By Reg Chapman

HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) — Two children were pulled from the same pool on Sunday after nearly drowning. One of the accidents was caught on camera and, in this case, five neighbors are being called heroes.

Yazmin Carrillo and her mother Veronica were at the pool inside the Westside Apartments in Hopkins, videotaping her brother Sergio swimming. In the corner of her viewfinder, she spotted a young man struggling in the water.

“It was just happening right next to us,” said Carrillo.

She wasn’t the only one watching. Monica Gerberding was poolside and watched the child bob up and down in the water.

“He did a big gasp for air and then went straight back down and so I stood up and went to the edge of the pool and I was watching him and there was a guy standing right next to me and I said ‘I don’t know if he’s doing OK, I don’t know if he was playing around.’ and we kind of watched and I said, ‘He’s not playing around, get in there’ and he jumped in the water,” said Gerberding.

The camera was rolling when the unidentified man grabbed the youngster and tried to get him to safety.

“I just pulled his arm out and another lady came and helped me get him out as well,” said Carrillo.

Gerberding helped get the child on the deck. Dashawna Golds were also there to help. Both watched as Anni Lori did CPR.

“I just seen him lying on the side and I took off running over there and did CPR on him,” Lori said.

The 11-year-old was taken to the hospital where he is expected to be fine.

This was the second child who nearly drowned in this pool on Sunday. The first was pulled to safety and, according to witnesses, police were not called.

It’s posted “No Lifeguards On Duty” but all of the heroes who saved the 11-year-old say parents should make sure their children are safe when playing in or near the water.

A nurse at Hennepin County Medical Center said if you see someone drowning, get them out of the water. If they are coughing or sputtering they will be OK, let them cough. If they are unresponsive immediately begin chest compressions and continue until help arrives.

Comments (6)
  1. Primetime Editorials says:

    good thing they are safe and sound
    how trragic

  2. Dominick& Hannah says:

    Glad our mom was there!

  3. Clint Make My Day says says:

    Say a big congrats to her! 😉

  4. Good Ol Boy says:

    Way to go, quick responders!

  5. William K says:

    Job well done Mom !!!!

    Wonderful to read some positive things here for a change …… and thank God for folks who are willing to act vs being some bystanders

  6. Whit Gerberding says:

    The real scary part of this story was the utter negligence on the behalf of the poor kids mom. Not only does she nearly let one of her kids drown but two.
    Get that 2kids……..1pool…………1day………both nearly dead!!!!!!!!!
    I think we need to be talking to her

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