Police: Woman Stabs 2 Outside Bloomington Library

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Two people were stabbed in a seemingly random attack at a Twin Cities library.

After the incident Wednesday night at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington, 35-year-old Samira Abdalla Salim was arrested.

Salim was no stranger to the Oxboro Library. She had a reputation for handing out the Koran and talking religion outside the building.

“They had some issues with her harassing other patrons,” said Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik.

But it’s what investigators say she did on Wednesday night that surprised everyone. 

“I never thought she would do that. She was very nice,” said Anisa Ahmed, Salim’s neighbor. 

Salim is accused of stabbing two people. The first victim was a woman who was walking into the library.

“The next thing she knew, she felt a sharp pain in the middle of her back and realized she had been stabbed,” said Stehlik.

The second was a security guard who heard the victim’s cry for help. He went to talk to Salim in the parking lot.

“Spoke to her briefly and then she actually stabbed him as well. Stabbed him in the abdomen,” said Stehlik.

Because Salim lived next door to the library, witnesses identified her right away and she was arrested in minutes.

“Nobody was worried about her committing a violent act,” said Stehlik.

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed lives next door to Salim and only knows a friendly lady whose kids were friends with her sisters.

“She’d greet us every morning … and she’d get to know us,” said Ahmed.

Now the question everyone wants answered is why a woman who was not seen as a threat suddenly became violent.

“It’s unusual. Somebody minding their own business, walking into library, it doesn’t happen too often where they become victim of assault like this,” said Stehlik.

The victims had minor injuries. Police say they weren’t stabbed with a knife but a sharp, pointy object.

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  • Mike Merker

    I hope they charge her with a hate crime.

    • Thomas Schneider

      Since she is a muslum they will not charge her with a hate crime. You need to be a WASP to get charged with that. The judge will slap her hand. The judge’s hand are tied, the president of this country is one of those people. So no it will not be a hate crime.

    • Moni

      only white people are charged with hate crimes….

      • AnnJ

        Since she is muslim they’ll probably giive her the key to the city!

  • You're kidding right?

    They represent a fraction of the population yet we hear about violent crimes committed by them everyday. GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!!!!

  • Auntie Venom

    Like my Jehovah’s Witless in-laws, but with an edge!

  • Ship this women back home!

    This a hate crime no question asked. just like 100% of the other stabbings and shootings. But since it wasnt against a special delicate gay person it doesnt matter! Save the gays everyone but forget about everyone else that gets “hated on”. SMH!

    • jeff

      i would like for you to demonstrate how this is a hate crime. you must be privy to some information not given in this article.

      • Paulie

        Kind of a beautiful day outside Jeff. You should leave the house and live a little.

      • Chip

        First of all, this concept of “Hate Crime” is so idiotic because it is based on the silly notion that we can read someone’s mind and what caused them to commit a crime. This is absolutely idiotic. Let’s leave the mind-reading up to God and let Him deal with people appropriately at the right time.
        Did this woman have a hateful attitude towards the people she stabbed? Well, yes, I believe that is obvious.

  • steven

    further proof the koran preaches hate and violence….satanic verses was a book about how eviil this koran and islam in general is!

    • Jack Durance

      I know this woman she is schizophrenic. Thats why she did this. Obviously they did not report that fact.

      • Ariel

        Hmmmm, already seeking out an excuse for her radical actions. Maybe harassing people with her Muslim missionary activities was also a schizophrenic activity??

    • mikemonaco

      You realize that most criminals are christians, right? Are you saying christianity preaches hate and violence? Or is religion them otive only when the religion of the perp is nonchristian?

      • freeyourmind100

        i say u go ck out http://www.thereligionofpeace.com so you can see all the cases of religious motive you talk about.

        • mikemonaco

          Yawn. I’ll see your hate site and raise you http://www.evilbible.com/

          Nowhere is her religion noted as a motive for this crime.
          I just see an awful lot of bigotry in these comments, attempting to tie this particular head case to everyone of similar complexion and/or creed.

  • Jeff

    @Mike: watch the video…..it says she attacked the 2 people “UNPROVOKED”.

    And BTW….I was right….the building behind the library where this woman lives is Section 8.

    God, I love America!!!!

  • @mike

    It’s someone else’s fault she did this? You’re a big part of the problem. Go play in traffic. They did it back home, they’ll do it here.

  • Jeff

    @Mike: And another thing…SHE was the one who was outside the library HARASSING other people shoving Islam down their throats. The lady who got stabbed probably told her to F%$K off and then she stabbed her.

    So Mike, this is just a reminder to you that YOU MUST BOW DOWN TO ISLAM and if you don’t…THEY WILL KILL YOU.

  • jeff

    okay, i’m gonna ask this and let’s see…….raise your hand if you think this lady is nuts!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kelly Kafir

      Nope… just Muslim. Totally ok by the standards of the Qur’an

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      She’s MoosLoon so of course she’s nuts.

  • jeff

    which jeff? jeff or Jeff?

    • Preemptive Strike

      Get ’em all, let God sort it out. : )~

  • Alert U

    Woman may have some kind of mental disorder; bipolar etc. Look, the guy who shot the congress woman and killed six has just been declared to be too insane to stand trial.

    • Kelly Kafir

      or she was just following what the Qur’an says… try on Sura 9:5… such a peaceful religion.

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    The victims obviously didn’t have the benefit of John Cleese’s lesson on how to defend yourself from pointed sticks.

    I’m guessing she messed up on taking her medication today. A random violent act out of nowhere from an otherwise peaceful purpose is a serious sign of a mental health issue.

    • Auntie Venom

      It sounds like she really takes her Qur’an seriously. You know, Sura 9:5 When the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.”

      Yep, she sure takes that Religion of Peace to heart.

      • Jack Durance

        Actually, I know this woman and she is schizophrenic. Thats why she did this. Obviously they did not report that fact. But very easy of you to jump on the fact she is muslim. Reevaluate your perspective.

        • Ariel

          Hmmmm, already seeking out an excuse for her radical actions. Maybe harassing people with her Muslim missionary activities was also a schizophrenic activity?? Maybe you should re-evaluate your understanding of her motives….
          I presume that you have already interviewed her AFTER the deed and have analyzed her mind!!

        • Jim

          Jack are you a medical doctor? Can you diagnose people with schizophrenia? I didn’t think so. Everyone needs to quit hating on islam, it’s clearly a religion of peace. And she was simply trying to hand out qurans in front of the local islam center, the public library.

  • Kelly

    These freaks need to go back to their own country! I’m sick and tired of paying taxes for them to have a free ride in life. I’m all for people who come to the US legally and are living good honest lives. But the trashy ones who hate Americans but don’t mind taking handouts from us can just get the heck out of town!!!

  • allen

    Another example of the 90% of blacks that commit all our crimes. Another mentally ill Muslim. So happy we let all these people come to this country and create havoc. Section 8, welfare and now atttempted murder. Seems to be a pattern here.

    • Kachonka

      Don’t leave out the couple of million for her high profile appointed attorney that will get dumped on the community.

      • Jack Durance

        Actually her attorney works for a non-profit and makes less than a cashier at a gas station. thanks for your insight though.

        • Ariel

          It seems like you know this woman’s case intimately. A closet attorney or psychiatrist revealing himself??

  • Kevin

    She is black….muslim…..and a female (I think)……no hate crime here………send them ALL BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW FREAKIN STUPID ARE THE PEOPLE OF MN???????

  • Darren

    Kevin, Thats east to answer, they voted in a democratic govenor and had a democratic house and senatefor the past how many years. Bring the poor, the low down, the hurting to Minnesota, they will take care of them there, they mean us the taxpayer will pay for them here. BS

  • taxpayer

    Why was she allowed to harass library patrons?! My kids ride their bikes to this library! This makes me sick to hear that this happened! Cops can give me a ticket for tinted windows on my car, but allow this sicko woman to do this in a place where children should feel is a safe place to be!!!!!!!!!!!! The city is going to hell with all the low lifes moving in.

  • Wot Woo

    Sounds like someone is not playing with a full deck lol.

  • thumbody

    What a great example of her faith

  • Mel

    @ Jeff. I’m trying to remember the last time a Christian physically attacked someone with a sharp object. Other than the handful of scandals and looney predictions, Christians are pretty mild-mannered.

    • Arla

      Well, thery’re pretty mild-mannered except for those ones who bomb women’s health clinics… and those where the men kidnap young girls and force “marry” them… and that bunch that like to protest at servicemen’s funerals because “God hates F*gs”…. and…

      • Auntie Venom

        The self styled Christians who bomb women’s clinics, the FLDS and the Westboro bunch do their deeds in spite of their scriptures. The ‘New Testament’ abrogates any of the former ‘Hebrew’ scriptures. Adherents of Islam do their deeds in accord and with sanction of their scripture. That is an important distinction that should not be overlooked.

        • Ben

          @Auntie Venom
          If the new testament abrogates the old testament, then the whole premise of christianity is void. For without original sin, there was no reason for Jesus to die.

          • Auntie Venom

            As far as stoning for adultery, disobeying parents and various required offerings at the Temple, the abrogating law is ‘he who is without sin’ and so on. Yep, you’re correct, Jesus did come to cancel the debt of original sin, and he knocked down the 613 Levitical laws to just two. That pretty much abrogates a lot of the law as laid out for the Jews, and after Pentecost, the Gentiles.

            • Ariel

              @Aunti Venom, So, just how much of the law and which laws in oarticular were abrogated by the “New Testament”?? Have a read of Matt 5:18!! I just wonder who has the higher authority on how much of the law has been abrogated, Yeshua or you??

  • Left the US(S)A and happy

    If a white person did this and had been handing out a bible and stabbed black people this would be a hate crime and receiving naitonal attention, oh it’s a Somalian suspect (probably that we are all paying for) quickly sweep it under the rug. Good job media.

    • Dave

      Very well said! It would have been national news on CNN, not just local. They’d be having riots in the middle east about it by weeks end. Unbelievable.

  • jeff

    believe me i’m not defending this lady but clearly this is not a hate crime. she’s nuts. there is no information given that says she sought out to stab whitey.

    • kachonka

      Tinted windows is a hate crime! You cannot hate the sun legally!

      • jeff

        and you want me to seek mental help? freak troll!

  • fred

    yeah mike, she`s the real victim here. all of us white folks are evil and deserve to be stabbed by some sub-human immigrant. I would almost never condone violence,but you really need some discipline.

    • jeff


  • Sick Of It

    This story makes me sick! This should be on national new! Showing what animals these people are, and how stupid the people of MN are for allowing this! Its time the people of MN grow sacks and protest the huge influx of all immigrants! Or just keep being killed as their numbers grow…..Mexican gangs, Somali gangs, Nigerian gangs, Hmong gangs, Liberian gangs and the list goes on….and on….and on….

  • mpls sux


    HEY SOMALI’S GO HOME!!!!!!!!!

    Tax payer

    • jeff

      maybe if they hear this enough from people like you they might actually start to get jaded enough and join terrorist cells and start blowing up targets over here instead of abroad. your line of thinking is exactly the nudge that some of these people need to hate us more than they already do. good job. keep the hate flowing and someday you might be lucky enough to reap what you sow. but more likely they will kill small children and women elsewhere….

      • Good Ol Boy

        So, not tolerating their BS leads to them killing us. But they’ll also randomly kill us as well. So you would endorse tolerating their BS and dying anyway. Got it.

        • jeff

          there is a difference between not tolerating people and just being outright racist. surely someone intelligent enough to put words in my mouth can see that. hate breeds hate. that is a fact. there is no disputing that.

      • KAchonka

        jeff, seek mental help and wipe your butt with your copy of obama’s BC.

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