Eden Prairie Family Celebrates Last Football Breakfast

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –- An Eden Prairie family hosted its last big breakfast bash for high school football players Friday before the family’s eldest son graduates.

The breakfast, featuring dozens of pancakes and trays full of bacon, is known to players as Flapjack Friday. It’s a tradition that’s been going on for four years, ever since Ed and Gretchen Lynch’s oldest son started playing high school football.

“We usually make 80 pancakes a Friday,” Ed Lynch said. “And we figured out that over four years we’ve made between 7,500 and 8,000 pancakes.”

Jacob Giertz has attended Flapjack Friday since the tradition began.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “The flapjacks are getting better by the year.”

Since Friday was the last breakfast of the season, the Lynch’s added blueberries to the pancakes.

Although the oldest Lynch boy’s high school career is ending, the family has younger sons planning to play football. In that way, the tradition may continue.

  • sue

    Why is this a story on WCCO? This should be in the school paper at most. Seriously…..WHO CARES!

    • Troy

      obviously you don’t care, so there is no reason to leave a negative comment!

  • sue

    WHO CARES?! This is a back page item for a school paper not news!

  • Troy

    This is a wonderful news story, showing some positives things in the community!
    Rather than all the negative, depressing things on the news, this is what news should be! Maybe other families will start this in their homes, and support our kids with a loving environment!

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