MILWAUKEE (AP) — A 32-year-old mother has been arrested in Milwaukee County for driving drunk with eleven children in her SUV.

Sheriff’s officials say the woman crashed the vehicle into a barrier on Interstate 94 Saturday afternoon and flipped over. Five of the 11 children in the vehicle were taken to Children’s Hospital to be treated for injuries.

Deputies say the woman is the mother of seven of the 11 children. WISN-TV says she was arrested at the crash scene after failing a field sobriety test.

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Comments (14)
  1. MK says:

    can you say condom? Why don’t people get we have a GIANT population problem in the world,,, keep your body from having babies!
    Stop drinking and driving with with children in the car. What a shame we have to live with these kind of people in the world!

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      Do you have to add your inane ersatz editorial comments to the serious problem at hand? The problem is people who drive drunk with a vehicle load of children! NOT ZPG or birth control! Those eleven[11] children were not all hers from earlier reports. Stay on the topic!!!

  2. Good Ol Boy says:

    Let’s discuss the fact that there are no SUVs on the market with 12 seatbelts. Where exactly were these kids sitting?

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      Good point! They were all in child seats either if they were smaller kids. I am surprised this type of accident hasn’t happened in the TC’s! Certain folks can be observed with a van load of kids with no seat belts employed. These kids can’t be all teen-agers.

    2. momof5 says:

      wow Good ol boy I am actually agreeing with you on this one, we have a family of 7 and have a minivan and suv, when we all go in 1 car there is no way we can bring extras along. to MK I have 5 kids and have never had an ounce of alcohol if my kids are with me. The issue isn’t the number of children she has it is that she was driving drunk with kids in her car. get off your high horse about there being a population problem, there is also a drunk driving problem in case you aren’t aware

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        Why the “wow”?

        We have a family of 7 as well, and have a minivan and SUV. We’re actually getting rid of one to get my new MB, but for now we pick one of them to use if we have the kids. During hockey season, we have to split up in order to haul hockey gear and players since we have 4 who play hockey.

  3. JackieM says:

    I bet she thought she was doing some parent a favor by transporting their kids as well. Hopefully she will not get the opportunity to drive again anytime soon. Hope all the kids are ok.

  4. Ali says:

    did anyone see the picture with the “Go Packers” bumper sticker on her flipped SUV…. anyway this person has an alcohol addiction problem and I hope she gets help….and some jail time of course.

    1. quiet on the TeaPotty Chair says:

      and sewn shut too if ya get my drift. 😉

  5. Pennie says:

    First off If MK is that worried about the population problem, he/she should do the world a favor and not pro-create. Driving drunk with 11 children in her vehicle, how incredibly stupid can one person be? I hope she spends a very long time in jail for endangering the lives of all of those kids, I hope she loses custody of the 7 that were hers and then I hope she gets the treatment she obiviously needs.

  6. Michael Strobel says:

    a new record?

  7. fred says:

    driving with 11 kids anywhere, you might need a few belts. just sayin.

  8. Deanna says:

    I’ll go even further and say that the parents of the other kids should have known this woman was a drunk & not allowed their kids to be in that vehicle. This woman should not have 7 kids because she IS an unfit parent. If she was taking care of her 7 kids like she should be she wouldn’t have time for even ONE drink, so yeah, she shouldn’t have 7 kids. So, being a drunk & not taking care of her kids properly would also lead me to believe she probably doesn’t even have a job & if she doesn’t have a job then she DEFINITELY shouldn’t have any kids the government (meaning us the ones who work) have to support kids she shouldn’t have & she’ll probably drink the money away anyway.

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