Salmonella Outbreak Tied To Chicks, Ducklings

ATLANTA (AP) — Health officials say 39 people have been sickened from a salmonella outbreak spread through handling baby chicks or ducklings.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the cases occurred from late February to late May and are spread through 15 states. Ohio had the most cases, with eight. The other states were Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

No deaths have been reported but at least nine were hospitalized. People who got sick ranged from small children to elderly adults, but nearly half were kids ages 5 and under.

A mail order hatchery was identified as the source of infected birds, but CDC officials on Thursday did not name the business.

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  • Frank

    Where can I find more info. I’m worried my girlfriend and I may be ill. We were handling mail order birds in late may and have both had horrible cases of nausea and other symptoms the past few weeks. We’re not the type to go to the doctor over a case of the flu, but a little concerned now.

    • UpNorthNaturalist

      You should check out the CDC website, and/or the USDA website. Stomach Flu-like symptoms that persist for more than a week should be dealt with by a doctor. I am not a medical professional, so as my father says, “Go see a real doctor!”

      I hope you feel better soon. I was always taught, even as a child, to wash my hands after handling chicks of any kind. It’s very hard to resist cuddling such cute little things!

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