealthy to “pay their fair share”.

        2. Paul says:

          get a clue you need to pull your head out the wealthy DONOT pay 50% of the taxes !

        3. facts says:

          define wealthy so you can back that up with facts

      2. go learn something says:

        Here. Go put your head in the books moron.

        Taxes paid by highest incomes
        •The top 1% pay 22.7% of taxes.
        •The top 10% pay 50% of taxes.
        •The top 20% pay 65.3% of taxes.
        •The top 40% pay 84.3% of taxes.
        Taxes paid by lowest incomes
        •The bottom 20% pay 1.1% of taxes.
        •The bottom 40% pay 6.1% of taxes.

        1. Fred Harms says:

          If the top 1% made 99% of the money is it fair that they pay 1% of the taxes. Its not the amount its the proportion. The top 1% make 40% of all the money in this country. They are getting by cheap.

          Another way of looking at it (which is the way Dems and Republicans always looked at it til Reagan) is that taxes should be progressive because rich people have more discretionary income.
          Careful who you call a moron. What you do not understand my just turn around and bit you in the keister someday.

          1. Go cry aboutit says:

            That is hypothetical.

            I’d still be happy to have a job PERIOD. They worked to be in the position they got themselves into anyway.

            It’s not fair that people sit on the rears, and don’t pay ANYTHING in, and get free money. It’s not fair that there is such a stupid thing as an EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT. There are a lot of things that aren’t fair, but I don’t whine about them!

            Nothing will “BITE”, not bit, me in the keister buddy. Nothing, because I don’t put myself into stupid situations.

            1. Jim says:

              Life isn’t fair, friend. I learned this in preschool.

              ” I don’t whine about them!” LOL. This is quite ironic coming at the end of a post whining about how much taxes poor people pay.

            2. WHAT????? says:

              So to sum this up, they worked for it but Dayton is a trust fund baby that has not worked a day in his life and does not deserve what he has? You Repubs need to get together and get your story right as this does not seem correct. Does anyone know how many people make the wealth that they have and how many of them have old money? I would assume that the majority of it would be old money and they did not work for it just as your friends like to point out every time that there is a story about Dayton. You cannot have it both ways, either they earned it or not and like it or not, Dayton is one of them.

        2. Peter says:

          @ Go learn something. What an appropriate name for you. Statistics, it is called a class. You are looking at taxes paid. Doesn’t mean much. Look at the percentage of income paid in local and state tax.

          On average, Minnesota households paid 11.5 of their incomes in state and local taxes in 2008. That is up a tick from 11.4 percent in 2006, and down considerably from the high of 13.0 percent in 1994.

          The wealthiest ten percent of Minnesota households (those with incomes $129,567 and up) were the only income group that pays a smaller share of their income in total state and local taxes than the statewide average. The wealthiest ten percent of households paid 10.3 percent of their incomes in state and local taxes, and the wealthiest one percent (those with incomes more than $429,354) paid 9.7 percent.

          That is from The Minnesota Tax Incidence study. Little (lot) less biased source than yours.

          1. however says:

            Thats an average.

            What percent doesn’t pay a dime?

            1. Peter says:

              The point would be the percent the top pay is far less than average. Your point would then highlight that the rich are paying far less of their income than you are and your comment would show a lack of understanding of that. There is no one who does not pay any tax as they purchase gas, pay rent (which pays the property tax) and eventually buy something that has sales tax. The article cited total local and state taxes. NOT JUST INCOME TAX.

        3. I hate tea says:

          So what are the salaries of the bottom 40%? Your stats are utterly useless without context.

      3. Jim says:

        I think it’s funny that “conservatives” have no idea what the term “Marxist” means and continue to throw it around in the most inappropriate places. You’re complaining about how our governor, whose family has earned hundreds of millions of dollars through our capitalist system, is out to destroy capitalism and the upper class, of which he is a part. That makes A LOT of sense if you don’t think about it.

      4. Roxie says:

        Once again I will say why is it a crime to be rich in this country??? And they do pay their fair share of taxes do your research.
        Man, dumb dumb dumb.

        1. I hate tea says:

          Because you are a criminal. If you’re actually rich (my definition is >$10 million in net worth) you cheated, lied or stole to get it. Unless of course it was given to you and that’s about as fair as being born into abject poverty.

          1. Jake says:

            @I hate tea. Generalizations do none of us much good here. While you did specify your personal definition of wealthy, it seems your grasp of how to get there is quite limited. Inheritance, cheating, lying and stealing are only four among many ways in which someone can attain at least $10 million in net worth. Entrepreneurial success, invention, saavy investment, high profile jobs such as entertainment (yes, including sports), and possessing specialized knowledge that has become marketable are all alternative ways that an individual may amass formidable wealth. Hell, build a computer in a garage and then start a company that replicates and extrapolates upon that work. Just a few ideas for your edification, enjoy!

    6. stace34 says:

      So asking the richest 2% to pay the same percentage of their income in taxes as the rest of us is wrong. By the way Roxie what do we cut? do we cut education so that your property taxes have to increass? Because teh 250% increase wasn’t enough. Do we cut roads? So I best not hear you complain about pot holes or bridges collapsing. Dp we cut health care for the poor? Most of whom are children and then we pay the cost of emergency visits or worse someone who needs a drug to stay stable mentally no longer has access to it.

      1. mark says:

        even if they don’t pay the same rate- they still pay a TON more than the 98%-the MATH doesn’t add up anyway-you CANNOT make up a 5 billion dollar budget deficit off the top 2% ANYWAY-the Democrats really need new talking points

        1. Jim says:

          I’m a Democrat and my talking point is higher taxes and lower spending. It’s the only answer.

          1. Frank says:

            I’m a conservative and I agree with Jim. The sooner we all realize this the better.

            1. mark says:

              we are already in the top 4 states for taxation- when will we stop??? when we get to #1?? Hey at least we will be #1 in something!!!!
              INSTEAD of this raising taxes BS- or just cuts- we need to re-evaulate what programs are not efficient or feasable-that would be a start
              I was once taught by a wise person-the more money you make-the more money you spend- so if you take that money away from the rich-they won’t spend-so while you are in THEORY raising revenues through income taxes-you will be losing the sales taxes and the income taxes of the workers that those rich people will be laying off!!!

            2. Higher taxes and lower spending says:

              I am an independent and I agree with Jim and Frank. Higher taxes and lower spending

            3. Hugo Rivera says:

              I agree with Jim! ordinary people around the world pay taxes. it is truly unfortunate that republicans make taxes an issue!!! Paying taxes should not be a request;it should be a requirement. from a realist perspective….give tax breaks to the middle class, tax breaks for small businesses, create opportunities for the poor, tax the wealthy 2%, end oversees wars, bring troops home, and conserve the environment. And for the record: it is reaganomics and Bushnomics that savagly put the U.S in depth…so dont hate on OBAMA…i know for a fact that there is an underlying racism underneath all opposition to OBAMA’s policies!!!! ps: I cant believe some americans and lawmakers would prefer to fund wars instead of supporting universal health care to all their citizens!!!! truly outrageous!!!

    7. The wealthy can afford to pay more says:

      Dear Roxie, The fall out from the financial institutions was the result of Republican failed policies. We had to bail them out to prevent a much worst economic disastor;ie, soup kitchens, massive foreclosures, failed businesses. the republicans , and I was one of them, are people who lack compassion to help those less fortunate than them. If you are blessed with money you have an obligation to share that money with those less fortunate. To not do so would be heartless.

      1. Roxie says:

        @ The wealthy can afford to pay.
        Oh I am just a middle class worker who is tired of listening to people whine about someone elses money. Were you one that went out and spent out of your means and got caught up in a system that was bound to fail. If so is that everyone elses fault or your own The economy was great and everyone thought they should have a piece of the pie even when they knew they couldn’t afford it and now we are suppose to feel sorry for you. I lived within my means even though I knew I could go out and get more, it was there for the taking. I am tired of people saying we have no compassion for the less fortunate. I help whenever I can and I don’t have much to help with. Keep taking my money in taxes and I can’t do much helping.

    8. smart says:

      Roxie – I’m not sure how old you are but obviously you’re young enough that you didn’t get that Civics class that was probably cut out of whatever school district you attended. Likely during the Pawlenty administration since that’s when education started to be under-funded in this state.

    9. Jaime says:

      Roxie, this isn’t a liberal or conservative thing. This is a math thing. Right now tax revenues are at very VERY low levels as a percentage of GDP, while at the same time, costs are rising for many services. If you really cared about the costs and reducing spending, for one thing, you ould allow the government to bargain with drug companies to reduce the cost of drugs in the Medicare part D plan. There are a bunch of intelligent things you can do to save money while still meeting your obligations. But cutting the amount of money that gets funneled to corporations from the government is anathema to corp-Republicans.

      Me? I’m a Ron Paul fan, but I concede the point to MATH at the present that says that we must gut all of the tax loopholes that encourage people to behave in odd ways and just raise revenues while letting the market decide how people spend their money. GUT ALL TAX LOOPHOLES. It raises revenue, and use that revenue to close the deficit, while at the same time, bringing troops home from all over the world and – yes – cut defense spending. Cut across the board, while raising revenue. That is how you meet your financial obligations. We need to:
      1) Cut Defense
      2) Raise the retirement age (SS was made for 65 when people lived to 63).
      3) Bring down the cost of medicine through modification to medicare part D and implementation of the health care reform act.

      That is the big 3 that encompasses most of our government. But I will never be voted into office.

  6. Ryan K says:

    Dayton is by far the biggest cry baby ever. Hey Gov. Dayton why don’t you get your money out of South Dakota and place it here in Minnesota so you can be taxed like you want to do to the rich people. Dayton was the Worse US Senator in US History and is easily becoming the worse Governor ever. Stop trying to increase taxes cut the budget cut welfare and cut your salary since you are one of the richest Minnesotan.

    1. Seriously says:

      Agreed. He sounds like the poopy pants kid on the playground who let any of his friends go to Sam’s birthday party because he wasn’t invited.

      1. Art says:

        The both of you sound like a couple of children. Are either of you bright enough to figure out the welfare portion of the budget was not touched by the GOP. Health care yes, Aid to people who do not work but could , no.

        1. Ryan K says:

          Hmm Art I would say that sounds like welfare to me. Any form of government help is a form of welfare.

          1. Art says:

            The person with cerbral palsy said at the hearing “I did not ask to be this way” That is why it is not welfare. I hope people like you who know absolutely nothing about that side of life get a first person education.

    2. Former disgusted Republican says:

      Dear Ryan K- I disagree with you on that one. As a long time repubican and now newly turned independent I believe that the republican dimwits have an obigation to accept the compromises Gov. Dayton has set forth for a budget settlement. From this point on I will never vote for a candidate who has signed a no tax increase pledge with the Minnesota TAx payers league

  7. Tom says:


    That has been my point for awhile that the poor and middle class conservative buy into the GOP argument that if you raise the tax on the top 2% that some how something bad will happen. If you ask them to show proof they can’t.

    And if you would ask the poor and middle class conservatives if the rich feel just as bad for as you do for them the anwser to that question is NO!

    1. Give me liberty says:


      Get you head out of the clouds or where ever it is at. The top 2% do not earn enough income to be able to balance the budget by taxing them more. The answer is spending cuts.

      What do you call a Republican with his hands held out………..a Rhino.

      1. Dear give me liberty says:

        Dear give me liberty,
        Whether you like to hear it or not the Republican party is a party of idiots. They are dumb wusses who have pledge their souls to the wealthiest Minnesotans. They CAN afford paying a little bit more tax if it means not raising property taxes on the majority of minnesotans/ We need compromise to occur between these two parties. the republicans do not know the meaning of the word for they are a bunch of spoiled pre schoolers with their hands on the best toys on the sand box and their refusal to share with the other kids.

        1. tom says:

          sounds like you are waiting on your government check every month

          1. v says:

            And Tom drives a pickup… with a gun rack… flowing mullet… “BACK OFF” mud flaps…and somehow thinks the GOP is gonna invite him to their next gala ball.

            1. I hate tea says:

              Outstanding……..that is by far the funniest comment on this board!

          2. jeff says:

            “don’t spend it all in one place pr*ck!

      2. Tom says:

        Give Me Liberty

        Dayton offered both spending cuts and tax increase. People of MN want a balanced approach. And the GOP’s definition of a balanced approach is to balance the budget on the backs of the lower and middle class so that they can protect the top 2%. Because the top 2% have probably told the GOP you keep protecting us and some day we will reward you, we don’t know when, but we will.

        And I will ask you the samething Give me liberty what would you cut? Education? Transportation? Healthcare? Programs for Seniors?

        1. tom says:

          cut entitlement programs to the illegals and the able bodied working person, tell them to go get a job.

          1. jeff says:

            : flicks back the three pennies in toms face that went towards government checks:

      3. just an Average Joe says:

        @Tom- “…The top 2% do not earn enough income to be able to balance the budget by taxing them more…”

        Most excellent point. So why don’t the Democrats understand this?

  8. Give me liberty says:

    The only political stunt that is being perpetrated is by Gov. Dayton saying he is compromising. Anyone with an independent thought can see that he asked for the sun and now wants the moon. Back to earth everyone, we have a spending problem. Until Dayton comes to the table with plan to cut the existing budget there has been no compromise. Dayton is a joke.

    1. Realist says:

      We also have a problem with giving the rich too many tax breaks for far too long.

      1. Close the tax breaks says:

        I say CLOSE THE TAX BREAKS! Means test social security so those who receive income from other sources have their soc sec benefits reduced. Take those with chemical dep. or drug problems off o the social security rolls Close any tax breaks that sends american jobs over seas.

  9. Give me liberty says:

    I agree as long as there is a promise to no back pay for those impacted. Otherwise it is just a paid vacation for the hacks that put this clown in office in the first place.

  10. Robby says:

    Kind of hard for a governor to lead when he got 43% of the vote in the last election.

    1. Realist says:

      When making a statement like that, include a source.

  11. Molly says:

    So now this worthless governor wants to call in a mediator to help with the budget.. In other words, he’s admitting he’s not qualified to do the job his dad bought for him. Much like when he was senator. Throw this bum out. How about a recall election?

    1. David J. Conklin says:

      >In other words, he’s admitting he’s not qualified to do the job his dad bought for him.

      Got proof?

      1. molly says:

        The proof is he’s occupying the governor’s mansion. Got Kool-aid?

        1. 'cco needs a like button says:

          haha! love it

  12. Brett says:

    The Republicans said they were unwilling to raise taxes BEFORE they were elected (along with jobs, which is hopefully still coming) so if you want to talk about someone that does not understand plain English, perhaps you should have realized that lawmakers are going to stick to their commitments.

    I am trying to get both perspectives, but I do not understand Dayton’s

    1. Jake says:

      @Brett. Please don’t hold your breath on those jobs. Lower taxes for the “job creators” and they seem just as likely to buy another yacht, a new beach house, or simply hoard it for later. Tax cuts do not equate to job creation. If only the equation were that simple.

      1. Ronald Yunis says:


        Who exactly would build that yacht, beach house, or anything that the “job creators” would decide to buy with their hoards or tax-free-money?


    2. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

      I seem to remember having this conversation with you before as well. Dayton also stated BEFORE he was elected that he wanted to raise taxes on the top 2%. So your comment about not understanding plain English is looking kind of dumb now as you cannot negate Dayton’s running platform either. This goes both ways and you seem to keep bringing up only 1. It is not hard to understand and I would hope this would be the last time that this would need to be point out to you. You should really find a new talking point or read this a couple of times so this sinks in this time.

  13. shame on you says:

    Go Dayton, about time someone stands up to the not so willing to compromise republicans… shut it down!! if that’s what it takes to make them see what it’s all about. And yes, I was republican but never well be again…idiots you shame me.

    1. shame on you says:

      Stop Dayton, about time the GOP stands up to the not so willing to compromise dems… shut it down!! if that’s what it takes to make them see what it’s all about. And yes, I was dem but never well be again…idiots you shame me.

    2. Jim says:

      Another classy comment from Republicans. Keep it up, you make rational people look good.

  14. I don’t know Guv, it seems quite partison to me.

  15. roger says:

    Are you kidding me? I can’t have it my way so I’m going to shut the state down!
    That goes both ways people! Somehow this isn’t a “party” thing any more, it’s a people thing. NO ONE should be reelected that is serviing right now, not Dayton, not any in the senete, and not any in the house. Elect 1st graders, they caan do better.

  16. NoSht says:

    What did the Republican budget proposal cut and where is Dayton’s budget proposal… He doesent know where or what he wants to spend it on only that he campaigned on raising taxes and thinks it will garner him enough votes to win without election fraud if he should run again.

  17. Trudy says:

    I’m embarrassed to have Dayton as my Governor.

    1. Reality Bites says:

      Could be worse. It could have been Emmer!

      1. Reality Check says:

        Nah, Dayton really was it… But not quite as bad as that moron wrestler… ugh. That was embarrassing.

  18. Fred Harms says:

    Roxie: Liberals figured out how to end a Great Depression that was caused by Republicans and their banks. Liberals figured out how to prevent the second great depression. The bank bailout was designed by W and left a lot to be desired. Liberals bailed out the American Auto makers, who are now still in business and have paid back every penny with interest. Banks aren’t being robbed–they are robbing us and Republicans have successfully blocked meaningful attempts to reregulate them. It is not always wise to cut spending. Dayton is saying that it is time to invest in Minnesota. It is a fiscally conservative idea. Invest. Don’t eat your seed corn Invest.

    1. oh please says:

      I’d love to see a list of the subsidies you receive.

    2. more info says:

      More of that liberal brain washing…

      Liberals didn’t figure out how to prevent, because NOTHING has been done yet.
      Most of this “depression” was the mortgage crisis. Oh you just hear about that turning around so quickly don’t ya… lmao Good job libs! You haven’t done anything but we’ll clap for ya!

      Bet you’d blame the mortgage issue on bush like you libs always do! LOL

      The automakers that can’t sell very well huh?
      Gotta love that Chevy Volt – man that thing has done so well! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jim says:

        I do love that Chevy Volt. You should try looking stuff up on the internet sometime, you can really find a lot of interesting information:

  19. Mr. Mustache says:

    Hey Governor Goofy I just saw some Canucks come across the border with their dog sleds. Time to hide again carp face…

  20. Mr. Mustache says:

    Dear Fred,

    Your comments about the Liberals helping the car industry is correct to one point. They gave them the money. GM only paid back $6 billion of the the $47 billion. Guess who owns GM now? Its called Government Motors. The liberals do more to F up this country than any other political party. Take a look see at the current debt figures and statues that came out over a week ago versus the last administration. You Liberturds always seem to have it wrong.

    1. Jake says:

      @Mr. Mustache. Let’s examine this. Three consecutive years with a federal surplus under the Clinton administration. Largest amount the federal debt had ever been paid down. Then we had eight years of W. This is not difficult. You only have to remember back to the year 2000 when we had a $230 Billion surplus. Fiscal responsibility is everyone’s job. If political wrangling continues and facilitates government shut downs and default on debts then we all will be paying the price of failure to negotiate. When two parties have a complete failure to effectively negotiate, it is their responsibility to seek out assistance with mediation or other alternative options. Keeping the government functioning is certainly worth some compromise from both sides. Time for everyone to step up and work towards resolution.

      The Good Old Days:

    2. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Mr. Mustache
      It does not help your sides argument by just making things up. 34%of all stats are made up on the spot 63% of the time. Everyone knows that only 18% are correct and 76.3% are wrong but nobody believes it 11% of the time.
      Holds just as much weight as your comment does. Last thing, please stop trying to use cute word play as you are horrible at it. “Liberturds” really? That cannot be the best you can come up with or you might want to be checked for a mental disability as that is not even grade school worthy. I would have accepted poop face before that.

  21. Michael says:

    Dayton is nothing more then a cry baby. This guy does not belong in Office. I love the one that agree with raising taxes on the rich. I learned a long time ago @$#^ rolls down hill. So raising taxes for the rich ..It will only pass them to the middle class as always. As far defect in MN..MN is broke just like most states and fed government. It time to quit raising the defect and live by our means. We need to start by cutting salaries of officials pay. Take away there pork barrel money and the rest expanses money

    1. I hate tea says:

      The problem is “our means” were cut by the Pawlenty administration. Try reinstating the tax cuts he implements in his first term. If I recall correctly, it might zero sum the deficit. If you’re in the top 2% maybe you still have your means but I’m still trying to get mine back from Pawlenty.

    2. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Who defected to MN? “It time to quit” as well as “expanses money” huh? Calm down and take the time to type so we can understand your point. I would like to know where you are getting the info that we will pay more if the rich are taxed. Repubs love to use this as an excuse but if my memory serves me correctly, Repubs have never done this so how would they know? I understand your idea but then again, the same party that thinks the trickle down affect works and we are still waiting for the info on that as it seems to do nothing but keep the money in the same hands. Last thing I would like to ask is why would we keep giving tax breaks to people that can afford to pay taxes when we are broke? Everyone knows we have no money yet we do not want to get any? The logic of “we are broke so let’s quit our job” seems to be what that idea brings about. Even you yourself said it and then you oppose the idea to raise more funds?!?!?! Baffles the mind as this to me is the same thing as saying that you want some ice cream but do not want to eat it because it is cold.

  22. Reality Bites says:

    The GOP holds a sham meeting to make it look like they care. They don’t. They care about corporate contributions to their campaigns. They care about fooling Joe six-pack into voting for them by raising polarizing issues like gay marriage and voter ID. They care about protecting the top 2% of wage earners in Minnesota. They don’t care that your property taxes skyrocketed under Pawlenty and would gain speed under their current proposal.
    Wake up people. This is about us, not just you.

    1. stupid idiot says:

      Maybe those top 2% provide jobs?


      1. Jim says:

        George Bush lowered taxes for the top 2% as soon as he got into office and Pres. Obama extended those tax cuts. Where are the jobs? Why aren’t the top 2% hiring people with all the extra money they’ve had for the past almost 10 years?

        stupid idiot…LOL…did you intend to name yourself that?

      2. True that! says:

        Not out of their personal income they don’t. Unless they are stupid idiots.

      3. Republicans are a bunch of jerks says:

        What jobs?? Show me the numbers. All I see are the jobs being sent to China, Mexico, Switzerland, or any place else that has lower corporate tax. big business doesn’t care about America. All they care is maximizing profits and padding their bank accounts. they do not care about you . wise up or the republican party is going to take you down.

      4. I hate tea says:

        Tea bag propaganda……….”they’re the job creators”. Good one! The top 2% aren’t stupid enough to risk their wealth with a business that generates jobs. Why would they do that when they can rent/lease an apartment to you?

  23. Fred Harms says:

    I am ready to predict that Governor Mark Dayton will have a place in history as one of Minnesota’s great governors. The man is for the people. His agenda is to return this state to greatness. He is intent on stopping the race to the bottom with Alabama and Mississippi. The man has spine, intelligence, and heart. This is the stuff of greatness.

    1. mark says:

      a spine???? we ARE talking about the guy who shut down his Washington office because of a supposed threat-and NO ONE else did this-LOL
      He seriously has some mental issues- I don’t think being stubborn and not offering counter proposals will show him as a great leader-sorry

    2. Patsy says:

      Fred, are you for real or just having fun with the folks? If you are serious, please read a history book not written by you. The lack of creditbility is shocking.

      1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        I would say that would go for both of you Patsy as you did not have anything to contribute. At least mark stated some kind of an example on why he disagreed. You did nothing but pull the old “I know you are but what am I”.

    3. Gov. Dayton will go down as the best Governor ever! says:

      Fred, I agree 100% with that prediction. Gov. Dayton isn’t concern about popularity like Gov Pallenty and his slick black hear. He is concern about doing what is right for the majority of Minnesotans.. I dread to think of our state becoming another Mississippi with the worst publci school system in the nation and some of the most illerate young people.

      1. Sick of sick of says:

        Dear Gov. Dayton will go down as the best Governor ever!—

        So did you move to Minnesota right after quitting school in Mississippi?
        Looks and sounds to me that you and Fred may have started smoking “Wacky Tabacky” together while you were in school down there!

  24. mark says:

    what I find HILARIOUS is that Mr Dayton is saying that the Republicans budget meeting is a “political stunt” YET he is running television ads bashing the Republicans & deflecting blame- how EXACTLY is that NOT a “political stunt” as well???? POT-KETTLE-BLACK ring a bell???
    I also find it amusing that this state could get budgets passed with a Republican governor & a DFL legislature-just further proves that Dayton is not flexible.
    Neither side has come up with a counter proposal-now isn’t the time for drawing lines in the sand

    1. True that! says:

      Well, for one thing everything on the TV ads is true. Dayton has offered a compromise and the Regressives have taken their ball and gone home.

      I know that doesn’t set well with the GOP, but then again the truth never has set well with them.

      1. mark says:

        True that- Dayton made ONE proposal- NO COUNTER proposals. And the math just doesn’t add up- you cannot just tax the top 2% and make up a $5 billion deficit-this state needs an audit and they can cut the inefficient programs back or out. We run our education system by no checks and balances also- and look at how that’s working out for us-LOL

        1. True that! says:

          You can LOL all you want. The GOP wouldn’t know how a Republican Democracy works if it bit them in the ass.

          1. mark says:

            I’m a recovered Democrat who saw the light 20 years ago-watch who you say those general statements at

            1. mark says:

              i mean say “to” not at

        2. I hate tea says:

          Are you for real? Do you read at all? First he countered the republican designed budget after vetoing it with 3 billion in new revenue. When the republicans refused very publically to compromise on new revenue, a week later he lowered his proposal to 1.8 billion in new revenue. Maybe your news feed has some kind of right-wing delay of 3 or 4 weeks.

  25. Reality Bites says:

    The way Republicans go after their own when they vote their conscience, it’ll be a cold day in hell that I set myself up to be attacked by Tony Sutton’s pack of myopic wolves.

    BTW, I’m a proud American and devout Christian.

    How very UnAmerican and UnChristian of you to judge me.

    1. mark says:

      Reality-what in the heck does your comments have to do with my post??
      True that- Dayton made ONE proposal- NO COUNTER proposals. And the math just doesn’t add up- you cannot just tax the top 2% and make up a $5 billion deficit-this state needs an audit and they can cut the inefficient programs back or out. We run our education system by no checks and balances also- and look at how that’s working out for us-LOL

      1. mark says:

        sorry-it showed your post as a response to mine-stupid internet-LOL
        disregard my post-LOL

  26. What cuts? says:

    In 2000 the state budget was $17B in 2011 the forecast is $31B. So a $34B budget doesn’t represent a “cut”. Sure some programs get cuts but overall this there has been a significant increase in government spending in the past decade. This was also a period of low inflation. So why is it so hard to live with a 9% increase in the budget? Why is it necessary to have a $37B budget as proposed by Governor Dayton? Sure seems like a spending problem to me.

    1. I hate tea says:

      Quit spewing falsehoods. You have no idea what you are talking about. Did you make this stuff up or was it emailed to you from some crazy right-wing nut job group?

  27. Dennis says:

    Conservatives will cause the downfall of America. I used to believe that I lived in the most prosperous country in the world, but the GOP and their ultra-right wing ilk who refuse to compromise on raising some taxes make it feel more like we live in a Third World country. The problems that Pawlenty swept under the carpet for the past eight years cannot and should not be placed on the backs of those who are the least fortunate. All you so called Christians had better re-read Christ’s teachings.

  28. Carl says:

    So far no independent source can show that taxing the top 2% a little more on that portion they earn above $250,000 a year will cost Minnesota one job. Yet those that would see a slight increase in total taxes have convinced the GOP’s socially conservative base that the sky will fall should the tax increase occur.

    It seems the people that worship God Who IS the Truth are spreading half-truths and lies to protect the portion of their party that would like to gut their Medicare and Social Security. The people that worship God Who IS Love are trying to undermine attempts to ease the suffering of the hungry, homeless and sick.

    How have the wealthiest portion of our state and country managed to reverse the tenets of Judeo-Christianity and turn its adherents into their own private militia? The answer will determine the course of our nation.

    1. Darren says:

      Remember Carl. Not everyone is a Chrisitan. And being a Christian myself, that is what family and friends and the church are for. If you are in a time of need that is when your faith based family should be helping you, not the government.

      We at the church I attend recently paid for a family’s rent because they just couldn’t quite pay it last month.

      Unfortunatley what was so needed by so many when this country started is no longer respected and or wanted by so few today. Thus some of the reason for the demise of part of our country.

      1. Carl says:

        Maybe that’s the trade between the wealthiest Minnesotans and the religious right. One protects the other’s wealth while the other stamps out the first’s competition to provide social services. Either way, the religious right is protecting the wrong people. Very unChrist-like behavior.

        Praise Jebus, God hates poor people, Amen.

      2. I hate hippocrites says:

        Did that make you feel better for the way you voted?

  29. Darren says:

    Spend more Dayton? Is that your only answer? Increase taxes? Spend Spend Spend. That is what got us into this mess. No more taxes for anyone! How much more do you want of my hard income anyway? When will it stop? Do you want all of my paycheck every 2 weeks. Sure seems like it. Quit spending Dayton. Just your average guy who makes $35.000 a year. Quit spending Dayton!

    1. Word says:

      If you make $35,00 a year a vote Republican, you are a fool.

      That’s like a black man voting for a Klansman for mayor.

      Neither one will make decisions that help you

      1. LMAO says:

        Wow. Even when I made 35k a year, I voted Republican. I make more today, and continue to vote Republican. Seems I must be doing something right…

        You must not make more than that, if you are obviously a democrat then huh?
        Wow, that sucks man! That really does! But it’s ok, the liberal view is that it is ok. You deserve hand outs because you must be mentally challenged.

    2. lefty says:

      no idiot what got us into this is the moron you elected called pawlenty I think that before he was elected there was a thing called a surplus

    3. I hate tea says:

      Darren – I believe you to be a troll or terribly stupid. If you only make $35k and own a home or have a family you don’t pay any taxes. Who are you trying to influence?

  30. Pencils Down Class says:

    I find it strange that your Governor (not mine) would say something like “as long as Republicans remain unwilling to budge on tax increases, he doesn’t see how they’ll make any progress.” So in simple terms, “If you don’t do this my way, it isn’t going to move forward!” He is that blind to compromise

    I can sum this up for all of you in one sentence: “Cut Spending to meet the current Tax dollar amount.”

    Funny thing is that people here think that this is going to be solved in a Blue state… Tell you what, everyone just hand your paychecks over to them for the next 4 years so they can spend away as they see fit. See where that will get you.

  31. tom says:

    lets see, Republicans have to comprimise but I dont. Typical Iberable BS.

  32. Pencils Down Class says:

    And Please, quit with the Religious and Politics conversation. Religion and Politics DO NOT mesh with each other at all. Both sides on that topic are saying to you all:

    “Get off my side.”

  33. Jack Hoff says:

    Conservitives are slackers. Take, take, take. They hate the country.

    1. Give me liberty says:

      Jack Hoff, is that your name or what you do when you have to make a difficult choice?

  34. Compromise 101 says:

    Pay attention children:

    Round 1
    Governor Dayton said he wanted to pay off the deficit by raising taxes on the wealthy.

    The GOP said they want to pay off the deficit by cutting spending.

    Round 2
    Governor Dayton offers a $1.8 million increase in taxes and $1.8 million dollars in new taxes on the wealthy

    The GOP say they want to pay off the deficit by cutting spending.

    Who has offered compromise and who is intractable?

    Here endth the lesson

    1. Pencils Down Class says:

      So your definition of compromise is “Tell ya what I’m gonna do here, so we can meet on common ground. Since you want to cut spending and I want to raise taxes, I’ll raise taxes. Hows that sound? Come on now, I’m throwing you a bone here… You are so Intractable!”

      Your Governor hasn’t compromised at all, don’t try to play it as such.

      1. I hate tea says:

        Just another victim of the Pawlenty administration that’s been left iliterate.

  35. lefty says:

    the Get Off the Pot party can only do a dog and pony show they have no idea how to run a government or anything else that take common sense and the one thing that all GOP politicians and there idiot supporters do not have is a heart. We can only hope that all of these people who think that giving anyone who has less then them is a handout will be most affected by a government shutdown and a collapse of the economy.

    1. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

      Welcome Back Lefty!

      Your pen name says it all Comrade! Marxists everywhere would be proud of your writings if we could just understand them. When we take over the government there will be no more rich and no more poor. We will teach everyone to write and use proper punctuation.

      Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

    2. buck says:

      Still seems like the better side when compared to our google eyed govenor. The GOP has offered a balanced budget, sign it and move on. Dayton is the only one that is holding this up.
      Since when does the Gov dictate what is approved in a State Budget? I thought he only had veto power?

  36. Pencils Down Class says:

    @Jack Hoff: I think you are confused here, Conservatives want quite the opposite of your statement “Conservitives are slackers. Take, take, take. They hate the country.” On all counts. Here, let me clean that up for you.

    “Democrats are slackers. They can’t make a real living on their own. They love the free ride on the tax payers dime. They *LOVE* to Take, take, take and take some more. They hate the country and it’s open market, free enterprise and would much rather see it completely under its collective Goverment thumb.”

    1. I hate tea says:

      If conservatives/republicans love their country so much why don’t they or their children serve in the military? I’m guessing you haven’t either. If you don’t believe me just look up which congressional members have served. Outside of John McCain, John Kline and Chip Kravaack you’ll be hard-pressed. And W doesn’t count because he was AWOL from the Guard and avoided Viet Nam with a slick little National Guard slot that probably wasn’t setup by papa.

  37. Oh for Cripes sake! says:

    Dayton offered the GOP an opportunity to have an impartial mediator come in.

    The GOP refused.

    How can anyone say that the Governor is being unreasonable?

    1. bill says:

      easy, it was a stupid idea from the beginning

    2. Roxie says:

      Oh for Cripes sake
      How much is this mediator going to cost the State? I am sure he won’t be cheap.

  38. Lucifer says:

    What a big baby Dayton is. This is the second video I have seen where Dayton almost breaks down in tears. Obviously Dayton is already in way over his head and gets yet another “F” for his preformance as the guv. LOL…. It should be interesting to watch him fall apart

  39. Carl says:

    The GOP has rigged this struggle carefully, either the top 2% avoid a small tax increase or government shuts down. Who will the people hold accountable for this cynical approach to leadership? The party of Bradlee Dean, that’s who.

    Praise Jebus, God hates Democracy (apparently), Amen.

  40. Tom H took away too many votes says:

    Dayton is in office because 10,000 people voted for Tom Horner by mistake. I bet if you asked them they would have gladly change their vote to Tom Emmer if they could have seen what we have now!

  41. liberal tea-bagger says:

    All this talk about taxing different classes a different % according to their class. Wouldn’t just having one flat tax % for everybody be the only fair way to go? why tax somebody more or less due to their financial status? Nobody deserves to be penalized for their success and nobody deserves a break because their lack of sucess.

  42. Baby Daddy says:

    I can solve the budget in 1 sentence. CUT THE WELFARE ROLLS.

    1. Go back to Chicago! says:

      Amen!!!!! No more free handouts. Make them work like the rest of us. I’m tired of it.
      Who is it that supports those BS programs anyways? Liberals or Conservatives? anybody?

  43. factdealer says:

    This is why i never vote, it don’t matter 1 vote is useless, you can tell me well if every1 thinks that then it won’t matter, im still 1 person, that equals 1 vote , me voting won’t make others vote, haha suckers thks 4 voting everyyear for nothing get a hobby.

    1. James2 says:

      Factdealer, if you ever vote one time in your life, please vote against the constitutional amendment. If for no other reason, please vote against that. thanks.

  44. GOPSUX says:

    conservatives give human beings a bad name.

  45. Captain America says:

    Cut spending, lower the corp. tax rate to be more competitive, watch the unemployed get jobs and create more government revenue and we will grow out of our deficit. We do not need more Rev as 34 billion in the next cycle is plenty. We are over taxed and MN ranked number 8 in tax %

    Go conservatives

  46. Pavel says:

    Give Me Liberty:

    I believe your comments are all computer generated -they lack a brain!

  47. tom says:

    What the state needs to do is tax EVERYONE 5 percent of their wages, cut entitlements tot he illegals and the people who are able to work, tell them to get a job, no free ride, that will get rid of most of the MN Dept of Revenue jobs. Flat tax. Then if the government cannot function on that then they have to quit using the credit card that they think has no limit.

  48. Tom says:

    The strange thing is that if you ask the rich to help the state out by raisng their taxes the lower and middle class conservatives come out of the wood work and cry foul and feel sorry for the rich. But yet when you mention the word “stadium” then they say the exact opposite and tell the riich owners like the Pohlads to open their own wallet and pay for the stadium themselves.

  49. tom says:


  50. ed says:

    If the gop want to stop the spending they should give up their pay & pensions & work for free it they love the state or call the tax on the rich a fee & not a tax t-paw liked that with cigs.

  51. Cache says:

    SHUT IT DOWN – We’ll soon see that 50%+ of government is NON-essential. Plus the legislature needs to be part time. Then of course we have the dipsomainac ‘I gave myself an F” Clown who needs to resign or be recalled…he has earned another ‘F’! My advice to dipso….go lay by your dish!

  52. Sick of government says:

    And Gov Dayton needs to get over it even if it is political grandstanding. He’s the leader of this state. Get over it and act like a leader. If he really is a leader?

  53. just an Average Joe says:

    What part of ‘NO MORE TAXES, PERIOD’ doesn’t Governor Dayton understand.

    I really don’t understand why the ‘Top 2%’ should pay more. And I’m not even anywhere near being in that group. They already pay much more than 2% of the taxes collected. Just exactly why should they be expected to pay more? Is it simply because they have more money than you do? Well, just by having that money they are paying more taxes.

    You or I bought a used pickup for $5,000 and paid about $300 or so for taxes on it. They bought a new Escalade for $50,000 and paid about $3000 or so in taxes on it. You or I pay $1000-3000 in property taxes on our house. They pay $8000-10000 in property taxes on their house. I don’t own a boat or a vacation home or many of the other luxuries they do. Yet they bought AND PAID TAXES on all their luxuries.

    As for income taxes they are already paying a greater percentage
    (low=5.35% – middle=7.05% – rich=7.85%) than the rest of us.

    So don’t tell me they aren’t paying their fair share.

    1. pat says:

      Hey average Joe. They pay a lower percentage of their yearly earnings in taxes than you do. It is a fact. Do you understand? They are getting away with highway robbery while you ponder your used pickup and their escalade and wonder why the world’s so unfair.

      1. just an Average Joh says:

        “…They pay a lower percentage of their yearly earnings in taxes than you do…”

        Offer some proof.

        $0 – 33,280 pay 5.35%
        $33,281—$132,220 pay 7.05%
        $132,221 and up pay 7.85%

        And don’t just babble on about the rich having all sorts of tax deductions. You know what? That is their legal right. Don’t tell me that if you had their money you wouldn’t be doing all you could to pay the least amount of taxes possible. We all do it, regardless of our tax rates.

        “…and wonder why the world’s so unfair…”

        I never said the world was unfair. I’m sorry that you feel that it is.

        1. Citizen says:

          @Just an Average Joh. Let’s look at your figures from a slightly different viewpoint. The guy making the $132,221 is paying 7.85% in tax, which is the same percentage that the guy pays who makes $1,000,000 a year or $250,000 per year. Is that fair to the guy making $132,221. He’s paying the same proportion of tax as a millionaire. Guess who has more money left after paying the $7.85%. Do you honestly feel the millionaire is paying enough by paying the same percentage as someone who makes ten times LESS money?

  54. Pat says:

    “Our budget priorities were passed. Whether or not the governor liked them does not mean that we did not do our job,” said House Speaker Kurt Zellers. “We fulfilled our obligation. Our obligation was to pass a balanced budget and present it to the governor.”

    No, Mr. Zellers. Your job was to pass a budget that Minnesotans can live with for the next couple of years. That you have not done, and I am tired of hearing your lame excuses. I am a lower midle class, property owning, tax paying Minnesotan. I do not work for the state. I pay my fair share. The rich need to pay their fair share. I watcherdPawlenty jack up private property taxes for eight years, and wiggle his way out of increasing taxes for the rich. Did that generate a ton of new jobs for Minnesota? NO. That is enough of a tax burden shift . Get the budget done and stop posing for the cameras. Mark Dayton has made a decent offer to solve this problem. Get a representative committee together and get this over with.

    1. Citizen says:

      @Pat. Don’t forget that Kurt Zellers is being told what to do by Tony Sutton, the chairman of the Minnesota GOP. Sutton is unelected and unaccountable to the voters, but he is truly calling the shots with the GOP legislators. Sutton still owes $500,000 in bills from the November election. The GOP can’t pay its own bills but has the gall to stonewall Governor Dayton? Sutton’s circus is in town and the clowns are performing…..

  55. Millie says:

    You dems won’t be happy until you have minnesota looking like the old east germany, everyone makes the same, dresses the same, and drives a yugo. By the way, it didn’t work.

  56. Pat says:

    Can’t we just defund the legislature and shut off their lights for a few months?

  57. Julie says:

    Looks like Dayton is ready to cry, I feel sorry for him, poor thing…

  58. Bobby redbone says:

    Why no Racino ? I will tell you why , they are pId off by the tribes ! These piggy politicians have fed on the tribes for wAy to long !!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Sad-so sad says:

    We elected these people to do the job–they campaigned on the idea that they would. They certainly have let down the voters and this state. Sad that they can not get it together. This is totally discussing!

  60. Carl says:

    People that believe the creation myth and the fables of Noah’s Ark and Jonah and the whale should not be allowed to undermine public education funding. They want to dumb down our children to the level of a fundamentalist. Be vigilant Minnesota, the Theocrats are on the move.

    Praise Jebus, God hates Democracy, Amen.

  61. Carl says:

    I doubt the leadership of anyone who believes armageddon is inevitable. They play political games that threaten our nation’s stability and future far too easily and without a serious eye toward the consequences. Can we replace fundamentalists with enlightened people that expect, even plan for our nation’s healthy future?

    Praise Jebus, God hates freewill, Amen.

    1. Citizen says:

      Bravo to your post, Carl. These “Grover Norquist” disciples who believe in starving government simply do not understand the consequences of weak government at the state or federal levels. Part of civil order is the belief that consequences will be forthcoming if laws are violated. A weak federal government will look like prey to countries like China. A weak state of Minnesota will look no different. If these fundamentalist nut jobs keep it up, we might as well turn off the lights now, and learn to speak Chinese. I’m waiting for China to eventually show its true colors and start nationalizing U.S. industry that has moved there. They’ve already stolen a lot of patentable secrets. Our corporations are selling out the U.S. as are the wealthy and their fundamentalist stooges. Greedy traitors, the lot of them.

  62. Shaune says:

    I love this discussion! You libs just keep taxing yourselves into oblivion up there… Down here in Texas, we’ll keep creating more jobs than the rest of the nation COMBINED over the last year with our low taxes and limited government. Just don’t be surprised when you find that you have become a failed state like Michigan…

    1. Shaune says:

      Sorry! Didn’t mean to leave out the other liveral nirvanas of New York, California, Illinois, etc…

  63. Carl says:

    Roughly two thirds of Minnesotans have experienced depression at some point in their lives and yet Tony Sutton is making fun of the Governor’s health history. Next he’ll be making fun of diabetics or obesity. Keep it up GOP. How many people can you isolate and still keep legislative control?

  64. Alexander says:

    I guess it all boils down to what kind of state/country you want to live in. The dems are moving hard left into a Swedish style socialism state and the republicans want to move back into the old U.S. style government with more freedoms and less government interventions in their lives. The polls will decide in the next election.

    1. James2 says:

      Ahem, the constitutional amendemnt is certainly an intervention in my life and a setback to self reliance and determination. The Party of NO, is now in my life in a way that’s unacceptable. No such thing as less government for me, for now.

    2. Carl says:

      And the GOP has turned hard right denying history and scientific evidence to defend evangelical fundamentalists who would impose their religious state on the nation. Better Democracy than Theocracy.

  65. James2 says:

    I dislike both parties, the Party that promises me everything but doesn’t deliver, and the Party of NO! I am sick of the bickering starting with Newt’s Promise to America wherein compromise was no longer valued. And it’s infected everyone. I’m getting ready for the implosion.

  66. Carl says:

    Man, T-Paw left a mess behind. Imagine how much “liberty” he could spread nation wide.

  67. Reasonable says:

    I mean seriously, how hard is it to come to a compromise of a 5% increase in revenue with a 10% across the board so no one feels like their pet project is getting harder spending cut.

    If it was ok for GWB to give us a 10% increase in spending with a 5% haircut on revenue, sure it’s ok for the Dems to do the opposite?

    Let the 15% difference serve as debt payment until we’re running in the black. After that it goes to an interest earning account to be used in emergencies (floods amongst our many rivers and lakes, tornadoes, drought for family farms, etc…) and if the emergency fund starts getting nice and high then we get Jesse Checks again. In the meantime, Repubs are happy with spending cuts and Dems are happy with a small revenue increase.

    Oh I forgot, make sure the gays can’t get married because that’s more important.

    I just don’t see how we as the populace fall for this BS every single time. Placating promises to either get or remain elected only turn into squabbling and pandering while elected. I swear that I will vote for the 1st person that stands up and says “I will goevern based on what is right, not what is popular. If this makes me a 1 term person than so be it, but I will have done what is right with pride and humility/”
    That person will get my vote.

  68. autoversicherung berechnen devk says:

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