Don’t Be Intimidated By Growing Roses — Try This!

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s no surprise that roses are America’s favorite flower. But if you are wondering how to get beautiful blooms right in your yard, where do you start?

Susie Bachman from Bachman’s gave WCCO-TV some tips to grow beautiful, long lasting roses.

First, Bachman said there are two types of roses you can plant: hybrid roses and shrub roses.

Hybrids have a large petal count. They come in multiple colors and are often bi-colored with a light fragrance. However, they take a little more winterization care and are therefore higher maintenance.

Shrub roses are lower maintenance plants. These have a smaller petal count, but are equally as beautiful. They come in single, semi-double and double — which refers to the amount of petals.

Shrub roses take very little winterization care and are primarily disease resistant.

Bachman said to maintain roses you need at least six full hours of sun a day. She suggests also fertilizing them monthly with special rose fertilizer/feed.

The plants turn out best if they are watered evenly in the early part of the day so their foliage will stay dry.

Bachman said the great part about growing your own roses is that once they bloom, they’ll be ready to cut, and you can bring them into your house and enjoy them.

For more tips from Bachman’s, click here.

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