Boy Ejected In Waseca Co. Crash Identified

WASECA, Minn. (WCCO) — A boy who was thrown from a car and killed in a Waseca County crash has been identified.

The State Patrol said the victim was 16-year-old Russell Witke of New Richland, Wis.

The crash happened along Highway 30 on Tuesday. The State Patrol’s website says that it was a single car crash.

Witke was declared dead at the scene. Investigators were still working to determine whether he was the driver or a passenger.

  • red

    if he was 16 he cleary was not wearing a seat belt

  • mom

    you are probably right but it doesn’t lessen the grief and lose his family is experiencing. My in laws live in that area, it is a small community and I am sure everyone there knows this young man and his family. I for one wouldn’t want people making judgements if it were my son or daughter, as I am sure you wouldn’t either.

  • red

    i was just responding to the story that listed yesterday when everyone was thinking the unforturnate victim hear was a younger child and people were thinking that they were not wearing a seat belt, or was not in a booster seat, etc. that was all. I was not making any judgments MOM! RIP YOUNG MAN

    • Pinky212

      Sorry, Red, but that’s what it sounded like to me, too. Not wearing a seatbelt = irresponsibility = teenager = blame the victim

      Condolences to this young man’s family and friends.

  • AgoodFriendOFRuss.

    Sorry. But u guys have no room at all to judge about him. Russell was a great guy. And that whole not wearing a seatbealt= irresponsibility=teenage=blame the victim, is not correct at all. He actually was WEARING HIS SEATBELT. Don’t blame anything on the victim.

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