By Susie Jones

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some bars in Uptown Minneapolis are opposed to a proposed ordinance, that would clamp down on music on the patios.

City Councilwoman Meg Tuthill said she wants it to be a healthy business community as well as a healthy neighborhood.

“If you are a resident in Minneapolis, and you are having a gathering at your house, at 10 p.m. the noise has to shut down, including music, so if the residents have to live by that and they’re not making money, then our patios have to reassess what they are doing,” she said.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Tuthill also wants to keep better track of how many people are on the patio at any given time.

Eric Allen manages The Herkimer Bar and said it will hurt revenue.

“People move here knowing that they are going to gladly accept these things in this community and embrace them,” he said.

A hearing is scheduled Monday on the ordinance, with the full council to vote on June 17.

Comments (31)
  1. Scott says:

    There is no way anybody living near the uptown area can hear the bands play. I say if they have to shut down at 10, then you have to make all buses and airplanes stop as well because you will hear them before music playing on the top of a bar.

    1. Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu says:

      You are aware, the “Uptown” is gone……. I just wish someone would tell all the upright citizens leaving Champions at 2 in the morning that there are people trying to sleep.

  2. Marie says:

    Who wants to have music blaring after 10 pm when you have to get up early for work the next day? I have a nieghbor downstairs who has had parties on weeknights. It’s no fun having to get up at 6 am when there was music blaring after 3 am. Show a little empathy for your fellow human beings.

  3. Deb says:

    You make the choice to live there-move to the country if you dont like it. Don’t you think Mpls has bigger things to worry about!!

    1. Jack says:

      Wow. You can’t think for yourself, can you? You read the lame argument in the article that “People move here knowing that they are going to gladly accept these things in this community and embrace them,” So, that instantly becomes your defense.

      Well, it’s not true. It’s a weak argument. WHO said, “Hey, I want to move to Uptown because they play loud music on the patios late at night!”

      Bigger things to worry about? Not at midnight when you’re trying to sleep because you have to get up at 5am because you actually have a job and can’t sleep off your drunken stupor until 2pm.

      1. Tim says:

        You’re the same CAPS tool from yesterday. Who do you think you are buddy – all high and mighty saying all this stuff behind a fake name

  4. Jack says:

    Those of us who like the silence aren’t old, you offensive brat. Your “right” to have a good time stops when it interferes with mine. You do NOT have the right to force your music on an entire neighborhood. If the music is so important to you, go INSIDE.

    The rest of us have rights. Sorry, kiddie, but we have the law on our side.

    1. pants says:

      or here is a thought jack and people who complain, move out of the cities! anyways without the music there is always noise! Like Scott said there are airplanes and buses, sirens you name it! Bars should definitely play music till they close, if you don’t like the noise why are you living in the city?? MOVE!

    2. Der Jack says:

      Sorry jack, some people enjoy having fun, i know reading a book in bed at 8pm on saturday night is your idea of fun, id rather be shot, what kind of fool moves to minneapolis for quiet nights, earth to you!

  5. Embrace the noise? says:

    Eric Allen sounds like he has a mental problem…..people should embrace the noise and accept it??????!!!! Nobody should have to live in an area and endure this kind of noise pollution. RESPECT for your fellow man….Go inside and listen and enjoy, but do not force your kind of music on me, and at all hours.

  6. Adam T says:

    You are pretty ignorant if you move to uptown and expect your evenings to be quiet and peaceful. That is a very unrealistic expectation as it is such a big part of Mpls nightlife. It is, and should be one of the few places we have left to be able to enjoy having good times after the 10 o’clock news. I work at 8am Mon-Fri, and that’s why I live in St Louis Park. If anything Uptown needs more live music. RIP Uptown Bar. Late night venues are good for the economy, and good for the Twin Cities area as a whole. People want to live in cities where there is always something to do, and we have that which is one of the reasons people love it hear. Enough rules and regulations. Let the market work itself out. If you don’t like it, move. If people don’t replace you, the area will see a decline in residents and businesses will be affected and forced to change.

    1. jlynn says:

      You have to realize that there are many people who lived in Uptown BEFORE every bar on every corner wanted to blare their music outside for all to hear…

      I do not think it is a burden to businesses to ask that they turn down their musice after a certain hour on weeknights. Maybe it should be 11 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. But I do know that both si des need to RESPECT one another and work towards a compromise.

  7. Adam T says:

    *people love it “here”

  8. djp says:

    Perhaps the people were there first, then the bars moved in and the noise began? the residents need to be heard first, then the bars. I think the music should stay inside the bar where it belongs. It is bad enough when you walk by a bar and have to walk through all of the smokers hanging around outside…BUT, that is a different story!

  9. p says:

    I live 100 feet from a bar in uptown that plays music on the patio. I also work at 8:00 am Monday to Friday so I go to bed pretty early. In the year that I’ve lived here, I’ve been woken up by rowdy bar patrons once–and it was a Saturday! Obviously this is just one person’s experience, but this ordinance strikes me as unnecessary.

  10. Adam T says:

    That is a very good point, but who are the people who attend the hearings and comprise the council? Certainly not the majority. Those that moved there in 2009 for the sole purpose of enjoying the nighlife should have as much say as those who moved there in ’79. Of course then the argument turns to the fact that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, which is also true. It’ll just be another case of politics as usual, where the majority is never heard. I’m only 30, but when has Uptown ever been known for its peace and quiet? As a complete aside, I find it ironic how everyone is so “anti-gov’t” right now (I am too), but when it comes to policies that benefit them they are all for it.

  11. Reasonable says:

    Instead of this all or nothing attitude that seem to take, how about a dB level cap? Call it “Turn it down when the sun goes down” so it has a cute name that people can dig.
    In reality though, you’ll hear louder music from someone’s obnoxious stereo than what you’ll hear from most bands playing on patios during the week. I mean c’mon, the music scene isn’t all that rowdy right now…

    1. Andrew Plowman says:

      Agreed…be reasonable. Why does bureaucracy have to rear its’ head everywhere these days? How about come to a compromise, greedy people.

      1. bureacracy says:

        Yes but who keeps voting these liberals into office? Just one small consequence to how people vote.

        1. Andrew Plowman says:

          Surely you are not stereotyping;) Ironic, isn’t it?

  12. Andrew says:

    Residents should take into consideration, that income from these establishments is HELPING the local community, not hindering it. See East Lake St. I’m from Willmar and I can see the obvious since I lived there 5 years ago. There is always room for compromise…maybe a noise ordinance part-week, but then some flex on weekends when the revenue can pour in and people don’t have to be up for work. Give and take…this isn’t the federal gov’t people…

  13. Cindy says:

    Uptown is a dump.

    1. Andrew Plowman says:

      Very informative;)

    2. ajm says:

      Wow Cindy, so much knowledge, with such little credibility…

  14. robin says:

    there is a huge difference in turned down as opposed to turned off. music on the patio can be at half volume as the music inside

  15. Jeff says:

    Well, if that’s the case, then whenever there is a 7:10 pm Twins game at Target Field, they have to stop playing the game at 9pm because I live in a condo 3 blocks from the stadium and I have to be in bed by 9 and the noise from from the crowd keeps me awake.

    1. @jeff says:

      WHY 9 the ordinance is 10pm , great comment lol you’re quite sharp, most games end by 10

  16. HERB says:

    As in every other element of their world view, commenters here seem to be very keen on their “rights”. What about your responsibility to society, you know your fellow man. We don’t hear much about that, I guess it interferes with the “ME” and “GREED” principles that “the entitled” grew up with. Time for another look at yourself and how you contribute to society!!!

  17. TOO BAD!!!! says:


  18. Joey Olson says:

    The people of the neighborhood have voted for people who will vote on this. I’m sure music after 10 will continue since most people in that area enjoy that lifestyle. Pretty simple. If you have to wake up at 5am for work then don’t move right next to a loud place. I don’t want to hear planes or trains all the time which is why I don’t live by one but if I did then I wouldn’t say hey, why is there noise all the time.

  19. Really? says:

    Why should drunk people who can’t control themselves or be considerate to the neighborhood be allowed to run the show…oh wait they aren’t, it’s the bars that keep over serving patrons and pack their patios and rooftops to unsafe levels that we need to protect! There’s no problem with noise, it’s the city…but I what I get tired of is being woken up three to four nights a week by drunken fights, women crying, and general screaming/hooting/hollering at 2 am. That’s not what living in the city is about and anyone who claims as much is likely just one of those people I’m forced to endure week in and week out… I love my house and my neighborhood…it’s the stupid drunk riff raff that is making it a sucky place to live. If you don’t want government to get involved, then why don’t you use some dame self restraint once in a while. YOUR BINGE DRINKING ISN’T MY PROBLEM!

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