I-94 Police Chase Ends With Vehicle Flipping

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A police chase ended with a roll-over accident on Interstate 94 in St. Paul Friday morning.

Police said the chase started at Interstate 35W and 36th St. in Minneapolis around 4 a.m. after the driver ran through a red light.

Officers attempted to pull the driver over, but instead he continued onto the highway. The ensuing chase went on for a few miles before officers decided to discontinue chasing the suspect near Highway 62 and Bloomington Avenue.

Another police squad spotted the driver blow through stop signs and hit a pole on some side streets and began another chase as the driver got onto Cedar Avenue and eventually Interstate 94. Chase speeds reached as high as 85 miles an hour.

WCCO-TV just happened to be in the area of eastbound I-94 near the Lexington Avenue exit when the chase came to an end.

The driver of a Jeep Cherokee rolled the vehicle as he tried to get off of the freeway at that exit.

He didn’t appear to be seriously hurt, but was taken to the hospital.

Officers haven’t said why the driver was fleeing from police. They also didn’t say whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

  • Mark from MNTaxwaste.com

    But Officer those drugs are not mine, I’m the victim here LOL

    • learntowrite

      OMG, LOL, ROTFL! Right Mark? Planning on having a drink tonight? (drug?)

    • Good Ol Boy

      They always belong to “a cousin.”

      Ever notice that?

  • curly-racks

    Mark, I suppose you would agree that the war on drugs is a huge waste of tax dollars right? I oppose it on Libertarian principles alone, but it certainly wastes billions annually with no real changes.

  • I_hate_mini_vans

    Well… one less idiot on the road – millions more to go!

    • GoWiththeFlow

      Good afternoon, Mr. Hitler.

  • Very nice

    Awwww c’mon now, where’s the benefit of the doubt? Maybe the poor guy was just in a hurry…or had to pee…or something…. ;)

    • I_hate_mini_vans


      • I hate minivan haters

        Graduated to using EMOTICONS, have we? Such sophistication.

  • ITsOKJusttakeAToke

    High Speed Chase? I set the cruz on 80. what a dramatic story…not

  • scott

    I love the comment!!

  • pooo

    freaking racist you dont think white people ever run from the police you are pathetic

    • please

      Yeah cause that happens allllllllll the time.

    • scott

      you bet I am. Thanks!

    • Good Ol Boy

      Huh? It wasn’t meant to be racist at ALL.

      It’s a joke. If you’ve never heard of DWB (a joke by a black standup comedian) then that’s fine. But to report my comment as offensive is ridiculous. Grow up.

  • Dave

    If it was DWB, then it was likely a “borrowed” vehicle. Know what Ah’m sayin’?

  • gar

    “WCCO-TV just happened to be in the area . . .”

    . . . About the only way to get reporters to the scene of a story.

  • udontwannagothere

    @Good ole boy,dave, and especially scott this is why your life sucks and you are an punk idiot. smile in their faces but talk BS behind their backs! keep on making yourself look big behind the computer screens and house. deuces!

    • Huh?


    • Good Ol Boy


      My life is about as perfect as one gets, sorry to ruin your day with that little tidbit.

      I’m not trying to “make myself look big” and I’m no punk or an idiot.

      Grow up.

      • Todd W. Olson

        And you only post here to agrandize yourself. That’s patently clear.

  • Hunter

    The driver of the Jeep Cherokee was in a state of shock the Twins had finally won a game and was celebrating the victory with a foot to the pedal!

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