MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A community that is plagued by violence is doing what it can to stop it.

Organizations held a Stop the Violence rally in North Minneapolis Saturday to provide resources to those who have lost family members to shootings and other tragedies.

“Every day we got something that is going on in our neighborhood; Somebody is getting stabbed, somebody is getting shot, somebody is getting beat down, but today is a day that people are coming together to say there is a lot of love in this neighborhood too, “ said VJ Smith, founder of Minneapolis Mad Dads.

Mary Johnson, who attended the rally, knows about love. She also knows about tragedy.

Her son was murdered by a man she loved. But after years of hating the man who murdered her son, she learned to forgive him. Johnson thinks the community needs to find forgiveness too.

“How can we do anything if we have all this hate and animosity inside our hearts for one another,” Johnson asked. “How are we going to move on, so we need to get to a place to be able to heal?”

Johnson said that the sight of people gathering at the rally gave her hope.

She hopes that the violence will stop and that the healing will begin soon.

Comments (9)
  1. Bryson Powers says:

    It’s gonna take more than words. And it’s gonna take parents who care not just a community.

  2. Patrick says:

    The only way for all crime to stop in America, is if parents and family members actually wake up or stand up to the ones that they love and turn them into the police. If one of my family members or kids were involved in crime, I wouldn’t have to think twice to call the cops on them. But now a days parents are less likely to turn their kids in because they are so blind and think that their kids are good, even though they have a crack pipe in their mouth and gun sitting on the coffee table in front of them. They are like well kids are kids and they are not hurting anyone or themselves. But when they go out and shoot someone they blame it on everyone else but themselves and or say my little Johnny is a good boy and would never do anything like this at all. Wake up America the only way to clean it up is by cleaning out your front and backyards first and once you do that then this country will be a lot better, but not until then.

  3. Rev. Al says:

    First of all, shed the “Stop Snitching” mentality that they all adhere to.

  4. tom says:

    everyone should take care of their kids the way they are supposed to. if they commit a crime turn them in. quit looking at them as a paycheck from the taxpayers. go out and get a job and quit sucking on the system and teaching your kids to do the same.

  5. James2 says:

    End prohibition and things will change. Otherwise, it’s just more of the same.

  6. Just a feel good story says:

    While this story is a nice, feel-good type of get together, it will take much more. It will take people talking to the police and getting these criminals off the streets and into jail. Stop protecting your children, parents and such. They are the problem.

  7. Oh, please. says:

    I’m a white female, born in America. I have spent the last ten years employed by an international multi-billion dollar corporation for whom I investigate and resolve issues of external and internal theft and fraud. I work very hard, and I come into contact with all walks of life on a daily basis. Downtown mpls.

    My husband, a black man also born in America, taught me how to do my job.

    Our children, biracial and also born in America, are polite, educated, pull nothing less than As and Bs on their report cards, responsible, held accountable for their actions, and are disciplined.

    We are not unemployed, on section 8, receiving welfare, or costing any “tax payer dollars” to exist. I do, however, know three white women and one latino women all of whom are on welfare and have section 8 housing.

    I am so tired of one race of people being generalized because of a few apples. There are problem kids in all ethnicities, not just “American Blacks”.

    These racist individuals that are so motivated by ignorance are hiding behind the anonymity the Internet provides the same as the klan hid behind their hoods.

    It’s just sad.

  8. Nick says:

    Minneapolis is turning into the baby Chicago! Good luck on trying to stop the crime..

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