A Surprise Marriage Proposal At The Local Ballpark

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — You’ve seen fans in stands propose during games but have you ever seen a player? On Sunday, the Bloomington over-35 baseball team played Eden Prairie, but one player upstaged the game with a pre-game question.

Scott Kloiber has a passion for baseball. He plays on the Bloomington over-35 team but on Sunday he had something other than the game on his mind — he was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend and she didn’t know.

“Are you nervous right now?” asked WCCO’s Mike Max, who just “happened” to be at the game to capture the pregame moment.

“A little bit, absolutely, I mean when you’re in front of all your peers,” said Kloiber.

So when he came up to bat, the umpire stopped the game.

The two teams came together, bats in hands making an archway as Kloiber’s girlfriend, Tina Stibbins, stepped up to home plate.

“Tina Stibbins, will you marry me?” said Kloiber.

She said yes — and yes, she was surprised.

A diamond she received on the diamond is now on her hand that was still shaking minutes after the proposal. She just thought she was coming to another of his baseball games.

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  • Scott H

    Congrats Kloiber!

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  • Chris K

    Congrats buddy!

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